Swiftboating Obama

| May 16, 2009

The last few weeks, the Obama Administration has dragged out all of the old Conservative boogeymen to frighten their (mindless drone) supporters. Rush Limbaugh – check. George Bush – check. Dick Cheney – check. Karl Rove – check. So who’s missing? Ah, yes – the Swiftboat Vets that sunk John Kerry’s campaign in 2004. Well – check them off, too. This was in my email this morning under the subject heading “Swiftboating healthcare”;

Yeah, so I went over and checked the Swift Boat Vets and POWs for Truth website and they’ve been officially disbanded for almost a year. So what the Hell is Plouffe talking about?

Well it seems that the Center for Media and Democracy (another one of those “nonpartisan” organizations – like IAVA and VoteVets) has discovered that CRC Public Relations, the same PR firm hired by the Swiftboat vets in 2004 to get their message out, has been hired by the Conservatives for Patients’ Rights. So because of that tenuous link, Obama is being threatened by the Swiftboaters.

I guess the Obamabots are easily convinced that anything those extremist veterans support is wrong for them. I wonder why?

For pete’s sake.

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  1. OldTrooper says:

    Well, for clarification; CMD is funded by none other than little Georgie Soros, the commie financier of everything communist/socialist in the political left of this country. His fingerprints are all over all sorts of leftist/commie crap these days. Just follow the money and it all leads back to Georgie; ay, comrade, ay?