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| June 17, 2009

On Sunday, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs had a post up entitled What Right Wing Extremists? about a few twisted people in Arizona who killed a 9-year-old girl and a man whom they claim they thought was a drug dealer. Because the perpetrators belonged to the Minutemen American Defense, a group of citizen border watchers, not affiliated with the group weve come to know as “The Minutemen”, by the way.

Charles used their ties to the group, MAD, as proof that the Homeland Security Department’s warning back in April to law enforcement to be on the look out for right wing extremists was warranted.

Johnson put an update on his blog yesterday because one of the perpetraters of the double murder was charged in the murder of a homeless guy. Charles included a phrase from MAD’s website;

We are honored to have Gunny aboard. He served 6 tours over seas, where he has several medals. He received a Purple heart, Silver and Bronze star, Combat Infantry Badge and a Presidential citation for his actions in the Special Forces.

Gunny, it turns out, is 34-year-old Jason Eugene Bush, the suspected trigger man in the murder of the man and his daughter. Johnson probably wanted to highlight that phrase because it further proved the DHS report accurate and well-founded because the report warned about veterans with special training.

Well, I spent two days looking and I couldn’t find any military records of a Jason Eugene Bush – I found a Jason E. Bush who lived in Tennessee who’d been an Abrams tanker, but it couldn’t have been this guy in Arizona or Washington State or wherever he is from today.

I did, however, find a 34-year-old Jason Eugene Bush, but not in military records. I wonder if he’d made time for his special operations training while he was in prison in Utah for trafficking contraband, trying to escape from custody, and assaulting LEOs;


Or while he was on probation in Kansas;


Or while he was on probation in Texas on a 12-month suspended sentence for a couple of counts of assault;


Since his first arrest was in 1994, when he was nineteen, it doesn’t look like Jason Bush had been in the military at all – despite the stories, the military frowns on recruiting folks with multiple felony convictions. But most people wouldn’t know that unless they served in the military.

Scott North in Snohomish County, WA wrote in the local paper on Sunday;

Bush, the suspected gunman in the Arivaca killings, has extensive adult and juvenile criminal history in Eastern Washington. He’s served prison time for auto theft and being a felon in possession of firearms, court papers show.

It seems this Jason Eugene Bush isn’t a veteran of anything except the justice system. He’s probably not even a right wing extremist, just your run-of-the-mill, everyday sociopath.

I spent two days verifying all of this with police forces and journalists.

I hope Charles Johnson can find it in his heart to apologize to veterans for his cut on us, as I’ve always admired him as a blogger until recently. I hope he doesn’t disappoint me.

UPDATE: Scott North, the journalist with whom I’ve been in contact today, just this minute arrived at the same conclusions;

He called himself “Gunny” and reportedly told his pals in the Minutemen American Defense border-watch group that he was a decorated Special Forces veteran who’d survived combat in Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Instead, there is no record that Jason Eugene Bush served in the military as he claims, spokesmen at the Pentagon said Wednesday.

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  1. John,

    I can’t remember every disagreeing with you but I must take you to task about Charles Johnson and LGF ever supporting the troops. I would say that over the past five years you could count the supportive and actual troop related blogposts at Little Green Footballs on one hand.

    And considering that this supposed “conservative” now has thrown every conservative under his bus and has blatantly blessed the anointing of socialism in America, I would say any conversations you had with him were suspect.

    Believe me, Johnson will drag any troop down if it furthers his agenda to fight the horrid “right wing extremists.”

    And the fact that Johnson’s own personal “Space Jesus” minion was sent here to hijack your comment thread should be proof that he’s no longer your pal, John. Just my opinion.

  2. Claymore says:

    Claymore – I personally sent your iPod AND chizzburgah to that Mexican guy, “space haysoos”, to drop off with you. Maybe he hasn’t found your spider hole yet?

    Unacceptable. I demand reparations. And a shrubbery.

  3. Disciple of SpaceJesus says:

    “Spacejesus how long did you have to live to get so stupid and such a spineless coward. Check the numbers for military from the south you stupid pig., What have you done? You insult the south and I will come after you little fat boy.
    Still running for some kind of office are you? Might as well hang it up.”

    Interesting comment from someone who is presumably trying to make the case that there are no right wing extremists with violent tendencies. Sad that a few folk making some clarifications and pointing out a few facts should elicit such rank apoplexy.

  4. Disciple of SpaceJesus says:

    “I can’t remember every disagreeing with you but I must take you to task about Charles Johnson and LGF ever supporting the troops. I would say that over the past five years you could count the supportive and actual troop related blogposts at Little Green Footballs on one hand.”

    When you have to lie as blatantly as this, it’s a sign that you are in the wrong. There is absolutely no shortage of threads on LGF that support the troops I would hope that John would agree that this is a ridiculous and despicable falsehood.

    “And the fact that Johnson’s own personal “Space Jesus” minion was sent here”

    “Sent”? What is that supposed to mean? Do you really expect anyone to believe that Charles issued some sort of command:”SpaceJesus – go forth and do my bidding”? How silly of you.

    “to hijack your comment thread”

    This is just whining. Perhaps you feel entitled to not see your views challenged? Tough cheese, bud.

  5. Morgan says:

    I’ve said it before on my own blog, and I’ll say it here, Charles Johnson is willing to cling to any story about so-called right-wing extremists in order to attempt to validate his earlier stances on the infamous DHS report.

    The man is wrong, pure and simple, and is blinded by his apparent quest to find fascists, regardless if they’re real or imagined. His supporters, by their comments in this thread and at LGF, have proven their own willing blindness.

  6. spacejesus says:


    easy, we look for individuals who are being recruited by right-wing radical groups or individuals these groups are targetting, and do a background check to see if they’re military or not. if it turns out one particular crazy group is getting its hands on vets, we then pay special to that group.

  7. spacejesus says:


    why are you threatening me? thank you proving my point about violent conservative extremists.

  8. CHARM says:

    Poor little Spacejesus…there is space all right and it’s between your ears. Threaten you? I wouldn’t waste my time. It is very plain you are a wimpy little coward and sub man.Only sub men would kiss the boots of another man as you do.

  9. incognito says:

    Jimmah : Aka Disciple of SpaceJesus do you two come as a pair?
    I don’t mind though because I voted for gay marriage.

  10. Scorch says:

    Wow I must admit my astonishment by the comments posted in the LGF thread on this subject. Some in LGF which are also posting in this thread in TAH under different names are attacking me at this moment. My username in LGF is the same as in here and I will tell anyone I never back down from an accusation made against me or misleading comments made by some who have drifted over here from LGF to disrupt your forum. All I can say is my aversion to what has happened in LGF over the last few months has doubled this day. Charles himself is also dancing around trying to misrepresent my statements. Very sad day.

  11. Peppered says:

    #85 Scorch

    It was nice to read your post.

    I followed LGF and still do, but could not understand the “ding” concept which led to “groupthink” and suppressed dissenting opinion.
    It is not where LGF was in the early period after 9/11. I too signed up around the 2004 election after desiring to participate albeit when the topic was germane to my interests. In the period around the last election something changed and it became more of a social chat site with newer members. The older members are still, for the most part, a stimulating read. The creationist angle was one topic which I never cared to be involved, but became a recurring theme. I remarked on the change and was blocked. It was a knowing test of toleration and I lost.

    I enjoyed being able to participate, but I am not comfortable with the intolerance from some and the overprotection. Deletions while necessary can be a form of the censorship if not judicious.

    I respect LGF and feel as though our interests have diverged.

  12. pajama momma says:

    Scorch Says:
    June 18th, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    As soon as I read your very first non-judgemental comment about LGF, I said to myself, “self, he’s asking for a banning.”

    That’s what they do, that’s how they roll.

  13. Claymore says:

    Still no iPod. I blame Bush and his cadre of extremist veterans who are clearly intercepting these tokens of goodwill in an attempt to inflame hatred and incite violence. Shameful. I hope Chuck and his cult get on this travesty and expose it for what it is!

  14. Smokefire says:

    Chuckles has fallen off the bike one too many times, and lately it seems he is riding without a helmet. The thread re: morning prayers and the beauty of it shows that he is so far to the left, and his blog is now nothing better than to look at and laugh at for it’s absurdity.

    I no longer have a tingle up my leg for LGF, LOL///////

  15. Veeshir says:

    I used to really like LGF, he provided a great service. But the whole “I hate Christians and right wingers” thing got out of hand.
    (unfortunately necessary disclaimer) I’m not a believer in any god.

    Now, I’m done. At first it was easy to scroll past his “bash Christians and right wingers” threads, now? He only has the occasional post that’s not bashing right wingers and them thar Xtianists.

    Charles needed to admit he was wrong on this, but didn’t. His response to this post is that you obviously didn’t understand what he wrote.

    Eh, that’s how the blogosphere works, sites go up and down, get better and worse. Bloggers get big heads and stop allowing dissent and get angry when they’re challenged. It’s a living entity with plenty of mouths but few brains.

    Eh, I can just go to the Jawa Report for my anti-jihadi needs that LGF used to fill.

    Oh well, another bookmark lost. If I want to be bashed, I’ll go home and see the family.

  16. rayra says:

    Anyone who enjoyed LGF in 2004, back when it was still the site that Fact Checked Your Ass, before it went to hell in a handbasket and Nancy returned to a pre-9/11 illiberalism, is welcome to visit about a hundred former regulars of that blog-era at grouchyconservativepundits dot com
    The former GulfCoastPundits.
    Our new site is up and running and our regsitration greeting makes it pretty clear who we are and remain.
    Former LGF trolls and adversaries are specifically invited to go screw themselves. You won’t be welcomed there.