Chiroux’s father speaks up

| July 7, 2009


The above picture is a screen cap of a video that was made over a year ago by the folks at the IVAW DC Treehouse. It shows Matthis Chiroux who babbles for nearly 10 minutes as his father, Richard Chiroux, stands beside him on Fathers’ Day 2008. I won’t link it but you can search on YouTube with Chiroux+father.

Since then, Chiroux has blamed his father for forcing him to join the military. Chiroux also accused his father of abusing him when he was young. Apparently, Chiroux, the Elder doesn’t stand beside his son. This is a comment he left (I can’t verify it’s authenticity, but he seems to know intimate details of Chiroux’s pre-Army life) at the article that I linked yesterday;


I’d heard rumors that Dr. Chiroux had volunteered to join the Army to serve in the spot his son abandoned. I guess it’s true.;

I offered some time ago to re-enlist in the the US ARMY specifically to serve in Iraq, both due to my son’s actions and my own Middle Eastern experience. That offer stands. I will serve at the front if my country asks it of me.

I learned a long time ago that you can only teach your kids right from wrong and when they reach a certain age, you have to let them make their own mistakes and suffer the consequences. Every time they fall it’s painful for parents to watch them struggle back to their feet. It never gets easier. Good luck, Dr. Chiroux.

Back to the reasons Matthis refused to deploy. Here’s a picture of him towards the end of his active duty time. Does this look like someone who hates the military?


Before you ladies start wetting yourself over the fierce combatant Matthis Chiroux, I blew the photo up and discovered that he’s firing blanks through the M240 machine gun. Notice how he cropped off the blank adapter on the muzzle. The picture is just a set up – like those John Kerry in Vietnam pictures.
Here’s the blown up photo;


A real infantryman can spot blank ammunition.

Oh, by the way, I snagged that photo from his Facebook profile so it’s not like it’s part of his life that he’s ashamed of like he lets on. It’s justmore proof that he loved the Army life, but he didn’t like actually being uncomfortable after his grueling tours of Germany and Japan.

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  1. geo says:

    Don’t care for the kid but the old man is a standup guy who I would support.

  2. TSO says:

    Agreed, let’s contact him and get Chiroux the elder to do a guest post. He’s my kinda guy.

  3. Mo says:

    OF COURSE he shot blanks–he was a journalist in the military! That was probably a picture taken while he was in basic training. How do y’all know he didn’t have reservations about being in Japan or Germany?

    Jonn wrote: How many Sergeant E-5s go through basic training?

  4. olga says:

    Chiroux Junior exhibits all the traits of a frigging Pavlik Morozov – throw your father under the bus (quite literally)for your own benefit…

  5. B Woodman says:

    Good on the father!
    I know that the dad can disown his son, but I wonder if dad can DIVORCE his son??!! I’ve heard of a few cases where children have divorced their parents. Hmmm. . .

    Maybe dad can have a DNA test done to see if Matthis really IS his own flesh & blood. Maybe a genetic mutation. Seems with all the honorable service done by the Chiroux family through the generations, that Matthis should prove to be the dishonorable exception.

  6. Dave Thul says:

    Blanks? You mean active duty guys don’t actually fire 240’s in soft cap and ACU’s?

  7. Stand beside? If you look at the picture at the top again, it looks like his dad has his hand on his shoulder. Thanks Dad, how does the bottom of the bus look anyway?

    BTW, hell of a sight picture you got going on Matt.

  8. Susan says:

    I really feel for the dad. You know he is humiliated by his p.o.s. son.

  9. Matthis says:

    It’s OK, Dad. I forgive you for this, too. Love, your son.

  10. Matthis' True Self says:

    The best part of me ran down my mama’s leg!!!

  11. CRaissi says:

    Professional “activists” like Chiroux are a part of the reason why real vets have been abandoning IVAW. I find it funny that they’re blaming the lack of support for the anti-war movement on Obama’s election. They blame it on anything but the idiocy represented by Chiroux and other fake ass Iraq/Afghanistan vets.

    Keep up the good work, TAH.

  12. Susan says:

    Mathis – moron – You have been disavowed if not disowned. Unless you can produce proof that your dad in someway did, in fact, abuse you (as opposed to in your drug-muttled head), your father owes you no appology and you have nothing to forgive. You dad, on the other had, is owed a very big and very public appology from you for throwing him under the bus!

  13. FreeBirdNavyBrat says:

    Matt, you probably don’t remember me from school because I steered clear of you, but I sure remember you. We all do. You’re still the same creep. You say you forgive your father. For what?! Have you also forgiven that poor Filipino girl you claimed you ‘felt’ you raped?

    What about all your previous girlfriends that ran out of money before you dumped them. Did you forgive them to?

  14. Wendy says:

    Hahahaha. You all crack me up! You do realize 24/7 you update about Matthis this, Matthis that… my gosh get out a little and enjoy life. Do you know how many parents are estranged from their children? What’s the big deal? No one even cares, seriously you’re domain is popular for the wrong reasons. Matthis is an old topic anyways, post on something new.

  15. NHSparky says:

    So speaks the person who knows not of honor, integrity, or sacrifice. Well done, Wendy.

  16. Dave Thul says:

    The minute that real veterans stop calling our fake vets for the jackasses they are is the moment that fake vets get to demean and embarrass all vets by association.

    Not to mention the whole buzz of these guys is their fake or exaggerated service, without that no one would pay them any mind.

  17. UpNorth says:

    Don’t you just love it when one of the “truly enlightened” comes over to give us the benefit of their worldly wisdom? I mean, how can we get through a day without their guidance? It’s obvious that Wendy isn’t a parent, she just doesn’t have a clue about a parent and their child/children.

  18. Rob Chiroux says:

    My soul bleeds for the thousand cuts of shame and humiliation that my son has brought upon me and my family. Matthis could have been a great man and perhaps that yet may happen. For now I fear he is living on the generous nature of those charmed by his charisma. I have met many of his former friends and girlfriends who have been scorched by his passing and feel a deep sense of sorrow and failure. On his website he as lashed out at me, his army recruiter, the judge that allowed him a chance at redemption in lieu of jail and his step brother who is at this time completing Honorable service to our country. It was I who forced him into the army in hopes he would see his great potential to succeed and add to the strength of our country rather than continue to feed on the kind hearted. All these are innocent and I ask all those from left to right to dismiss the slander my son has slung at them. Our family is a good family that has served our country every generation we have been American and likely will continue to do so. We are deeply hurt by what has been said of the “Chiroux” name. Know that I would serve at the front if my county would again accept my service. Perhaps my son would find the courage to serve with me. My Best, Rob Chiroux

  19. TSO says:

    That comment needs to stand alone. I can’t even imagine what that took sir, but appreciate you saying it.

  20. Alex says:

    This really saddens me.
    What happened to loving your children no matter what life choices they make?
    I know I cannot critique the relationship between Matthis and his father-that is between the two of them; no matter how public they make it. It isn’t right that we are instigating into their lives.

    What happened to teaching our children about courage and standing up for what you believe in. Whether we agree with Matthis’ choices or not, it is his life, and his relationship with his father.

    And some could say that Matthis speaking out about his past was wrong; that he should have considered his family. He considered all of this and it was very difficult for him to share what he did-he has a heart just like all of us.

    But I have to add, for his FATHER to come out and start speaking against his son (on a blog, no less, where they constantly attempt to rip his son apart. Where they constantly use disgusting and immature statements to express their feelings; this doesn’t seem like the place an educated man with a PhD would waste his time) and making assumptions and generalizations about the entire family and friends; that isn’t right.
    I thought parents were supposed to set an example for their children.

    It is one thing to analyze Matthis’ activism, but to bring the issues he shares with his father is a really low blow.

    At the end of the day, no matter where, who, or what we are, we all are people with feelings.
    It isn’t right to shoot people down who feel comfortable speaking up and out about what they believe. Let them be.

    I hate that I feel maybe my comment will perhaps ignite something within those in charge of this blog to no longer post about Matthis, or at least no longer blog about his relationship with his father.

    THIS BREAKS MY HEART. This has nothing to do with politics.

  21. FreeBirdNavyBrat says:

    Let me guess… Alex, you must be Matthis Chiroux’s current meal-ticket, uh, I mean girlfriend. There is a trail of battered and emotioinally bruised women just like you in his wake. Let me save you some time and heartache… You can’t save him. People like him don’t want to be saved. They don’t have feelings like the rest of us mere mortals. Matt, like others of his ilk, believes himself superior to everyone around him. You are merely the latest prop in his sick little melodrama.

    And clarify something for me, please — your references to ‘constantly using disgusting and immature statements to express their feelings’ — you MUST have been referring to Matthis’ malicious and unfounded accusations, oh, excuse me, ‘confessions’ as posted on his website and others across the Internet in late-April? Those statements are still there and still causing damage to a lot of good and innocent people.

    From where I sit, Dr. Chiroux is handling this with exactly the dignity and respect that one DOES expect from a PhD. He (Dr. Chiroux) also appears to be far more concerned with the others that were slandered and exploited by Matthis’ amateurish and oh-so-obvious thirst for money and power. In my opinion, Matthis is a glory-hound, a con-artist and a fraud. His father is being kind.

    I wish you, Alex, nothing but the best. I hope you will get past this rather malodorous chapter in your life and live well and happy with someone who will truly appreciate you.

  22. Another Disgrunted IVAW "member" says:

    Why do I belong to this organization again? Do we actually have members like this in our organization? Damn I thought Carl Webb was the only moron in the org…guess not.

  23. Alex says:

    The truth is, fellas, I am broke and have been for a while.

    Another fact: Matthis and I have been engaged for months now.

    Peace and love to all.

  24. FreeBirdNavyBrat says:

    I hope it will be a long and very thoughtful engagement.

    Peace and love to you, as well. You seem like a nice person.

  25. Steve says:

    Is Alex a guy????

  26. Steve says:

    Don`t ask. Don`t tell………..

  27. Steve says:

    Alex is a guy????

  28. CRaissi says:

    Speaking up for what you believe in is one thing. What Chiroux is doing is something else entirely. His motive is purely attention and money. As time passes, his complaints about the military shift in order to gain the most sympathy and recognition. Several months ago when the war in Iraq was the primary issue, he was complaining about the illegality and immorality of the war. Now that that war/occupation is winding down, he’s turned to standard BS about the military being racist and sexist. He is lying and telling people what they want to hear so that they will give him money. Last year at the IVAW convention, I heard him talk about targeting the “loaded lefties” that crawl around New York.

    Dude needs to quit being a fucking bitch and get a job. That or start going to school and use that GI bill he claims he’s entitled to. I’m pulling $1471 a month off the thing. Not a lot, but probably more than Chiroux gets on the pity parade.

  29. Sean says:

    Matthis= Sad Sack of Shit, Drug Addict, admitted Rapist, Poseur, Tool Bag.

    And now we have his women who bought his line of shit coming around to defend Walter Mitty.

    By the way, Loved the 240 picture, very Warry, No Helmet, Gear but captured the CoD4 look quite well, and just as real. Maybe he’s waiting for the respawn?

  30. Winter Soldier says:

    for months, funny i remember after we ‘spoke’ (not testified as one would most defiantly need to be under oath) at the progressive out of iraq caucus MC and his father were hand in hand and all smiles. in fact his father had traveled just to see his son proclaim he didnt want to be a bonafide soldier. that it wasnt cool to activate as he might have received orders to activate but noone, i repeat noone i think directly ever gets orders to ‘iraq’ ha. its like the movies… babe im goin to nam’. more then likely if he was ever refusing anything it was activation orders. riddle me this, how can he STILL to this day collect GI Bill when its all crap anyway.

    about speaking and money… you know what really fuck threw my mind was that when i ‘a combat vet x2’ and matthis would walk into a room. he would not go left or right on his ‘tour’ or tidbits of his service. infact the only time he is making public light about anything was when others who he had been leeching off of stood up for themselves. i swear if i hear another peacenik screaming they want or need a -quote- “money bomb” im gonna lose it. i

  31. Rob Chiroux says:

    This is a copy of the press release requested of me prior to the interview I granted to WHNT in Huntsville. Perhaps it will provide some insight on the day I stood with my son when he announced his intention to “fail to report”.

    Roughly two years ago my son was Honorably discharged from the US ARMY after five years as an army journalist. Matthis spent his entire enlistment in Tokyo and Heidelberg except for a week to Afghanistan, Palawan and other brief forays as a journalist. To my knowledge he was at risk for no more than a week or two. A few months after his Honorable Discharge he was recalled to active service for assignment to Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was understandably aggravated and depressed as I am sure most veterans would be who have moved on and started their post service lives. Matthis chose to resist the recall and joined the anti-war movement. As his father I chose to be quietly patient and supportive. I did not agree with his choice but I have never faced service under fire. I gave my son the benefit of the doubt.

    My quiet became strained during the weekend of Father’s day, 2008 when I travelled to Washington D.C. to visit my son, at his request, before he made his public statement indicating his intention to “fail to report”. I had asked my son not to put me in front of cameras or reporters but with the crowd assembled he called out to me to stand with him as he prepared to speak. I felt manipulated and not for the first time. It was during this visit that I met Kristopher Goldsmith, a genuine Iraq veteran who had become friends with my son.

    After his announcement Matthis became increasingly hostile in his rhetoric and more extreme in his message. The anti-war website and his own website began requesting donations for Matthis’ legal defense. Being prior military I know Matthis needed no funds for his legal defense. He was a civilian, failure to report from IRR (Inactive Ready Reserve: it has a new name now) does not downgrade your previous discharge from active duty. I began hearing rumors that Matthis was using these funds for partying and a rather expensive Brooklyn apartment. These rumors were strengthened when his close friend Kristopher Goldsmith broke with Matthis and declared these rumors to be fact. I began to openly question my son’s actions and was met with immediate hostility. Matthis lashed out after his IRR hearing on April 23 by maliciously and publically accusing me of physical and emotional abuse. With my attorney’s consent my son was sent a formal warning of legal action if he persisted.

    Matthis has stated publically that his infractions as a juvenile were no more than “…The possession of one eighth of a GRAM of marijuana and a pipe in the middle of the woods…” Matthis’ juvenile file is much bigger with multiple instances of theft, drug abuse and other issues. One such issue was the discovery that he had stolen his 95 year old Great Grandmother’s pain medication. My son was clever, manipulative and could adjust his personality like a chameleon. Catching his lies required careful attention to detail. My days as his custodial parent ended when after yet another infraction Matthis & I met with his probation officer and an army recruiter whom I had invited. Matthis choices were laid out for him and he did not hesitate in his choice to join the army. He was, in fact, quite glib.

    Seeing that my son is now speaking out in churches, and possibly receiving financial support from a new source, I will remain silent no longer. I respect free speech and the right to peaceably protest but I seriously doubt my son’s convictions to the anti-war movement or any other cause except where he can profit from it. I am disappointed with my son and the effect this has had on our family. Every generation of the “Chiroux” family has served our nation Honorably. For my sake our family has remained silent and endured listening to our name dragged through the mud. No more. Our family does not condone Matthis’ rhetoric and would caution anyone who might consider providing him financial assistance.

    Robert C. Chiroux, Ph.D.
    Auburn University 2001.

  32. max benser says:

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  33. max benser says:

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  34. Twist says:

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    Those are your Atheist euphoria countries.

  35. @ #32,33,35:
    Who is this turd, and what country is the illiterate asshole commenting from? What a loser! He writes like an Islamic asshole who worships a false god and has a pedophilic, drug addicted Prophet for an idol.

  36. PintoNag says:

    @32,33,35 That’s ‘infidel’ to you. We’re not atheists.