OK, Now I am pissed

| July 15, 2009

We all know about Plaintiff Cook.

I went to look at the other litigants.  Not easy to do since Clown College Retard Esquire here spelled the fuggin name wrong, but one of them is MG Carroll D. Childers.  He’s my former Division Commander.  In 1998 I had lunch alone with him prior to my Deployment to Bosnia when I accidentally ran into him at the AUSA convention.  I always thought he was a bit odd, just not this odd.

He’s the oldest graduate of Ranger School ever I believe.  He wrote a book about it.  I tried to read said book, but it was like slaughterhouse 5 with his leaping in and out of times and stuff.  Like someone dropped the book and shoved the pages in the wrong order.

You can go read his reasons for joining the suit here.

General Childers, I always respected you, even when I thought you were a bit odd.  I came to our division because of the history, men like Stonewall Jackson and Thomas Dry Howie.  Our Motto was “Let’s Go.”  It wasn’t “Show me your commissioning certificate General, or my fat ass ain’t leaving this F____ing beach.”  You’d have jacked my ass up immediately if I told you I wasn’t living in “Troll Village” until I saw your official papers, and you would have been right to do so.

This quest of yours brings disservice to our unit.  You can browse through here, my praise of our Commander in Chief will be sparse.  In fact, I don’t think you’ll find any.  But this ridiculous and farcical mission you have chosen here is beneath you.  Beneath you as an officer.  Beneath you as an Infantryman.  And Beneath you as a 29er.  Drop this senseless bullshit and enjoy your well-earned retirement.

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  1. Can someone explain to me why when military members are getting political about DADT, instead of ripping them a new one and telling them to “drop this senseless bullshit”, there are many military blog posts about getting rid of DADT. Yet, when someone wants to make sure the CinC is actually qualified, instead of many military blog posts about seeing the CinC’s credentials, we get posts like this telling the military members to “drop this senseless bullshit”.

    DADT — worthy cause
    Commander-in-Chief’s background — senseless bullshit

    Why is DADT given credibility, but the CinC’s background is considered “senseless bullshit”?

    I’m not trying to be snarky here either. I really would like to know why more respect is given to the issue of DADT than the issue of soldiers thinking their CinC is a fraud.

  2. OldCavLt says:

    At the end of the day, Obama could put ALL of this talk to rest by producing the damned form.

    Do those challenging him on this issue have any credibility? None that he doesn’t give them… and every time he ignores them and this issue, giving them credibility is precisely what he does.


    And then we take it a step more: What if it’s true? What if he wasn’t born in Hawaii?

    What would we do?

    Well, if we found a way to remove him… who’d get the job?

    Biden, if I’m not mistaken. And what would Biden do any differently, except to be even MORE likely to be manipulated by the special interests jerking Obama’s strings?

    This is a tough one to a certain extent. As officers, the idea of finding an administrative way to avoid deployment isn’t in any chapter of the Army Officer’s Guide.

    OTOH, we swear to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    If Obama is not eligible to be President because of a violation of the Constitutional requirements set forth, aren’t we as officers compelled to act?

    And if his election was a violation, what does that mean about the bills he’s signed, the policies he’s implemented, the trillions he’s spent, the appointment’s he’s made?

    I believe I would deploy. Although I’ve been out since 1986, and even though I’m a political consultant now, this type of question is above my pay grade, to quote the Bard.

    I would, I believe, continue to “bear truth faith and allegiance to the same,” but I’m not so sure about the “mental reservations” part.

  3. pmm says:

    I’m surprised that commenters supporting this…It is not the President’s job to put every BS claim to rest by providing paperwork. Compare this with another campaign rumor that Just Won’t Die:

    Just because Andrew Sullivan declared himself the Ob/Gyn of America, it was not Sarah Palin’s job to prove to Sullivan’s satisfaction that Trig Palin was her child. How is this any different?

    Or to take another tack, do you think I should have to produce my CO’s Assumption of Command orders for every soldier who inquires?

    The President’s campaign has provided contemporaneous-dated documentation demonstrating the validity of his citizenship, such as birth announcements. He’s also provided copies of short form birth certificates. At this point, the burden is on the crack pots to demonstrate why this should be insufficient to put the claim to rest.

  4. Claymore says:

    Why is DADT given credibility, but the CinC’s background is considered “senseless bullshit”?

    You honestly can’t see any difference between those two issues?

  5. Claymore — I think there is a big difference between the two issues. DADT, to me, is ‘senseless bullshit’, as they say. Homosexuals can serve, the policy has worked fine since it was implemented, end of story.

    Now, taking orders from a Commander-in-Chief whose background is in serious question, and who would be rejected for any government job for which he applied, I think is a very serious issue.

    What I take from people blowing this off is that they are saying that it doesn’t matter if the American people vote a Communist as President, members of the military are to follow his orders. Period.

    I take issue with that.

    Now, one can argue about whether or not there is anything to the whole Natural Born Citizen thing, but it is one of about 100 things in Obama’s background which are at issue. Communism, Socialism, Marxism, starting his political career off the back of, and then working closely with, a domestic terrorist who attempted to mass murder American military members and their families, hidden college records, hidden records about just about everything, etc etc etc.

    Now, argue whether or not it is worthwhile to pursue this, but I think calling this all “senseless bullshit” is damn insulting. Our commander-in-chief is best buddies with a man who attempted to mass murder American military members and their families. To blow off people who are pissed the fuck off about that and about 100 other things in this POS’s background, I find insulting.

    And frankly, I don’t understand why the hell military members are not more pissed off about this too.

    Personally, whether the Natural Born Citizen thing has any legs at all, matters not to me. We are on a different playing field now where the game is played by smearing, lying, smearing, destroying and ridiculing your opponent until either (1) they give up or (2) the lies, smears and ridicule become conventional wisdom in the minds of the American public and the politician’s career is over.

    Since that is the game now, I say go after Obama with every single last bullet in the arsenal… ridicule, ridicule and ridicule some more. And when the Left gets upset about that, RIDICULE SOME MORE. And when they start getting pissed off… RIDICULE SOME MORE.

    As many have stated, Obama simply has to provide his birth certificate and the story is over. Yet, he has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to block the release. The question is why? What is he hiding?

    My hunch is that he IS a natural born citizen, but there is something on that certificate — as well as his college records and all other records he and his press buddies are hiding — that is damning to him. Otherwise, there is no reason to hide anything.

    I just for the life of me have a tough time figuring out why people are so open to discussing DADT and its merits or whatever when it is a pointless issue, yet are so dead set against the most important issue in this nation, namely, the background of our Commander-in-Chief.

    That just strikes me as odd. All the rest of us, when applying for a job, must submit proper paperwork to prove our resume qualifications. Yet, when people want to hold the President of the United States to that standard, it is blown off as “senseless bullshit”?

    WTF?! Seriously. W.T.F.

  6. Jon H says:

    “That just strikes me as odd. All the rest of us, when applying for a job, must submit proper paperwork to prove our resume qualifications”

    He did provide documentation. That certain unmedicated loons don’t believe it is not his problem.

    Meanwhile, fine soldiers are being drummed out of the military for no good reason, and in the case of the Arabic linguists who got thrown out, it was positively stupid since we really needed more Arabic linguists. (The UK, Israel, etc have no problem with gays in the military.)

  7. “Meanwhile, fine soldiers are being drummed out of the military for no good reason…”

    I thought ‘not following orders’ was a good reason to be thrown out of the military. I thought ‘political grandstanding’ was a good reason to be thrown out of the military. DADT was working for the past 10+ years, but now all of a sudden the homosexual soldiers can’t deal with it and make an issue of it? Please. Homosexual soldiers grandstanding about DADT is the same as grandstanding about the Birth Certificate. Both are issues of soldiers not following orders, because they don’t like rules that are in place. (one being DADT, the other being a President not having to reveal his background and being suitable for the Presidency, even though his background would eliminate him from serving in any other area of Defense in government due to his terrorist and communist and radical associations throughout his career)

    He provided a Certificate of Live Birth, which is not one’s official birth certificate. I have a copy of my Certificate of Live Birth and it has my adopted mother down as my ‘mother’, not my birth mother. So a CoLB is not the same thing as an official birth certificate.

    And besides, if I were being sued for the release of my birth certificate, instead of wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep it secret, I would produce it within 24 hours… unless I had something to hide.

    Serious question here… is Obama spending money on the Birth Certificate lawsuits comparable to Sarah Palin forced to spend her money on the “ethics” lawsuits? Are they similar, in that Obama has no choice but to spend the money on the lawsuits, or is the money being spent similar to hush money, like Michael Jackson did to keep the issue of his accused pedophilia from being judged?

  8. TSO says:

    Micheal, I agree on DADT. I think the policy will get changed, but either way, they knew the score going in, so crying about being booted strikes me as absurd.

    On the bc thing, I also agree, I would have shown mine. I don’t know why Obama hasn’t either. But I suppose that is his perogative if the Supremes say it is. I just don’t get this Major trying to make a spectacle of refusing to deploy when he volunteered.

    I still thought standing should have been found earlier so we could dispense with all this. But, the SC decided otherwise. I don’t mind if this does come to trial, I just don’t want military guys engaging in this, or at least not under the auspices of their service. We should stay out of these fights.

  9. UpNorth says:

    “We should stay out of these fights”. Agreed, TSO. There are tons of things to take this administration to task over, but an election was held, and, in his own words, he won. I’m thinking he’s just holding on to his BC, so he can spring it at the appropriate time, to grease the skids for more of his socialist takeover of the economy, health care, stimuli, or whatever else he thinks he’ll need political capital for.

  10. TC says:

    Bring on the socialism. If it’s good enough for members of congress it’s good enough for me.

  11. ArmySergeant says:

    I will point out that people getting kicked out over DADT aren’t usually people who expose themselves, which is why the Pentagon is looking into whether or not they are obligated to discharge soldiers who are outed against their will by other soldiers.

    It’s bullshit to discharge good soldiers because someone du into every aspect of their life to find out they were doing something against the regs.

    To take it one step further: how many people in the military have had oral sex? You know that’s against the UCMJ? Should we discharge everyone in the military who talks about having heteroexual oral sex? Can you imagine the reaction if we did? I don’t think it’s fair to say “they knew the rules when they came in”.

  12. TSO says:

    OK AS, how many people know about DADT? Show of hands. OK, prior to AS’s latest comment, how many knew it was against regs to get a hummer, show of hands?

    There’s your answer. Why would you ask if we knew it was against UCMJ, when by asking it you are assuming we do not? Is there someone in the military today who doesn’t know about DADT?

  13. Just an old Nam grunt who tired of watching “them” tear our country apart & decided to blog, as a means of expressing frustration. Within reason, I’ll do what I can to drive home the point that a dirtbag is a dirtbag, irregardless of party.

    I wouldn’t refuse deployment but, personally, I’d have a problem with any order that came down from a POTUS who couldn’t/wouldn’t provide something as basic as a birth certificate. That, combined with the Bill Ayers connection, Chicago-style politics, the ACORN connection, an obviously well thought out socialist agenda & on & on, leaves me convinced that the next 4/8 years are going to be a friggin’ nightmare. I applaud anyone, active-duty or civilian, who can make ’em sweat &/or prove the illegality of the present “situation”.

    Thanks for serving!

  14. With all due respect to soldiers & veterans commenting here, (my dad was KIA, Viet Nam 1967)all one has to do is read the papers of the Founders to realize that “natural born” means born to two citizen parents. Both parents must be citizens of this country. Therefore, by his own admission, the usurper is NOT Constitutionally eligible.

    In his book “Dreams from My Father” the usurper states he was born with British citizenship by virtue of his Kenyan father who was never a permanent resident of the USA. He could have been born in the Capitol Rotunda on July 4, and he still would not be eligible.

    Why everyone has ignored this is beyond me, but those in positions of responsibility for vetting candidates (the DNC, Howard Deane, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, etal)should be held accountable.

    From my research I have found that candidates are not required to show actual proof of “natural born” citizenship, but are simply required to sign an affidavit stating that they are eligible under the Constitution.

    Why don’t you guys try to sign up your kid for school or Little League with an affidavit stating the kid is a US citizen? Won’t work. Must have a vault copy of the long form birth certificate.

    Also, if he is removed from office because of his lack of eligibility Biden will not become president because with his deception he has made the whole ticket ineligible and nothing he has done since in office is legal under the Constitution. (this is covered in the Constitution, read it) That will leave Hillary out also since she was appointed by him, & Pelosi is complicit as well as all the democrats who ignored the vetting process.

    This issue could have been laid to rest a full year ago when the questions first arose if the criminal punk in chief had released his long form BC as McCain was required to do. Even then the morons in Congress felt they had to make a resolution declaring McCain eligible by virtue of having 2 citizen parents.

    Every citizen needs to realize that we do not have a Constitutionally eligible president & stand up to be heard on the issue before obambi takes this country beyond the point of no return. Our country & Constitution are strong enough to weather this storm, but I fear not strong enough to survive 4 years of the constant assault on our liberties by the left & their “one world government” backers.

    Stand up, America, & be heard!

    God bless America!

  15. 1stCavRVN11B says:

    Well said NAMVETCAV6768. I’ve been torn about this stuation for a couple of days now and decidng whether to post or not. After much thought it is my opinion that Major Stefan Cook is doing what should be done. No private citizen has gained any traction as far as standing with the courts. Let me be clear, I have been actively involved in supporting our military for many years and still do. However, there is a time when a stand must be taken and that time is past due. As far as I’m concerned the perceived notion that the Major’s stand for clarification of legitimate authority is linkened to the various IVAW traitors positions doesn’t hold water. From what I can gather there is a large majority within the military who also want to know the legitimacy of our current POTUS, whereas, the number of malcontent communist IVAW types compose a very small fraction. Me, I want the truth.

  16. ArmySergeant says:


    I sometimes forget that not everyone read the UCMJ when they first joined to find out what rules and regs they’d be serving under.

    Geek, here.

    The real question though..how many, now that they know, are going to stop getting them? I’m betting <1 % . I will bet you a beer.

    I am curious what you think of the idea of people who are forcibly outed against their will being able to stay in though.

  17. The truth will set us free…it’s simple.

  18. Kat says:

    Came across your site, and thought you might benefit from some of the research I’ve done. It may answer many of the questions I’ve seen posted here.

    Hope you’ll find it worthy enough to post and share.

    Regarding the Birth Certificate issue: President Obama may not have his ORIGINAL official document from when he was born, with whatever additional information on it that Hawaii may have collected at the time of his birth, but that proves nothing.

    Many people lose their originals, misplace them, or perhaps never had them in the first place. I do not have mine. I have a legal certificate from the state of my birth, though, that clearly is officially recognized as the proper document to prove when and where I was born, as well as the date of my birth, my parents’ names, etc.

    President Obama has the same… an OFFICIAL document given to him by the State of Hawaii proving he was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961.

    One of the main “Birther” rallying cries, posted and repeated again and again, is “Just show us the long form “Certificate of Live Birth” and we’ll be done.”

    For some reason, there is a fixation on this… a belief that there is something hidden in the Hawaiian Government’s files that will provide extra details that will prove or disprove the fact that Barack Obama was born there.

    But no one in Hawaii requesting a document proving their birth will get access to the long form certificate, not even the President himself, because the State of Hawaii no longer makes them available.

    “Although original birth certificates (Certificates of Live Birth) are preferred for their greater detail, the State Department of Health (DOH) no longer issues Certificates of Live Birth. When a request is made for a copy of a birth certificate, the DOH issues a Certification of Live Birth.”

    Look under “Primary Documents” to see the above statement:


    There’s more about that here:


    Another Birther claim is that a birth certificate could have been applied for by ANY adult, and that one could easily have been granted for a baby born outside of the country.

    “In fact, only the legal parents of a child—in this case, Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham—can apply for a birth certificate.”


    “As for the theory that Obama’s original birth certificate might show he was foreign-born, Okubo said the “Certification of Live Birth” would say so. Obama’s does not. Again, it says he was born in Honolulu.”


    Regarding whether or not President Obama is a “natural born citizen”… there seems to be a great deal of confusion over the definition of this term.

    It should be quite apparent that if he did NOT fall under this classification, there would have been many constitutional scholars, especially those who are Republicans, that would have written about it and made it public knowledge WELL BEFORE the election. After all, it has been known for quite some time that President Obama’s father was from Kenya.

    His mother, an American, gave birth to President Obama on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, which is in the United States of America, thereby giving him what LIKELY falls under the classification of a NATURAL BORN citizen status.

    The problem is, no clear-cut definition of that term exists. What the founders meant by “natural born” has been interpreted to mean “anyone who acquires citizenship by any means other than naturalization,” which would include President Obama, but there have been other interpretations as well.

    “The term “natural born Citizen” has never been defined by the Courts in the course of a Presidential qualification challenge.”


    What many people either don’t know, or have overlooked, is the fact that CONGRESS ITSELF is not clear on what the definition is. There is at least one bill introduced that was sponsored by Senator Don Nickles seeking clarification of the term “Natural Born Citizen.” The last hearing on it was held on October 5, 2004:

    “A bill to define the term “natural born Citizen” as used in the Constitution of the United States to establish eligibility for the Office of President.” (See #79. S.2128)


    But if there was a REAL PROBLEM with President Obama having one parent who was not an American citizen, don’t you think John McCain and Hillary Clinton would have been all over that? And if not them, surely there would have been scholars, and educators, and other politicians who were opposed to Candidate Obama and his proposed policies that would have proclaimed LOUDLY and PUBLICLY that he was ineligible to seek the office of President of the United States of America.

    There have been lawsuits brought by individuals questioning his legitimacy that have not only been dismissed, but their claims have been discredited as well… one of them spotlighted by none other than WND.com itself, a site that supports the “Birthers”:

    (notice that claims of the Obama Camp putting out a bogus birth certificate are also disproven there)

    Another point of contention is whether or not President Obama lost his citizenship if he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro. Being adopted by a foreign national does not make one lose their American citizenship, though I’ve not had the time to locate the proper governmental link that supports this. If you read the article at the link above, though, there is verification of this from undisclosed “citizenship experts.”

    Here is what it states (from link above):

    “Also, consulting citizenship experts contend that if Obama indeed obtained Indonesian citizenship, it simply would not have been recognized by the U.S., but the presidential candidate would retain his American citizenship.”

    There is a great site that has taken many of the allegations against President Obama and either refuted or authenticated them in a logical, easy to understand manner.

    While the individual running the site openly admits to supporting President Obama prior to the election (it’s possible they do now as well), he/she has done an EXCELLENT job at gathering, assembling, displaying, and disseminating data in a dispassionate and objective manner:


    Hope this helps some people to gain a bit more clarity on the issues surrounding the legitimacy of our President.

    Unfortunately, given the impassioned comments at many sites that have written about this “Grand Conspiracy” (and that’s what it would have to be), it’s unlikely those who have made up their mind will be inclined to embrace the facts.

    But there is still hope.

  19. Charlie says:

    The thing that really pisses me off about the “birthers” is that Obama’s presidential campaign provided all this documentary evidence (which they don’t accept) before the election. Therefore by definition the MAJORITY of Americans accepted that documentary evidence as sufficient and elected the man President.
    At the end of the day the “birthers” don’t give a shit about the constitution or even about core concepts of democracy. All they care about is the fact their party lost the election and now they will try and do everything they can to undermine the legitimate election of the president by the people excercising their democratic rights.
    What’s really funny is these birthers are the same clowns that fight tooth and nail to stop “activist” Courts allowing gays to get married because that isn’t what the majority want. Yet when the majority elect a President based on what they consider sufficient evidence of his eligibility well shit then we better get those same “activist” Courts we hate so much to intervene. These people are pathologically stupid.

  20. OldTrooper says:

    In response to the Lt in post #2. From what I understand, the Presidency would not go to Biden, but would go to the the candidate running for President that received the next most votes, which would be McCain. Biden would continue as VP. I know that sounds crazy (well, no more crazy than the subject of the thread itself), but that’s what I was told in the latest iteration of “guess who the next President would be”.

  21. poele says:

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