Saturday night must-reads

| March 8, 2008

I’ve got two cats sleeping on my lap and so all you get is links tonight;

First, stop by and take at look at the Gathering of Eagles who were rewarded for braving the weather to support the military recruiters in Times Square by a visit from Pamela Gellar from Atlas Shrugs.

If Baldilocks says he’s dead, then he’s dead as far as I’m concerned.

Big Dog defends John McCain in the Boeing contract kerfuffle.

The American Pundit catches the media lying about McCain’s position on waterboarding.

Bloodthirsty Liberal examines Arab techniques of border control.

Gaius at Blue Crab Boulevard writes on the absurdity of Hillary’s statement that she ended the hundreds of years of Britain’s war with the Irish.

Jammie Wearing Fool writes about an idiot judge who disagrees with the war against terror, so she keeps a foster kid from enlisting. I’d always thought judges were supposed to lay aside their own bias when they rule – I must be wrong.

The Liberty Pundit ties in yesterday’s job report to the only legislation the Democrats passed last year – the minimum wage.

Gateway Pundit rounds up news on the death of the latest FARC leader found in pieces several miles apart.

Bob Parks at Outside the Wire dissects the Obama sucker factor and reports that Obama doesn’t have a plan to withdraw from Iraq. Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee explains what that means. Meanwhile, Flopping Aces writes that Hillary’s military advisor says she won’t pull troops out of Iraq. I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

Wild Thing explains in detail the history of the Weather Underground buddies of Barak Obama.

Crotchety Old Bastard compares Michele Obama’s speeches to Che Guevara’s “New Man” speech.

Pam at Right Voices reports on a stunning archaeological find.

The Hatemonger’s Quarterly has the exclusive report on several fictional TV characters and who they support in the Presidential campaign.

Moonbattery‘s Van Helsing warns that environmentalists are coming for your X-Box.

Jay at Stop the ACLU explains why he’s voting for John McCain.

GI Jane at The Foxhole tears up the Washington Post for their self-flagellating over their treatment of Muslims.

Weasel Zippers writes on the Hamas admission that they’re supported by Iran – and I feign surprise.

Dean Barnett at The Weekly Standard Blog writes that the New York Times will take a swipe at Barak’s Iraq policy tomorrow.

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  1. baldilocks says:

    Thanks for the link. I don’t know whether the Sheikh of Orange County is dead or not, but one can fantasize, no?

  2. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Hey, if you say it, it must be so.

  3. clifto says:

    How do you get two cats in one lap at the same time?

  4. Jonn Lilyea says:

    clifto; Well, one on each leg.