Rally at Times Square Recruiting Station

| March 9, 2008

Last night I threw up a quick link about the Gathering of Eagles‘ rally at the Times Square Recruiting Station that had been targeted by some whacko bomber earlier in the week. The link was to Pamela Geller’s reportage at Atlas Shrugs (mostly because it included a treasured picture of Pamela herself).


This morning I see Jammie Wearing Fool and Urban Infidel also post some photos and narratives of the event.

Gathering of Eagles New York forum has more along with some great videos. Pamela also links to a Free Republic thread. Eagles Up and Gathering of Eagles also emailed me this link this morning to their Flickr photo set of pictures from yesterday.

Well done, folks. Thanks for being there for the rest of us.

Category: Gathering of Eagles, Protests/Rallies, Support the troops

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  1. usnretwife says:

    Thanks for the links, John. Wish I could have been there, rain and all!

  2. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Thank you for visiting almost everyday, usnretwife. I remember you told me your hometown once when I was still at that other place, so I see your visits in the sitemeter. It’s nice to see old friends.

  3. James Bancroft says:

    Thank you for reporting this. The day was wet and I made the mistake of not checking the weather before getting the permits lined up. However, I was STUNNED to see as many as 125 people there in the rain at one time and over 175 stopping by throughout the day. We had to have it done then because I could not let the moon bats claim Military Island 3 days after the bombing and try to turn it into some sympathy event and somehow in some cowardly way connect it to the War On Terror. I served in the Marine Corps in the late 70’s and will not abandone the men in uniform now like my parents generation did during Vietnam.

  4. usnretwife says:

    Thanks, John. Truthfully, I have started to depend on This Ain’t Hell to keep me posted on what’s happening south of us. I don’t have a lot of time to keep up on it all on my own and with what you write and the links you provide, it’s easier for me to follow. Keep up the good work. ๐Ÿ™‚