DC Moonbat Convergence

| March 19, 2008

Another day, another protest. Today is ANSWER’s “Day of Action”. Since the Iraq War started five years ago today, all of the organizations that have sprung up to cash in on the war decided to have an eight-ring circus in downtown Washington DC, because as one IVAW member told me, the war is about money – apparently for the moonbats, too. My coverage was abruptly ended when I was ID’d as “one of those Milblog guys at Winter Soldier”, so excuse me for not getting all I should have.

I was there bright and early for the festivities. It must’ve been a little too early because the Code Pink gals were looking especially raggedy;

They even had their own marching band;

Complete with mascot;

Everyone headed out to their respective “actions” and I went looking for the recruiting station, where I figured the action was going to take place. But the Freepers beat me to it;

The recruiters felt safe enough with moonbats roaming around to come outside for air – thanks to the Freepers and a few ladies from the Second Amedment Sisters who were in town for the Supreme Court doin’s yesterday.

A large police contingent stationed at the recruiting office was helpful, too. This particular officer told us his son is in Iraq with the Air Force.

This kind fellow brought coffee to the Freepers;

Up the street from the recruiting station was the American Petroleum Institute – since the war is about money and oil, it was a good target for the Greens to block people from going to their jobs;

And the most energy efficient way to get your bicycle into the city is to bring it in a U-Haul pickup;

I went several blocks away to the IRS – where apparently they hand out cash for fueling the war machine while starving children. On my way there, I passed a group of guys wearing media passes, ten steps behind them, moving her tiny legs as fast as she could was Code Pink’s head troll Medea Benjamin – I just thought that was funny.

I got to the IRS just in time to see 20 or so people getting packed up for the hoosegow;

I went back to McPherson Square and was lucky enough to record some poor distraught veteran who had gone into Iraq five years ago today tell us about how he figured out that Bush had lied to him in the first three days and describe some atrocities that didn’t happen – but that we should “imagine” happened anyway.

You might notice that while I filming that video, the police roared out of the park behind the speakers – they were headed to the recruiting station, so I cut short the video and scurried over the station, but I missed the protest there. I did however get there in time to catch “Barbie” Benjamin riding in her toy bed;

I noticed that it was nearly time for the “veterans” event to begin so I took off for the ten block walk to the National Archives. I passed by the White House and notice that there was no “action” there;

I got to the National Archives just in time to catch the drama queens of the IVAW, Veterans for Peace and their mish-mash bands of friends and enablers. Notice how they show their love for this country.

And right upfront is every Leftist’s heart throb, Adam Kokesh – so you just know someone’s going to get arrested. I also noticed that the IVAW fellas have stopped wearing military uniforms and they’ve opted for the black sweatshirts these days.

So they arrived at the National Archives and charged up the steps with their upside-down flags;

And explained to the crowd why they fly the flag upside down (I can’t understand a word of it – so good luck)

George Bush, Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice showed up;

And so did the DC cops to cart off Kokesh and his merry band of trespassers on Federal property;

They read some long speeches about the typical blather “Blood for Oil”, “War for Exxon”, etc…. I lost interest waiting for the police to cart them off.

The chivalrous side of me was my downfall though. One of the IVAW guys (I don’t know which one – one of the little loud mouths) started yelling at the female security guard because she wouldn’t let him go up the steps and I told him to calm down that she was just doing her job. Then he yelled out “I know you! You were at Winter Soldier – one of those milbloggers”.

As the crowd pressed in on me, I beat a hasty retreat – but another one of the IVAW guys started following me up the street calling me names – he had a buddy with a video camera to get it all on film in the event I knocked the little halfpint out. But they got nothing – except I left the event just as the DC cops arrived to arrest Kokesh, so I didn’t get pictures of that little theater.

Most of the protesters were the same demographic as attendees at Winter Soldier – old hippies reliving their hey-day.

Thus Spake Ortner, my battle buddy at WSII, has pictures at The Sniper as well as some hillarious commentary.

While you’re in the mood to look at Moonbats, zip over to the Left Coast at Zombie and see if you can spot the spelling error on Cindy Sheehan’s sign.

The Freepers wanted me to remind you all that March 29th is the third anniversary of their Freep at Walter Reed every Friday night and if you’re in town – make it.

UPDATE: The Washington Post (that neocon rag) estimates protest numbers at a thousand – tops. The Washington Times concurs. I’d thought it was a little more, but we can use their number.

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  1. 509th Bob says:

    Thanks for the photos and film. I forgot to bring my camera, and I was at work today.

  2. Bea1952 says:

    It’s interesting for these old hippies to show up just to show they still matter, that their opinions are just as wrong now as in 1967.

  3. I got some pictures out front too, saw Kokesh walk by, but didn’t get out there in time.

    I love that you are now being recognized, maybe I can be the better of those crazy hostile bloggers now.

    Peace, Love, Soap.

  4. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Well, TSO, if my detective work has panned out, your job is right next to Moonbat Convergence Ground Zero. I figured you’d be out there telling those marching band chics your Band Camp stories at lunch.

  5. David says:

    I want to know exactly what the hell is wrong with these people? Especially the code pink nuts?

  6. Thanos says:

    Thanks again for the great work John, it’s well appreciated, I’ll link back as soon as I get off work here.

  7. Code Pink and the rest of the leftist slavemongers are twisted celebrating victims (of life) who stopped short of healing because they get feed back that affirms their illness. In other words they like being sick but don’t realize it lost under all the fun they are having.

  8. Great report! I was wondering why Medea wasn’t in Berkeley today!

  9. Robin says:

    Damn Jonn – you are just cruisin’ for a bruisin’ from those nutballs. I LOVE that you were recognized by the IVAW guys from WSII. Kokesh sure has a thing for street theater – too bad he’s not a mime. And what was up with Medea in the bed? Was she lookin’ to hook up with some hippie dude?

  10. reine.de.tout says:

    What is it with the Code Pink folks and their costumes? Do they think this will make people take them seriously?

  11. reine.de.tout: You know those ladies with the purple outfits and the red hats? They go on activities as a group that just say “Screw it, I’m old, I can wear what I want.” It’s a lot like that, except all the activities are moonbat-related and they get that do-gooder feeling instead of just having fun. So basically Code Pink is a dysfunctional version of the Red Hat Society.

  12. Nice job.

    Great report.

  13. What bottomless pit of time and money funds these clowns? Particularly the ones like Kokesh who SHOULD know better? Gawd I can’t stand whiny REMF’s. Then again, as a wise Chief once told me, “There are those that know, those that don’t know, but those poor bastards don’t even SUSPECT.”

  14. Peggy U says:

    Well, at least we can be thankful they kept their clothes on. That’s something for moonbats.

  15. Damail says:

    Clothes? I would have mooned the moonbats if given the chance.

  16. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Sparky! I thought you fell off the edge of the planet. Again.

  17. winston says:

    Moonbats suck so bad! Make me vomit…

  18. Claymore says:

    What utter asshats,,,,

  19. Scrapiron says:

    Don’t they have habitual offender laws up that way? In Va any cop can pull your arrest record and file charges after a number of arrest and you pull 12 months and a day. No probation, no parole and libby judges don’t have a choice, unless they violate the law themselves. Someone needs to stick a stinger in those aholes.

  20. Bard says:

    The moonbats are really running out of steam, aren’t they?

    (What were those folks arrested for, anyway?)

  21. rongkirby says:

    Great coverage John. The best I have seen. I enjoyed talking with you at the Recruiters Station. Thanks for all the pictures of the other moonbats. I beleive we had about as many at the March 15 Parade down Constitution as they did today. We had one main stream media camera on the Parade. The moonbats had dozens.

  22. incognito says:

    eek… better you than me!

  23. wordsmith says:

    Outstanding coverage, Jonn!

    Seriously, what in the blue hell are these peace fascists protesting for?! 5 years ago, it might have made sense. But that battle was fought and lost by them. Today? Things are improving and they want to snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory? If they truly desire peace, stability, and humanitarian concern, they would do as Angelina Jolie has done, and throw in their support for completing the mission. It’s the quickest road to “bringing them home” and at the same time “honoring the fallen” by seeing to it that they did not sacrifice in vain; success in Iraq is a blow to the Islamic crazies and a win for the Iraqi people who want to move forward; who reject the insurgents and al Qaeda violence. Why aren’t these protestors picketing against the terrorists who are the ones carbombing innocents in marketplaces and strapping on homicide bomb vests to foment chaos and derail peace and prosperity?

    Apparently being “Anti-war” does not automatically mean being “pro-peace”.

    They’re still stuck on stupid, fighting yesteryear’s battle with yesteryear’s talking points. The world’s moving on, with or without them.

  24. LT Nixon says:

    I admit to not being a fan of the current administration in DC. But these protests are getting way out of hand! Thanks for the pics John. I think the nuts have turned their angst from government officials to military recruiting centers in a desperate attempt to sway American opinion. The best way to counter this is through public humiliation.

  25. 509th Bob says:

    John, you’ve hit the big-time! LGF, Jawa Report, and others, I’m sure. Congratulations. Expect a surge in hits.

    Jonn wrote: Yeah, about 18,000 hits since 3 o’clock yesterday and climbing at about 300/hour. I’m basking in the glow. My photo of Medea seems to be an instant hit.

  26. CSMVanguard says:

    Wow your famous now…please watch your back though son. I look to you for the latest in truth, would hate to see you suffer from Moonbat bites

    Jonn wrote: And I look to you to read my latest – I guess we should both watch our backs, huh?

  27. rongkirby says:

    It look like you did missed the second major confrontation with about 200 moonbats (approx 3 PM ). This was a more angry group that pushed onto the sidewalk right up against the police line of about 20 officers. They threw more red paint on the officers and then started to throw some glass bottles filled with paint. One hit the window of the Recruiters station and broke splattering paint over most of us there. Apparently the police had orders not to arrest anyone. The moonbats were there about 20 minutes, then the police herded them down the street. Freepers, second admendment sisters, and GOE returned fire. Freeper’s rock.

    Jonn wrote: Thanks, Ron. I read about it at Melanie Morgan’s blog last night (based on reports from Freepers) – sorry I missed it.

  28. Sorry I missed it …

  29. Desert Storm Vet says:

    Medea Benjamin rolling up in her bed? Yet another whack-job marxist that has her own agenda & I’m surprised ANSWER didn’t give her the pink treatment themselves.

  30. Martino says:

    This is great. I’d love to throw a net over these kooks and drop them smack into Mogadishu and see how long they last.

    The last 20-30 survivors, who hadn’t had their tongues cut out yet, would be screaming for Special Forces or the Marines to rescue their sorry asses in a violent invasion. These little vermin are kinda cute.

  31. GunnNutt says:

    That pic of Medusa Benjamin made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  32. frednitney says:

    These are the people that will eventually save even you. You yuppie trash are totally asleep and believe that the earth is flat if your gov tells you it is. Get a grip and realize that the INVASION/GENOCIDE in Iraq is only possibly because of dumb-ass yuppies like yourselves; and that the day of reckoning will come soon enough!

    Jonn wrote: Thanks, Fred, that’s a great way to convert people to your point of view – calling names before the conversation begins. And what’s a Canadian care anyway?

  33. Jake S. says:

    War. Solves. Nothing.

    Jonn wrote: Moonbat. Behavior. Solves. Nothing.

  34. frednitney says:

    Dear John; (lolol)
    I am not trying to convert anyone to anything, Simply pointing out the overabundance of ignorance in this thread. Which is even more evident by you asking why a Canadian would care. If you cannot see that the “Invasion” your country has undertaken on “false pretense” is a global issue then you are not aware of the extraordinary geopolitical nature of it.

    Jonn wrote: I think you are not aware of your extraordinarily inflated sense of self-worth.

  35. Fred Desslw says:

    Its amazing how many Jews are protesting. Which brings me to F*** Israel. 6 Jews vote Republican so throw Israwl to the wolves and Osama and Obama will be happy.