Combat Outpost Keating Relief Fund update

| October 21, 2009

In case you’re wondering what happened to the money you guys gave to the COP Keating fund, here’s the latest from the American Legion.

In less than a week, an American Legion blog site raised more than $50,000, which Target matched with an additional $50,000 contribution, to help U.S. soldiers who were forced to destroy their camp and all of their possessions during a deadly Oct. 3 enemy attack in Afghanistan. In addition, Connecticut-based Computer Sciences Corporation has donated 56 laptop computers to the relief effort to replace those that were destroyed.

The Combat Outpost Keating Relief Fund sprang to life on The American Legion’s Burn Pit blog site after one of the 56 surviving troops wrote in an e-mail that he believed no one at home had any idea what they were doing there, and that no one cared.

“The American Legion, Target and all who contributed to the COP Keating Relief Fund have shown these brave soldiers that we do indeed care,” American Legion National Commander Clarence Hill said. “The relief fund contributions will help replace such things as digital cameras, video games, DVDs, books, memory cards, music players, and other personal items that give soldiers a break from the intensity of the war.”

The early-October attack by Taliban-allied militants in the rugged Nuristan province of Afghanistan claimed the lives of eight American soldiers from Bravo Troop 3-61 Cavalry out of Fort Carson, Colo. The troops were forced to call in an artillery strike on their own position to destroy the camp before it was overrun.

On Saturday, Oct. 24, members of The American Legion will go to a Target store near Fort Carson and purchase many of the items that will be shipped later in the month to Afghanistan. Also participating in the “packing party” at American Legion Post 209 in Colorado Springs will be members of Fort Carson’s Family Readiness Group. Similar shopping and packing events are planned for Minneapolis on Oct. 27 and Fairfax, Va., on Oct. 29. Target Volunteers will help assemble the packages in Fairfax.

“Within a month of losing everything other than the clothes on their backs, these soldiers will have replacement items from home and a realization that they are not forgotten at war,” said Hill, who leads the nation’s largest veterans service organization. “It is our duty as a nation to stand by those who go in harm’s way on our nation’s behalf. Visitors of the Burn Pit, Target and Legionnaires across the country understand the importance of that duty.”

“For years, Target has donated funds and volunteer hours to local and national veterans’ and military organizations,” said Laysha Ward, president, community relations, Target. “It is our hope that our contribution, along with other generous donors’ gifts, will show our thanks to the soldiers of COP Keating who are sacrificing so much for our country.”

More from MOTHAX at the Burn Pit.

TSO is on his way to Colorado at this writing to coordinate the delivery of the goods.

I’m just wondering how dicksmith and Jon Soltz will manage to take credit for this, too.

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  1. defendUSA says:

    Outfuckingstanding….”We give a shit!!!” Heh.:)

  2. usnretwife says:

    Yeah, what defendUSA said! Woo-hoo!

  3. OldTrooper says:

    I will be with TSO in Minneapolis on the 27th.

  4. Old Tanker says:

    Great news!

    …..I gotta remember to shop at Target more often…..

  5. tankerbabe says:

    Couldn’t be more proud of the American Legion if I tried. And HUGE kudos to TSO for all of the work he has put into this. I’m not sure he’s slept for a couple of weeks. WELL DONE. Very WELL DONE!

  6. Dave Thul says:

    TSO is coming to Minneapolis?

  7. tso says:

    Dave email me for phone number. In chicago enroute to co sprgs.

  8. ponsdorf says:

    Makes me proud to be member of the Legion, and proud to be acquainted with TSO.

    Gotta ask a strictly technical question though. What, if anything, does the DOD/Army do when it comes to personal items in cases like this?

    Yeah, I realize that even if there IS a system in place it would likely be a PITA and some of the folks MIGHT get reimbursed after they retire.

    Just curious?

  9. Americans doing what Americans do very well. And TARGET? Hopefully those who have read the misleading e-mails about Target not supporting the troops, will read this. For years, I have practiced “voting with my wallet”, and now I will go out of my way to not only shop TARGET, but to get a manager and thank him for TARGET participating in this endeavor. If each of the readers here tell one or two friends about this, we can expect to see more support from Corporate America.
    Go COP Keating fund!
    GOD bless the troops, and GOD save America
    “Learned all I need to know about Islam on 9/11!”

  10. B Woodman says:

    I am on the verge of tears as I read this, to realize that America HAS NOT forgotten how to support its defenders. We only need to be told what’s going on out there, something the MSM consistantly fails to do.

    And to get matching support from Target? Knock me over with a feather. Next time I’m there (I seldom go out shopping) I will shake the manager’s hand & explain why.

    Yes, God bless America and our troops. We need it. No one else will.

  11. Sofia says:

    ?s coming to Minneapolis?

  12. Anton says:

    TSO in Minneapolis on

  13. Toothless Dawg says:

    Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!! … Rah!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. fireftnchick says:

    Wow!! No more words come to mind, I am speechless. I agree with B Woodman, with tears in my eyes as I write. The response is nothing short of amazing in such a short period of time. Very impressive. I just wish I lived closer to any of the sites. I would love to be there.

  15. Ked says:

    And HUGE kudos to TSO for all of the work he has put into this

  16. Ked says:

    And HUGE kudos to TSO for all of the work he has put into this..

  17. OldTrooper says:

    Ked: Yeah, TSO is working like a rented mule on this. He was still on top of his game when he was here, but was rather rushed, because his outgoing flight was earlier than hoped. However, there was a great turn out of volunteers and it went off smoothly.

    I can’t say enough about TSO’s focus and devotion to this project. Jonn has done a great job of being both a cheerleader and conduit for this, also, so he deserves a round of coldies for that, too.

    Jonn, when I see ya, the first 3 rounds are on me.