Kerry as Defense Secretary?

| October 21, 2009

The Wall Street Journal recounts John Kerry’s weekend with Hamid Karzai and their five meetings resulting in Karzai capitulation to the idea of a run off election;

According to one Western diplomat, the Afghan president was more comfortable dealing with Sen. Kerry than with U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry or the administration’s special representative to the region, Richard Holbrooke. Mr. Holbrooke angered Mr. Karzai when he suggested shortly after the Aug. 20 election that a runoff might be needed.

“He and I are friends,” Sen. Kerry said of Mr. Karzai. “It was really trying to lay out the real interests that were at stake. … President Karzai was very attentive and thinks he won the election.”

I’d probably be more comfortable dealing with Kerry than Eikenberry, too, but it’s only because I think Eikenberry is a dick – and I’ve thought that about for about 34 years. While the Washington Times tells of a furious row between Karzai and Obama’s “most talented diplomats of his generation”, Richard Holbrooke, Kerry and Karzai seemed to hit it off;

“I said to President Karzai that if we could make further progress, I was willing to come back to Afghanistan,” Sen. Kerry said.

We all knew Robert Gates wouldn’t last the year as Obama’s Defense Secretary, so I wonder if they’re setting the stage for Kerry to take over since Obama doesn’t really want to think about Afghanistan much, anyway.

I’m sure within a few weeks Kerry would finally sign that Form 180.

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  1. Militant Bibliophile says:

    Yeah, that would go over wonderfully with the military, past and present. Seriously, as if we needed any more proof that this administration thinks we’re idiots.

  2. proof says:

    I heard it floated that Kerry might replace Madame Hillary as Sec. State. She’s been conspicuously absent in most of what’s going on on the world’s stage.

  3. Legal Beagle says:

    I called it weeks ago. Given this administration’s track record of picking the most unqualified, horrible person for every open position, it was only a matter of time before we got SecDef Kerry

  4. 1stCavRVN11B says:

    If this comes to pass it could be the spark.
    Sort of glad the Swiftboat and POWs For Truth left up their website!

    Yeah, Kerry sign the Form 180! You asshole traitor!

  5. Rurik says:

    Legal Beagle, I fear you are correct. In a perverted sort of way, it makes perfect sense in Obamandias’ world. I’m already preemptively projectile vomiting. I just pray that Petraeus and McChrystal will leave as a threesome with Gates. Then DingleBarry can lateral Hildebeeste over as theater commander – she’s dodged sniper fire in Bosnia y’know.

  6. B Woodman says:

    Good grief! If there was ever a way to totally demoralize and weaken the military, thereby weakening our nation’s defenses, this would be it.

    Please say it’s just a joke, that it ain’t necessarily so.

  7. DanNY says:

    This is disturbing speculation on so many levels it makes my head hurt.
    John F’ng Kerry as SecDef?

  8. Jerry920 says:

    If Kerry spends any more time in Afghanistan he’ll have more time there than his entire Vietnam tour. Got PFC’s in country with more military experience than his total time.

    SecDef Lurch? Ugh! I hope he brings a couple of extra pairs of Flip-Flops.

  9. I just threw up a little in my mouth!!!!

  10. CAD Daddy says:

    Hey, did you know he served in Vietnam?

  11. JustPlainJason says:

    This would make me sick…
    He got medals and everything from Vietnam.

  12. CWO George Samek US Army Retired says:

    The only pleace Honoi John is a war hero is in his own mind.

    Might John drive down enlistment rates to the point where a return to a National Draft is required to provide cannon fodder ?…Gee I can see the sale of adult Pampers soaring !!.

    I can just see members of Congress telling these wonderful Obama supporters that.Muffie & Buffie will not be returning to collage this year but will be reporting to Boot Camp.

  13. OK Military Mom says:

    Maybe he needs another Purple Heart to go with his Snoopy Bandaid. … or Teresa might be cutting off Mr Heinz’s money, so he needs to show some relevance. This malignant over our troops? No friggin’ way!!! Good thing my soldier is back; I’d hate to have to make a trip to Afghanistan personally to save his butt, since the C-in-C couldn’t care less.
    Holbrooke: living proof that any useful idiot with a pulse can make it in DC if he keeps clawing up the ladder long enough.