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| October 23, 2009

This post will remain at the top of the blog until Monday morning (scroll for newer posts). In reference to my post last night about thanking Target for their $50,000 donation to the troops of COP Keating, I’ll be updating it with your pictures as soon as you send it to me. If you’re too shy to take a picture, just send me a report of your visit or tell us about it in the comments – sometimes those are better than pictures. The first is (of course) from my crushgirl Tankerbabe with the local executive team leaders in Tennessee; David, Diana, Kara and William;


So I went to my local Target (Wheaton Mall in Silver Spring, MD) and thanked the manager, Sule.


Another loyal reader who doesn’t wish to be identified went to his local Target (#1164) in Austell, GA thanked thank the manager, John.


Another reader writes;

We made a beautiful sign and took off to thank our local Target .. but the manager couldn’t get in touch with her media relations department and she refused to take a picture with us… so, we gave her our thanks anyway and we took a picture outside after making some purchases. So this is Casey (my daughter) from NJ outside our local Target!


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  1. tankerbabe says:

    Those are the Executive Team Leaders from Target Store T1844. The store manager wasn’t in. They were AWESOME to hang out with albeit briefly.

  2. proof says:

    For an organization whose parent company may tilt a little left of center, my hat is off to Target! Credit where credit is due!

  3. ponsdorf says:

    Jonn said: from my crushgirl Tankerbabe

    Hey… I thought TB and I had a moment way back when?

    Unfortunately the closest Target is more then an hour away from here.

    Worth noting that some other retailers do good as well, even if not exactly the same. Lowes offers a 10% discount, for instance.

  4. tankerbabe says:

    Hey ponsdorf…over here…in the corner…shhhh. Still me ‘n you bud. Jonn’s just not always good about sharing. And I do LOVE being his crushgirl.

  5. defendUSA says:

    Leta…you are too funny! I told the “world” all about your efforts with COP Keating and have recruited a company that is going to try donate some servicable laptops for SA and Valour-IT. We have to get the okay and then, maybe… YOU ROCK!!

  6. tankerbabe says:

    dUSA – that is just the most AWESOME news EVEH about the potential laptops. Don’t let up on ’em. Bake them some brownies, coo and bat those eyes like crazy. Last resort drop to your knees and BEG. It all works. Sadly…I have experience in all of the above. But…anything for our military personnel ya know.

    Jonn…LOVING these pics. Sure hope you get more of them – LOTS MORE! Hint, hint to those reading. And if you need to picture me on my knees begging to get more photos – I’ll send Jonn a picture of that, too. Come on folks – let’s do this right for Target and the American Legion. K?

  7. CMiller says:

    Love Target anyway, but made a special trip Saturday to buy a bunch of stuff I didn’t really need to show my support. Sorry no pix.

  8. I went yesterday to the closest Target, asked for the manager. Thanked him, and asked him to thank all the staff (within hearing of some of the staff) for what Target has done. Let him know I was going to do some shopping there, as my way of saying thanks. Then went and did so.

  9. I stopped by the Target in Reston/Herndon VA and thanked the manager and did some shopping as well.

  10. 1stCavRVN11B says:

    Glad to see all those old emails about Target disliking veterans being proved neglible. Thanks to Target and everyone involved in this project.

  11. Rick Maynard says:

    Way to go TARGET I got an E-mail about Target turning down Toys for tots and fund raisers for our troops,they only supported polictial issues or gay rights.I’m new at this inter-net thing and need to hold my judgement untill all the info is in!!??ONCE again way to go TARGET !!!!

  12. 15DAZNG says:

    Heading to mine to get my ugly mug in with their managers.