Dirty trick? Hardly.

| October 30, 2009

Politico ran a piece yesterday entitled Republican Dirty Tricks in NY 23, but it’s a misleading title to a misleading article. Here’s the “dirty trick”;

It’s an ad run by an organization calling itself Common Sense in America which supports Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate – so how is it a “Republican dirty trick”? Now, as to the “dirty trick” portion – it would be a dirty trick if the ad mentioned things that Scozzofava didn’t really support – but it doesn’t. Throughout the article, the Scozzafava team criticizes the group that made the commercial, but they don’t mention the actual content. So there’s nothing misleading in the commercial – if you want a progressive representing you in Congress, vote for Scozzafava.

Hoffman is going to take this election. I lived in NY23 for seven years and I know the voters. They get New York City nonsense thrust upon them and they’ve watched the entire area deteriorate into a wasteland because of liberal policy.

According to the latest poll (commissioned by the Daily Koz), undecided voters are at 14% – they’ll swing to Hoffman, just to show their independence from the rest of the State. They’re fiercely conservative and independent and Hoffman does indeed represent them.

You watch – my ability to call elections has been faulty in the last few years, but I’m confident about this one.

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  1. B Woodman says:

    No matter what it is, it’s only/always “the truth” when a ComLib leftist is saying it against a conservative.

    Corollary: No matter what it is, it’s NEVER “the truth” when a conservative says it against a ComLib leftist.

    If (when) Hoffman wins, it will be the opening bell signal that will give strength and support to the rest of the many conservatives and their groups running for office throughout the rest of the country. GO HOFFMAN!

  2. ponsdorf says:

    Jonn: Given that you do know the turf up there I’ll only offer a tiny bit of criticism.

    Remember Murphy’s Law. I think you may have broken one of the corollaries by making that prediction. [grin]

  3. OldSoldier54 says:

    Boy, no kidding. Far too many Repubs are nothing more than DemLite. Vote them ALL out!

    I pray that Hoffman wins. Maybe that’ll send those idiots inside the Beltway a message they can’t ignore.