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| November 6, 2009

Via VoteVets, I found this posting by Spencer Ackerman:

Ft. Hood’s commander, Lt. Gen. Robert Cone, said today that there are unconfirmed reports that Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan shouted “God is great” in Arabic before opening fire yesterday at the Army base. Again: we will soon be able to hear Hasan’s motivations in his own words. Even if he shouted such a thing, it would no more reflect on his co-religionists than does the fanatic who murdered Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller and who happened to consider himself a devout Christian does on his co-religionists. It’s worth remembering that nearly all mass shootings in this country are committed by white men. Do we have a white-man problem on our hands?

Now, I would like to point out that the same people pushing this line are the same ones who defended the DHS memo. The murder of Dr. Tiller was used as justification that the DHS report on “Right Wing Extremism” was accurate, and yet Mr. Ackerman is saying that Hasan’s actions do not reflect his co-religionists.

The thing about most mass shootings happening by White Men seems to me to not be accurate, but either way, not really germane. the Beltway Sniper, the shootings in Arkansas etc were not white men, right? It seems that both sides (myself included) are doing the same thing here in leaping to conclusions.

Chris Raissi had some excellent points yesterday, and I concede them to him. It was perhaps wrong to note this guys religious background so early, yea though the evidence is still bolstering that as the likely motive. Chris though thought I was basing it entirely on his last name, which is justified perhaps by the sloppy manner in which I stated my case. Mea culpa on all that, it was a rather emotional time, and I am on a ton of pain killers, so I wasn’t making my case too succinctly.

For the record, there was a lot of info out there to justify the “lone jihadi” theory, I just didn’t put any of it in here. For one reason, we seemed to be getting WAY off track with some veering into racial areas. I am ridiculously uncomfortable with such talk. For me it wasn’t race, it was religious ideology. For the same reason that discussing the perfidy of John Walker Lindh wasn’t racial, it was religious.

My anger stems from one thing. CNN. Even as evidence poured in that this had NOTHING to do with PTSD, CNN still pushed that meme. If a GWOT veteran goes in to apply for a job, I don’t want his perspective employer thinking “Man, you keep hearing about these guys with PTSD shooting places up, I should avoid this guy.” It’s unfair, it’s unjust, and it’s just not accurate. So why do they keep pushing it?

Is veterans status the last acceptable place to engage in prejudice?

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  1. OldTrooper says:

    Hey Spencer; what about the anti-abortionist shot in cold blood on a street corner? Do we then use that example, also?? It’s very easy to try and rationalize away what the motivations are. That you want to wait and hear it from the dirtbag, as to what his motivations were, well; do you think he’s gonna tell you?

    As I said in another thread, being relativists and PC about everything is making people naive to reality. Do we know for sure that his motivations were religious in nature?? Well, the posts he made on the internet would give an indication, unless you don’t really want to know, in which you stick your head back up your ass and deny reality. Are all muslims terrorists?? That would be no. Are many of the terrorists in the very recent past muslim? That would be yes. So, does it start to sink in even a little?

  2. airforcewife says:

    It’s not just CNN pushing the PTSD – even Fox had someone on this morning talking about how you can get PTSD from hearing about PTSD – like H1N1 or something.

    So we go from “concern” about PTSD to PTSD cooties being out there swirling around anyone who works with veterans. What next, lawyers advertising in the news channels for people who contracted PTSD from the workplace – like those mesothelioma commercials?

    Pissed off doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about the behavior of the news community on this one.

  3. Ray says:

    Let’s see… MSM acting like dicks, Check. IVAW shitting on the military, Check. Psychobabble about some bullshit PTSDP (PTSD by proxy), Check. Muslims crying about being mischaracterized as murdering assholes while high fiving each other behind closed doors, Check. And finally, a mass shooting that took place in a “gun free” zone where the shooter could be sure that the victims would be unarmed. Check.

    What a Charlie Foxtrot.

    My heart goes out to those people who have been affected by this scumbag’s actions. I hereby offer to put the needle in this dick cheese’s arm.

  4. JuniorAG says:

    “And finally, a mass shooting that took place in a “gun free” zone”

    Any cretins in the .gov or DOD have a clue how stuff is done in Israel?? Ah, hell, that would be to direct & practical. Everyone knows the guns in cockpits idea pretty much has been flushed, right? It’s better to have a TSP klown cirkus inspection & other passive measures than take proactive measures to deny cockpit access to the aircraft.

  5. B Woodman says:

    Religion was maybe not a direct factor in this. Ditto for the PTSD (he hadn’t been anywhere yet to be PTSD’ed about). But I think with the combination of his muzzie upbringing, and having to go overseas to support soldiers who were fighting against his “brethern”, added too much stress to his poor tired brain. And then he snapped.

    Too bad military bases are “gun free zones” (ahem!). Someone could have taken him down after the first two shots and saved a lot of grief.

  6. OldTrooper says:

    Ray, no need for needles, pharmacuetical cocktails, etc. That is gonna run into real money and in this economy……

    I will donate the 2 rounds and use of the delivery device for less than the cost of a cup ‘O Joe at the cafe. Hell, I’ll even drive it to where ever the douchebag is, free of charge.

    Double tap behind the ear out behind the courthouse ought to do the trick.

  7. Gary says:

    The gun free zone at bases is ridiculous. Bases are the only place where everyone there is trained in using firearms. I put it out there that short of an NRA function, there is no where that has a higher percentage of people who have a healthy respect for firearms and the proper use of them.

  8. A Heros Friend says:

    OldTrooper…Can we carpool for that trip?I’ll kick in some gas money,lunch,and vounteer to be your assistant in this endevor…just let me know…

  9. ponsdorf says:

    There is a bit of complication of note.

    Seems there are soldiers at Fort Hood and environs who do have one or deployments under their belts. Surprise!

    This event IS impacting those folks.

  10. Athena says:

    Not only is Ackerman a moron, he can’t do math-Since white’s are a large percentage of the male population (which he apparently regrets) it stands to reason that they would make up the majority of shooters.

  11. OnNow says:

    And don’t forget Jon Soltz’ take on the whole Fort Hood tragedy ….


  12. Wasn’t the DC sniper “other than white”?

  13. Rurik says:

    “Is veterans status the last acceptable place to engage in prejudice?”

    No, it is not ‘acceptable’, it is again mandatory. See the comments by Janet ‘Nappy’ Napolitano that veterans are especially dangerous potential terrorists, a perspective only reinforced by her latest post-Hood-shooting comments.

    Richard #12, not only was the DC sniper “other than white”, he was also “other than Judeo-Christian”.