Kristallnacht is coming!!!

| November 8, 2009

It’s almost a companion to the Ace Of Spades piece yesterday entitled “Now It Can Be Told: The Real Victims Of Ft. Hood Shooting Are American Muslims” in which DrewM recounts the posts from around the internet that warn us to not jump to conclusions about the Hasan massacre. Some navel gazer from the Left writes;

Seventy-one years ago, almost to the very day, a member of a religious minority fatally shot a government official – an act by a troubled individual that was seized upon by hateful minds to set off an orgy of blood and destruction against his co-religionists.

While the Ft. Hood shootings will not spark a rerun of Kristallnacht – the anti-semitic pogrom launched by the Nazis after 17-year-old Herschel Grynszpan shot German diplomat Ernst Vom Rath in Paris on Nov. 7, 1938, in retaliation for Nazi depradations against the Jews – the upswelling of racial, ethnic and religious hatred against Muslims and Arabs we will now see in many quarters will ring with ugly echoes.

See, I don’t understand what he’s saying if he’s not warning of the coming of a second Kristallnacht – he says “the Ft. Hood shootings will not spark a rerun of Kristallnacht”, but then why did he bring it up and make the comparison? And why did a commenter echo that it was the first thing he thought of upon hearing of the shootings, too?

Jon Soltz, in the meantime, takes the opportunity to use a three minute interview on Fox in which the Fox and Friends hosts asked questions of a guest to call Fox News racists.

In fact, Huffington Post seems to be going out it’s way to avoid the discussion over Hasan’s religious affiliations. Kamran Pasha calls us the “Islamophobe internet community”, Wajahat Ali writes that;

When Hasan’s Arabic name was revealed as the alleged shooter, the blogosphere and message boards lit up with the predictable assortment of anonymous bigoted bile vilifying Islam and questioning the loyalty of American Muslims.

I didn’t see it, but then I was focused on sorting out my own feelings and thoughts before I typed anything. Although the authors at HuffPo are adamantly against jumping to conclusions about the cultural clues in this case, they however have no compunction about furthering the “nutty GI” caricature.

Aaron Glantz, who I wrote about last night, chronicles nutty GIs to give the left some targets for their finger-pointing. Never mind that all of the guys he writes about were actually in the war and have a reason to be a little stressed out, unlike Major Hasan.

Michelle Malkin rightly asks why we have to get the news that Hasan attended the same mosque as some of the 9-11 hijackers from British newspapers. The Washington Post prefers to tell the story that Hasan was a peaceful guy, persecuted by a white soldier who had just returned from Iraq. The only real evidence that Hasan was really persecuted at all.

Typically, Hasan’s family blames the United States for his massacre;

“He is a doctor and loves the U.S.,” Ismail Mustafa Hamad, 88, his grandfather, said to the Reuters news agency from his home in Al-Bireh. “America made him what he is. Whether he became angry or something else, I don’t know.”

His cousin is of the same mind;

“Nidal is a very stable minded person,” Mohammed Mohammed said. “Why would he kill? He was against violence.

“His actions could have been in self defence – we don’t know. Maybe they angered him to the point of cornering him and he felt he had no option.”

They angrily rejected suggestions that their cousin’s shooting spree had been motivated by a hatred for America or as an act of terrorism.

And General George Casey is more worried about the Army’s diversity than admitting that Hasan was a crank according to DrewM.

No, I don’t think that all Muslims are terrorists nor that we should rid ourselves of them. I made that clear the other day, but on the other hand, it disturbs me greatly that everyone is so willing to suspend the Muslim excuse and embrace the crazy GI excuse. I still think he’s just an immature little rich boy who was angry that he couldn’t get his way.

But it’s more enchanting to imagine that the Right is going to take to the streets and smash the windows of Muslim businesses in a frenzy of irrational hatred.

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  1. ponsdorf says:

    Jonn said: But it’s more enchanting to imagine that the Right is going to take to the streets and smash the windows of Muslim businesses in a frenzy of irrational hatred.

    Quite correct, although you might have missed one point?

    While a single Muslim murderer ain’t a terrorist, a single right wing nut-job will be (has been) painted differently. I know full well this ain’t news to you, but when someone almost wistfully brings up Kristallnacht – BOHICA; whatever the source.

    I’ll speculate further… Maybe Kimberly Munley was being racist when she shot that non-violent Muslim at Fort Hood. Really, did she even try to discuss his concerns?

  2. UpNorth says:

    Or ask the non-violent muslim what his feelings were at the moment? I agree with what Michelle Malkin wrote, although I saw some of the points on the Fox News web page, where were all of those “investigative reporters” delving into Hasan’s background, where he worshipped, who he talked with? I think we know what they would have done had he been a non-muslim G.I. He would have gotten a proctological exam the likes of which we wouldn’t believe.

  3. Rurik says:

    ““Nidal is a very stable minded person,” Mohammed Mohammed said.”
    Let us keep these sorts of statements in mind when the defense counsel begins to pitch their insanity defense. Declaration by those who knew and presumably loved him, that he was stable and normal. From all that has so far emerged, I totally agree about Nidal’s sanity – unless you choose to consider Islam itself to be a mental illness.
    And also, as he is an American citizen, replete with birth certificate, who voluntarily becme an American officer, before turning weapons against American soldiers, this would seem to be the most open-and-shut possible case of treason. If we are not to blame all Muslims, this Muslim must be sweiftly tried, interrogated, and executed, preferably before the end of this year. And feed him on baloney and pork broth in the interim.

  4. Fred says:

    How can I put this politely. The Left doesn’t give a good goddamn about Muslims or Islam. They are milikng this for political points. That and/or they are seeking dhimmini status.

    I ask the Left this: What about those Hazara victims of genocide in Afghanistan? What about the thousands of Iraqis whom have been victims of a genocidal campaign perpetrated by Wahhabis in Iraq? Are they not Muslims too? Where is most of the Left when Hazaras or innocent Iraqis are massacred by the thousands? MIA if you ask me.

    On another note, it is looking as if this guy was a product of the Saudi religious establishment. Why aren’t we telling the Saudi religious establishment to GTF out of our country yet?

  5. AW1 Tim says:

    I’ll never trust a muslim again. Ever. For anything.

    Their religion specifically states that it is allowed to them to lie to any non-muslim for any reason.

    As demonstrated by this shitbag major and his apologist(s). they consider themselves to be muslims first and Americans second.

    That cannot be allowed to go unchallenged, and unaddressed. From this day forward, muslims are untouchables in my view, and all I encounter will be treated as such.

    If folks take umbrage with that, then so be it. It’s time to cast off the slave shackles of the diversity masters. I ain’t living on that plantation anymore.

  6. A Heros Friend says:

    AW1 Tim…What is that old but true saying? It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees…Amen brother!

  7. j3 says:

    Well said, Fred and Tim – I grow weary of people tippy-toeing around even in conservative areas and always carefully prefacing a statement with ‘Now, I know that ALL muslims are not bad…” which is the 21st century equivalent of “Why, some of my best friends are Negroes!” from back in the 50s. The fact is that the only muslims you will find who are NOT interested in enslaving, converting or beheading you, are those who do NOT follow the teachings of their religion. Why is everyone afraid to say this?
    ISLAM IS the enemy; it is not a religion of peace, it is not a religion of tolerance. READ the damned writings yourself.
    With ANY other religion, if you find a person who does violence to others, it is because he or she violates the principles of their religion. IF a muzzie MURDERS other, including beheading a worrisome wife or running over one’s teenage daughter, it is because they FOLLOW the teachings of their religion. How hard is that???
    What is next? “Let’s not jump to hasty conclusions, remember,not ALL brain tumors are malignant, not ALL cases of syphilis lead to death, so let’s not be in a rush to treat them all as if they were dangerous.”
    Blackjack Pershing would have known how to handle this.
    Instead of taking this murdering bastard to hospital, he should have received one more round to the back of the head.
    If there was a mosque which he frequented, the imam should also be executed and the mosque razed.

    And while we’re at it – what big brass asshats decided in the murky past, that US military should not carry their sidearms on mil. installations??? WTF idiots are responsible for THAT piece of work, denying 2nd amendment rights to the men we ask to lay their lives down for us? ONE soldier with a 45 or even a 9 mm would have stopped it – and there would be NO need for a row of flag-draped coffins carrying our brightest and best!!!
    Probably the same ones who decide to prosecute US Marines for killing the f*ing enemy!!!

    Prayer for the families of Fort Hood; and a request for the deepest pits of Hell for their murderer and for those who keep our troops disarmed.

  8. Heltau says:

    This is a test. It is a test to find out how much can be Barbra Streisand and moved by the American public without them even noticing the terrorist act this is. More of this kind of attack on OUR SOIL will be done in the future, if we do not stop it now. This president we have in the oral office will always condone or at least ignore this this sort of action by the BBFN followers of his faith, islam. Our Six is in danger.

  9. Fred says:

    AW1 Tim

    I think you are overgeneralizing a bit there. Most of the Persians I know are Muslims. Yet they go to work, get educated, and go about their business like the rest of us do. I generally see certain other groups such as the Bengalis doing the same thing.

    For that matter, the Sufis struck me as being a pretty interesting bunch too.

    Of course everything you just described is absolutely true, as you just described the Wahhabis perfectly. Wahhabism is the official state religion of Saudi Arabia, and the Saudis manage many, if not most Sunni institutions in the United States.

  10. OldTrooper says:

    j3: If we were to draw that straight of a line, then jews and christians would fall into the same category, based on things in the bible, and football would have never happened since pigs are verboten in the good book.

    Just as there are pockets of Christians, or so called Christians, that protest at the funerals of our fallen and carry signs filled with hate for their fellow man; should that categorize all Christians as the same as those hate-filled whackjobs? No, we marginalize them and denounce them. However, it seems that there are more people willing to accept the anger and propensity for violence and protest of a certain religion over others. That any talk against their prophet will get threats of violence makes one wonder if they have progressed, or if they are taking full advantage of those that are too weak to confront them and put a stop to that sort of thing.

  11. Matt says:

    Religon of peace my ass. Check out this douchebaggery-

  12. Fred says:

    Old Trooper: The problem with Islam could also be explained as whomever has the gold, makes the rules. The Saudi brand of Islam is a cousin of Nazism, but the Saudis have the gold. Therefore the Saudis are getting to make the rules it would seem.

  13. AW1 Tim says:


    And Persia has been a pain in the butt to all of western civilization since before Xerxes.

    Unless and until I see muslims of all stripes marching in defiance of the obsessive teachings of their religion, of demanding that women be allowed equal rights with men, of denouncing the 7th-century dogma of death to infidels, to apostates, etc.. unless and until I see wholesale numbers of muslims swearing to place their religion second to their nation, then I will treat them all as potential enemies of myself, my family, and my country.

    When muslims extend to all the world’s religions the same respect they demand for islam, then I’ll start to reconsider. Until then, nope.

  14. Fred says:

    AW1 Tim,

    The Persians I know already do all those things you mentioned. Besides, the Persians in the US are overwhelmingly against Ahmadinejad and Khamenei as far as I can tell.

    Of course I am not denying that there is a serious Islamist problem. But at the same end, whom thought it was a good idea to allow and encourage Saudi Arabia’s religious establishment to operate freely in the United States? It was not the Perisans or the Sufis.

  15. Valerie says:

    The jerk’s family doesn’t want to get deported. So, they say what is politically correct for them, whether it is true or not. But, it may be true, especially if they disagreed with him.

  16. While many in America are beginning to realize that this was just one more of many terroristic acts carried out by a Muslim in the name of his damnable allah; most are so damned politically correct that they can’t utter the words without rebuke. If America wants to learn about Islam, may I suggest that they follow the link below for one week. They will see Islam illustrated as it really is. Not the casual, once in awhile muslim sorts, but those who are devout, who live the words of their Qur’an. If you are of the latte drinking sort, you may find the site to be more than your precious tummy can stand. However if you are truly inquisitive, and want to learn, this is the spot.
    I see it all as this: “Never Forget- Ft. Hood Texas 11/5/09
    “99.999% of all Terrorists are MUSLIM!”

  17. defendUSA says:

    It’s been said a thousand times- that we should not persecute all Muslims (soldiers) because of Hasan. And to that I say, “Are you fucking kidding me?!!” As someone said- we are conditioned to react when the same connections can be made over and over.

    The soldiers at any base, serving with Muslims are now going to be so concerned with their safety at home, what will it do to the morale during deployment? I don’t want to single anyone out, but it HAS come down to that.

    How will the soldiers protect themselves? This is the heart of the matter. Does it take profiling? Maybe. Does it take allowing troops to a concealed carry? Absolutely. How do we take the PC out of all of this and give them back the trust that the chain of command has them in mind over the tolerance and diversity?

  18. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    Everyone is saying that it is wrong to judge a group of people by the actions of one individual, but isn’t that what people are doing when they try to justtify Hasan’s actions by saying that he was picked on by one soldier? Supposedly one soldier had a beef with Hasan, so he goes and shoots up an entire base?

  19. OldTrooper says:

    Defend: “As someone said- we are conditioned to react when the same connections can be made over and over.”

    That was me.

    I also said that not all muslims are terrorists, but many, many terrorists are muslim.

    That this dirtbag POS has been “watched” by the FBI and military for a while without tossing him out on his ear leads me to believe that certain accomadations are made for a certain religious group over other considerations. The fastest way to get tossed out of the military is to say two words “I’m gay”, no matter how bravely you may have served your country, or how many deployments to the battlefield you made. If you say those two words; you are gone, period, end of story. I haven’t heard of a gay soldier, who was being picked on for being gay, go on a shooting rampage, but I can tell you of two islamic types, just recently, that have shot and killed US soldiers all while being “watched” by the feds.

  20. JuniorAG says:

    “He is a doctor and loves the U.S.,”

    Yeah, and massacring Soldiers is how he expressed that “love.”

  21. B Woodman says:

    Two semi-connected points:

    1) A difference between Kristallnacht & “Kristallnacht II”, is that the Jews weren’t attempting terrorist attacks on the Gertmans at that point. Most Jews just wanted to be left alone & live their lives, run their businesses & enjoy their families. The lone shooting of a lone German diplomat by a lone Jew was in reaction to real persecutions.
    Show me the parallel between the muzzies living in the US & the rest of the angry US citizens. It’s the average US citizen that’s beiong attacked, not the muzzies – yet. I think someone has their history backwards – like all SocDem LibLeft thinking.

    2)Most mosques & madrads (spelling?) that we see currently in the US are funded by the Saudis & run by the Wahabi’s. The two are so closely intertwined, they may as well be one.

    To put it to a Christian comparison, it’s as if the Episcopalians (a small miniority of all Christians) became extremist, loud and abusive and silenced all other Christian sects, including the many more numbers of Catholics. Does this absolve the rest of the moderate muzzies from speaking up against their extremeist brethern? No, no and no. But because of the extremeist nature of the Wahabis, the moderates are cowed into silence.

    So we may not know who’s who at the zoo (moderate or extremeist), but ALL need to be watched until they actually DO something that will declare where their loyalties lay. By their actions shall ye know them.

  22. Athena says:

    Sadly I’m not surprised by the statements of his family-some of the 9-11 hijackers/murderers families have yet to admit their children were even involved, and this with DNA evidence from the scene. Clearly, the “muslim torment” meme is being milked by the left for all it’s worth. A sick state of affairs.

  23. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    Also, we are told not to jump to conclusions, but we all know the next time some Muslim somewhere in the US stubs his toe or gets looked at the wrong way, the media will be all over it proclaiming it a retaliation hate crime.