Soltz on his knees

| November 25, 2009

VoteVets’ Jon Soltz crawls out from under President Obama’s desk long enough to fire off an angry missive at the Republican Party – you know, like a good non-partisan that he is;

I never thought Sarah Palin could say something that would leave me totally speechless, but this time, she’s done it.  Reports Politico:

Former Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin on Monday accused President Barack Obama of not acknowledging the sacrifices made by the men and women in the U.S. military.

“There’s been a lack of acknowledgement by our president in understanding what it is that the American military provides in terms of, obviously, the safety, the security of our country,” Palin said during an interview with Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren. “I want him to acknowledge the sacrifices that these individual men and women – our sons, our daughters, our moms, our dads, our brothers and sisters – are providing this country to keep us safe.”

Hasn’t acknowledged their sacrifices?  Seriously?  What’s this look like?

It looks, to me, like more than the last President did.

This president also fought for, and got passed and signed advanced funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs, so that we can honor the sacrifices from our troops and veterans, by properly taking care of them.  Advance Funding has been a top priority of all veterans groups for a while.  President Obama made it into law.

The president ended the Stop Loss policy, which involuntarily extended troops in theater past their commitment – one of the most offensive policies to troops who made incredible sacrifice.  The President ended the ban on photos of the return ceremony for the fallen at Dover Air Base and other ports of entry, allowing families to decide if their loved ones casket could be shown.  Now, all of America can join in the solemn return ceremony, and see those who made the ultimate sacrifice be honored.

This president also ordered his Pentagon to re-prioritize their funding requests, to move away from high-end, unneeded weapons systems, and towards on-the-ground equipment that our troops in the field right now desperately need.  One of those big ticket items, funding for more F-22s, was finally ended under the Obama administration, while funding for more desperately needed on the ground Mine Resistant Ambush Vehicles (MRAPs) was increased.  Who opposed ending F-22 funding?  Palin’s party.  I had a throwdown with a GOP Congressman on TV about it.

Where was Sarah Palin, saying Phil Gingrey wasn’t acknowledging the sacrifices of our troops?  I just checked my cell phone records, and no, she definitely didn’t call me to say she stood with the troops on that issue.

Afghanistan?  Yes, I want the President to make a call as much as anyone, and wish he could have started to formulate a new strategy earlier.  But, at the end of the day, I’d much rather him take time to get the strategy right than just roll the dice on a gut feeling and hope for the best.  Making sure the strategy in Afghanistan is right, and that we have what we need to get it done and leave, is much more respectful of our troops and the sacrifices they make.  Only someone who had no concept of their sacrifice would shoot first, ask questions later.

Of all people, Sarah Palin knows what sacrifices troops make – her son is one.  That none of the above even remotely registers in her mind can mean only two things – either her mind exists on an entirely different planet, or she knows she’s being completely disingenuous for political reasons.

It seems many military people have made up their mind.  As my colleague Richard Smith reports, prior to Palin’s visit to Ft. Bragg, book stores couldn’t give her book away.

Where to begin? First of all, pictures of Obama at Arlington and Dover don’t prove anything except that he takes photographers everywhere with him. If Bush had taken pictures like that, Soltz would have been the first to charge that he’s dishonoring the dead by politicizing their deaths. Let’s count the number of times that President Bush went to visit the troops at Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval Hospital – oh, we can’t, because President Bush didn’t take a gaggle of reporters with him every time he went. But, since my wife worked at Walter Reed through most of the Bush Administration, I can verify that it was countless times.

The President didn’t “fight for” advanced funding of the VA – the VSOs have been doing the actual fighting for years. Obama just finally acquiesced after he tried to put us all on private health insurance to get us off his back. Let’s see if he can keep promise of ending “Stop/Loss” through the next few years. I’m unsure how ending the ban of photos at Dover helps the troops and Soltz just calls it an opportunity for shared grief – that’s what we need. That really helps us.

On Afghanistan, Soltz tries to make Obama look thoughtful, but the fact is that he’s more like Jimmy Carter – afraid to make a decision and wishing it’d all go away.

Finally, Soltz says that Sarah Palin couldn’t give her book away at Fort Bragg and that it proves that the troops don’t support Republicans. Yeah, if she couldn’t give her book away to the thousands of troops lined up to see her at her Fort Bragg book signing, I wonder why the throngs were there.

I guess in the world of Jon SOltz, the motorpool queen, facts are just arbitrary things that can be altered at the wave of his hand.

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  1. OldTrooper says:

    Ok, the first thing OPS (Obama Pole Smoker) Soltz needs to acknowledge is that Obama, himself, said to troops in Korea that “they make a good photo op”. Nice thing to say to troops who won’t be spending thanksgiving at Camp David, or Christmas in Hawaii. OPS won’t do that, just like he won’t acknowledge that the only reason Obama went to Dover was 1 out of 8 families had agreed to let photographers in. Hey, OPS, when your moouth isn’t full; ask Obama why he didn’t visit the wounded in Germany, while he was there for a campaign stop (makes sense to campaign in Germany for the US Presidency)? He had time to use the b-ball courts, but not enough time to visit the wounded as a US Senator?

    Soltz, you are such a fricken tool, I’m surprised you can walk with your ass splayed out so much.

  2. UpNorth says:

    OT, it’s even harder to imagine Soltz being able to get anywhere at all, traveling on his knees like he does.
    0 couldn’t make it to Landstuhl because he had to go shopping in Berlin, and there were some rules about him bringing all of his BFF’s with him, so he skipped the non-photo op.
    Just heard on Fox, that the 0 is going to make his Afghanistan announcement at West Point on Tuesday. Talk about narcissism, again, it’s all about him

  3. Joe says:

    The opinions expressed on this website would have a lot more credibility if the contributors refrained from the juvenile, teen-age fixation on bodily functions and sex acts. You guys need to grow up.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      It’s hilarious to me that the Left makes it’s their business to give advice to people who aren’t listening on subjects they know nothing about. Sorry, Joe, but my credibility is based on the quality of the content not on the packaging. Show your ass to someone else.

      By the way, where’s your wildly successful blog? Please post a link.

  4. OldTrooper says:

    FO Joe. You need to just stfu and go away. I guess if I expressed my opinion like some latte sipping pussy it would be more credible? More credible to who? You? Why waste energy using a 8 or 9 letter word when I can get my point across with a 4 letter word? Oh, I could put out a bunch of fluff that would mean absolutely nothing, kinda like Bobo; talk for an hour and say nothing, but that ain’t my style. You have no credibility here, Joe, so forgive me if I don’t take advice from a pantywaist like you.

    And BTW, Joe, you can talk like a coffee clutch sissy and still be dumb as a fence post. Just thought you might want to know that.

  5. NHSparky says:

    Joe–this from the side of the aisle who giggles like a bunch of schoolgirls every time you use or hear the word, “teabaggers?”


  6. A Heros Friend says:

    Hey there Joe…Watcha doing?

  7. TSO says:

    Go blow a dead donkey Joe.

    Oops, slipped up again.

    BTW- Someone needs to go tell the lady that post at VoteVets at the bottom that she needs to stop cut/paste from websites that make shit up. For instance, did any of you know that Obama signed the Post 9/11 GI Bill into law? No? Neither did I.

  8. A Heros Friend says:

    TSO…Are you still upset with Joe for not changng his screen name to “The Wet Dream Kid” like you had suggested?…just askin…

  9. jcrue says:

    Did you type that with your pinky out, Joe?

  10. thebronze says:

    Is it true that “Joe” is really Jon Soltz?

    Either way, FOAD! To both of you.

  11. The Sniper says:

    *sob* Leave Joe alone! *sob* He’s got more talent in his extended little finger (which he keeps that way while typing because it’s covered in Jon Soltz’s fecal matter) than you have in your entire hands! *sob* *sniffle* At least he’s trying to make a better world through annonymously whining about juvenile content. *sniffle sob sniffle*

    But really folks, Jon Soltz is a lying ass bag as well as partisan hack as well as a hypocrite. Remember, the term “tea bagging” isn’t just used primarily on the left, it was created there out of organic neccesity.

  12. USMC Chris says:

    Hey Joe,

    Why don’t you get your juvenile mouth and wrap it around my sex acting member, so I can pump with the intensity I had when I was in my teen ages.

  13. OnNow says:

    I hope Soltz (sice he supports Obama on this) goes and punches his ticket in Afghanistan. Soltz has avoided the entire war on terror since he left Iraq in 9/2003 — after serving less than 3 months in the motor pool — yet he thinks he’s the authority on the whole situation. I read the politico article with commentary from Brad Woodhouse. In the summer of 2007 (the Iraq summer campaign) Soltz took his marching orders from Woodhouse along with Bob Craemer. By the way Craemer is an ex-con who served time in federal prison — he’s also married to Jan Schakowsky. Soltz is a Democrat hack … nothing more.

  14. Richard Romano says:

    Truly Orwellian — the left can make up stuff and glibly channel their emotional rage.

    Sarah Palin has a son serving in Iraq — not unlike some of the phonies who make up the likes of IVAW.

  15. Bill R. says:

    My stepdaughter was there at Bragg. It took her an hour and a half to get her books signed. There were thousands in line behind her. She told me she doesn’t think everyone got their books signed. She also told me she tried to find the book at Walmart but they were sold out. Everything Obama does is just another excuse for a photo op and always about him. Even Maureen Dowd is now recognizing that the won’s show of concern is fake.

  16. charliemax says:

    Old Trooper talks truth to “the smart people”. What is this president going to do? Can anyone guess? I can’t.

  17. JustSomeVet says:

    And yet, another attack article. Big surprise. Does this site do anything except attack vets they disagree with politically? I swear, if Marcus Luttrell said he supported cap-and-trade, TAH would have an article called “Marcus Sucks Dick, and Likes It”!

  18. SSG Dirty Al says:

    Hey JustSomeVet. It sort of reminds me of a certain former Navy Lt testifying to congress about witnessing his fellow veterans committing war crimes rapes, murder, etc. I guess thats ok as long as its coming from the Left. Oh! Can anybody say “Winter Soldier.” HMMMMMMMM? I’d also be very careful about using a REAL HEROES name in vain.