Hippies in DC

| January 27, 2007

As I promised, I went to DC’s anti-war protest today. Apparently I went at the same time as all of the protesters, because my subway train was full. And they were mostly union thugs from SEIU Local 1199 which, according to their website is from Massachusetts. Here’s a picture of my subway train. I took it with my cellphone so excuse the quality;

Notice all the purple – it’s the same color as their website. The two guys standing up in the middle of the train were the wranglers who told them when to stand up, sit down, get on and get off the train.

Another passenger took a flash foto and as soon as they discovered he wasn’t one of them, they surrounded him and wouldn’t let him take any more pictures of them – that’s why I used my cell phone for these pictures.

Two lovebird hippies;

What a great date – impress your best girl with your total lack of regard for her security.

Well, I got off the train and ran into some of these rocket scientists;

Of course, when your committment to the cause is so great, who can’t forgive you a little football game with the girls;

Or picking up a hairy-legged cutie who thinks we’ve already started a war on Iran for some reason;

This guy was telling us all how putting this protest together wasn’t free and that we should fork over some cash for the privilege of standing in the cold with them;

And I guess it’s still considered a protest if you hold two signs while you’re yapping your cell phone with your pals;

All-in-all, I was impressed with their numbers. For a fairly cold January day, I guess it was alot. Although I’ve seen more people come to the 2001 and 2005 Inauguration on colder days. I’ll believe any number they claim, but mostly because, apparently the unions bused in membership from out-of-state and the area college students weren’t busy. There was a steady stream of witless drones heading for the Mall as I left.

AP reports “tens of thousands” – I’d agree, there were two “tens-of-thousands”; probably about 20,000 – but I’m no expert on how many people fit on one block of the Mall. Just giving a rough estimate. But certainly NOT the 300,000 that some moonbats are claiming. the residen tpopulation of DC is only 550,000 – I’m sure we would have noticed the presence of half-again as many in this small city.

I’ve been to a lot of anti-war protests in DC all the way back to 1999 when Martin Sheen was protesting the sanctions against Hussein, but this is the first time I’ve not seen the usual Communist gangs under a hammer-and-sickle flag, or Communist Party recruitment tables, or even the usual Che Guevara T-shirts.

In, fact, I even saw some protesters carrying big American flags. I’m not saying that those Communist-types weren’t there, and that this is real patriots protesting real injustice. I’m just saying that it’s reminicient of the sudden disappearance of Mexican flags this past summer at the Latin protests. I think its an attempt to disassociate the anti-war movement from the socialist movement.

There were ANSWER signs there (whom we all know have communist links), but they were less visible than usual.

I only stayed about an hour or so, but the Muslim speakers calling for peace got to me after awile. I could feel my anger rising, so I beat a retreat to the nearest subway line, where they were still coming in.

I guess Free Republic was there somewhere, but I didn’t see them. The Capitol was completely blocked off and they weren’t allowing anyone in (wonder why).

I’ve got some crude videos of the participants, too, if you’ve a mind. They’re on Photobucket and I put them here, here and here.

Sweetness and Light has wire photos up and wonders about the press coverage for the Right to Life march earlier in the week as compared to this one.

UPDATE: Geez, I almost forgot these Webb-heads. I had to search my photos, crop and blow up these boneheads to show you how quickly the Left changes it’s Flavor of the Month – from Barack to Hillary to Webb in just one week;

Crotchety Old Bastard has more Webb-fawning.

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