Bledsoe admits al Qaeda links

| January 22, 2010

Carlos Bledsoe who murdered PVT William Long outside of a Little Rock recruiting station last spring has admitted that he is a jihadist for al Qaeda and asked that his not guilty plea be vacated according to Fox News;

Abdulhakim Muhammad’s attorney, Claiborne Ferguson, said Thursday night that his client sent a letter earlier this month to the judge in his case asking to change his plea to capital murder and attempted capital murder charges.

Ferguson said he hadn’t discussed the request with his client before the letter was sent. Under Arkansas law prosecutors would have to agree and waive the death penalty before the judge could consider it, Ferguson said.

Of course, Ferguson claims that his client is unbalanced and that’s why he confessed, but a conversion to Islam and a trip to Yemen for training say otherwise. And there must’ve been a reason that the FBI was tailing and investigating Bledsoe before the killing.

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  1. dutch508 says:

    Well, no shit.
    I’ve been saying this since day one.
    So…How many attacks does this make it on US soil now?

  2. UpNorth says:

    Were the agents who were supposed to be watching Bledsoe, or Abdulhakim Muhammed, away at coffee that morning? Or was he of so little concern that they just watched him 4 days a month?
    So, don’t waive the death penalty. Let him either plead in open court, or let a jury have at him.

  3. NHSparky says:

    Sorry, death penalty does NOT come off the table. He goes on, and takes the needle, PERIOD.

  4. OldTrooper says:

    Sparky: I prefer a rope or gunfire for these sumbags in place of the needle, but that’s just me.

    If I’m in a particularly surly mood, a tack hammer to the melon until a massive brain hemmorage takes them deep.

  5. Fred says:

    Why would anyone even consider waiving the death penalty for a treacherous scumbag like Carlos Bledsoe?

  6. Doug Moore says:

    The fact that the religion of Islam employs the Quran as it’s primary teaching tool, and the fact that it consistently and specifically advocates the eradication of non-Muslims, is a powerful advocacy that non-Muslims would be wise to avoid issuing a pass on.

    It is my strong belief that the Christian world has a very difficult time in comprehending the severity of the Islamic siren.

    I have recently finished a very good book that deals with our first responder strike team that was sent to Afghanistan a few short weeks following 911 – It, along with a great deal of other literature and blogs I have investigated, gives a powerfully base of for understanding the conflict there, who the Afghanistan people are, what they are up against, what we are up against, and ultimately who we are.

    I think a huge problem with the current generations that are living in America is a failure to understand “terror”, origins, motivations, goals, and its advocates.

    The advocates of Islam are telling us very specific things.
    The onus is on the Muslim nation to police its advocates and terrorist appendages.

    Just because we do not wish to believe what they are saying, does not make what they are saying less true.

  7. Valerie says:

    All I want to hear is that his cranium has been vacated.