2010 Senate predictions

| February 3, 2010

COB6 has been making Senate predictions since last month. now John Hawkins of Right Wing News weighs in with his GOP’s Top 10 Best Opportunities To Pick up Senate Seats in 2010.

Here’s a sample;

10) State: Washington
2008 Presidential numbers: Obama 58% vs. McCain 41%
Currently held by: Patty Murray
Ranking: Likely Democrat Hold (90% chance of Dem hold) — unless…

Analysis: Murray’s favorability ratings are right around 50%, but in a leftward leaning state with no blue chip candidate to go against her, Murray’s seat is probably safe. That is, safe unless Dino Rossi decides to run.

According to a GOP polling firm, two-time Republican candidate for governor, Dino Rossi was beating Murray 45% to 43%. Could Rossi pull off a victory? Yes, he could. Will he run? That’s hard to say. However, if Rossi were to run, this race would turn from a likely Democrat hold to a toss-up.

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  1. Mr Wolf says:

    RWN is back to the game of ‘only the money counts’. This will be the downfall of the GOP- party/money over any principle that they or the grass-roots espouse.

    RWN hit Colorado dead wrong. DEAD ASS wrong. Wiens, the crook and wife-beater (just ask the locals) says he dropped 725k last quarter. How can a 4-time bankrupt politician drop that kind of cash in one quarter with no backing?????? WTH did he get it? He won’t say…

    This was purely a ‘play’ to get attention. Norton, the squishy, has ZERO, I MEAN LESS THAN ZERO support in the field outside her paid contingent. Period. If it were not for the bad economy, her paid staff would leave in droves, but its the only jobs available.

    Buck could not get the Latino vote if he paid them. He’s arrested tons of them in ‘sweeps’ of Weld County businesses and made some dramatic family situations (say, separating mothers from babies?) So he cannot be the GOP nod.

    It only gets worse as we go on…