An open letter to New Mexico voters

| February 24, 2010

There’s a letter going around the internet that’s an open letter to the voters of New Mexico warning them of IVAW’s Adam Kokesh. I’ll lend my voice to it. Bubba of What Bubba Knows sent it to me first – he posted it on the Gathering of Eagles website. Our buddies ConcreteBob and DanNY posted it on United Conservatives of Virginia and American Patriots Against Kokesh, respectively.

My suggestion, though is to target Kokesh’s sources of support like Stuart Rhodes of Oathkeepers, Ron Paul and Rand Paul. Kokesh’s membership in IVAW should be problematic for Oathkeepers since the IVAW is currently engaged in activities to encourage active duty members of the military to ignore their oaths of service – it seems to me that an organization called the Oathkeepers would consider that activity radioactive – but we’re not dealing with rational people here.

I’m pretty sure that Ron and Rand Paul don’t want to be associated with those activities either – although Ron Paul accepts all tainted money, apparently. I don’t thin associating himself with Kokesh would go over very well in Texas – nor would it seem a successful association in Kentucky. I’m pretty sure voters in Texas and Kentucky would be dismayed to find out that their candidates associate themselves with Kokesh who planted racist posters around GWU in an attempt to frame a student group on campus. I’m pretty sure New mexico voters don’t know about all of Kokesh’s antics either.

UPDATE: Just as I published this post, I received an email from my buddy, Bev Perlson, founder of the Band of Mothers who says she is dropping her support of the Oathkeepers for the same reasons. I hope she won’t mind me sharing a bit of her email;

Stewart Rhodes finally did show up at the booth. I would describe my conversation with Stewart as very disappointing. He said the fellow sitting at the booth was a volunteer and he had told him to take the pin off???!!!!!!!!!!!!

So taking the “Kokesh for Congress” pin off was good enough for Stewart Rhodes, President of Oathkeepers, but not for me.

I asked Stewart about Michael Maresco who told me that he was the Activist of the year for Oathkeepers and he recruited Adam Kokesh. Stewart’s answer was vague and he denied knowing Michael Maresco. Funny thing though, I had seen Maresco at the booth. I told Stewart of my personal observations of Kokesh associating with marxist groups like the SDS, Code Pink, World Can’t Wait and ANSWER, and Kokesh’s involvement in the Winter Soldier Hearings, not to mention his involvement in impeding our recruiters at recruiting stations. I told Stewart I was very disappointed in his associations with Kokesh supporters and I would inform others what I observed at the Oathkeepers booth at CPAC.

What I observed at the Oathkeepers booth at CPAC leaves me no choice but to disassociate The Band of Mothers with the Oathkeepers. The Band of Mothers do not support any groups who support Adam Kokesh or the IVAW or any groups who who impede our troops mission and discredit them in anyway. Oaths mean nothing to traitors.

Updated March 10, 2010 1800 hrs. Bev sends this response to Michael Maresco;


The fact of this entire matter is that anyone who seriously thinks Adam Kokesh is a Republican has lost sight of reality.
Kokesh’s reputation precedes him.

I don’t lie and my reputation precedes me.

Your fantasy that my Marine friend is your friend, you are naive and almost childish. Ever hear that expression “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?”

Sorry, but Kokesh cannot get up one day and put on a suit and tie and declare himself a Republican without backlash from every Patriot who has stood against him and his Marxist friends in DC.
Enjoy your fantasyland, the rest of us will continue to fight the good fight and support our troops and we will continue to fight those who impede their efforts and mission.

Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers

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  1. Debra says:

    I need an editor.

  2. Rancher says:

    No respectable American/conservative would dare hold an American flag upside down. His smears against the Young America’s Foundation and David Horowitz were also pretty despicable. But the most disgusting and I think traitorous act was reading this to our troops in Germany.
    “If any of you should decide to leave the Army while in Germany and throw down your arms, the people of Ansbach will support you and do our best to provide you with aid, comfort, and sanctuary.”
    I actually wonder if his objective is to get Lujan reelected.