Ditch Bitch alive and well, still as asinine as ever

| May 6, 2010

So a buddy of mine that I play golf with once a year sent me a picture of the newspaper from Cortland, New York the other day, that ostensibly he was sending me because he runs the “Corn Ducky Derby” in Cortland, and his son was on the cover of the newspaper laying in the ducks. Essentially, it is a fund raiser for the Cortland Community Service Club. Cortland is my adopted hometown, although I never lived there, and I have sort of become an honorary citizen because I am friends with a whole slew of guys there. Anyway, Cortland has been hit pretty hard by the economic slump, and the Corn Ducky Derby is a really good event, and seems a good excuse to have a few adult beverages and watch rubber ducks float down a river. With the exception of the Lalla Open Golf Classic (I am a 4 seed Lalla), the Corn Ducky Derby is the best thing in Cortland. Maybe the Jets practicing there, but the Jets suck.

Anyway, what caught my eye was the article to the right of the page, about Cindy Sheehan appearing at SUNY Cortland. I found an advertisement for it:

Cindy Sheehan, who is most known for her anti-war encampment at former-President George W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, will be the keynote speaker at Kent State Remembrance Day at SUNY Cortland Tuesday, May 4.

Cortland Students for Peace will mark the 40th anniversary of what has become known as the Kent State Massacre with events throughout the day. Most events, unless otherwise noted, will be held on the steps of Corey Union. In the case of rain, the events will be held inside Corey Union. Kent State Remembrance Day events are free and open to the public.

Kent State Remembrance Day events begin at 11 a.m. with art and presentations. A non-violent rally will be held at 11 a.m. Sheehan will speak at 3:30 p.m. and a non-violent march and vigil will follow at 4 p.m.

Anyhoo- Jonn has already covered the ridiculousness of the Kent State hagiography, so I won’t go into that, but I wanted to see how her speech went. So, I went to get it from the horses ass mouth:

For example, this past May 4th was the 40th anniversary of the Kent State Massacre in Ohio. I spoke at SUNY Cortland at the event that the students put together there to commemorate that awful day.

I was pointing out to the crowd that four students being slaughtered by the US military was horrible 40 years ago, but millions of Vietnamese died at the hands of the same military, and since then millions of more people have been killed, displaced, or economically disadvantaged because of this wicked Empire.

Then, I guess I went too far in some of the young people’s eyes, because I pointed out that on September 11, 2001—almost four thousands Americans tragically died—but on that same day, (and every day since and every day after) tens of thousands of people died of starvation around the world. Then to make matters even worse, I compared the lives of the people who died of starvation favorably with the people who died on 9-11. I think I may have even said that they had the same exact existential right as those Americans! I heard from professors and the students that this caused a pretty big controversy on the campus.

Not content to just leave it at that little bit of insanity, she decided to up the ante and see where it would get her:

The one problem I have with 9-11 conspiracy theories is that sometimes the theories and the people who propose them discount one very important fact. Even though I never condone or support violence, Arab-Muslims had legitimate reasons to plan and carry out an attack—if they actually did is another question, though.

So, even though violence=bad, when they do it (if they even do it) it is perfectly understandable.

Looks like she lost that loving feeling thoug….

Will the American people finally rise up against our government and demand an end to the U.S. war of military and economic terror against the world, or will we keep electing Jokers thinking, yes even hoping, that anything will change?



Can no one shut this dumb bitch up? I mean really. Her son was a hero, no bones about it. I can’t help but think he is looking down and just begging his mother to stop speaking. Her 15 minutes ended a long time ago. She should just slink away and hug it out with Geoff Stolen Valor Millard and stop embarassing herself.

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  1. B Woodman says:

    What is with the Leftist Libtards and history? They oh-so-conveniently forget that it was violence and bloodshed (and Empire!) that formed this country in the first place, and gave them the freedom to speak up and make fools of themselves without arrest.
    And it was, and is, continued bloodshed that continues to keep this country free. Otherwise, we’d more then likely be speaking a combination of German and Japanese in this country right now. If not that, then we’d be speaking Arabic, and living undert Sharia “law”. I wonder how well she’d like THAT situation?

  2. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    “So, even though violence=bad, when they do it (if they even do it) it is perfectly understandable.”

    This sort of double standard bothers me. I hear quite a bit of static from the Ron Paul crowd about blowback, i.e. the unintended consequences of our ‘interventionist’ foreign policy. You see, we as Americans have no right sticking our noses into other peoples’ business.

    However, it seems that Muslims from anywhere in the world, have the right to wage jihad on us for whatever reasons they see fit. Saudi billionaires, Egyptian surgeons, sons of Nigerian bankers, Jordanian doctors, whatever. Whether the US ever did anything to them directly or not is inconsequential. As long as some Muslim somewhere at some point since 1776, was wronged by us, jihad is just chickens coming home to roost.

  3. AW1 Tim says:

    Actually, these United States are just the current boogeyman for the Islamists. Islam has been at war with EVERYTHING not Islam for 14 centuries now.

    The Crusades were Europe’s response to the Islamic invasion of Spain, Greece, Macedonia, the Balkans, and the push up into southern France and Austria. The Crusades were the counter attack by civilization against dark-aged 3rd-world barbarism and cultish devotion.

    Islam produces nothing of value, only death and misery, wherever it goes. Islam attacked these United States from the time we became a nation until this very day. Islam has only one goal: The enslavement and forced conversion of the entire planet to Sharia. That’s what they are after and they will only stop when they have been destroyed.

    To say that there are moderate muslims is a lie. There are no more moderate Muslims than there were innocent Germans in 1945. All bear a collective guilt in Jihad, because they refuse to renounce it, or stand up against those leading the Islamic movement in it’s war against the rest of the world.

    The leftists like Sheehan who spout this “Empire” crap are either criminally naive in their beliefs, or so lost to darkness and hate that they cannot see the world as it really is.


  4. Laurie says:

    Poor Cindy was confused. She thought that since she was only 20 miles from Ithaca that she would find many like minded individuals there.

  5. ponsdorf says:

    Sorta off topic… Sheehan IS a waste of food/oxygen/etc. She does have a right to spout her BS though.

    AW1 Tim said: Islam produces nothing of value, only death and misery

    Although I disagree with your premise as stated I’ll leave that for elsewhere.

    Outside of that limited context do we not need to beware that several Islamic states have nukes – and other weapons that we ignore at our peril?

    They may well be one small step removed from the cave dwelling neanderthal, but I would highlight that as a reason to take them very seriously.

  6. UpNorth says:

    Well said, Tim, well said. You nailed the whole point in one paragraph, “To say that there are moderate muslims is a lie. There are no more moderate Muslims than there were innocent Germans in 1945. All bear a collective guilt in Jihad, because they refuse to renounce it, or stand up against those leading the Islamic movement in it’s war against the rest of the world”.

  7. NHSparky says:

    To put it another way, ponsdorf–I don’t fear the guy with nukes who knows he has everything to lose, I fear the guy with one who thinks he has nothing to lose.

  8. Junior AG says:

    “To say that there are moderate muslims is a lie. There are no more moderate Muslims than there were innocent Germans in 1945.”
    I disagree…. No fan of Islam by a long shot, but there’s more to this catastrophe than the shortcomings of Islam. A bunch of WWII vets I’ve known aren’t so bitter towards the Germans, either.

  9. ponsdorf says:

    NHSparky: My point exactly!

    The nitwit(s) in charge if the Iranian nuclear effort have an agenda, and Pakistan is on a cusp.

    As I offered… there is a risk involved if we paint Islam with too broad a brush.

    A case might be made that the recent attempt in NYC was a sort of false flag operation. We could toss in the last several related events.

  10. B Woodman says:

    I hope you aren’t confusing the pre-Islamic Arabs with the Islamic Muslims.
    The ancient Arabs gave us much in the way of mathmatics, medicine, literature, astronomy (etc), when Europe was still in the Dark Ages.
    The Muslims have given us nothing but war and grief.

  11. SSG Dirty Al says:

    Woodman good point, I’m tired of Islam getting credit for something it didn’t have anything to do with. In fact the folks who gave us those advancements you mentioned would have been branded heretics by the latter Muslems. Tim I agree with what you said with exception to Moderate Muslims, but would prefer for them to be more vocal against the Radicals. I was in Bosnia when Sept 11 happened any many of our terps were Muslim and just has heart broken as us. Note while the FUCKING SERBS were dancing in the streets. Some day I really feel like I woke up in some Bizzare Alternate FRINGE Universe. Ya know ex; Aliens=good, humans=bad, 4 legs=good, legs=bad, other than white=good,white=bad. Sorry for rambling just had to vent.

  12. SSG Dirty Al says:

    Sorry for the many typos, very limited typing skills and tired. My wife says I’m a technophobic prim. Ian Douglas fans know what I,m saying.

  13. ponsdorf says:

    B Woodman,

    Nope, I was thinking of Al-Andalus. A subject too far off topic to properly explore here in depth.

    A fact is that much, if not most, of what you attribute to ‘ancient Arabs’ came to us from Muslim Iberia. I believe that to be historically accurate.

    But, I don’t want to be seen as defending, in any way, the current crop of Muslims.

  14. SSG Dirty Al says:

    Hey Ponsdorf I maybe wrong but to the best of my recollection math and astronoy predates Islam of any kind by thousands of years. I mean Islam wasn’t around until, 400 yrs after Christ or am I missing something. Maybe I’m getting mixed up about the prophisses of Mohammed?

  15. Debra says:

    Besides cringing at the namecalling, there are a lot of huge issues here all around. Disagree with several of Cindy Sheehan’s premises; of course, our politics are drastically different even while we’ve always shared in common our opposition to the war. But it is a little bit late for that now; we have to work from where we’re are. I’m puzzled by some of the positions expressed here as well. I consider the concept of blowback to be valid; I believe there are studies to support that theory, however, I do also consider whether the blowback factor has been overstated. I also consider Islam as whole to be a problem because of the potentialities that it can spawn – a problem that I believe would exist to at least some degree with or without the blowback factor. At the same time, from when I used to work at a university with a very international student and faculty population, including a good share of Muslims, I remember the Muslim professors in my department at the time 9/11 happened were deeply disturbed and grieved. There were also many Muslims in he Twin Towers who died in the terrorist attacks of 9/11, a fact often overlooked. I’m puzzled by the comments here comparing Muslims to Neanderthals. The Iraqi people were highly educated under Saddam Hussein; Iranian people are very well educated as well. Also, there was no Sharia law under Saddam Hussein; now there is. This is not a defense of that murderering thug; just pointing out that he wasn’t wholly evil in every respect. (I give even my ex-husband a little respect in some areas on occasion.) Overall, I think there is a huge amount of confusion and I have a hard time seeing my way completely clear on any of the issues here. I reject several of ideas here, though, including the concept of collective guilt. Way too much to try to address in this forum, even for me.

  16. Debra says:

    Spell and grammar check is a good thing…when I remember to use it.

  17. ponsdorf says:

    Debra said: I’m puzzled by the comments here comparing Muslims to Neanderthals.

    Not much to be puzzled about in my case. I used a generality to make a point – always an iffy approach at best. Citing exceptions is easy. [shrug]

    Maybe I should have called them ‘Glorious Holy Warriors’, but your exceptions would still fit.

    Lastly, I’m not the least bit confused. I quite certain that Jihad (or perhaps Islamic Imperialism?) is the goal of MOST Muslims and that’s all I need to know.

  18. Debra says:

    Do you really think it is? I was hoping maybe only 10% or so.

  19. ponsdorf says:

    10% may be an accurate accounting of the number of Glorious Holy Warriors, but they do not operate in a vacuum. And it’s worth noting that even if they are only 1% of Muslims that is still a non-trivial number.



    Add whatever fudge factor you like, but MEMRI, in particular, offers some interesting context.

  20. Gary says:

    Saddam’s “law” makes Sharia law look like a school kid came up with it. There was no law under Saddam, just his current whims. After the whims of dictators, Sharia law is about the most barbaric thing ever set forth by man.

  21. ponsdorf says:

    SSG Dirty Al: The following is lifted in toto from an anthropologist friend elsewhere. I was looking for a precis and asked.

    Medieval Europe was, let’s face it, a backwards hell-hole. Not as backwards as the movies tries to make it, but pretty uncomfortable. The whole medieval Islamic world was pretty darn advanced. And it was forward-thinking, tolerant and prosperous. The Arabic Caliphates possessed the moral and political authority to, more or less, pick which parts of the Koran they wanted to follow. (Much the way the Popes and Holy Roman Emperors could pick which parts of Christian doctorine they wanted to.)

    The problems come in two, or three parts, one the fall of the Arabic caliphates removes the political infrastructure the Caliphs had. Two, there is the wholesale rejection of the European enlightenment by the Ottomans and tribal leaders later on. Thirdly, there is the rise of fundamentalist Islam, a wholly modern creation, in the last six or seven decades.

    I would recommend Bernard Lewis’s stuff, particularly ‘What went wrong’ and ‘The Crisis of Islam.’

  22. Scrapiron says:

    Didn’t a recent study of the Kent state incident prove that someone (sniper, since the fire was at the guard it’s 99.999% fact that the sniper was a student) other than the Guard fired the first couple of shots. The guard being under fire, fired back. That would make Kent State a nightmare for the anti-war, anti-american democrats.

  23. Debra says:

    So, in your opinion, Saddam Hussein was more of a threat to the United States than Islamic Fundamentalism?

    Ponsdorf, thanks for the links.

  24. SSG Dirty Al says:

    Thanks for the refrences Ponsdorf, will check them out. Knowledge is power.

  25. Anonymous says:

    It really is a paradox. Muslims are hiding behind the constitution which forbids outlawing their religion of hate. Perhaps the answer lies with the IRS. In the 1980s many “religions” were no longer attractive to our citizens when the church lost its non-profit status. I know. Would never work, but there must be some way to stop its spread without resorting to mob mentality.


  26. Hi Joseph! From what we understand, if you are resident of GA, buying from a business in GA, you’ll pay the same ol’ sales tax (with a county dropdown) that has a varying rate. That went into effect this year also.