Riots in Oakland

| July 10, 2010

Zombie warned us Thursday night that Oakland was preparing for riots as they waited for a verdict in the racially-charged Johannes Mehserle trial. When I went to do research on the trial, I found that the verdict had been reached so I put off linking Zombie’s excellent pictorial.

The trial centers around whether Mehserle, an Oakland Metro cop, accidentally shot Oscar Grant when he pulled his gun when he intended to pull his taser. Here’s a video of the shooting so you can decide what happened;

Well, Mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter Thureday, so the anarchists of San Francisco rioted…by anarchists, I mean rich, white privileged kids who get their jollies pretending to destroy private property to male us socially aware. Like they’re the first ones to have a conscience. From SF Gate’s story on the 78 arrests which resulted from the riots

At a news conference Friday, [Police Chief Anthony Batts] displayed spray cans, Molotov cocktails, gas containers and a bat that the chief said were used by “anarchists.” Police headquarters was hit by a Molotov cocktail early in the protest, Batts said.

“There’s a time that we have to say that people coming from outside that impact our city, our town, the place that we live, that we work, that we play in, needs to stop,” Batts said.

This is what I mean by rich, privileged white kids;

Any excuse to punish the innocent with mindless thuggery.

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  1. AW1 Tim says:

    And again the police show their impotence, and the tax-payers get shafted.

    The costs of the vandalism, the overtime for the police and fire and ambulance folks, the costs of prosecuting and incarcerating these thugs gets passed along to the citizens. The businesses have to pass along the costs of the cleanup to their customers or face higher insurance premiums if they file claims.

    If the police were to simply shoot anyone caught vandalizing or looting, a LOT of these problems would go away overnight.

    Let the store owners defend their own property with whatever force is needed.

    I’ve watched this thuggery escalate for more than 40 years, and it’s time for it to stop.

  2. Scott says:

    Another in a long list of reasons to stay the fuck out of California.

  3. Junior AG says:

    “Let the store owners defend their own property with whatever force is needed.”