Hegseth on Kagan

| July 21, 2010

Out buddy, Pete Hegseth, the executive director of Vets For Freedom, takes on Elena Kagan, the Supreme Court nominee, in the pages of the Wall Street Journal this morning on her contention that she’s friendly towards the military;

At her hearing on June 29, Ms. Kagan testified that “The military had full access to our students at all times.” To the contrary, Ms. Kagan persistently blocked its access to the law school’s Office of Career Services and the wide array of services it provides. Almost all students use this office to identify employers, so it’s hard to imagine how Ms. Kagan believes the military had “full access.”

Moreover, she encouraged students in speeches to protest, and obstruct, the presence of military recruiters. The Army called her actions “stonewalling;” I call them downright discriminatory.

Her backers say Ms. Kagan supports the military because she has praised them publicly and hosted dinners for veterans. A handful of veterans have defended her, and I concede that she has had good things to say about our troops, which I appreciate. But actions always speak louder than words. Ms. Kagan’s actions toward recruiters while wars were raging trump her rhetorical support.

Kagan is like all liberals who pay lip service to their support of the troops, but their actions don’t match their noise. We’re going to get Kagan on the court (thanks Lindsay Graham), the only thing we can do now is replace the guy who appoints judges.

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  1. Jake Diliberto says:

    IN this post-Pete is being over-the-top.

    I have followed this whole thing for months. I am not defending Kagan. I think she is a staunch liberal. However, Pete is using the “veteran” status to pull for rightwing ideology.

    I think he would be doing all of us a favor if he settled down and assessed her credentials. She is more than qualified, even Lindsay Graham said so. If she gets appointed, she will be the 4th woman appointed to the supreme court and her credentials are superior to most justices in the country.

    Come on guys– settle down already!!

    For heaven’s sake, it is possible that Veterans, Republicans, and Dick Cheney can simply say “I do not like her politics, and I think she does not belong on the court because she might weaken our nations military vigilance.

    Every time we politicize veterans causes we erode our credibility. Pete should have kept quiet on this one. Its not worth picking a battle over everything.

    Again, Pete is the same guy who said, “dont fire McChrystal– NO wait– Petreas is the right guy!!

    Settle Down buddy– sometimes its best to keep quiet

  2. OldTrooper says:

    Jake; I hope the people that say she’s qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice aren’t the same ones that claimed Bobo was extremely qualified to be President by assessing his credentials. She has never been a judge, so how does that make her “qualified” to be a Supreme Court Justice?

    At least Sotomayor had experience as a judge and not just an academic weenie that found favor due to political ties.

  3. OldTrooper says:

    As for Lindsey Grahamnesty…don’t get me started.

  4. PintoNag says:

    I agree with OldTrooper on this one.
    Elena Kagan is going to be a liberal justice that is going to cause headaches for most conservative’s issues. In particular, I think we will see Second Amendment rights eroded in future SC rulings.
    I also agree that actions speak louder than words, and I do not see real support for the military from Kagan, despite what she has said in her confirmation hearings.

  5. OldSoldier54 says:

    Lindsay Graham

    Heh. IMO, that yo-yo is a textbook example of all that is wrong with the Republican Party these days. Term limits now.

  6. Old Tanker says:


    Right wing ideology? Either recruiters have the same access/standing to recruit as any other employer allowed on a college campus, this is a matter of law and if she were to get the chance to rule on something similar in the future where do you think she would come down? You can’t say for certain because she has no track record to examine.

    “Her credentials are superior to most justices in the country.”

    Really? I don’t see how anyone can assess that, she’s NEVER rendered a verdict….that’s apples to oranges at best. How’d that work out for the woman lawyer Bush attempted to appoint? Republicans took the same stance then as now but oddly Democrats don’t seem to care about judicial experience now like they did then

  7. amazing stuff here says:

    who is this Hegseth guy? What is Vets For Freedom?

    Oh yeah, he’s that Pro-War guy who is hangs out in the National Guard rather than switching over to Active Duty and going to fight. VFF is that group which is as irrelevant as IVAW.

  8. Finrod says:

    Jake, Lindsey is starting to have major problems here in SC with the state Republicans talking about challenging him for the seat in a few years. So, trotting out Graham as an arbiter of right and wrong probably won’t work with anyone who identifies with the right.

    As far as qualifications for the court, her politics are part of her qualifications IMO. If we accept that premise then talking about anything political as relates to her is not politcizing anything.

    Nobody is really all that excited here about her. We all know this is just political theatre and nobody on the left of the aisle actually listens to anything we have to say about her, so no need to get really excited. She is as good as in the court right now. Meh

  9. Old Tanker says:


    1st; you’re a dick…

    now that we have the niceties out of the way…

    hangs out in the National Guard rather than switching over to Active Duty and going to fight.

    You mean that Pete Hegseth guy that has a Bronze star from his time in Iraq? The one that was an infantry platoon leader in Iraq? Yah, he’s just hanging out in the NG sucking down Pina Coladas and Margaritas…’cuz everyone know NG doesn’t deploy, isn’t that right TSO?

  10. Old Trooper says:

    ASH, since you’re sooo relevant, I want to ask you a question: How many deployments do you have under your belt? I have a friend in the NG that probably has more than you. Another friend has deployments to both combat zones and is looking at another deployment in the next 6 months.

    Don’t diss the NG too much, otherwise you might hurt the feelings of some of those you hang out with over at the Soros mouthpiece you call VoteVets.

  11. amazing stuff here says:

    Old Tanker, seriously, go ask anyone who has the rank of SFC or above if they got a bronze star in Iraq. That award has been given out like candy during this war.

    Seavey is in the same boat, he hung out in the National Guard rather than go Active. Yes the NG deploys, but definitely not as frequent as our active duty troops.

    Thanks for the compliment.

  12. TSO says:

    Peskoff, You really are a dipshit, and that comment doesn’t even rate comment.

  13. Old Tanker says:

    Finrod and Jake,

    I will agree with Graham on one point. The Senate Judiciary Committee should send her to the full Senate. The Committee’s role is to vet the nominee and advise. I believe any nominee should have a full Senate vote…I just hope they vote Kagan the hell outta there!

  14. Old Tanker says:


    2nd; you’re a douche…

    I took your advice and called a buddy who’s a CSM with 3 deployments. He has a bronze star with “V” device but they only awarded 5 (without the “V”) in his battalion during his last deployment. In fact, they did indeed hand out lots of candy…to kids. I have another buddy who just went back to Afghanistan and he didn’t get one his first time over… My experience was that ARCOM’s were handed out to everybody like candy. No one in my unit got bronze stars, I’m feeling a little left out but I was regular Army, not one of those NG guys “hangin’ out” and gettin’ all the bling…

  15. Jake Diliberto says:

    Amazing Stuff is right about the award.

    The officer corps gave itself Commendation after Bronze Star after etc etc.

    If you were to do the assessments on awarded medals to troops deployed. You would find the officer corps racks up on medals and commendations while so much of the enlisted ranks were forgotten.

    Not a slam on Pete. I think he did great things while he served abroad and his domestic VFF work is admirable.

    All that said, a Bronze star does not mean your a Zeus, Jesus, or some other deity, nor does it mean you have infallibility on your political remarks.

    Bottom line, if Lindsay Graham said she is qualified we should be inclined to have skepticism on Pete’s remarks.

  16. Old Tanker says:


    ASH said to ask anyone above SFC if they had one, I asked a CSM about it. While it doesn’t make anyone Zeus ASH’s assertion was that Pete was in the rear with the gear, “hanging out” with the NG. Clearly, he’s full of it. Again, if Lindsay Graham is your benchmark, it isn’t the best one to use. Skeptical of Pete’s remarks? They are all documented facts and have direct bearing on the military. He commented strictly on her disposition to the military, not a broad commentary of her judicial disposition of Roe v Wade, the 2nd amendment, etc…the way…say…VoteVets does on pushing for things like cap and trade, etc…

  17. amazing stuff here says:

    Old OLD Tanker, thanks again for the 2nd compliment. I never once asserted that Hegseth nor Seavey never left stateside, I said both hang out in the National Guard rather than go active where they could both be deployed more frequently. Both are sooooo pro-war and both rather stay at home than fight the fight. Both are just like Stoltz, he yelled and screamed about getting out of Iraq to fight in Afghanistan….and all three stay stateside today.

  18. NHSparky says:

    Yo–fucktard–did Stoltz earn a CIB?

    Not from Kuwait, he didn’t.

  19. amazing stuff here says:

    Hey look it’s spanky!

    The comparison fits, all three believe in the war in Afghanistan and all three sit stateside and cheerlead for the war in the NG.

  20. Old Tanker says:

    Both are just like Stoltz,

    You’re fucking kidding right? Never mind…I don’t want to keep complimenting you all night. Why are you measuring other guys dicks anyway?

  21. Sig says:

    FWIW, on our Nasty Guard deployment to OEF in 06-07, everyone E8+ and O2+ got a bronze star, and except for a handful of high profile exceptions who got MSMs, everybody below that got ArComs.

    I got the same award as the jackass who left her rifle in the portapotty on Bagram THREE TIMES…

  22. Daniel says:

    Please stop all the whining about awards. My experience has been that sometimes you don’t receive the award you feel you deserve while other times awards you receive are for trivial things. In the end the system generally works out, but like all systems it sometimes has problems.

    During OEF 1 I ensured my FSNCO received a Bronze Star while I as his FSO received an ARCOM. At no time was I bitter about this injustice or rank discrmination because I got my “shit hot” NCO the award he deserved. Likewise, during OIF 9/10 I was on a MiTT and attempted to award the guys on my team based on their performance. I was successful in awarding my fantastic, hardworking E6 a Bronze Star but failed to get a deserving CPT approved. The 2 E7s I didn’t recommend made the same complaints about awards as discussed but failed to account for their poor performance.

    However, in the end the medals in your shadow box at retirement don’t matter. I believe ASH is wrong in even bringing it up into the discussion and instead we should focus on the facts put forth by both sides.

    I agree with #1 Jake that while Kagan is deplorable and a hypocrite, the “Veteran Hater” Tag will not make any change to the argument or nomination. They should have remained focused on legal experience and focused on more pressing issues.

  23. TSO says:

    In my last 3 years of the guard I spent a year in afghanistan and 6 months in Bosnia. i.e. in those 3 years i was deployed half of that. Care to compare dipshit? Also, I volunteered for the A-stan trip. I was out, and did a 1 year “try one” to go. Also, I am medically unfot for duty due to back injuries over there.

    But, you really don’t care anyway, you just want to fling shit like every other simian at the zoo.

  24. NHSparky says:

    And ash–the VFW seems to think highly enough of my service to allow me to join their esteemed organization, since the Navy doesn’t issue CIB’s. Other earned awards qualified me there. Your point again, besides the one on top of your head?

  25. amazing stuff here says:

    Daniel, it was OLD Tanker who brought up the award, here I’ll quote him for you “You mean that Pete Hegseth guy that has a Bronze star from his time in Iraq?”…check out number 9.

    Mr. Seavey, sure I’ll compare…no problem. You probably already have a copy of my DD214…but If you don’t, I’ll surely send it to you, if you’d like.

    Spanky, I don’t think I ever said anything about the VFW and their acceptance policy, but if you want to go there, let’s go. The VFW accepts every veteran who’s deployed, they don’t give a crap about CIB’s or National Defense Ribbon. As a matter of fact, each time after I came back from deployment there would be a VFW representative at the reception cermony handing out free one year memberships to the returning troops.

    OLD Tanker, let me help you out here. Stoltz=Iraq and Kosova, Seavey=Afghanistan and Bosnia, Hegseth=Iraq and Guantanamo Bay. Looks like their all equal. Measuring dicks?Wasn’t it you that pointed out that Hegseth has the bronze star? Are you that old that you can’t remember what you wrote? Just go up and re-read old dude.

  26. NHSparky says:

    ash–once again, knowledge FAIL. The VFW does NOT “accept every veteran who’s deployed”. Were that the case, pretty much anyone who ever set foot on a base in Japan, Korea, the Phillipines, Germany, Italy, etc., would be in the VFW. Perhaps if you familiarized yourself with the criteria, you’d know that:


  27. OldTrooper says:

    Are you ever going to answer my question; ASH? I asked you how many deployments you did. Why haven’t you answered?

  28. amazing stuff here says:

    Oh spanky….sorry, every veteran that’s recieved a campaign medal. That’s like a trillion veterans (sarcasm). Like I said, it doesn’t matter if you have a CIB or not.

    OLD Dude, where the fuck did you ask that? I’m not ashamed of answering it….two times. Are we “comparing dicks”?

  29. Old Trooper says:

    ASH; I asked waaaay back on #10.

    Nope, I wasn’t comparing your flaccid member, just asking in response to NG members that I know who have more deployments than you. You were preaching the active duty comparison, as far as deployments go, versus NG, as though being NG insulates them from deploying. It’s not the 60’s/early 70’s anymore, so your attempted reference falls as fast as your flaccid weenie.

  30. amazing stuff here says:

    Old Dude. about question #10, I actually have a little bit of a life and don’t come to this website every two seconds. I actually play with my children, do things around the house, take care some business. So sorry I miss things.

    You’re right the NG does deploy, true. But do they deploy more or less or even equally compared to their active duty counterparts? Using me as a comparison doesn’t work since I’ve been out of the military for almost 5 years now. If I hadn’t been medically retired I’d still be in, with many more deployments. See, I love the military…not just part of the time (one week a month and two in the summer) but every single day I wanted and still want to wear my uniform. Stoltz, Hegseth, and Seavey only liked serving a few weeks a year. I don’t understand that since all three are soooooo pro-Afghanistan. Now, Seavey can’t serve any longer and I understand that. But Hegseth and Stoltz (again both are pro-Afghanistan) sit stateside pushing their political agenda rather than fight. There’s the comparison!

  31. Old Tanker says:

    Amazing Shit Head,

    OLD Tanker, let me help you out here. Stoltz=Iraq and Kosova, Seavey=Afghanistan and Bosnia, Hegseth=Iraq and Guantanamo Bay. Looks like their all equal. Measuring dicks?

    You are downgrading their service and you’ve had the same number of deployments…and for the record, I’ve only had 1 so feel free to ignore me…

    Yah, measuring dicks…..this was your VERY first comment…

    Oh yeah, he’s that Pro-War guy who is hangs out in the National Guard rather than switching over to Active Duty and going to fight

    Let me help you here Stolz=Kuwait motor pool and Kosovo, Seavey=Afghanistan (Could have stayed home and “hung out” but VOLUNTEERED)and Bosnia, Infantry. Hegseth=Iraq, Infantry and Gitmo. I draw the comparisons because that is what you came here to do, isn’t it? You’ve been trying to minimize their service and therefore them because it was NG…not me. You are absolutely implying that NG guys aren’t in the fight…your own words, therefore implying they aren’t as worthy to comment on Kagan’s treatment of the military. YOU are assigning worthiness here, not me, I was pointing out otherwise then YOU played off an award as meaningless. I brought it up because he had to be there to get it, something you implied he was hiding from in the NG.

    Go ahead and get the last word in…I’m done.

  32. amazing stuff here says:

    “Seavey=Afghanistan (Could have stayed home and “hung out” but VOLUNTEERED)”

    Wow, I guess everyone else serving were drafted.

    Hey Dick Measurer….does it really matter if someone is infantry or not? They serve, mind it being one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer while they get there college degree. Again, these three push there political agenda and push for wars while the real men fight the fight.

    Instead of sucking on Hegseth dick, why not ask him why he doesn’t change over to active duty so he could go more frequently to Iraq or Afghanistan? Was he a crappy infantryman or something, because if he was any good, we need him. He’s trained and should be ready. I’ve asked him numerous times and I’ve also asked Stoltz…both haven’t responded. That’s because both now have new jobs as political hacks who hide behind their veteran status.

  33. NHSparky says:

    Tell ya what, ash–when you hit FIVE deployments, call me.

  34. amazing stuff here says:

    Tell you what spanky, I wish I could, unfortunately the Department of the Army medically retired me. Someone else here likes to measure dicks too!

  35. NHSparky says:

    Comment number 34 coming from a guy who has to stick a finger up his ass to see his hardon. Nice goin, ash.

  36. amazing stuff here says:

    Spanky, is that all you got? You know how I know your gay, you actually admit that you watch men put their finger up there ass. You sick man

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