Peace with Honor Reloaded.

| August 25, 2010

Well at least people are starting to think about what happens with Afghanistan when we leave. The bad part it is just a re-visited plan used over 35 years ago.

How to Leave Afghanistan Without Losing

I am going to start were it goes wrong.

In conjunction with the disengagement process, the agreement would set in motion U.N.-brokered peace negotiations. The Taliban has long demanded a disengagement timetable as the precondition for peace. Ironically, however, its emotional appeal comes primarily from its role as the standard-bearer of opposition to foreign forces. Thus, when and if the United States does present a timetable, it will be cut down to size. The Taliban will be in a strong bargaining position, but only as the dominant force in the ethnically Pashtun south and east of the country.

The focus of peace negotiations could then be redirected from the terms for power sharing with the Taliban in Kabul to the nature and degree of the power to be ceded to the Taliban in its Pashtun strongholds.

Yea except for one minor problem, the Taliban does not share power. Feels like a bad pun off of Lord of the Rings.

This approach is likely to get Pakistani blessing as the best deal available under present circumstances. Islamabad’s leading strategist on Afghanistan, former Foreign Secretary Riaz Mohammed Khan, suggested such a shift in focus in a Washington meeting on June 17, observing that the Taliban has “important regional influences where they should be accommodated.”He specified Khost and Paktia as examples of provinces where Taliban control might have to be accepted, and he implied that Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistan’s Army chief, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, had explored such arrangements in their two Kabul meetings in early June.

Yea, it gets better.

The provinces under Taliban rule would have a significant stake in stable relations with Kabul as a source of foreign aid for dams, roads, and other economic infrastructure projects.

Yea like they are doing a great job of that now.

Afghanistan’s neighbors would be more likely to help contain the Taliban under a U.N.-brokered agreement than under wartime conditions in which they want to avoid identification with an unpopular U.S. military presence.

Of course they are because they know the UN is not going to do a thing no mater how may times they break the agreement.

But lets not forget the real danger, out of control Generals.

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  1. Joe says:

    Yeah, I’d have to agree on this one. The taliban are poison to any idea of equal rights and civilized society. I have no doubt they strive for a regional caliphate before imposing islam on the rest of the world – that’s their dream anyway. This is one time where the overused Neville Chamberlin/appeasement metaphor may be accurate. The question is how do we defeat them without irrevocably changing ourselves. Maybe fight them until this generation dies off and actual sane people inherit Afghanistan? It’s hard to see how we could pull out anytime soon, timetables be damned.

  2. AW1 Tim says:

    Why don’t we just stay in Afghanistan until we’ve killed every mother fucking member of the Taliban, and explained to those left upright that if they ever so much as mention the name “taliban” that we will nuke the entire fucking country, to include all of Pakistan.

    I remember what happened when we pulled the same sort of shit in Vietnam. The fucking leftists sold out the South Vietnamese and SEA ended up with millions of innocents killed off by the communist butchers of the North, and Pol Pot’s assmaggot supporters.

    the same thing will happen if we allow the Taliban to be any sort of a partner in these negotiations. Kill them all. Kill every one of their relatives too, and let it be known that if they try and reconstitute the Taliban, that they will have such a horrible fate that generations of Afghanis will quake in fear at the mere mention of the name “America”.

    No peace with Islam. No peace with the Taliban.

  3. Old Tanker says:

    Maybe fight them until this generation dies off and actual sane people inherit Afghanistan?

    Nice Joe,

    Hear that guys? All of you that have been/are in Afghanistan are insane and don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

    Even when you try to agree you’re a dick…

  4. PintoNag says:

    I think Joe was referring to the children of Afghistan being more sane than their parents…

  5. Jacobite says:

    LOL, Old Tanker, I understand the mis-understanding, but the ‘sane’ comment in Joe’s post was directed at Afghanis, as in sane Afghanis inheriting their country once their insane relatives all die off, not American soldiers.

  6. Old Tanker says:


    Easy to read that the other way when we’re dealing with Joe.

    If that’s what you meant, sorry.

  7. NavyE9 says:

    Use the Cold War Strategy……

    Nuke’em till they glow, then shoot’em in the dark

  8. Jacobite says:

    lol, I always did love that one, hehehe

  9. Joe says:

    For the record, I meant that maybe the next generation of Afghanis will be more sane than the current crop of suicide-ready taliban. The taliban are a a curse on civilized people everywhere.