James Schuder; Serial Phony near Indianapolis

| August 26, 2010

42-year old James Schuder is pulling off a scam on motorists in Johnson County, Indiana that he has pulled off across the country according to police

“I gave him $100 and dropped him off and sent him on his way,” Bush said.

Bush thought he left Schuder at the BP station on State Road 37 in Johnson County so he could pick up a shuttle to the airport. But a week later, his wife noticed him near the same place – getting a ride from another good Samaritan. So she called police.

“Found out he is not and never has been any kind of military personnel,” Johnson County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Joe Villanueva said.

Apparently Schuder has been discovered pulling this off in Tennessee, Colorado and New York.

Thanks to Eric for the link.

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  1. B Woodman says:

    Ya’know, for little shitheads like that, it’s time to pop a kneecap or two. Too bad there are only two per shithead.

  2. Old Tanker says:

    Indianapolis eh? Wish TSO would run over….I mean into this guy…

  3. NHSparky says:

    Hmmmm…obtaining money under false pretense? Nah, victimless crime there, right?

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a frickin’ dick. Needs to be introduced to som real military sh*t he can talk about: a blanket party.

  5. fm2176 says:

    I guess this guy took it a step further. Unfortunately, posers like this (and other bums with an elaborate story) keep me from helping almost anyone. I was approached by a young lady a few weeks ago as I left work. She had some story about being in Baton Rouge to pick up someone and not having enough money to get back to Lake Charles. She claimed to be military “stationed at Camp Beauregard” and flashed an old-style CAC card showing her as a PV1 with an issue date in 2007; she was covering up the expiration date. If I had cash may have given her a few dollars but when she asked if I could spare $40 I cut sling load real quick. On the other hand, a bum asked me point blank last Friday if I could give him some change last Friday, no story or anything, which I gladly did and then watched him get back on his bike and take off.

    It is not only posers looking to take advantage of others, though. A couple of months ago I ran into a younger OIF vet at the VFW. I’m one of the youngest guys (in my early thirties) that go in there but occasionally a younger guy will stop by, and there are a couple that exited the service under less than desirable conditions. Anyway, this guy had been in 3d ID in the same unit my battalion was attached to in Baghdad during the invasion so we had a few beers and I gave him my business card. One thing that stood out in my mind was that he told me he had been chaptered after having a “disagreement” with his team leader. The next day he called and asked me for a place for him and his wife to stay for a couple of weeks; he never mentioned anything the night prior. I stopped by the VFW again to find out more about him and learned that he had a bit of a reputation for ripping people off. I guess he found somewhere else to stay.

  6. Lucky says:

    Ok, if you think this mental midget is a Soldier, you are one yourself. No nametapes, no patches, the undershirt is slightly off color, no headgear. What, did this soup sandwich escape from a Reception Battalion? Is the 43rd AG a FLW missing a geriatric PVT? Good gravy, will someone please reinstate the Stolen Valor Act?


  7. Thor says:

    We get these types all of the time at the VFW. They come in, say that they’re a veteran and ask for money. Once in a while, we will give them some, like if they have a VA disability card or something along those lines. Typically, if they don’t have a VFW membership, we send them on their way.

    When I was living up north in Minnesota, there was one guy that got busted who would wear Desert Storm style cammies and would panhandle along the freeway exit ramps. Con artists know that Veterans sympathizers will hand out the dough most of the time. I think this guy in MN was making some $50/ hr by panhandling. It almost made me want to quit my job at the time and do the same thing!!

  8. Lucky says:

    I have never heard of anyone doing that at a VFW meeting. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but wow. In the mean time, if Jonn permits, speaking of VFW, there is a movie screening for any and all Veterans tonight in Fairfax at 1900. Its a movie about Marines, SEVERE CLEAR about the March up in 2003. its at the Rave Motion Pictures Fairfax Corner 14(near Ox Hill battlefield),11900 Palace Way in Fairfax Virginia.

  9. an old friend says:

    What ever happened to kyle, did anyone find out what was going on.

  10. Glen Talley says:

    James Schuder is still at it. Today (05-23-14), I dealt with him at our local hospital, in Custer Sd. We knew he was a fake and I called him on it. Doesn’t pay to try and pull your crap with a real Vet. Not enough to arrest him on, but he got a free ride to the State Line and told to never return.

  11. Ush says:

    He’s still at it. Saw him at a hospital in Florence AZ on 12/27/14 for some “combat related” injuries. Still wearing ACUs and carrying around a gas can. I wonder if he puts this in his skill set on his resume.