General Ballduster McSoulpatch’s records

| September 23, 2010

Well. it only took seven months (so much for your “48 hour turn over”, Matthis), but POW Network finally got Michael Patrick McManus’ military records from the National Personnel Records Center.

You probably remember the story. We asked you guys who he was and you came through for us. All we had was a picture and you gave us his name. TSO got the Army Times to call him Ballduster McSoulpatch. Our crowning achievement in bloggerdom.

Well, here are his records;

It looks like he was discharged early and as a private.The medals are pretty skimpy compared to what’s on his uniform in the wanted poster (made by Mrs. Greyhawk, by the way).

His Form 2-1 says that he attended one station unit training (OSUT) as an MP at Fort McClellan. AL (the stories I could tell you about my visits there when it was the WAC Basic Training Center), then trained as a linguist in German, then stationed in Germany for a year or so. It also says he got a General Discharge…probably for being some kind of pirate or smuggler. You decide which kind of pirate or smuggler.

I know that I probably didn’t have to write this post, but I’m kind of proud of naming him and I’ll use any opportunity to repeat the story. TSO gets credit for “steaming bag of dicks” but “General Ballduster McSoulpatch” is mine.

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  1. Old Trooper says:

    At least his seperation point was someplace that made him happy (Ft. Dix).

  2. NHSparky says:

    Thanks, OT–now I have to call IT and order a new monitor. Gee, I wonder what the courts will have to say NOW? Free speech? Okay, lemme just get some robes and a gavel, and make everyone call me “Judge” or “Your Honor.” Hell, seems like that’s all that’s on daytime television anymore anyway–all filled with ads featuring ambulance chasers or ones that basically say, “GET OFF YOUR DEAD ASS AND GET A FREAKIN JOB!!!”

  3. Spigot says:

    This turd burglar was a fucking MP?

    I’d like to monkey stomp him and jam that rack of miniatures so far up his ass he’d smell rayon and bronze every time he farted.

    What a douche nozzle…

  4. Donb125 says:

    Well done, another one busted.
    Where are thy all coming from??
    Sure need to make it a crime to wear phony medals and make sure it works!!

  5. Tman says:

    Ballduster McSoulpatch, that has to be the greatest name ever thought up, I still can’t mention it without choking with laughter.

  6. Duke of URL says:

    Are you CERTAIN that’s an authentic discharge certificate? It’s hard for me to believe that even the Army would misspell Ribbon and Private.

  7. Bob says:

    Now this is friggen hilarious!!!! He’s wearing a British SAS beret badge and a CIA pin, oh my God I’m laughing so hard I can’t type!!! I’m also wondering where he got the Commander Degree of the Legion of Merit?? This dude needs to choke himself!!