Firefighters watch fire destroy house

| October 6, 2010

In South Fulton, TN, a local fire department stood by and watched a house burn to the ground and kill three dogs and a cat because the family didn’t pay their $75 annual fee to the fire department. OK, the Cranick family didn’t pay their fee, but don’t fire departments get tax money, ostensibly paid by the Cranick family, to put out fires?

Mrs. Cranick claims she paid last year and the year before and it just slipped her mind this year. But like I said, if the fire department is required by law to not respond to emergencies at the homes of people who don’t pay the fee, should the tax money the department receives also be reduced by the same percentage if they don’t do the job for which they exist?

I’m not exonerating the Cranicks at all…they should have paid the fee since they remained in the area that requires it. However, has the county taken into account the fact that this law would also raise premiums of homeowner insurance policies, not to mention the lives they put in danger while they decide whether to roll out to a fire. What if a check is in the mail?

Aren’t liberals always telling us how essential taxes are because taxes pay for services like fire departments? Where did this fee come from, then? Around here, we have firemen standing on corners with boots panhandling for change. Where are the taxes going if they’re not going to these essential services?

And, oh, by the way; You guys in Montgomery County, Maryland are about to get charged a fee for ambulance service. (Washington Examiner link)

Under the measure, county residents’ insurance companies are charged between $300 and $800 per ambulance ride. Uninsured residents are not required to pay the fee and non-county residents are on the hook for any cost not covered by their insurance companies.

Yeah, and Legget, who has a million-dollar body guard contingent, is holding firefighters hostage by warning that if you don’t approve the fee, he’s going to cut fire department staffing by 10%. Of course, he won’t be giving up his body guards who were initially supplied during the days of the DC Sniper…but just continued for eight years – probably because of Leggett’s stunts like this.

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  1. Jacobite says:

    And now it comes out.

    The Cranick’s are not homeless, they’re now living in their year old travel trailer/camper.

    Mrs. Cranick says she’s not mad at the firefighters, that she’s just happy no one was hurt, that offers of aid are not needed, and that their insurance is gonna take care of things.

    The Cranick’s grandson is 21 yrs old, and caused the fire by burning a trash barrel too close to a shed and leaving the fire unattended while he went to take a shower.


  2. I just read that the woman who owned the trailer holds no grudge against the Fire Department. Says they did what they were supposed to do in the situation. Also, 21 year old relative, living with them, started a bonfire then went in and took a shower. Stupid hiker syndrome? Stupid homeowners to allow a dipstick to play with a Bic lighter. A strong dose of personal responsibility would have gone a long ways here.

  3. NHSparky says:

    And I’m waiting for Keef Olbertard to make an on-air apology for his baseless accusations. (Yeah, I was channel surfing the other night when I saw him ranting about this.)

    Yup, any second now….

  4. Sponge says:

    I’ve also read that these people have not paid the fee in the past, lit a fire and the FD put it out. They said they would pay the fee to back fill the fact that they had the fire put out and never did. They are just looking for the handout thinking that there’s no way the FD would let their house burn or whatever.

    Actions have consequences for ALL of us. They chose to live by the sword, and they died by it, so to speak. After hearing that the kid set the fire and it took over 2 hours to reach the house before taking it over truly points to Darwinism in action.

  5. OldSargeUSAR says:

    @53 – What idiot channel has put “Olbertard” (nice!) back on the air?