Pelosi’s tenuous grip

| October 21, 2010

Paul Kane writes in the Washington Post that even if Democrats keep the House after the elections, Nancy Pelosi may have a hard time keeping the Speaker’s chair because of the promises Democrats are making to the voters on the campaign trail;

With House Democrats already bracing for steep losses in the midterm elections, at least five of Pelosi’s colleagues have announced in the past two weeks that they would not support her remaining as speaker, should Democrats retain the majority. More than a dozen others have told local and national media that they would consider backing a different Democrat.

Seriously? Is there anyone out there who believes Democrats will vote against Nancy Pelosi in the House next January? I mean, think about it for a minute. Remember how smug they were for the last two years, bragging that they can shove any damn legislation down our throats that they want because of their mandate – irrespective of how the voters feel? That “We won” smugness. Remember how instead of facing their constituents at town hall meetings they just canceled the meetings so they would have to answer questions…hoping the questions would go away. Remember how angry you were?

The first thing they’ll all do is celebrate how they fooled the electorate once again with their lies and vote Pelosi back to the Chair just to stick their fat, greasy fingers in your eye. And then they’ll make you pay for forcing them to make a promise they knew they wouldn’t keep. They just want that job security for two years so they can throw your money at their pet projects – and then make some more promises in 2012.

Anyway, you’ll be mad at Nancy Pelosi, not the cork smoker what brung her.

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  1. PintoNag says:

    No, it doesn’t have a thing to do with politics: they’re going to get rid of her because she’s starting to look like ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray.’

  2. Old Tanker says:

    Not a chance in hell will they get rid of Pelosi. What, keep a promise? Like the ones that said no more earmarks? No more “Big Bush deficits”? Paygo?

    …not holding my breath…