Another phony knucklehead

| November 23, 2010

I wonder what, if anything at all, goes through their heads;

Hillar, who has claimed to be a retired Special Forces Colonel, told a wild tale of international intrigue in his popular one-credit workshops, claiming that his own 17-year old daughter was kidnapped by traffickers in Southeast Asia, and was killed by them. He has said that he personally tracked her abductors, and claimed that the 2008 Liam Neeson film, Taken, is based on his exploits.

In fact, the United States Army Special Operations Command has no record that William G. Hillar ever took part in special operations education and training, which are standard for special forces personnel.

Yeah, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is based on my real life story, nimnil. How this dickweed got away with telling that story for five years is beyond me. Didn’t one student in all of those years roll their eyes a bit?

WOTN writes that I wrote about Hillar, but I don’t remember it, but thanks to WOTN for the link.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    Nope, just a guy exercising his First Amendment rights, no fraud here, kids! Move along!

  2. Just A Grunt says:

    Notice the headline is about his falsifying his academic record. The second point is about his military record. Important to keep in mind what is important and what will get you in trouble. Keep those transcripts straight and you probably won’t get challenged.

  3. Old Tanker says:

    Jeez, not even full time military. US Coast Guard Reserve? ya, that’s just like Special Forces…

  4. Junior AG says:

    Y’know, this isn’t a sure fire way to catch all wanna-bes, but I’m 90% certain if ONE Airborne qualified vet asked the faux- SF Colonel what an anchor line cable is used for, what the skin of the aircraft is or the 5 points of contact that make up a PLF he’d make calf’s eyes….
    Of course, that “bee wiff honner” faux-SF clown who got
    b!tch slapped a few months back here probably remembers enough Airborne trivia from his Jump School flunk out to tread water regarding those questions, so keep that in mind until a FOIA can be verified!

  5. whycantwealljustgetalong says:

    Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back was based on my life story. Or at least I’m starting to feel as old as Yoda. I learned to use a light saber during my time with Seal Team 187 while training with the Mossad at an underground bunker in Qom.

    Why don’t these guys at least make up something halfway believable? I wouldn’t question someone who said they were a commo specialist in Afghanistan near as much as this dumbass.

  6. The_Grunt says:

    @ Old Tanker….hey now Tunacan I was USCGR before I came back to the darkside. It’s a pretty good group of people to be with. ๐Ÿ˜›

    @whycant I WAS a commo specialist in Afghanistan but then I AM Infantry so it is part of our training. LOL

  7. WOTN says:

    In this case, I believe his motives were financially motivated as much as prestige. What better way to prove your creds as “Tactical Counter-Terrorism expert” than to pencil in your personal experience tracking down sex traffickers in a 3rd World country? And how best to have learned such skills that you could be a one many LE/Army team? Well, as a Special Forces Colonel of course!

    Fortunately, most poseurs do as little time researching their story as they do experiencing it.

    I ran across one in a bar who told his tale of Desert Storm, to validate his claim that there were no Patriot Missiles in that war. He was a Special Forces Sniper MP assigned to the 6th Infantry Division (Army) at Parris Island. His mission was to take out Saddam, on orders from the President himself. He had him in his sights too, but good ole 41 got cold feet and ordered him to stand down. Those orders being specifically expressed to him personally over his communication system by the President, while he was in his Baghdad hide site. (I am not embellishing his story at all.)

    As I sat “enthralled with the story,” asking the hero for more, the barowner saw the future and begged restraint.

    Why do they do it? My theory is that they see the respect earned by those who really are elite and having no self-respect, hope their “story” will garner them some from others.

  8. fm2176 says:


    I’ve probably shared this story elsewhere on the site, but years ago I was looking at a SAFN-49 in a local gun store. A young guy was in there and said he had just graduated Marine Scout-Sniper School. He told me they had had a class on foreign weapons and were told that the SAFN-49 was a piece of crap, then went on to explain to me that he would be getting reimbursed for whatever weapons he bought as it was part of his training to familiarize himself with as many weapons as possible. To add to his b.s. he said that as a Marine he was able to buy surplus M-14s for $750 apiece. Given his age and appearance, I believe he was a Marine, but have no doubts that his other claims were false. I guess he just thought he could impress us.

    Then there was a fellow Soldier in TOG; he claimed to have served with 20th Group Support yet was sent on sniper missions in Bosnia and attended SOTIC. He also spent a week or so in an overwatch position on the roof of an airport terminal after 9/11. When I became retention NCO I found his DIEMS date was the day he entered active duty (in 2003) and that he had no courses besides Airborne under his belt. I always thought it was funny how he’d only talk of his “experiences” when someone asked one of us who had seen combat something about it.

  9. 1AirCav69 says:

    WOTN, my wife works on Parris Island and is there everyday. She’s still looking for the Army’s 6th Div. but they are hiding in Ribbon Creek. I keep telling her that but she continues to look anyway. They are the most secret division in the Army. It’s why they are at Parris Island. They moved them from Ft. Stewart. They are all Special Forces MP’s with Presidential Sat Comms. The were armed with SAFN-49’S until a young Scout Sniper in Weapons convienced them to switch to M-14’s. They all purchased them from him. I’m not sure what the problem was in that young man’s story?

    SSG. Barry Sadler

  10. Smoke523 says:

    Well if you haven’t heard, KYLE BARWAN is at it again!!! He has been arrested For Impersonating an ARMY CPT in uniform while in Possession of Cocaine!!!!

    Here is the link:

    What a scumbag!!!

  11. PintoNag says:

    Well, Kyle will now get the attention he’s been craving…

  12. WOTN says:

    It’s always interesting to meet these guys and hear their stories and excuses for holes.

    One in particular I ran into years after I first encountered him. In his original story he was Special Forces but had one more school before he could wear the tab and beret, having completed the Q Course and all.

    Later he was an AF PJ in a different unit attempting to get a slot for SFAS or have his schools transferred over to the Army. (The one true part of his story was that he was AF before switching over.)

    Another young commo specialist enjoyed Claymore style stories to anyone that would listen, trying to stretch the tale until they finally realized it was fiction. I’ve stolen his stolen valor tale of Coast Guard Black Ops fast-roping out of the Space Shuttle on 550 cord, but he actually had to tell one listener that it was fiction.

    But now, I’m going to have to look up the SAFN-49. I had always heard the SKAK-47 was the premier sniper rifle and prefered by the elite WSB-Liberian feather-duster snipers particularly at ranges exceeding one city block.

    Personally, I had always enjoyed the challenge of 3.2 mile headshots with the M-92FS sniperpistol from a KC-5. I tried it once with a Romanian scope, but that just felt like cheating so I went back to iron sites. The reason you don’t see my confirmed’s in the record books is because the missions were so classified that even the existence of the nation we operated in is still Top Secret, above Presidential eyes only. Thankfully, the plane was equipped with an RF remote joystick control so I could pilot it from the tail wing hide site, as these were one man missions. We just couldn’t accept the risk that anyone else be briefed. It was just me and the boss, who told the President we were testing a new airplane.

    I’d show you my 214 but it’s locked up in a safe in the CIA Basement and not even the SF Colonel who guards the door has the combination.

    But Ribbon Creek? Nope, we couldn’t go there. It would have risked exposure. Those guys don’t have the clearance to read my name.

    (Do I need to put a disclaimer on this? Or is it not obvious that I’m just adding to the outlandish tales of those that truly try to pass this stuff off? Afterall, some schmuck really did believe the 550 cord space shuttle story.)

  13. 1AirCav69 says:

    Disclaimer? For what? You mean those AREN’T true?

    G.S. Patton

  14. WOTN says:

    All accounts of Black Ops, Sniper Stories, Piloting told here or in “Time Travels” are purely for entertainment value only.

    The fact that Rambo was based on my experiences prior to basic training is purely coincidental.

  15. Rich C says:

    You guys are all hacks

    I was a Sky Marshal in the mobile infantry but I was forced to retire due to the failure of the raid on Klendathu

    ( 10 points to who ever gets the refernce ๐Ÿ˜€ )

  16. i'lltakethat10points says:

    Starship Troopers.

  17. NHSparky says:

    Shittiest. Movie. Adaptation. EVER.