Keep Harvard out of range

| November 27, 2010

Peter, a student at Harvard, sends us a link from the Harvard Crimson written by student Sandra Korn entitled “Keep ROTC out of Range“. Obviously, Korn is a student for a reason – she teeters on the edge of being an ignorant twit in her opinion piece. Korn tries to make the point that allowing Harvard to reinstate the ROTC program in the event that the military’s policy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is rescinded shouldn’t be a foregone conclusion. She makes several false allegations to illustrate her blunt point;

[T]he U.S. Department of Defense has faced allegations of abuse ranging from torturing prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to training Latin American soldiers in anti-humanitarian tactics and principles at the School of the Americas. The Iraq War alone has seen torture at Abu Ghraib, the Haditha massacre, and the horrifying shootings by Blackwater military contractors in Baghdad, as well as approximately 100,000 civilian deaths. Wikileaks recently exposed that within the last decade, the U.S. armed forces have engaged in countless non-humanitarian and debatably illegal practices in Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. has provided military aid in support of Israel’s aggressive actions against Palestinian civilians.

Sandra only has allegations, yet in her mind those allegations prove guilt. “Torturing prisoners” is completely a judgment call. If waterboarding is the worst thing that happened to prisoners, they weren’t tortured. The Abu Ghraib incident was carried out by soldiers themselves. Naked pyramids weren’t concocted in the halls of the Pentagon.

Sandra, did you notice that no one has been convicted in the Haditha case yet? I wonder why. If you’reconvinced that the military is training Latin American soldiers to commit atrocities against their own populations, maybe you should talk to talk to some one who was actually at the School instead of the paranoid peacenik professors who’ve obviously wrongly informed you.

Time and again, Korn praises the people serving in the military, yet she charges that the “Department of Defense” committed all of these things she considers horrible. Where is this machine called the Department of Defense? The people she claims to admire are the folks who would have to commit these “crimes” – there is no one to blame except real people.

So I submit that the government cut off all of the funding and grants to Harvard until they stop churning out utter twits like Sandra Korn.

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  1. It always amazes me how these dumb twits like Sandra Corn are always crowing about “waterboarding” but don’t have shit to say when Americans are getting their heads sawed off by these Islamofascists.

  2. Valerie says:

    One would think that, if the military is so out-of-control, the best course would be to have them “mainstreamed” into regular college life, so they can be properly educated in civilian values. This is what schools are for, isn’t it?

  3. How in hell can a university so against the military accept the money of a country that has such a military. They should welcome us witholding this “dirty money”, and keeping them “clean” and free of us.

  4. Pete says:

    I’m disgusted by the fact that I go to school with the author of this article and that there is a group of the student body (and faculty) that agrees with her. Rest assured that there is still a group of patriotic young men and women at Harvard, either participating in ROTC or simply supporting those who do. On behalf of all of them: thank you for your site and your service, and God Bless America!

  5. GruntSgt says:

    She must be related to and get her talking points from that other ultra left asswipe David Corn.
    Old Marine Proverb; “Fuck’em and let’em eat fish heads.”

  6. UpNorth says:

    Korn has to be a result of “outcome based” education. She showed up, most of the time, someone handed her a diploma, and she moved on to Harvard, where the process will repeat itself all over again. And she’ll probably be “cum laude” because her asswipe profs are the ones who indoctrinated her. Wonder if her major is “women’s studies”?

  7. George says:

    This is just another article of dribble from some dreamy eyed neo-hippie. They continually bring up that DADT is the lynchpin that keeps ROTC out of the college when in truth it’s more than likely the anti military professors who were against the military being there in the 60’s and are still spouting that rubbish having never left academia to experience that grey area between black and white known as the real world. Pure dreck.

  8. ponsdorf says:

    Set aside ROTC for minute and concentrate on “So I submit that the government cut off all of the funding and grants to Harvard until they stop churning out utter twits like Sandra Korn.

    Then extend that notion to ALL colleges and high schools.

  9. Sigma says:

    I always said that DADT was an excuse, not a reason to keep ROTC out of Harvard. Now that DADT is going away, they’re looking for another excuse…

  10. Danny says:

    Abu Grabe stuff was done by retarded non-MOS’qualified dumbass dipshits. What it did manage to do, was piss off a lot of little Arab dipshits—causing many of them to run to Fallujah, IZ to join the gihad. Everyone that was caught there and I had a chance to “chat” with said they came because of A.G.
    Professional soldiers don’t need to do stuff to piss off our enemy. We just need to legally kill or capture them all. Once they are caught, treat them how we’d want to be treated. (I know the fucks cut off heads and stuff, be we’re professional).
    Just my opinion.

  11. Ben says:


    You hit the nail on the head.

    ROTC has been incredibly unpopular among leftwing academics since the time of the Vietnam War. I can’t speak for Harvard per se, but I do know that ROTC was kicked off a number of campuses at that time. During the student strike of 1970, most campuses demanded the exile of ROTC, and managed to gain that concession from the university in a few cases. It’s virtually impossible to evict ROTC from landgrant colleges, but they tried.

    After the end of the Vietnam War, there was little interest in bringing the program back, largely because they’re leftists and leftists have a knee jerk reaction to the military. There came a time when they had to think of a new reason why the military had to be excluded, since the old one had expired. They settled on the homosexual issue.

    It was easy for them to claim that it was somehow out of their hands. “It’s not us, it’s just campus policy” was the standard retort. Yep, they can’t allow ROTC on campus because it “discriminates”. As if every college in America doesn’t discriminate in one fashion or another against white males. As if the campus Malcom X Center doesn’t discriminate, the Muslim Student Association, and the Latin Student Association. As if they don’t seek “diversity candidates” in faculty openings. As if they don’t accept payment from various racial/ethnic scholarhsip funds.

    As I had always predicted, the end of DADT will mean only a new excuse. Don’t expect Harvard to suddenly warm up to the military in its presence.

  12. I always said that DADT was an excuse, not a reason to keep ROTC out of Harvard. Now that DADT is going away, they’re looking for another excuse…

    Yep. Just like the Left lied about their support of “the good war” in Afghanistan in an effort to cover themselves for their undermining of the war effort in Iraq. They didn’t/don’t support the war effort in Afghanistan at all, they simply claimed to do so for political reasons.

    Same goes for the VA. The Left doesn’t care about the VA, they just like to use it as a political football.

    If it were up to the Left, they would dismantle the military altogether.

  13. Joseph Brown says:

    She’s the reason women should never sleep on the wet spot. You never know how that will turn out.
    Speaking of the VA, since that vet went off in our clinic some leftist will call for the dismantling of the clinics. They just foment hatred anyway. That reminds me, gotta make an appointment for my 6 month check-up.

  14. CPT Me says:

    A little trick to determine the well-researched, good faith columnists/pundits and those like Ms Korn who are nothing more than parroters of misinformation and unfounded, agenda-driven biased rhetoric is the following: no waterboarding ever happened at Gitmo. Those educated on all sides of the debate know that the waterboarding occured elsewhere overseas. It’s pure myth that it happened at Gitmo, but is now mainstream thought as demonstrated by people like this student regurgitator who blindly passes this misinformation without any indepdendent research on her own. While her opinion likely wouldn’t change, she lacks all credibility for her lack of research, and I challenge her to prove me wrong beyond quoting from the choir.

  15. Old Tanker says:


    Keep fighting the good fight, I hope you can take the time to write a rebuttal to this tripe!

  16. kanani says:

    I’m doubt very much that Korn is being genuine in her feelings about the military. I doubt very much that Korn has “utmost respect” for those who serve.
    I greatly dislike –no, let’s make it clear, I hate, have nothing but scorn for people who couple praise by scooping a shitload of scorn on top of it. I think anyone here could come up with things the military has done and were wrong, but what she’s pulling at is informed in a most cursory manner. Shame, because one would hope that someone from Harvard would be better informed, would do more research, would personally speak to many sources to get a bigger picture.
    But her learning appears to be from rote.
    She is incorrect. Harvard may receive private dollars for tuition and funding from wealthy donors and parents. However, it is greatly dependent on grants that cover everything from loans for tuition to research. Tuition at Harvard is $35,568.00 a year, and no doubt there are more than a few students depending on a combination of loans and grants to pay for their education so they can get jobs that pay about that much a year.

  17. NHSparky says:

    Another example of an expression I use which goes something like, “There’s a big difference between educated and smart.”