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| January 10, 2011

The gun control fascists are already hard at work to get your gun. From Politico;

One of the fiercest gun-control advocates in Congress, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.), pounced on the shooting massacre in Tucson Sunday, promising to introduce legislation as soon as Monday targeting the high-capacity ammunition the gunman used.

McCarthy ran for Congress after her husband was gunned down and her son seriously injured in a shooting in 1993 on a Long Island commuter train.

“My staff is working on looking at the different legislation fixes that we might be able to do and we might be able to introduce as early as tomorrow,” McCarthy told POLITICO in a Sunday afternoon phone interview.

Gun control activists cried it was time to reform weapons laws in the United States, almost immediately after a gunman killed six and injured 14 more, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, in Arizona on Saturday.

Can someone tell me what “high capacity ammunition” is? Maybe one of you low-capacity journalists can fill us in on your little manufactured code words. If you can’t speak the language of the issue, why even pretend you know what you’re talking about.

I guess the Left forgets that the main reason Al Gore and John Kerry lost their presidential bids last decade was because of restrictions gun owners anticipated if they had been elected. So yeah, go ahead, add more regulations instead of enforcing current laws.

It’s odd, legally speaking, that Democrats have already convicted law-abiding US citizens of gun crimes before this Loughner douche has been convicted.

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  1. Stonewall116 says:

    Vultures, hyenas, jackals, coyotes…all these animals would turn up their noses at the bloated corpses of these type of people because they recognize the indigestion that would result from scavenging off them. I spent last night arguing with a couple of liberals over their attacks on the reading of the Constitution. When I pointed out that the very anger they were displaying towards me in my defense of it was similar to their anger towards Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and any “right-wing nutjob” within hours of the attack in Tucson, I was warned not to bring Tucson into the “discussion”. Alas, more proof that what is okay for one side is never okay for the other. Hypocritical, overzealous, irrational dimwits….

  2. Old Trooper says:

    I hate to take the emotionalism of her desire to ban all guns, but if one were to look at it with a critical eye, especially at her argument, then I would have to ask her this; if harsh gun laws were the answer, then Washington DC and Chicago would be the safest places in the US. There’s no doubt that her bias against guns is personal, but when it’s emotion driven, that leaves no room for logic and common sense. That’s what makes her and other fellow travellers dangerous, because they aren’t using critical thinking, just the hanky defense.

  3. NHSparky says:

    Liberal mantra: Free speech for me, not for thee.

    But don’t you dare question their motives when they point out Sarah Palin’s “targets”, and don’t you dare try to compare Kos’ “Giffords is DEAD to me” and bullseye targets to what Palin did.

    Okay, liberals–where did the eight years of posters of Bush with blood, bullet holes, and crosshairs on him raise your righteous indignation?

    I also note that another (Dem) Congressman is introducing legislation that would make threatening any Congressional member, etc., a federal offense. Well, threatening the president is a federal offense, but that sure didn’t seem to stop you, now did it?

  4. Old Trooper says:

    Sparky, you have to understand; they have much different motives than the right, when they make calls for violence, hang effigies of Bush, call for his death, etc. You just aren’t enlightened enough and don’t understand the proper application of nuance to get what they are saying. It’s ok for them to do all that, but it’s terrible when there is push back from the right.

  5. Scott says:

    “Can someone tell me what “high capacity ammunition” is?”

    I believe it’s them shiny metal thingies that fly out of the shooty-part when you yank on that curvy doodad.


  6. Spade says:

    I wonder if her new bill will ban the shoulder thing that goes up.

  7. Adirondack Patriot says:

    After this shooting, the UAlbany Shooting, the Virginia Tech shooting, Columbine and a handful of other shootings, the question shouldn’t be “How do we place more controls on guns?”

    The question should be “Why do we continue to appease genuninely unstable lunatics, and why in the hell are we rewarding them with college educations?”

    Gun control? Try lunatic control first and then get back to me.

    The fact that no one has the guts to restrain the lunatics is the reason I need my damned gun in the first place.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “High capacity ammunition” is anything that’s not ball and powder for a muzzle-loader… can’t trust them grown adult citizens with it, for them left/libtard Demo-rats.

  9. High Capacity Ammunition? These uneducated types, (journalists and politicians), will take any specific word and make it generic. To them any piece of heavy equipment painted CAT Yellow is a bull dozer. Or a John Deere excavator is a “Steam Shovel”, even though no steam shovel has been in use in their lifetime. Yes Joe, I said uneducated; as in, college does not offer education. It takes a real job in the real world to educate someone. As Ted Nugent points out: “I didn’t go to college, I was busy learning stuff.”.
    High Capacity Ammunition. From a low capacity mind.

  10. A quote from an oldie but goodie. “If you want it ,here it is, come and get it …do,do,do.” Name that tune folks.

  11. Teddy996 says:

    To add a bit of spice, a link to Tucker Carlson asking Rep. McCarthy about a specific provision of one of her former gun control bills. It’s powerful stuff.


    Damn over the shoulder barrel shrouds have killed too many people in this country.

  12. USMC Steve says:

    High capacity ammo has lots of extra powder in it.