Phony arrested by FBI

| January 26, 2011

1AirCav69 sends news that Bill Hillar, who I wrote about in November was finally arrested by the FBI. Hillar told students and teachers how he was the model for the Liam Neeson character in “Taken” who rescued his daughter from sex traders.

For years Hillar allegedly scammed universities, non-profit groups and law enforcement organizations by claiming his daughter was kidnapped by human traffickers in Asia and that he spent months in a failed effort to rescue her. He parlayed his “expertise” and faux Army Special Forces career into thousands of dollars in teaching and lecture fees.

Yeah, he was a Coast Guard dude, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the Coast Guard is a long ways away from a Special Forces colonel.

But his cover story began falling apart last year when the military veteran students Hillar was teaching in California began questioning his background….

Because it wasn’t until he talked to some veteran students that someone noticed there was something wrong with a hokey story like that? I blame Hollywood. There should be some kind of special training for people to get before they’re allowed to watch movies.

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  1. XBradTC says:

    Well, I was just getting set to email this to you. I knew you’d have it sooner or later.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Battle of Hoth campaign ribbon gave him away.

  3. I still think these phonies should get kicked in the Balls…oh yeah, I forgot, they don’t have any.

  4. Mike Yon says:

    Anyone who, like me, has spent more time in combat than most American soldiers would have spotted that fake in a minute (like Uncle Jimbo.)

  5. WOTN says:

    Anyone like me, who has taken as many pictures of NASCAR as I have, should be included in the Chase for the Championship.

    When, will NASCAR end their discriminatory point system, and recognize the true driving experts?

  6. Jonn Lilyea says:

    “True driving experts” like those of us who make it home from the drive-thru liquor stores twice every week?

  7. DaveO says:

    #6: I think “true driving experts” is a vague reference to folks who drive in LA or DC.

  8. fm2176 says:


    How about us driving experts that make it to work and home from the drive-thru daiquiri shop during the commute to and from work?

  9. WOTN says:

    No, no, no! Just because you’ve driven in the deadlocks of DC, NYC, SF, or LA does not mean you know how to drive!

    You’re not an expert, until you’ve covered a NASCAR race.

  10. Jonn Lilyea says:

    I think I got WOTN’s point. He’s referring to Michael Yon. No one’s an expert anything until they’ve taken pictures of it. I’m a little slow on the up swing, but I connect eventually.

  11. WOTN says:

    Perhaps the Busch League experts have taken pictures of those gridlocked streets you mention, but in the Sprint Series of experts, we stick to NASCAR.

  12. WOTN says:

    I would also like to point out that I have more combat experience than 90% of the Sprint Series drivers.

    (and have won more races than 10% of TAH readers)

  13. WOTN says:

    As long as I’m on a roll, I will also point out that Jonn is an expert on how to organize a protest because he has in fact taken pictures of so many protesters.

    And he knows more about the protest ideology than 90% of those that ideologically protest.

    Give credit where credit is due.