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| February 2, 2011

With the new promotion system going into affect combined with the reduced time for up or out is good idea to bring up the new online classes and what all Soldiers should know.

First of the old system ATIA is dead. Any courses taken after January 1st will not count. Considering that most of the classes were taken off ATIA leaving less then thirty classes. But any hours earned before the new year can be grandfathered in. Make sure that you keep a printed or electronic copy for S1. At this time the S1 cannot manually update them to your ERB and to present them prior to your board. At this time the only way that seems to work in added these hours to your ATTRS transcript is to contact the Army Training Help Desk that can be found My Training section. You can sent them screen shots of your old ATIA course list as well as what is current on you ATTRS. You can tell the classes that came from the old ATIA system because they will be taged with a ATSC – LMS identifier. Oh and that Army Warrior University Enrollments will not show any new classes that have been taken not using ATIA

The current system Army Learning Management System (ALMS) has been going through some changes. The time limit and number of chances you are given to pass your the test for the courses has been removed if registered through Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS). Instead you are given the option of downloading the class material in a PDF format that can be used when taken the test. Some computers have issues with displaying the course material and test at the same time. For this issue you have to download the PDF before you can be allowed to take the test.

Also this is a important part. If you want credit for your classes to show in your ATRRS transcripts and ERB, you must register in ATRRS. Signing up for classes in ALMS will not show up after you complete it at this time. This is important because the number of hours listed on your ERB sent directly from your ATRRS transcripts. Also any new classes will automatically be updated to ERB without having to go to your local S1 with the 20 point increase min.

There are some current issues with ALMS. When you complete a test make sure that you exit out correctly. Because if you do not do this, your exam will be recorded as incomplete. Even if you scored a 100. Some of the classes will have issues and I think I found one. I have taken and passed the exam at least ten times and no dice. I waiting on a reply from the ALMS and ATTRS support staff about this.

Hopes this helps, I wanted to do this since I spent the good part of January as a acting squad leader and getting my second Soldier of the Month board win. (Don’t get too excited, I was the only one competing this time. ). I am been working on the new ACCP system since that is one of my weak areas. This April will be five years in the Army and I want to become a NCO before my sixth year. Also people have been asking me questions about the new ACCP system so I figured that it would be a good subject to talk about.

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  1. Just A Grunt says:

    Since most of this post went completely over my head and was the equivalent of me reading Latin I went to look at some of the links to see what the Army was doing to the promotion system, which can only be described as the deranged scribblings of a Powerpoint® Ranger come to life.

    At one link I found some information that was very disturbing to me and that had to do with the awarding of promotion points based on awards like AAM and ARCOM’s. This makes it inherently unfair and if I may use an example from my career here is my case.

    I was a lifelong 11B, Infantryman however not all of my time was spent in Infantry units. I spent a little time in an MI (Military Intelligence) battalion originally I was sent to be the first sergeant of the LRSD (Long Range Surveillance Detachment) but once me and the CO had a falling out over the fact that I didn’t have a Ranger tab and had no desires to get one I wound up as NCOIC of the S3 shop. It was there that I met several E-5’s with MSM’s (Meritorious Service Medals) while I as a E-7 only had an ARCOM or two. I soon found out that in the MI community it was almost expected for soldiers to have an MSM by the time they reached E-5 with many of them receiving them as E-4’s The Infantry had a far different view of such things. Least you think I was some sort of slug let me remind you at the time I was an E-7 with 12 years of service that had been targeted to fill an E-8 position, and in fact the NCOIC position was also an E-8 position. A few years earlier I had been runner up as Ft Benning NCO of the Year, as well as being a honor grad out of BNCOC and ANCOC. All of that is ancient history I know as it occurred in the early to mid 90’s, but I am sure the same sort of thing exists today.

    By this awarding of points for the amount fruit you have in your salad they risk cheapening the awards system and also harming soldiers in those MOS’s where awards are not merely handed out on the basis of perfect attendance. Don’t get me wrong I am not begrudging those MI soldiers their MSM’s I am just saying there is a lot of ambiguity in how awards are earned and what might get you a certificate of appreciation in one unit might be worthy of a ARCOM in another.

  2. Jacobite says:

    Unfortunately J.A.G., the promotion system has been like that for close to 20 years now, and yes, it sucks. Sorry to see they haven’t fixed it yet.

  3. Sporkmaster says:

    But the big item is the college education points. I am losing 45 points under the current system and will lose another 25 with the new system. That is why I am putting this info out because there are many people in the same boat as me. Also I have only three awards that count for points besides my two COAs.

    JAG’ do you have a AKO account? The above that is easier to understand if you see the links but ALMS and ATTRS require AKO access to look at outside of screen shots. I got screwed because no one showed me how to use the ATIA system. I want to make sure that no one has to find them behind the power curve.

  4. Just A Grunt says:

    Sporkmeister, I don’t have an AKO account, and I know what you mean about the college education stuff too. There was a big push for that in the 90’s so I went to work on it.

    BTW all those college classes I took I have put to good use in the civilian world. Make sure any classes you take are going to translate into something worthwhile once you’re out. Women studies and dead French poets ain’t going to cut it.

  5. Fm2176 says:


    I know what you’re saying about awards but there is a cap on the number of points a soldier can have in each category anyway. I was maxed out for award points with a CIB, Air Assault, two ARCOMs, two AAMs, and one each GCM and COA. Another plus to being infantry is that our points are usually much lower than most other MOS’. I only had 500 or so for the E-5 board (only needed 351)
    and fewer than that for E-6.

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