Local VFW commander caught at Stolen Valor scam

| February 28, 2011

Robert L. Deppe, the local commander of the Lakeport, CA VFW resigned earlier this month because he couldn’t prove any of his claims about his military service;

Robert L. Deppe, 57, also was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of stealing money from a family member and replacing the $100 bills he took with phony money, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Deppe resigned this month two days after the VFW post asked him to authorize it to request his military records, said Kirk Macdonald, adjutant of VFW Post 2015. He’d been the commander three years.

Yeah, well, it looks like he doesn’t have ANY military service according to our friends at POW Network. But the best part of the story is this part;

Deppe is not on the roster for the U.S. Army, Company H, 75th Infantry, for 1971, as he claims, said William Page, who fought in Vietnam during the time Deppe claims to have been there and who occasionally works with the POW Network. Nor did the National Personnel Records Center have record of his service, said Page, who obtained the information under the Freedom of Information Act.

“We cannot find any record of him being in the military,” said Page, who was an infantryman during the war and now lives in Louisiana.

Page said he began looking into Deppe’s background in 2005 after he recognized his own story in Deppe’s autobiographical account of his year in Vietnam and how he earned his medals.

“I saw this story and I said, dang, this guy is talking just like me,” said Page, who has a combat infantryman’s badge and a Bronze Star, among other “little doodads.”

Page also found excerpts from the story of a man who saved his life in Vietnam and that of a man from his platoon who died.

The William Page in the article is a frequent commenter here at TAH, I won’t out his screen name, just take my word for it. In fact he linked me up with POW Network years ago. You know you’re a studly man when phonies start stealing your exploits, though.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    David Jenkinson: There are reasons a DD214 can become incorrect after the fact. It is not unheard of for an individual to be determined eligible for an award after his/her separation. The correct process in that case is for the individual to be issued a DD215 showing the correction.

    I frankly doubt that’s the case here, but it could be.

    However, a FOIA request typically includes units/ships of assignment and dates of assignment. From that, it should be possible to determine whether Kevin Martin qualifies for the Vietnam Service Medal (VSM) – and thus as an actual Vietnam Veteran. I’ve submitted a FOIA request on Martin, so we’ll soon know what official navy records show about his status re: the VSM and his claims of being a “Vietnam Veteran”.

    For what it’s worth: I understand Martin’s final ship of assignment was the USS Puget Sound. If he was assigned to that ship for his whole abbreviated enlistment – or if he was transferred to that ship before 1 February 1973 – then he’s simply not eligible. The USS Puget Sound never deployed to the area of eligibility (AOE) for the VSM. The USS Butte first departed Subic Bay for the VSM AOE on 6 February 1973.

    And as I’ve documented before, the USS Butte operations in Haiphong harbor in March/April alone don’t cut it; they occurred after the end of the period of eligibility for the VSM. So if Martin was assigned to the USS Butte but for some reason wasn’t physically on-board during February 1973 and/or the first two weeks of March 1973 (e.g., off-ship medical treatment, confinement, AWOL, leave, TAD, whatever), he’s also not eligible for the VSM. That’s the only period of time during which the USS Butte was ever in the VSM AOE.

  2. Hondo says:

    Comment 51 is mine. Posting from a different machine, and haven’t figured out how to permanently store ID information on same without opening the door to tracking by all sites – which I refuse to do.

  3. TPM says:

    I, for one, will keep an eye for when Hondo posts the FOIA findings. I was a peace time Infantryman (1981-1987). My dad was floored that I enlisted, being a long-haired weed-smoking teen. Ending up with novice wings thrilled him so much, he and mum drove down to graduation. Pittsburgh to Benning is a LONG haul. They grew up in the UK and did not not dig driving in the States. Those ‘bits of metal and coloured ribbons’ have a very high value, indeed. Joey (RIP) was an airborne medic and Tony did 6 years in the signal corps.

    We could of all been cooks or whatever and our folks would of been every bit as proud. To me, THAT is what punishment for SV is all about. Ain’t no nit-picking about it, “Either you’se a virgin or not. If not, no one wants to hear your excuses” Rock on POW network, TAH, and all the cats keeping it as honest as they can in a sadly dishonest world.

  4. Dave Jenkinson says:

    Well, it took one phone call to confirm that McBride is one of the last friends Martin still has. Sad state of affairs that he will go down with the ship even though he was never in the service. Just say goodbye Kevin goodbye. Dave

  5. Dave Jenkinson says:

    #24 Kevin Martin post about operation Duck Hook April 1973.

    Kissenger recommended against Duck Hook on 17 October . On 1 November 1969, Nixon himself decided to abandon it. This was reportedly because:
    there were reservations about Duck Hook’s potential effectiveness;
    public support for the war continued to decline;
    there were signs of political slippage; and
    Defense Secretary Melvin Laird and Secretary of State William P. Rogers opposed military escalation[2]

    At the same time that he cancelled Duck Hook, it seems that Nixon embarked on a new strategy to start a “series of increased [nuclear] alert measures designed to convey to the Soviets an increasing readiness by U.S. strategic forces,” according to Kissinger aide Col. Alexander Haig.

  6. Dave Jenkinson says:

    #24 Kevin Martin said End Sweep Unit. operation END SWEEP information
    for MAG-36

    From date 730413 to 730730

    MAG-36 was a US Marine Corps unit
    MAG-24 was a US Marine Corps unit
    HMH-462 was a US Marine Corps unit
    USS DUBUQUE was a US Navy unit
    Primary service involved, US Marine Corps
    Operation END SWEEP
    North Vietnam
    Location, Haiphong Harbor
    Description: Marine helicopters were used in the mine clearing operations in NVN harbors and elsewhere. MAG-36 assets including CH-53s, CH-46s, and UH-1Es on board at least USS DUBUQUE (LPD-8) plus CH-53Ds from MAG-24 were committed to assist the Navy in the mine clearning task. Early in the development of the CH-53, it was acknowledged that the aircraft was suitable for tow operations in a mine countermeasures roles. As a result, hard points were incorporated to allow for towing of a mine detonating apparatus. For the NVN operation, the CH-53s used a Magnetized Orange Pipe (MOP). CH-46s perform SAR, photographic documentation, and logistics missions with the UH-1Es involved in the C&C effort.

    The source for this information was The Marines in Vietnam Anthology P:200, 208

  7. Dave Jenkinson says:

    I can e-mail copy of Kevin E Martin DD 214 that shows his signature, No Vietnam Service, No Medals other than National Defense. Send request to Davesdrb@aol.com

    From my two last Post, K would lie about the day of the week. Dave

  8. Hondo says:

    Dave Jenkinson: thanks, but not needed. I have already submitted the FOIA on Martin. I had all the info I needed for same.

    As I noted above, it’s possible Martin was determined to rate additional awards after his separation. I kinda doubt it in this case, but it’s possible. His records should show that definitively.

    For what it’s worth: as indicated above in comment 34 above, the USS Butte’s official history does show it entering Haiphong harbor in Mar and Apr 1973, presumably to support END SWEEP. The USS Butte spent a total of 6 days there. So if Martin was actually assigned to the USS Butte and was on-board for that time frame, he’s actually been to Vietnam. He just went there after the end of the VSM period of eligibility and thus has no right to call himself a “Vietnam Veteran” if that’s the only time he ever entered the VSM area of eligibility.

    Hopefully the FOIA results will come back soon. Assuming the results are definitive, I’ll write up a short something and ask Jonn to post it – either way – when I get the results. And the FOIA results should be both definitive and complete; no Navy records were affected by the 1973 records fire in St Louis, which in any case occurred before Martin’s discharge.

  9. Dave Jenkinson says:

    Greetings: Some Democrats in Athens County has not heard his stories/Truth about service, but they are hearing facts. In addition to contributions of lesser amounts, Maiden’s report lists more than two dozen contributions of $100 or more. Included were contributions of $100 each from Deborah McDonald of Millfield, Frederick Drake of Columbus, Mike Brooks of Nelsonville, David Kline and Dale Warton of Nelsonville, Claire “Buzz” Ball, Frank Lavelle, “Kevin Martin”, Mary Anne Flournoy, Leonard Eliason and Brad Jeffers of Athens, Jesse McKee of (Dowler Ridge) New Marshfield and Ray Huffman of Amesville; of $250 each, from Guy Philips, Carol Blue and Bruce and Susan Mitchell of Athens; of $300, from Robert Kirkley of Delaware; of $400 each, from Brent Hayes of Guysville and Matt Gaiser of Albany; of $500 each, from Deana McKinley and Scott Cunningham of Albany, Floyd Cozort and Les Cornwell of Athens, Tom McGuire of Coolville and Daniel Buck (and Trista Black) of Guysville; of $900, from Jesse McKee of (Becker Road) New Marshfield; of $1,000, from Don Birchfield of Vermillion.

  10. Dave Jenkinson says:

    Greetings: Off line I was asked why I put the above story of Democrat party contributions. You ask about any member of the Athens County Democratic Party about Martin and they will tell you he is a Vietnam Veteran, ask customers of his Lawn and Gardening company and you can see for yourself at http://www.hilltopgunclub.com
    His concealed carry company.

    All of this shows his for profit side. Its the residents of New Marshfield, Ohio who convinced me to keep digging. First home the man said: Honey this is the man we have been praying for over ten years. I had just shared with him I was looking for the anti-Veteran movenment that Martin claimed threatening him and the Post 8804 Quartermaster. Martin had told State of Ohio Fire Marshal it was the residents who benefited by the fire on the property he is trying to steal for Future Home of VFW Post #8804.Phoney Veterans live good do to lies about their military service, I’m certain everyone here has seen this before.

  11. Peas Porrige Hot says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I have been contacted by a friend of a friend in Athens County Ohio about alligations being made by Dave Jenkinson concerning Kevin Martin.
    I will be posting on this website in counter defense of Kevin. I served with him from our time of Engineman A School in the Great Lakes untill our departure from the Butte after we left Vietnam and Panama.
    Dave Jenkinson is mentally ill and has caused a tremendous about of grief for a multitued of people in and around the state of Ohio. Jenkinson during a recent phone call to a VFW officers home at 10:30 in the evening told said officer “to get fucked I’ll fuck your wife and go fuck yourself in the ass” after that person told him to never call his house again.
    There are probably 50 of these sort of attacks Jenkinson is doing and saying to anyone who doesnt want to talk to him or be involved with him.
    I ask the operators and or moderators to be more careful as to what you are allowing Jenkinson to do on your website. We all need to stand strong for our fellow veteran however by standing by a mental heath person who is causing terror and fear in people is just wrong.

  12. OWB says:

    Are we having fun yet?

    Ya gotta love all the folks coming out of the woodwork making unsubstantiated claims. It seems to be the one constant we can count on. Every time.

  13. Hondo says:

    “Peas Porridge Hot.” WTF kind of screen name is that, amigo?

    You might want to read the whole discussion above, fella. There may be some serious holes in Martin’s story – and there is reason to doubt that he’s entitled to call himself a Vietnam Veteran.

    As I’ve said before: if he wasn’t on board the USS Butte between approx 8 Feb 1973 and approx 3 Mar 1973, well, he simply ain’t a Vietnam Veteran. Eligibility for the VSM ended on 28 March 1973 – the same day the USS Butte departed Subic for Haiphong. There’s no way the USS Butte made it into the VSM Area of Eligibility that day. Service in the defined area of eligibility after 28 March 1973 doesn’t count – and the USS Butte didn’t enter Haiphong harbor until 31 March 1973.

    Soon enough I’ll have the results of a FOIA on Martin. When it comes in, I’ll write up a short blurb and ask Jonn to post it.

  14. Dave Jenkinson says:

    Finally, the shouts of a drowning man. Hey, since VA gave me some happy pills, I’m good to go. In long lines at Kroger’s, I’ve been known to step aside so those older than me can go on. Only take it at bed time, do it sooner and you’ll nod off, no I will not share. Dave

    Looks like Jr. has shown up again, thought he would have been here sooner, heard Kevin got a cease order from fellow in Columnus.Finally some fun.

  15. Peas Porridge Hot says:

    To OBW in response,

    how would you suggest that I or anyone else who is tired of the unrentless mindless and foolish attempts by Dave Jenkinson to discredit Kevin go about, not making “unsubstainted claims?”
    I have very carefully read every word written here on this website and what Jenkinson has written to county commish’es, not for profit board of trustees, veterans service boards, VFW members and VFW local-district-state and local line officers, radio, newsprint, blogs and social media outlets, county elected officials and private individuals?
    Im under the impression this web site can hang some out to dry without checking facts first before they let some totally unknown fool and loud mouth such as Jenkinson spout lies and untruths about a person.
    Dave Jenkinson admits that he is under medical care and guidence for his mental health issues by the Veterans Administration so that should be taken into consideration as to his ability to know the difference between good and evil and or right and wrong.

    Dave Jenkinson has written that Kevin Martin has a cease order from some fellow in Columnus, the word is Columbus dumbass, so please gentlemen and Jenkinson if Kevin has such an order I and others request that it is to be posted on this website for all to see immedietly!


  16. Peas Porridge Hot says:

    Feb. 24-25 Dave Jenkinson challenges Kevin Martins son to an altercation in Columbus Ohio. Son Martin warns Jenkinson that he is doing telephone harassment which is against the law in Ohio.
    Feb. 25 Dave Jenkinsonn states that Kevin Martin is seen wearing Vietnam Service and Purple Heart medals at funerals and that he (Martin) has been banned for life from membership at the local American Legion.
    Feb. 27. Dave Jenkinson floods Mary Schantag (POWNETWORK.ORG) with a flurry of mindless and non-issue complaints and rants concerning Martin’s ability to belong to a VFW. Mary more or less sugguests to Jenkinson that she doesnt have time to deal with him.. Unknown to Jenkinson Chuck Schantang is dying in the local hospital the same time he is “strongly sugguesting” that she (Mary) start posting the “truth” about Kevin and asks why isnt she posting.
    Now people here on this website I ask you is this the sort of person you want to be involved with while “Outing” supposed phony veterans?
    Trust me there is much more to come including that late in the night April 18th 2012 a red Ford truck was seen stuffing photocopies of a context from Kevin Martin’s USA Bando website in folded up envelopes in peoples mailboxes in and around the area of New Marshfield Ohio. A local deputy sheriff stated in a Crime Watch meeting in the same town that a federal crime was committed by doing such as illegially placing unstamped letters in a mailbox. The deputy sugguested the reciepents contact the FBI and the Postal Service.
    David M. Jenkinson drive a red Ford truck fitting the exact description.

  17. Peas Porridge Hot says:

    excuse me, that was to read, “a person seen driving a red Ford truck,” not a red Ford truck was seen.”

  18. NHSparky says:

    PPH…if you’re calling out Mary Schantag, you’re barking up the wrong tree. And for future reference, try having a point and communicating it without sounding like a booger-eating moron, would you? Trying to read your posts makes my brain hurt.

  19. Peas Porridge Hot says:

    To NHS Sparky, dude what are you talking about? I have no tree to bark with Mary and if you would have read my post it says that Jenkinson was bothering her not me.
    And I assure you if you had the courage to call me a booger eating moron I dont think you would do it to my face. Your brain must be very small indeed if you think my posts are causing you to have a headache.

  20. NHSparky says:

    I’m still wondering why you two are having a dick measuring contest here. The problem is that your posts read like some monkey banged on a keyboard and that somehow my brain is smaller because I don’t really want to waste the time to decipher your blathering?

    Both of ya’ll need to run along. This horsey ain’t just dead, its carcass is pretty much flat.

  21. Peas Porridge Hot says:

    UPDATE: Dave Jenkinson the self proclaimed exposure of Kevin Martin as a phony veterans is the issue here. Although Martin’s discharge paper does not show he was indeed on the U.S.S. Butte or have had served in both South and North Vietnam water’s I will testify in a court of law that he did indeed, as did I.
    Now lete up take some more of your reading pleasure time about David M. Jenkinson.
    Feb. 20 2012. Jenkinson sends out mass emails to many unwarrented recieptients claiming that, ” two local newspapers this week is going to expose Martin. I (Jenkinson) contacted Columbus Police Department, Columbus Dispatch (news paper) FBI, Have contacted Cleveland Plains Dealer, (newspaper). Claims District VFW 12 Commander Mulligan is involved in a “Cover up.” *****After calling both local news desk reporters of the above mentioned newspapers I was told that they had no intentions of printing anything about Kevin Martin based on some frightening telephone calls from a known “nut case!”*******
    March 3 2012. Dave Jenkinson approaches a VFW in Albany Ohio to speak to the post commmander. He was promptly told that he had no business there and that the commander had no comment. Jenkinson rushes to his key board and accuses the post commander who is also the District 12 Commander of being involved in a “Cover up.”
    March 3 or 4 2012. Jenkinson arrives at another VFW in The Plains Ohio to speak to the post commander about Kevin Martins cover up by the local district and state VFW officers. Jenkinson runs into the wrong person and is told he has no business being involved with VFW issues-that he is causing undue embaressment within the entire VFW organization-that what business was it of his-that Kevin Martin brought fresh ideas and had kept Post 8804 from closing and to prove that he (Jenkinson) is a veteran. Jenkinson is then asked to show his discharge papers. Dave leaves in a huff after being told he is a loud mouth a trouble maker and is an embaressment to all veterans. Jenkinson goes on a rant the same day with his idiotic emails that he sends to mass media outlets and veteran service officers and offices. Again he accuses the VFW State and National line officers in being involved in a “Cover up.”
    Davin Jenkinson visited a local newspaper building in an attempt to see a person. He was told she was not available. Later that night he called her late at home and demanded she prove that Kevin Martin was in Vietnam. This is the same Dave Jenkinson that called up the Quarter Master of VFW Post 8804 and told him to go fuck hisself in the ass.
    Peas Porridge is getting Hotter!

  22. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Why don’t all of you send me your DD214s and let me sort this out instead of throwing fingers. I don’t have a dog in this fight and don’t care how it turns out.

  23. Peas Porridge Hot says:

    UPDATE: Dave Jenkinson thinks he has a local Ohio VFW post Commander busted for being a Phony Veteran. There are those who jumped on Jenkinson’s band wagon to play along. Its called “Hang em out to dry” before we have all the evidence.
    I a friend of said accused veteran, Commander Kevin Martin VFW Post 8804 New Marshfield Ohio will continue to spill the beans about Martin’ accusers. There will be others posting in near time about Jenkinson.
    Martin does not deny that his DD214 does not show his time spent in Vietnam onboard the United States Navy ship USS Butte (AE-27) however in the rest of his military record and Administrative Remarks it states Martin was in both South and North Vietnam from Jan 1 to April 18 1973.

    Feb. 26 2012: Dave Jenkinson posts on Yahoo Group that Kevin Martin “did not get PTSD from being in a BRIG. Kevin was never in a brig while serving in the Navy.
    Feb. 27 2012: Jenkinson posts on social media sites on in his mass emails that, “Local Athens Messenger & Athens News -paper will do a “Front Page” cover story on Martin. Where is that front page story?
    Mar. 4 2012: Jenkinson states in another mass email to POWNETWORK and others, “Kevin Martin is telling people that ( I ) Jenkinson is accused of stealing from the National Leaque of Families POW-MIA.
    I ask you the moderators of your website. does this sound like a sane and rational man to you?

    Dave Jenkinson started this fight with Kevin and others. Kevin and others intend to end the fight in an honorable way, not the way Jenkinson does by being a coward and hiding behind opaque shields!

    Peas Porridge Hot

  24. Dave Jenkinson says:

    Greetings: Thank you all for what you do. This site is important and as you see from the above Post, the battle for truth must continue.

    Ohio VFW has given Martin 60 days to comply with of providing proof he is a Vietnam Veteran. Start date was March 1, 2012.

  25. Hondo says:

    All reading this thread probably should read this one as well:


    Turns out Mr. Martin actually IS a Vietnam Veteran. Per the NPRC and official Navy records, he indeed rates the VSM.

  26. Hondo says:

    Peas Porridge Hot: A DD214 will not show a full record of assignments. That’s documented elsewhere in a person’s military records.

    However, as noted in the article cited in comment 76, official Navy records on-file at the NPRC show Martin did serve on the USS Butte and did qualify for the VSM. This presumably means he was on-board for that portion of the USS Butte’s late 1972/early 1973 cruise that actually qualified the USS Butte’s crew for the VSM.

    Martin’s service in Vietnam after 28 Mar 1973 is irrelevant. That’s after the end date for the VSM and doesn’t qualify him for the medal – or as a Vietnam Veteran. However, his earlier service on the USS Butte (early Feb to early Mar 1973, when the USS Butte supported operations within the defined area of eligibility for the VSM) does. That occurred before the end date of VSM eligibility.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been following this thread from the beginning and finally feel compelled to comment.

    It is obvious to anyone reading this saga with an objective mind that Mr. Jenkinson and Mr. Strischek have engaged in a coordinated slander campaign against Mr. Martin due to his opening of a gun range that they don’t like. It is abundantly clear is that both of them have had their asses handed to them publicly by a FOIA request posted by Hondo above.

    I want to be very clear about something. We all get very passionate about individuals who lie about their military service, and rightfully so. What is necessary is an equally strong reaction against lunatics who try to destroy a legitimate veteran’s legacy. I would expect Mr. Jenkinson and Mr. Strischek to publicly apologize on this website for their behavior, to acknowledge that Mr. Martin is a legitimate U.S. veteran, and further I would expect the members of this site to hold them accountable for their actions. It is only fair and just that we defend exonerated victims of slander as vociferously as we pursue those who lie about their service to the country.

  28. Hondo says:

    Anonymous (@78): Let me clarify one point regarding your comment 78 above. Mr. Martin has to my knowledge NEVER provided any official documentation to anyone that backs his claims to Vietnam Veteran status. His Dec 1973 DD214 – which I have seen (a copy was sent to me unsolicited) – does NOT show him having been awarded the Vietnam Service Medal. No VSM means someone is a Vietnam-era Vet – and NOT a Vietnam Vet. Further, Mr. Martin’s comments above indicate he does not have any official documentation showing him being awarded the VSM. As far as I know, he still does not possess such documentation.

    It is eminently reasonable for anyone viewing only Mr. Martin’s Dec 1973 DD214 to conclude he is lying about being a Vietnam Veteran. His DD214 from Dec 1973 clearly indicates that he does not qualify as a Vietnam Veteran, as it does not show award of the VSM. Mr. Martin really needs to obtain an updated document – either a reissued DD214 showing all of his awards, or a DD215 – that clearly documents his entitlement to the VSM (and thus Vietnam Veteran’s status). To date, I don’t believe he has done so.

    The fact that some of the other information Mr. Martin provided above was (to be charitable) not entirely accurate or consistent also aggravated the issue above. Frankly, until I got the FOIA I was pretty much convinced that Mr. Martin’s claims were false based on the other “holes” in his story – because stories with that many holes often are bogus. In this case, Martin’s story was the exception to the general rule and turned out to be true.

    Yes, Mr. Martin is probably owed an apology from Mr. Jenkinson and Mr. Strischek. But I can’t say I’d blame them much if they didn’t apologize. Based on what Mr. Martin provided them as documentation for his claims, Mr. Martin did not qualify as a Vietnam Veteran. His Dec 1973 DD214 clearly identifies him as a Vietnam-era Veteran.

  29. Peas Porridge Cold says:

    Ben Frankin probably America’s most knowledgable Fore Father said quite often, “take care of thy shop and thy shop will take care of thee.” Franklin was talking about his print shop. He knew his shop meant money and public interaction acknowledgement and status. Ben Franklin had status.

    Kevin E. Martin has status.

    In response to the person who lurks behind the screen name of Hondo here on this web site admits that many people led and influenced by Dave Jenkinson and Ray Strichek called Mr. Martin a “Phony Veteran.”

    Kevin has had and has a sever case of Vietnam Syndrome or Vietnam Stress as it was called during and after the Vietnam War. His doctor at VA Athens Ohio told him in 2009 you are affected with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and not in a good way. As his friend I have watched Kevin go from a young innocent hillbilly boy in his home town of New Marshfield Ohio who left to “Nam” to return as some rather strange and unique individual. Kevin came home fucked up! He would say when he was “flipping out” about some flashback what are they going to do send me back to Vietnam? Locals around Southeastern Ohio said Kevin was ate up.

    He helped start the first Vietnam Veterans Association Chapter 100 in Athens Ohio. Just ask his accuser Ray Strischek he knows as he was there. Kevin helped to start the first ever Vietnam veterans rap group in the entire United States in Athens Ohio at the state mental health center. There were a tremendous amount of veterns coming home from Nam who were way out and far out and many of those who were out of their minds lived in Athens city and Athens County Ohio.

    Kevin Martin’s best friend was killed in Vietnam.

    From what I have understood of the Lets Hang Kevin out to Dry by Jenkinson and Strischek story is those two punks ratted Kevin out to anyone they could get the attention of. Their story says Kevin Martin is a phony veteran, a thief, a scoundral, manic and some some other choice words which i wont list. This website decieded to just the fray and turn the tempature up on a man no one here has ever seen. You are total strangers to Kevin Martin his family and friends and the thousands of people in Southestern Ohio love and respect him but not doing your homework first. Or as our fore fathers said, ‘dont go off half cocked,”

    I saw and watched Kevin Martin in 1996 train for 6 months in the Bando system of full contact bare knuckle knockout boxing, I mean full contact! Kevin sparred 350 rounds with his students and others to get prepared to go to a kickboxing challange out of his state. It was another veteran who had a bone to pick. Martin took the pick and told the dude i’ll be out. It is best to learn your enemies enemies. The fight lasted 3 rounds before Martin put his opponent out on the floor.

    Kevin Martin has never in the 50 years I have known him ever brag about Vietnam, hell he doesnt talk about it much to this day. The Athens VA clinic doctor has helped turn this man into a calmer less anxous dangerous man into a calmer person that is nice to be around. He has never worn any military medal other then his Good Conduct and Vietnam Service Medal and I think he wore that at his uncles funerals.

    I hope and pray that for the sake of you those who chastise and terrorise and stress Mr. Martin than any of you could walk a mile in his shoes. At the near age of 60 Kevin is one of the toughest hardest smartest loyal person you might ever meet. Hell one time he drove a vehicle for Prince Abdulla as security, challanged Lynn Thompson owner of Cold Steel Knives to a fist fight and was the first ever and only Chief Instructor: Ka-Bar Knives.

    Mort Ward, Commander of Ohio Department of VFW has recently ordered all 12 District Commanders to stand down on any talk about Mr. Martin. The issue with Ohio and National VFW is Martin is indeed a Vietnam Veteran who is to now wear his Service Campaign Ribbon for this coming Memorial Day Service in New Marshfield Ohio.

    Martin’ family business has donated to the tune of $50,000 in Southeastern Ohio with a group founded by Martin, called Southeastern Ohio Veterans Memorial Support Group. All of these resources were in direct support of dead or living veterans and their widows and family.

    Never once has he ever in his or others lives mislead any person as a phony veteran. You, Dave Stinkinson and Ray Stretches-It all need to man up and quit hiding behind your opaque shields and issue Kevin Martin a public appology.

    I assure you that Kevin Martin will be paying a visit to Dave and Ray. You ought to pray for them both!

  30. OWB says:

    Fascinating. We seem to be in the midst of a soap opera here.

    So, the official paperwork may support a technical claim of being a Viet Nam vet, but it does not support a claim to have been in country, exposed to that which the grunts on the ground, or those fired upon in airships or ships asea, those folks we all generally recognize as being the vets who suffered, had to endure.

    Thanks, Peas, for clarifying for us that we really should hold relatively little sympathy for a guy who you are now telling us suffers from things to which he was never exposed.

    Meanwhile, it’s a local issue. Y’all handle it in your own neighborhood. But, having failed to provide proof, which as Hondo has already pointed out he has evidently STILL not provided, he would be ordered out of my VFW as well. It is required documentation, which anyone involved with the group can and should demand be shared prior to being inducted in as a member.

    Don’t want to follow the rules of the group? Fine. Don’t whine when others expect it of you.

    There are lots of fine folks walking around out there. Many never served in the military at all. They also are not eligible to join the VFW.

    So, in summary, my only concern with this mess is that someone who has not provided documentation to prove eligibility to become a member of the VFW has been taking advantage of the benefits of membership. That is not honorable behavior, and not something for which those who questioned his credentials need appologize here or anywhere else as far as I am concerned.

  31. WOTN says:

    I have to say that the behavior exhibited in this thread is a discredit to ALL of those directly involved in the dispute, the VFW Post, as well as the District & VFW of the State of Ohio.

    As it reflects poorly on the VFW itself, that 3 of its members would use such a public forum to air their differences, it also effects me, as a member of the VFW.

    The bottom line is this: the accused has been awarded the VSM, hence has earned membership in the FRATERNITY of the VFW.
    It appears that he was previously unable to demonstrate conclusive proof of that. At this point it doesn’t matter who all is in that line of failures. His eligibility has now been proved, thanks to the integrity and research of Hondo.

    As to who did more and in what way for Veterans, that does not impact the eligibility for membership. In reality all of that is tarnished by this episode.

    There is a procedure within the VFW, to challenge eligibility, as well as make allegations of wrongdoing of fellow members. Airing your dirty laundry and disputes in such a public forum brings discredit to the Fraternity of Warriors, and should be avoided. Frankly, this episode sounds more like the antics of High School girls, than a healthy post.

    And then you’ll ask: “How do we attract the new generation of Veterans?” Look at your behavior, and ask if you would want to join such an organization, as an outsider looking in on this dispute.

  32. Ray Strischek says:

    To Kevin Martin:

    Congratulations. I have received the first documented evidence to support your claim of being a “blue water” Vietnam Veteran. A Freedom of Information request was sent and received providing proof that you were actually on the USS Butte just in time to be included among the ranks of those aboard to be eligible for the VSM.

    My doubt about your eligibility was based first and foremost on the DD-214 you filed with the court house in 1974 which showed no VSM award, which mentioned only the USS Puget Sound as a duty station, which listed an RE-4 reenlistment code, and a rank of E-3 at the time of your discharge in 1973. Also creating doubt was your post on the USS Butte web site where you claimed to be an E-4 while your DD-214 said you were an E-3 upon your discharge in 1973.

    Against that was your often repeated claim of having:

    “military credentials and combat status while serving in the United States Navy with awards and honor in both South and North Vietnam during the Vietnam War 1973 to 1974.”

    Your DD-214 showed no “combat status” or “awards” for same, and your DD-214 says you were discharged in 1973 and not in either South or North Vietnam in 1974.

    Usually, for someone to claim “combat status” in Vietnam, they offer up things like their earned Combat Action Ribbon, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Silver Star, Navy Cross, or Medal of Honor as proof of said “combat status”. Neither A Vietnam Service Medal nor even a Vietnam Campaign Ribbon is immediate evidence of actual “combat status”. Lot’s of people who actually served inside Vietnam spent a great deal of time in the rear with the gear, perhaps having to put up with incoming rocket, artillery, or mortar fire, but never being in a position to return fire, which (receiving and returning fire) is what is required to earn the Marine Corps Combat Action Ribbon or its other branch of service equivalent. And of course, as a “blue water” Vietnam Veteran, you never actually set foot ” in” either North or South Vietnam.

    Except for the 54 days I spent at Khe Sanh during the siege, where I earned my Combat Action Ribbon, the rest of my 2 years, 3 months, and 20 days of in-country Vietnam Service was spent in the rear with the gear in Da Nang. And yes, even while in Da Nang there was the occasional incoming rocket and mortar attacks but it was always a case of watching them sail overhead on their way to fuel tanks and aircraft on the airstrip across the road. I feel for all those all those in country vets who had to hunker down under such attacks and got no award to show for it except those who got purple hearts from shrapnel.

    The information received via the Freedom of Information Act request does not change your dates of service, so I think it is pretty safe to say you were never in either North or South Vietnam in 1974. The information does say you earned a VSM, but no Combat Action Ribbon, no Purple Heart, no Bronze or Silver Star, no Navy Cross, no Medal of Honor, and therefore no proof of “combat status” as far as I can see.

    The second issue that made me doubt your credibility was your attempt to squat the old Hill Top Gun Club property. You have never provided any proof that you have a deed or lease to that property and no such deed or lease of you as owner is as yet recorded in the Athens County Court House. You claimed you just wanted that property for the future home of the VFW Post 8804 and had no intention of trying to re-open the gun range but there is substantial documented evidence to show re-opening the gun range was in fact what you intended and still intend to do. The neighbors protested. The club house got burned down. You claimed having received death threats from a hostile anti-veteran group among the neighbors. You went to war against your Post’s Women’s Auxiliary. You sent out your own self styled Cease and Desist orders to people who opposed your plans to reopen that gun range.

    As I see it, you were attempting to move your Non Profit VFW Post from a squat at an abandoned gas station to a squat of the HTGC Club House, basically to get yourself a gun range for your personal for profit Carry Concealed Weapons Instruction business. In the process, you unnecessarily burnt a lot of bridges between yourself, the neighbors living around the HTGC property, and your relatives in the Post’s Women Auxiliary. How you expect such behavior to help you rebuild your two active member VFW Post is a mystery to me, yet, I hope you can or will at least try to rebuild your bridges with the community and the Women’s Auxiliary and proceed henceforth in a honest and above board manner to rebuild that Post.

    So, bottom line, through the Freedom Of Information Act, we have been able to establish your claim of being a “blue water” Vietnam Veteran. though not for the year of service you claim (1974), nor your claimed “combat status and honor and awards”, but, yes, after 39 years, you finally have documented evidence to support your claim of being a Vietnam Veteran.


    Ray Strischek

  33. Hondo says:

    Peas Porridge Whatever:

    Someone who comments here regularly using a consistent screen name is not “lurking”, dipstick. If you’re going to make a feeble attempt at insulting somebody, at least use the terms correctly in your insult.

    If you’re referring to my use of the screen name “Hondo” here, remember: you’re assuming that I’m using a screen name. Assuming often makes an ass out of the one making the assumption. And in any case, what name I use while commenting, or whether I choose to post anonymously, is my freaking business – not yours. Judge the words, not the name associated with them.

    And quit lying about what I said here.

    Above, I said nothing about who influenced the opinions of others, or about who influenced me. Others can speak for themselves; I’ll speak for myself.

    A combination of documentary evidence (Martin’s Dec 1973 DD214) and Martin himself initially convinced me – wrongly, as it turns out – that he was a liar. Martin contributed to this assessment through his blowhard, self-serving, and inaccurate comments above. I fully expected NPRC to expose him as a false claimant to Vietnam Veteran status. However, I also promised above to make the results of my FOIA request public on receipt; I live up to my word. When my FOIA request came back with what were to me surprising results, I made it available as I’d promised.

    I have no interest in a local dispute hundreds of miles away from where I live; that’s not my business. However, as a veteran I do have interest in exposing phony claimants to military honors and status – as well as in exonerating those who are falsely accused of making phony claims. That’s precisely and solely why I got involved in this matter.

    Per official Navy and NPRC records, it appears that Mr. Martin is indeed a Vietnam Veteran. But as WOTN notes above, Martin still has not complied with VFW rules regarding providing proof of eligibility for membership. I have no idea if the results of my FOIA request regarding him will suffice or not. If he asks, I’ll send him a copy of the FOIA results – just as I would anyone else who asked. It’s publicly-available information.

    A last point: you, Pease Porridge Whatever, are one hypocritical jerk. You have an obvious bias and agenda here, and castigate those who are neutral because they didn’t support your guy. Further, you attempt to put words in others mouths; you also gloat because your guy was “proven right”. Remember this, numbnuts: he was only proven right through the efforts of others – who did something Martin could and should have done himself years ago. He still needs to obtain proper documentation of his status.

    So now, why don’t you run along like a good little boy. Go home to your basement – or your mommy’s basement – and flog your log in celebration of your “victory” like the immature jackass you are. Enjoy.

    Then just STFU. I can and will speak for myself. I don’t need tools like you trying to speak for me.

  34. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Jonn, PLEEEASE make this all go away!?! It’s making my head hurt, and with a melon the size of mine, you’re talking some real pain!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Hondo, you are a self-righteous prick and bully on a two-bit website that specializes in drama queen gossip and unsubstantiated slander. That makes you cooler than the other kids in the neighborhood. Congratulations on achieving the rank of Official Internet Armchair Douchebag.

  36. Hondo says:

    Anonymous (@86): you’re entitled to your opinion, as am I. And my opinion is that you should go fornicate yourself. Now. With an ocotillo stalk.

  37. NHSparky says:

    Yat–see my comment @ 68. See what it got me?

    Anon, Porridge, or whoever you are, STFU and let it go already.

  38. Kevin Martin says:

    I am done with this pony show once and for all. I think my supporters who ever they are.
    I can tell you Mr. Hando that you and Stinkinson and Stretch-It can come to my town and we will go hang out and then settle this once and for all.
    You have the courage to talk potty mouth on this screen and call people jerks,inmature, liar, blowhard, self serving, dipstick and the list goes on and on.
    I find that one heck of a way to run a public social site for the entire world to read and see.
    Dave Jenkinson and Ray Strischek started this fight. I intended to end it, but I will end it on my terms not yours or theirs!
    And who knows I might walk up and knock on your front door some day!
    Fuck you and the horses you all rode in on!
    Kevin Martin

  39. Hondo says:

    Kevin Martin: Interesting. I prove your claim that you are indeed a Vietnam Veteran, and then you tell me to get fucked. Interesting way to express gratitude to someone who helped you out. Takes all kinds, I guess.

    I’ll take your rant in comment #89 as a “no thanks” to my offer of a copy of the FOIA results proving you actually qualify as a Vietnam Veteran. That’s OK by me. Good luck proving that claim with your Dec 1973 DD214 alone. And you’re on your own in getting any updated documents as far as I’m concerned.

    I also really wouldn’t recommend you show up at anyone’s door without being invited.

  40. NHSparky says:

    So much for gratitude, Hondo. Eff ’em all.

  41. Dave Jenkinson says:

    Greetings: My full name is David M Jenkinson, I’m a Vietnam Era Veteran, I joined US Army 11/65 – 11/68, spent my time in US and Germany. Only Veterans group I joined was Athens Chapter Vietnam Veterans of America. I was looking for an answer, over 18 years later I went home. Still active in Veterans issues but, I chose issues I work on.

    Never claimed to be a VFW member, here or anywhere else, joined once the Legion/AMVETS to be heard on their floor about our state mandate of having County Veterans Offices in all 88 counties. After finally understanding who is Veterans of Ohio worst enemy, chose to pick where I can do best good, the Big Four fought reform for over twenty five years; Legion, AMVETS,VFW and DAV in that order, they are the enemy of VIET NAM WAR Veterans, at least in Ohio.

    On April 24, 2012 Kevin Edward Martin post on #80 makes some wild claims; of starting VVA #100, Vietnam veterans rap group in the entire United States in Athens Ohio at the state mental health center, best friend was killed in Vietnam- never heard that claim before.

    These are but a few of his lies, only thing I saw out of Km was if there was a fundraiser, KM would be there, making a dollar.

    The men and women of #100 thought that the Rap Group would help me in my life. At first meeting the notice on the door said; Vietnam Veteran’s Rap group. When Team Leader called upon me, I had raised my hand, I told him I was not a Vietnam Veteran. He told me I did not have to be in denial, everyone at first laughed and then someone said; Dave is not in denial, he was so far in the rear with the gear, he was in Germany. Martin was not present. At next meeting sign said; Veterans Rap group, Team Leader helped to save my life, Martin was never present for rest of year.

    The one person more surprised than me, was Martin, when you proved he was Vietnam Veteran.

    For KM or anyone to claim that this issue of looking at Martin, is only about his attempt to control 3.5 acres for his CCW class, is sadly mistaken.

    For direct talk Davesdrb@aol.com

    Once again, many thanks for what you do. Dave

  42. Ray Strischek says:

    Well, Ok, I got an email from Kevin Martin that tells me all about his integrity. Here it is:

    You can put all the lip stick on this pig that you want to make yourself look good, but I assure you mother fucker I have a very very long memory!
    As far as the Ladies Aux in New Marshfield you have no idea what you are talking about. Those two cunts who operate that organization are my aunts, they hate me and I hate them. Enough said. I have never once in my life attempted to close or shut down or discredit their lilttle private domain. Pat Llewellyn my aunt stated in public, ” It is too bad that he didnt die when he had the cancer.’ She is the one that started this whole action in the first place. And do you know why? The reason is that she is the president of the aux and she wants it to go away!!! They cant shut it down or go away as long as there is a Gilham – Frank VFW post. Boy did you get your facts fucked up.
    As far as the property of Hilltop gun range that plan worked as concieved. We laid claim to the place to force the issue in either court of into a sheriffs sale. It was a perfect coup. What it also did was bring a whole lot of nasty people who hate Kevin Martin into the fold. You included. Jenkinson is next. I now know many more of my enemys.
    The property of Hilltop gun club is now going on the auction block. Our group of investors have set our bid up to $60,000. Please let all of you new friends know of that amount and if they want to buy it then bring a bigger amount of money.
    As far as me being a blue water combat veteran vers you being in combat on land. Who gives a fuck? You think your stress and tramua was more “real man or real Vietnam Veternan than mine?” Fuck you punk.
    As far as my being a E-4. That was given to me in 1975 after discharge. I actually could have had E-5 but I didnt give a rats ass. Get it mother fucker –Rats ASS. Thats what you and Stinkinson are going to be known as as of this morning. Dirty rats squealing coward pieces of shit! Both of you.
    I am coming to the Athens County Veterans Service Commishion meeting. Iam going to call your ass out. I am going to demand a public appology from you. If you dont then you are as people say you are and that is cowardly.
    Last. You can publish this world wide if you prefer. I am going to hand your ass to you somewhere some day some place where the only people who will know it is you and I. The only witness will be God.
    And make Gawn Damn sure you tell that thieving worthelss fat cock sucker bed buddy of yours Mr. David M. Jenkinson the same thing
    As my fore fathers like to say about chicken shit liver lillied fraidy cats like you and Jenkinson.. FUCK YOU AND THE HORSES YOU RODE IN ON`
    Kevin Martin
    Naval Combat Veteran – South and North Vietnam 1973!

  43. Marine_7002 says:

    Interesting. Mr. Martin STILL claims to be a “Combat Veteran” despite clear and convincing evidence that, while he was a Vietnam-era veteran, he was NOT a “Combat Veteran.”

  44. Hondo says:

    Actually, Marine_7002, Martin is a Vietnam Veteran – not a Vietnam-era Veteran. Per rules in effect at the time, according to NPRC and official Navy records on file there he apparently rates the VSM for his cruise with the USS Butte in late 1972/early 1973. See this link:


  45. Marine_7002 says:

    @95 Hondo: thanks, mea culpa for the slip of the lip!

  46. CI says:

    @Hondo – True, but when he signs off as “Naval Combat Veteran”, he still comes off as a pouting poseur. Unless of course, an Ammunition Ship was involved in some shit…..

  47. Dave Jenkinson says:

    K-person engine mechanic, who never got enough fresh air. Used to much of his product.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Jenkinson, why don’t you take another illegally-procured narcotic pain reliever? Your drug habit has taken a toll on your mental capacity and it makes for some interesting nonsensical ramblings.

  49. Ray Strischek says:

    Hey Hondo: In Kevin’s letter (comment 93 above) Kevin says:
    “As far as my being a E-4. That was given to me in 1975 after discharge. I actually could have had E-5 but I didnt give a rats ass”.

    Have you ever heard of anyone being promoted two years after being discharged from the military? Just Wondering.