On the brink

| March 2, 2011

I get a lot of email. I mean A LOT of email. But in the last few months, I’ve been getting some from Kevin Canada. I don’t know if that his real name or not, but he leaves crap all over the internet. Apparently, he started writing letters to Colin Powell in the 90s and continued into Powell’s stint at the State Department encouraging Powell to run for President. Apparently that’s when the CIA started trying to kill him;

Well my latest Terror in my life I walked out of my house Sunday morning 2/27/11 on my way to a meeting in NYC that helps victims like me. I’m greeted by two cop cars (one unmarked the other in Suffolk Cty car 510 officer Stewart) and two ambulances sitting right out my front door as I’m leaving. I was told by a former FBI person if I try and report this abuse to people I will get in further trouble. These psychopaths have planted a Directed Energy Weapon in my home, which has been torturing me for the past year and a half, they planted it in a small GE refrigerator when I first moved in here the land lady put this new apt refrigerator in my place. The thing shocked and burned my ass for over a year and a half until I finally figured out what was going on. Now I’m trying to take it to authorities and the harassment and threats have intensifies ten fold. I’m gang stalked everywhere and anywhere. I have been implanted with some sort of bio medical telemetry implant that sends signals that are used to track me like an animal, I’m sure the VA had something to do with it, probably Dick Cheney’s personal pet NWO CIA project, he actually would hunt human beings on his ranch in Wyoming, see video below. I had so many surgeries by these creeps after almost dying at their frickin hospital, my face is still infected, and I have some guy here at Columbia University (CIA) in NYC who wants to do radiation treatment on me, meanwhile I’m being radiated by this frickin weapon they put in my apt. When I go anywhere on foot especially in the city you can see people tracking you everywhere with their hand help device, the minute they see you they push a button to enter your GPS coordinates. IT’S SICK.

There are videos of him on YouTube driving around his hometown and every time he sees a black SUV he says “See? See?” like the yuppie transport is following him. In one video, he befriends some LaRouchies and they swap nutty conspiracy stories.

His email continues;

I can’t go to the cops they are part of this sick CIA mind control behavior modification program they are experimenting on people with. I got involved in this narcissistic church in Orlando, FL Faithworld where we got a black President and my life has been terrorized ever since, they have DESTROYED my life. These people are the sickest SOBs you can imagine, I can’t even go to the grocery store without being mobbed by gang stalkers and cops. They constantly are trying to set me up with constant neighbor harassment, provocateurs, gang stalking. Of course 7/24 satellites and God knows what other kind of surveillance. Get straiphed by commercial air traffic the minute I step out my door or go for a walk, the military now controls all the airspace in North America now since 9/11. They intercept all my emails, phone calls, and now my US mail to keep me isolated and with NO help. Now its ambulances and cops, my latest threats are a state mental institution. Guess that’s what the ambulances and cops were for Sunday. They get to my doctors, attorneys, anyone who can help me. I tried working a part time job they destroyed that. I’m sure they will evoke more wars and terror on this country between now and May to get their CRIMINAL Patriots Act made permanent to insure they can terrorize innocent Americans speaking truth to CRIMINALS forever. This is my life now. I don’t know how this is going to turn out I have no choice but to resit these criminals and try and get my life back if I ever can.

I hope someone is watching this paranoid nut because the delusional whacko is liable to kill a whole bunch of people since he’s made it clear that anyone who uses a cell phone around him is the CIA.

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  1. ROS says:

    Excuse me, hold just a sec while I regain my composure……

    I really can’t stop laughing.

    If you’ve seen the movie “Red” recently, you’ll understand why I’m hysterically laughing. If not, go watch it and tell me this guy’s real name isn’t Marvin.

  2. Old Trooper says:

    She’s not following us, Marvin! There’s no camera in her bag; see? The pouty look from JM is priceless, especially in the hangar, while they’re waiting on the pilot and JM is standing by himself pouting.

  3. Holy Shit, Batman; this is one sick puppy. How did you get on his mailing list, Jonn? Don’t he know that you are a major cog in the CIA/Halliburton War machine?

  4. I put his name in Facebook and there are a ton of “Kevin Canada” guys. Any idea how to narrow him down?

  5. Old Trooper says:

    This guy sounds like he would be right at home with Duff and Alex Jones. One blaming the Joooos, the other blaming the government.

  6. ROS says:

    I’m still dying here, OT. “Get the pig!!!”

  7. Old Trooper says:

    “Can I shoot her now, Frank?”

    “Old man my ass!”

  8. I googled him and hit a YouTube video. He puts things there as “kcraigdc”. LOL!!!!
    If a cop car comes from the opposite direction while you are driving, he is “following” you. One sick puppy for sure. And he has 129 videos at YouTube. LOL

  9. PintoNag says:

    Nothing funny here. This is one you’ll read about in the papers. This is the nightmare going somewhere to happen.

  10. Spigot says:

    To me, this is more like “Burn After Reading” than “RED”, but both are applicable.

    He’s like the characters Malkovich plays in both movies…

    On a serious note, watch ur 6 Jonn…this guy is. a. fucking. nut-job.

  11. USMC Steve says:

    I would love to find the time to shadow this guy very clumsily and act secretive and clandestine while doing it. If a mushbrain is gonna be delusional, he might as well have a reason for it. No sense in wasting a perfectly good paranioa.

  12. NHSparky says:

    People, did you just automatically forget what OPSEC means here? We’ve got the VRWC Black Helicopters on this guy day and night. It was bad enough Lord Rove had to develop the resonant brainwave reader with the add-on feature that could break through the tinfoil beanies…

    Aw, shit–now I’VE said too much.

  13. Jack says:

    Yeah, all his crazy rantings are good for a laugh until this guy’s tenuous hold on reality snaps and he hurts somebody. Then everyone will be all, “Why didn’t anybody do anything?” He is seriously ill and needs help. You hope someone is watching this guy, Jonn? I hope you are sending his emails on to someone who might be able to help this guy, and not just posting them online for a laugh.

  14. justplainjason says:

    I would put him up there with David Icke. Those are not CIA they are Lizard secret agents…

  15. Old Trooper says:

    Jack; it sounds like they are already monitoring him, with his description about meat wagon and 5-0 there when he walked out the door. Of course, they could have been there for someone else in his building, but in his mind, they were there for him.

    Yeah, the guy is delusional and paranoid, but the entire thing boils down to this; he hasn’t done anything, so law enforcement can’t do anything about him. He will have to do something to harm himself or someone else before they can step in.

    Don’t presume to know what we will say, either. I know what you’re referring to, but there is a big difference between this guy and Loughner; Loughner actually did something and still wasn’t scooped up, even though he was no stranger to the police. This guy hasn’t done anything, yet.

  16. PintoNag says:

    Jonn, the two pieces of advice I can give you about this would be to a.) don’t engage him. There is nothing you can do or say to help him and you might activate him. And b.) definitely show his emails to a professional, either medical or law enforcement. You don’t need this guy fixating on you and showing up on your doorstep.

  17. streetsweeper says:

    @ 16-PN…something tells me if the dude shows up on Jonn’s front door step, it could be real ugly, for the dude. 😉

  18. PintoNag says:

    Yes, I agree streetsweeper, he strkes me that way, too! Still, he doesn’t need all the paperwork that would be involved…

  19. Jack says:

    Old Trooper, maybe someone is aware of this guy, maybe they aren’t. My point is, if they aren’t, they need to be.

    The writer is obviously mentally ill and filled with crazy thoughts. Can LE step in based on his nutty emails? Being crazy isn’t a crime, but they can certainly refer him to a mental health professional for an evaluation. They don’t have to wait for him to hurt himself or others before doing that, I do it all the time. Of course, I don’t know what the laws are that deal with mentally ill folks in this guy’s state, but I can’t imagine they are much different.

    This particular guy is sick and needs help, not mockery. I wouldn’t laugh at or mock a cancer patient, someone with epilepsy, or a person suffering from MS; so why is it okay to laugh at this guy?

    I believe some people’s ideas need to be held up to the light and collectively ridiculed: 9/11 conspiracy nuts, birthers, Westboro losers, etc. Big difference between those idiots and a mentally ill person. But hey, what do I know? Go ahead and keep making fun of the crazy guy. It’s all in good fun.

  20. DaveO says:

    Hmm, the Jared Loughner predicament. Disturbing? Yes. Illegal? Nope.

    You may want to recommend he go to a real church, like Westboro Baptist. They’ll protect him. The powers of darkness and Cheney are after them too.

  21. Old Trooper says:

    Did I make fun of him, Jack? Did I continue to make fun of him?

  22. Old Trooper says:

    Should we lock up Charlie Sheen for being batshit crazy, too?

  23. Old Trooper says:

    Ok, my last statement on this subject. When you read what the guy says, he sounds no different than 3/4 of the people that read Gordon Duff and Alex Jones. Come to think of it, everything is a government conspiracy to Jones, and Duff sees a Jewish/Mossad/Zionist plot around every corner. Read the comments over at Jones’ or Duff’s sites once; you will see the very same things. Nothing this dude says is any different than those people.

  24. Jack says:

    Don’t be so defensive, Old Trooper. I wasn’t calling you out in particular. Lots of decent people who would never otherwise mock a disabled/sick person think nothing of laughing at the crazy rantings of the mentally ill. If what I said struck a nerve, there you go. If what I said doesn’t apply to you, then again, there you go.

    By the way, can you point out where I said this guy should be locked up?

    And yeah, when crazy people start talking about the government implanting things in their bodies and directing secret mind control weapons at them and other nuttiness, that raises all kinds of red flags. I’m familiar with the garbage Gordon Duff and Alex Jones (and Charlie Sheen) spew out. There’s no comparison. “Kevin Canada” is on a whole other level of insanity.

  25. play nice says:

    I think someone should get Kevin Canada and Charlie Sheen together for a confab. And bring the whores.

  26. Old Trooper says:

    Jack, you must not have read the comments section of the Jones site. Chemtrails = Government poisoning in order to control our thoughts? That’s just one example. If this guy is considered nuts, then he’s definitely not alone. The point I was making is he is saying nothing different than many others out there. Yes, there are more of them that think the gummint secretly planted mind control devices in their house, or sprayed chemicals to do it, or control the weather from a site in Alaska, and many, many more cospiracy theories. That’s what Jones and Duff, as well as Jesse “I was a Navy SEAL” Ventura make their money off of; the paranoids just like this guy. They fuel it with their rantings and the gullible buy into it and spend their money buying their products.

    Hell, hollywood writes stuff like this all the time. Matt Damon has a new movie coming out tailor made for this guy’s delusions.

    As the t-shirt says “just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me”.

  27. Gary says:

    It sounds like this guy may have cancer in addition to paranoid delusions. He mentions someone at Columbia U wanting to give hime radiation treatments.

    He also may be getting some sort of mental health treatment. He mentions threats of institutionalization and his doctors being turned against him.

    Hopefully, he gets the help he needs before he hurts someone else.

  28. Chuck Z says:

    1. “Kevin Canada” is a Nom De Plume of Mike Yawn.
    2. The government actually did implant something in my body, it helps block the pain caused by the hundreds of pieces of metal an Iraqi “freedom fighter” implated there back in 2005.
    3. It’s easy to understand why people make fun of the mentally ill, and it’s acceptable–it is no longer acceptable to make fun of retards. Soon, the only people left to be acceptably made fun of will be the morbidly obese and midgets.

  29. Junie says:

    I’ve been aware of this person’s YouTube videos, came across him on FB. Judging from his videos he lives near me. I do not know who he is. Wish I did so I would know to stay away from him. You are correct he is similar to the AJ nuts, but this person I think is way beyond the bend. IMO, people like are the result of Alex Jones, Ventura, Ickes, and all the other chemtrail nuts. If I were you I’d take down this page. I also think one day we’re going to see his name in the the headlines, and not in a good way.