Phony female soldier in Baton Rouge

| March 19, 2011

FM2176 sent us the information on Melissa Annette Williams an apparent chapter case who hustles troops in the baton Rouge area for crack money. She uses this grubby-ass ID card in her scam (click to enlarge);

And here are some pictures of her during a scam attempt;

They’re actually screen shots from this video;

Apparently she targets guys in the baton Rouge area and begs for cash for gas. Of course, if you offer to buy gas for her, she wants cash instead. Seems to me that area police should be able to roll this one up in a hurry.

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  1. arby says:

    Just how long can one be an “E-1” in the Army? That ID card has an issue date over 3.5 years ago. I would think she would have at least mad E-2 by now…

  2. streetsweeper says:

    She certainly seems to know that BRPD won’t be catching her any time soon.

  3. fm2176 says:

    For more info on her, Google “Melissa Annette Williams” Baton Rouge. It seems she is alternatively National Guard from Camp Beauregard and active component from Fort Polk. She will claim to be a Recruiter on occasion as well, according to some of the posts on (TD).

    I had the honor of meeting her last year. She saw me in uniform about to pull off and literally ran over to me trying to garner some sympathy for a “fellow Soldier” in need, saying that her car had been broken into while she was in the mall and all her cash and credit cards stolen (or something similar). Naturally, she needed to get back to Lake Charles and was only in town to drop off a friend. The ID is an old-style CAC card and the issue date and E-1 pay grade hint that she probably was in the service but found an early out, probably due to drugs or misconduct. A cop on TD that arrested her says she has an Alexandria address, but Mary at POW Network says she is from CA, so it is possible she was active duty at Fort Polk, chaptered and stayed in the area instead of going home.

    I didn’t give her any money, and a co-worker who she tried to hit up claims he didn’t either, but at TD there are many victims of this piece of trash. If I run across her again I will try to confiscate the ID.

    Incidentally, this type of scam seems common down here. A few weeks ago I had a woman come speeding up to me with a younger woman in the passenger seat. Supposedly, the young girl was at Wal-Mart and had her car broken into. Of course, cash and credit cards were all stolen (why do all of these people go shopping without their purses) and the “police wouldn’t help” so the older woman picked her up to try to help her get gas money to make it back to Ocean Springs, MS. There is nothing like picking up a “stranger” who leaves their compromised vehicle unattended to ride around and ask other strangers for money. When it became clear I wouldn’t help, the older woman asked for directions to the police station (a sign that neither were from around here as the area is unincorporated and covered by an EBR substation). If only I were as frivolous as I used to be, I’d have feigned calling the Chief of Police (Central elects one but is in the process of forming a force) and told them he had an officer on the way. Instead, I watched them drive off “to the substation”, then followed them and watched as they tried suckering another guy a block or so away.

  4. fm2176 says:

    Oh, and according to the cop on TD, she has two outstanding misdemeanor warrants that must be served by the Constables Office. I’ll ask one of the constables next to my station if that is true and if so whether they’d be able to pick her up if she comes around the mall again.

  5. Joseph Brown says:

    In 1956 I had basically the same thing happen to me at the bus terminal in LA. I’d been home on leave and was trying to get back to Mclellan AFB outside Sacramento. With a couple of hours to kill I got real brave and walked outside, when a guy, maybe in his 30’s walked to this 19 y/o sucker(I was in uniform with my 2 little stripes shining). He started giving me his sob story about his car being broke down on the freeway and his wife and baby were still in it waiting for him to return. In those days we made about as much money as picking up cans off the road in this day and time.
    I listened patiently then explained that I was totally broke. He thanked me anyway and left. After I got back to base I was clued in on this scam.

  6. Joseph Brown says:

    My above post shows what happens when your brain is faster than your typing finger. I should have said the guy tried to sell me a watch to help pay for his car troubles.

  7. fm2176 says:

    #6 J.B.,

    My Spidey senses were tingling a couple of weeks ago when a woman driving a late model F-150 tried selling me a purse outside the local store, claiming she needed gas money. I didn’t buy (the purses weren’t my style and I have no female companion down here) but did notice that her truck was running while she was trying to make the sale. I’m sorry, but if I were begging for gas money I’d at least play the game by shutting my truck off.

  8. dec3iver says:

    Be sure to tune into WAFB tonight, 3/23/11 at 10pm

  9. fm2176 says:


    I missed that; posting to the Tiger Droppings thread right now and saw your Youtube posting of it. Check her out on She is now listed among the hundreds or thousands of other phonies listed there.

  10. fm2176 says:

    Here is dec3iver’s posting of the WAFB report:

    A coworker told me she stopped in yesterday and tried to scam him. She is bold and/or desperate, walking into Army recruiting offices with LEOs next door. When he didn’t give her money despite her stating she is in the Army, she shouted “the Army sucks anyway” and stormed out.

  11. Beverly says:

    I ran into her as well, or should I say she ran into me. After she got my money and a couple of others, she cursed and laughed at me when I called her on it. I was angry so I followed her and we ended up on a dead end street. We both went to turn around and she must have thought I was going to block her when she took off hitting the truck I was driving. My truck, not too much damage. Her car? Pretty bad. Cops won’t do anything though. I called them while I was following her and even when she hit me and took off. I was the one in trouble chasing/following her. On the advice of attorney, I left it alone. According to the police she isn’t doing anything illegal. Darn shame.

  12. fm2176 says:

    She just stopped by here again, this time with most of us in the station, asking for a “book with ranks and stuff in it”. My Station Commander told her to leave and said that she is not supposed to be here in the first place as someone called the police on her a while back. She said simply “that seems to be popular now” and walked out. I stepped outside and saw a female in the back seat of her ragged-ass car–whether this was her or the person she talked to in the video I don’t know.

    Beverly, I’d have played the innocent victim card; “I was minding my own business and some lady hit me and took off”. We all have her licensed plate number now, at least.

  13. dec3iver says:

    FM2176 she was caught and then released. The arresting officer didn’t run her through the NCIC so they didn’t see she was wanted in Baton Rouge. She is still at it.. friend of mine ran into her at Academy sports on airline Saturday.

  14. Coconuthead79 says:

    LOL In the video at 19 sec he drives past a sign that says CRACK ATTACK! What a perfect name for the video. People know her as Bully around LSU…she worked at INGAS sandwich shoppe on chimes…Beware, she is a nasty one.

  15. Anonymous says:

    She hit me up at the hi nabor across from the shell station in the YouTube video an hour ago. Said name was Melissa, was from Alexandria, said she was supposed to be picking up a soldier from fort polk at the shell and just came from belle chasse and blah blah blah and started showing me her broken key when the manager came and threw her out yelling scam artist at her and called the cops. I’m assuming money for popalock or something would have been the request had she not been interrupted. Cocaine is a helluva drug.

  16. TsalagiCaroline says:

    Coconuthead is right.;) I know this girl personally, before and after the drugs. After not speaking to her for the last 4 years (due to the drugs), I just found out about all this scamming going on. Really I’m not shocked at all. When we stopped speaking she was really bad off on opiates, to the point of shooting up. She began stealing from her boss and family to get money for a fix. I knew right then there was no coming back. This is obviously a whole new low that she has sunk to. I’m really sorry for all the people that have fallen for her scam. I’m just glad that so many people are catching on to her. Sadly she will likely die on the streets of BR, if not from the drugs then certainly from her nasty ass attitude. She will piss off the wrong person in her quest for drug money.