The ultimate Phony Soldier

| April 13, 2011

CNN reports that Yupeng “David” Deng not only pretended to be a soldier, he convinced 100 other Chinese nationals to join his unit as a path to citizenship;

Recruits were allegedly charged initiation fees ranging from $300 to $450, with annual renewal fees of $120, according to Deputy District Attorney Richard Ceballos. In addition, authorities said, recruits could increase their rank in the fraudulent unit by making cash donations to Deng.

The recruits were provided with phony U.S. Army uniforms, fake documents and fraudulent military identification cards, authorities said. Deng also allegedly instructed them to report to his office in the Los Angeles suburb of Temple City — which authorities said was decorated to look like an official U.S. military recruiting center….

I’m sure if there was a Stolen Valor Hall of Fame, this dude’s picture would be at the front door. Even though he’s facing child porn charges, too.

See, there’s a lesson in there for the rest of you phony soldiers out there – if you can’t summon the testicular fortitude to join a special unit, form your own.

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  1. Just A Grunt says:

    But the 9th Circus says no harm no foul.

  2. Not to worry, he is not harming anyone, and just exercising his right to free speech, and other people’s “free” money.
    Doesn’t he realize that he is using government methods of getting money;i.e. taking money in exchange for favors?
    The Chicago Cabal will be all over this guy.

  3. NHSparky says:

    recruits could increase their rank in the fraudulent unit by making cash donations to Deng.

    Sounds just like Scientology.

    And belated apologies for e-mailing you 12 hours after you posted this. I told you I’m working too many damned hours.

  4. NHSparky says:

    And I just watched the video. $50K bail for a dozen felonies, including kiddie porn? I’ve seen higher bails than that in CA for a DUI with property damage and no injuries. WTF?