Basic washout takes Stolen valor to the next level.

| May 15, 2011

First I would like you to met Melanie Evalena Gutermuth.

She claims of being in the Army for four years before moving on to College. Except that was a lie. She never even made it out of basic. But that has not stopped her from wearing the Uniform to events.

But it does not stop there. She has made people believe that she was a military widow. Has lied to combat injured Veterans about being a Veteran.

She has been a speaker on student veteran issues on colleges. She says again that she was in the military for four years. What she means is that she was in four Companies at Basic before they discharged her.

Oh and she tired to get into ROTC and was removed from the program after not passing a PT test after a year. Oh and in the video were she talks about having some challenges, being banned from TSU is the main one.

Summer 2007, Gutermuth began making complaints to the cadre stating that she thought she was unfairly removed. She had nearly every excuse in the book as to why her performance during the last year was so bad. It included everything from her broken finger, to her classmates all conspiring against her to have her removed, an apparent pregnancy which ended in a supposed miscarriage, and trouble at home with a spouse whom none of us had ever heard of before this point. Her correspondence with the cadre showed increasing signs of delusional thoughts and rational. Eventually, she was permanently banned from the ROTC building due to the cadre’s fear of an incident if she be allowed to return. Not long after this in the fall of 2007, word was received that she was also banned from the Texas State University campus for posing a danger to herself or others.

Oh did I forget that she is disabled?

But some of the discrimination is overt. Melanie Gutermuth, a disabled veteran and graduate student from Hanover, Md., travels with a service dog. “Most of the time, this is not a problem,” she said. “However, in recent months, that’s changed. People will say, ‘You look normal to me,’ because I’m not in a wheelchair or blind. Consequently, I have been excluded from some services, and charged pet fees for others.”

It seems that people suspected but not to the level that it has gone.

A real classy one this is.

UPDATE Sporkmaster: Guess who got arrested recently. Looks like she was arrested for trespassing after being warned.

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  1. Sadly says:

    JNez. You heard right. The Stolen Valor Act was found to be unconstitutional in its current form due to being too broad. Currently, there are several lawmakers who are attempting to revise it to be a little more specific.

    And yes, not only has M.E.G. been going around talking to wounded vets, she is pretending to be one, as well as a war widow. She washed out of BCT after 4 months and then pretended to be an E-5. She also got herself elected to be president of a group at her school that focuses on helping students with mental health problems. Ironically, her focus was on helping student veterans who have mental health issues.

  2. Green Thumb says:

    I am suprised she is not part of IVAW.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Facebook Melanie Willbegreat

  4. Sadly says:

    Green Thumb. Actually she is. Her profile on there is now deleted, but I have a screen shot of it. She went under the name “MelanieGTX”.

  5. Sadly says:

    Also, the has started up a spinoff site specifically for these phonies. The old links that many of you use and the ones on this site are now broken. The new site is

    The link to Gutermuth’s stuff is:

    I also submitted a little photo timeline of her mugshots. Take a look!

  6. S1 says:

    couldn’t graduate from FLW? really? that place has like the easiest grad rate anywhere. but eh, she mustve been too busy with her weekend passes, hour post passes, laptop allowed, mp3 player allowed, generally all electronics allowed privs that she didn’t train.

  7. Just an Old Dog says:

    She was just a dirt bag in training, her reason for separation, “Entry Level Performance and Conduct” is reserved for those who simply do not pack the gear to serve. They consistently fail at training events or refuse to obey orders. The kicker is that if she had a medical or mental condition that existed prior to enlistment or came about due to training she would have gotten an EPTE (Existed prior to Enlistment) Erroneous ( She had a pre-existing condition that had never been diagnosed) Fraudulent ( She covered up a medical condition or lied about her education, criminal record or other qualifications) or she would have gotten a medical discharge… complete with VA benefits if she had sustained an injury or condition during training. She spent 17 weeks in training,, probably was set back at least once,,, then they gave her the boot. Shes just another pathetic nutcase trying to panhandle and use the system and people to cater to her by claiming veteran status.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m curious. Did anyone catch the point made earlier that she has a dog assigned to her. Isn’t that something you have to petition to the VA for? Clearly she is bonkers, and sadly the dog (if a true story) is likely being neglected or given away by now when there are legitimate veteran’s who need an assisting K-9.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I know her personally and just found this website by accident. I am astonished. This is not the girl I thought I knew. She just bought a house. I wonder where the finances came from. How can you stop her from using VA services? Is she eligible?

  10. taken says:

    The dog died after being left in her car in the hot sun… that is sad…

  11. taken says:

    and No she is not eligible for a VA loan, just know that EVERYTHING that comes out of her mouth is a lie…

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    If the dog died of heat exhaustion because she left it in the car in the sun, and she’s still in Texas, they have very strict animal cruelty laws down there. Someone should have reported her, if that has not already happened.

  13. taken says:

    nope this was in VA when it happened,,, and I do not know if those rules apply here

  14. Nik says:

    Melanie, I dub thee….”Guttermouth”, because with a name like that (and more importantly with a history like hers), how could you not?

  15. Sadly says:

    Anonymous post #59. You say you know her personally? Is there any way I can contact you or leave contact information for you to get ahold of me? I am very interested to talk to you and hear your story.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am #59 you can email me at

  17. Wow says:

    She goes by Melanie Going now. We’re friends and I am blown away. Apparently I don’t know her at all…

  18. Nik says:

    I suppose Going is a better surname…

  19. taken says:

    what are her lies now, I see that there is a photo with a little one, is that her child now… what is her story and is she in texas still?

  20. Sadly says:

    Wow #67, are you the same person as #59? If so, do you have some kind of contact information like a freemailer or anything I could contact you at? I would like to hear what you have to say about her.

  21. Anonymous says:

    No she’s not claiming to be a mother, and she lives in Florida now. She’s basically just a hypochondriac now.
    Sadly 71, no I’m not #59 & feel free to e-mail me at although I don’t check it frequently.

  22. SemperWidow says:

    OH. NO. I met this woman on the AWP (American Widow Project) trip near Fort Bragg. She claimed to be the widow of, I believe, someone in the Army or Air Force. She completely threw herself into the roll of grieving spouse and participated in conversations that we widows had to bond and cope (sick, sick woman) There is no way that she is physically disabled. We were going sky diving as part of the trip and she suited up like the rest of us. It’s funny though, she started freaking out about getting in the plane and had a little meltdown and I offered some kind of words of comfort and she snapped back at me. I remember I went over to the other widows and said, “There is something wrong with that woman.” As widows we see a lot of grieving behavior but their was something very off and wrong about this lady. Later, I looked at her FB page (we all added each other from the trip) and she had ONE picture of her and her “HERO.” And it looked like they were work associates (no contact and no feeling of anything other than “we are having our picture taken”) I can tell you that, as a widow, I have every single photo of my husband- from baby to hours before his death in Iraq, posted on my FB page…and reposted. There is a special place in Hell for a woman who would pretend her husband died. Even if it’s a fake husband.

  23. JohannesUSA says:

    SemperWidow, it’s exactly what you speak of that infuriates me about Gutermouth. She duped us all, but worst of all was her claiming to be a Gold Star Widow and STEALING resources of the AWP that could have been bestowed upon a true widow.

  24. taken says:

    I agree with Johannes I saw here at a Nationals Game when she lived up here in DC and working at the Wounded Warrior booth, she got free passes to the game and other perks from all her lies, I really do hope there is a special place in hell for people like her…