Police Union Spokesmen Contradicts Pima County Sheriff Spokesmen While Trying To Defend Incompetent SWAT Team

| May 20, 2011

First off, still no word back about a support fund for the family. OldSoldier54 has been helping me out on this along with several other people and we haven’t gotten a straight answer back from either the attorney or a woman who had claimed to setup a fund with Bank of America to help Guerena family.  I also haven’t gotten a response back from some of Guerena’s Marine buddies either. I think Vanessa Guerena is with family in Mexico and I don’t blame her. Tucson at its best isn’t much different than Mexico at its worst.

Anyways, today a spokesman/lawyer for a police union (AZCOPS) that represents Pima County Sheriff’s deputies came out to defend the SWAT team that killed Cpl Guerena. He claimed he came forward because of the “reckless statements made by the attorney for these folks [the Guerenas].” He then preceded to make a reckless statement himself:

Storie said officers found what they were looking for, including weapons, body armor and a partial police uniform.

However, this is what the Pima County Sheriff’s spokesman said earlier this week about what they found at the four houses they searched (but not Cpl Guerena’s):

O’Connor:  “We did find things that we were asking for in that.  It may have been drug ledgers, narcotics paraphernalia, any other connecting material between the residences.  Those things were found, in addition to a large sum of money.  Somewhat larger that what you would expect to find in anyone’s home.”

Waldman:  “Can you say if that was the residence where the shooting happened?”

O’Connor:  “No, it was one of the four, but it was not that residence.”

Waldman:  “In that specific residence, did you find anything related to drugs, drug money, in that specific residence.”

O’Connor:  “We found information that was pertinent to this drug conspiracy case, yes.  I’m not going to go into details on what those things were.  But it was connecting material to the drug conspiracy.”

There is no mention of other weapons (besides the AR-15 that Guerena had), body armor, or police uniforms being found in any of the houses that were searched in the rest of the transcript for that particular interview.

The lawyer for the Guerena family, Christopher Scileppi, stated this in response to Storie’s rant:

“All, Mr. Storie, their lawyer, did today was attempt to discredit a Marine who served two tours abroad, and put out statements unsupported by facts. What the family wishes, what we wish, is for the Pima County Sheriff’s office, (Pima County Sheriff) Dupnik, Storie to release facts,” Scileppi said.

“From what I understand, Mr. Storie also said that nothing that was found in that house was illegal for any purpose, whether it be the vests, whether it be the weapons. That’s my understanding. So they’re attempting to put together a bunch of different facts to discredit and defame Mr. Guerena.”

There is a lot going on with these conflicting statements so I am going to put my response in list format to make it easier to follow. Please bear with me.

1. Obviously, Lt. O’Connor, Sheriff Dumbass, and the rest of the Pima County Sheriff’s Office have changed the story about what happened at Cpl Guerena’s house multiple times and have now refused to release anymore information about the shooting. Now this guy Storie inserts himself into the picture and he has his own version of events that contradicts both the Sheriff and the Guerena family. He claims to have “personally” spoken with members of the SWAT team that participated in the raid. So either a.) he is completely full of shit and is pulling stuff out of his ass b.) he is being used by the Sheriff’s department as back channel spokesman to discredit Guerena, his family, and his lawyer or c.) he is being used by the members of the SWAT team to give them cover. I am thinking he is just full of shit, but the other two possibilities are realistic as well.

2. Lets assume for a second that the Pima County Sheriff’s Office is telling the truth (haha yeah right) when they say they don’t want to release anymore information because it might compromise an ongoing investigation. Well this Storie jackass, who is supposed to be defending Pima County SWAT, just did that. If he really was acting in the interests of the SWAT team members, why would he want to compromise an investigation which could potentially bolster the case of these SWAT deputies? Again, more evidence that this whole “drug conspiracy” nonsense is extremely flimsy or complete bullshit at this point.

3. The lawyer for the Guerena family is right: this was nothing more than an attempt to defame Guerena.

4. Even if Cpl. Guerena was Tucson’s version of Pablo Escobar, this SWAT team is still totally unprofessional and incompetent.

The shitshow continues. Oh yeah…and still not a peep from the vocal progressive community in Tucson about this. Still waiting you hypocrites.

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  1. Chris of Texas says:

    It’s an attempt at a cover up to protect the trigger happy incompetent swat team

  2. jerry920 says:

    I always love it when some sh#$bird mouthpiece from the Union jumps in with his or her 2 cents. If the media had any guts they would turn to them and say, “What’s your standing in this? Are you counsel for the officer? Do you represent the department as attorney of record? No? Then STFU!”

  3. UpNorth says:

    OK, if this was an “investigation” of a drug conspiracy, that would seem to have been blown out of the water, just about the time they arrived with “lights and sirens” on, and “knocked on the door for 15 seconds”, while “announcing” themselves. So, with the “covert” investigation now not so covert, what the fuck does Sheriff Dipshit think they’re doing? Just a hint, it’s certainly not an “ongoing” investigation anymore.
    This asshat is just carrying water for Sheriff Dipshit, nothing more. If there’s nothing to hide, and they claim they found what they claim, release the return of service of the warrant. That has to list what may have been seized at Guerena’s house.

  4. OldSoldier54 says:

    ” …still not a peep from the vocal progressive community in Tucson …”

    To me, this is a classic,textbook example of the hypocrisy of the Left. I will never understand how anyone can somehow be unseeing to wrong doing, IRREGARDLESS of the source.

    With few exceptions, they all appear to nothing more than vile partisan whores, especially that paragon of Truth and Justice Dupnik.

    Truly, truly, I do not understand how they can sleep at night.

  5. Stu says:

    Does this mean every veteran who owns a weapon and still has their bdoy armor (with or without sapi plates) and an MP brassard (Not that he had a MP brassard) could be a drug dealer or involved in the drug trade?

    OH SHIT, I am in trouble.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      According to the Pima County mouthpiece earlier this week, the SWAT element was made up of officers from four LEO agencies (the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, the Marana Police Department, the Oro Valley Police Department and the Sahuarita Police Department), so I think we should stop referring to them as a “SWAT Team”, they were more like SWAT acquaintances, because certainly they weren’t anything we would recognize as a “team” that had trained and functioned together.

      In fact, that explains to me why they unleashed a vicious firestorm into the house. None had experience with the others to guess what everyone else’s reaction would be, so they just started blasting away at the interior of the house.

  6. Andy FMF says:

    Thanks for the update, keep us informed.

  7. StrikeFO says:

    Why do we treat enemies of our country better than our own citizens?

    Iraq/Afghanistan raid mission:
    Known HVT: you can do a no-knock, but you need to minimize the possibility of collateral damage (women/children). Full cordon and search.

    Unknown suspect: Knock on door, search the house. Detain suspects. Search home.

    Unknown suspect: Breach and clear, no intel on who’s in the home, no fire discipline.

  8. DaveO says:

    Storie is doing what he’s paid to do: cast aspersions on the victims to protect his clients. Nothing out and out libelous, just a phrase here, a word dropped there, so that Your Average Citizen maintains faith in their local cops.

    These cops, and their union, are betting on federal intervention to save their a$$es. Nobody loves and protects unions like Obama and his DOJ.

  9. jerry920 says:

    This has finally made the eye of the MSM. ABC News website has it front and center.

  10. OldSoldier54 says:

    Hey Dan, They are referencing the lady in the email. Possible corroboration.

    Thanks for the info jerry920. Where in the heck is O’Reilly? This is right up his alley.

  11. jerry920 says:

    Not a peep out of CBS or (MS)NBC or CNN.

    I am making my bets now. There’ll be suspension with pay, an “in depth” investigation by the Departments internal investigations which will rule the killing justified, everyone will be reinstated and it will fade. And Jose Guerena will still be dead.

  12. streetsweeper says:

    I would think if those asshats found “body armor” and a partial “po-po” uniform, they’d be dragging those items out in front of the press and showing them off like a 1st place trophy from a ping pong championship.

  13. streetsweeper says:

    Hey! Check this dicey little fucking lie out! According to Storie, several days before the shooting undercover officers in an unmarked car drove by Guerena’s home to do surveillance, and 10 minutes after they drove by, they were alerted that their license plate had been run through the Motor Vehicle Division by someone they say followed the unmarked vehicle from Guerena’s home. That was considered countersurveillance on law enforcement, Storie said.

    My aching ass. They couldn’t run surveillance on a horse turd if the thing was laying in the middle of the street

  14. streetsweeper says:

    Matter of fact, the party that ran the undercover plates were law enforcement & the bozo’s from Pima were probably being tailed because their op was being run by a bunch of fooking juvenile’s in the first place. Dumbasses!

  15. Doc Bailey says:

    ok this guy was still active or in the reserves right? Any word on if the “body armor” was Issue? And what is defines a “partial police uniform”? If its a Kahki shirt (kinda like most Sherif’s wear) is it possible that this was a spare uniform?

    #15 Countersurveillance? what is their method of determining that 1). they were followed and 2). that it wasn’t a neighborhood watch calling it in?

    I don’t think I’m alone in saying this, the more time goes by the more we hear about how jacked up this raid was. what really pisses me off is that this might be one of the clearest examples of a time its better to admit wrongdoing then try to cover it up. There’s no WAY this was legit.

  16. streetsweeper says:

    Their claim is someone called in the plate number on the UC vehicle. My thinking is, they were ratted out by another surveillance team wondering whom the sam hell the unmarked car was on that turf.

  17. streetsweeper says:

    And since a civilian can’t inquire DMV plate numbers, it only makes sense another agency most likely queried the state database

  18. UpNorth says:

    There are means to run plates, through commercial, for-pay websites. That said, there’s no way their dispatch office would be notified of said occurrence. And, who does “surveillance” by driving by? A check of plates is about all you can do when you just drive by.
    And, I highly doubt someone “following” the so-called UC car could run the plate, unless the following car was also a LE car.
    I think Streetsweeper is right, the UC’s got caught by other UC’s, which confirms that this whole CF is being run by the clown posse.

  19. DaveO says:

    A lot of soldiers and marines were purchasing and wearing non-military-issue body armor in the early days. Shoot, even the knee and elbow pads count as body armor. A partial police uniform is not definable – was it boots? A belt? A shirt with a badge and Dupnik embroidered on it?

    If a car is driving slowly in your neighborhood, anyone can call 911 and report the plates.

    AQ’s best friends are found in the Pima County police forces.