Guerena Updates w/TAH exclusive photos

| June 3, 2011

The Arizona Star reports that Jose Guerena’s older brother was the target of the investigation that resulted in Jose’s death at the hands of an over-eager SWAT raid last month;

Jose Guerena’s contact with law enforcement began in late 2009 when he was a passenger in a vehicle carrying large, commercial- sized rolls of plastic wrap that deputies believed was used to wrap large loads of drugs, but no drugs were found inside, the document said. That same year, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents investigating a narcotics case saw two men driving a loaded car to a residence where they found more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana. The two men were followed after they dropped off the marijuana at a house. Jose Guerena was at the house, but he was not arrested in connection with the case. Two men are awaiting sentencing in that case.

The new reports focus more on Guerena’s older brother, Alejandro.

In January 2009, a deputy who had stopped a vehicle driven by Alejandro Guerena found a semiautomatic gun and several thousand dollars in cash, court documents show. He was found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon.

A large roll of plastic wrap, huh? Towards the end of the article, there’s a possible explanation for the plastic;

The third home, owned by Jose Guerena’s mother, had most of the furniture wrapped in plastic, documents show….

If being in possession of large rolls of plastic makes you a drug dealer, maybe they should make large rolls of plastic illegal. Of course, they’ll probably have to fight the little-old-lady lobby.

And you know, even I’ve been at parties when some drugs showed up. Does that make me a drug dealer. Granted, I usually left at the first whiff of pot, but that’s me.

And, oh, if you have wet weather gear, you’re probably a drug-dealer;

Sheriff’s Department officials said earlier this week that high-end military gear and advanced weather-protective clothing were found inside a storage locker two weeks after the shooting. The locker, they said, was rented to Bertha Guerena, Jose Guerena’s mother. Records obtained Thursday show that detectives found a U.S. Marines sleeping bag and Gore-Tex coveralls. Guerena was a former Marine who served in Iraq, military records show.

Whoa! One of those cop-killer sleeping bag and Gore-Tex drawers? Dude definitely deserve to die for possession of those dangerous items. I mean, why would a Marine need something to keep him dry if it wasn’t a means to smuggle drugs?

OldSoldier54 went to the memorial and visited the crime scene last weekend and sent us these pictures. First is the murdered door frame;

Next, I hope these are exit holes in the back of the house;

And here’s the widow surrounded by some Oath Keepers in those cheesy T-shirts made to look like Ranger tabs;

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  1. Robert says:

    Has the Marine Corps had any official reaction about this case? You’d think they’d frown on their veterans being gunned down without (apparently) having committed any crime.

  2. Old Trooper says:

    Hey; he was guilty by association!! You guys just need to take a refresher course in nuance, innuendo, and assumption. That’s why you don’t understand it. Maybe I need to be investigated because I have been in the same locales with Hell’s Angels, Sons Of Silence, and other 1%ers before (of course City Heat MC were also there; they’re LEOs)?

  3. crucible says:

    Motherfucker (the more I read of this, the more that word keeps popping up in my head).

    I’m thankful these SOB’s are on the other side of the country and not in Virginia where I am: I’m a former Marine (“crazy and capable!”), have numerous firearms, ammo and associated items to employ them(“cache of weapons that no one should have and could start WWIII!”), and too have numerous items of ‘high-end’ Marine equipment to include sleeping bags, Gortex, and gosh, several editions of the Guidebook of Marines (“manual that shows how to build booby-traps, improvised explosives and how to kill mass amounts of people!”).


  4. Old Trooper says:

    crucible; I know what you mean. Dumbshit’s SWAT team would havea collective heart attack with what they would find searching my house. Of course, everything I have is LEGAL, same as Guerena.

    Thay are just trying to continue to smear a hard working family man and former Marine. They are doing it because the former Marine isn’t alive to defend himself.

  5. “Thay are just trying to continue to smear a hard working family man and former Marine. They are doing it because the former Marine isn’t alive to defend himself.”
    At this point it looks like this has become an exercise in CYA.
    If only the damned Barney Fife’s would have kept that bullet in their shirt pockets with the flap buttoned.

  6. UpNorth says:

    I don’t know, those bullet holes look an awful lot like entry holes, no chipping around the holes, no tearing or cratering of the stucco. Hard to tell, but they look like entry holes.
    Do I have to go to the local LEO and register my sleeping bags and cold weather gear now?

  7. OldSoldier54 says:

    My take on some things:

    It does appear to me to be as Beat and Release posited, a simple case of having the wrong DNA. If anybody is dirty, it’s Alejandro, Jose’s brother. If accurate, I wonder how he’s dealing with his responsibility in this … ?

    I took the picture of the door jam because I suspect that is the negligent discharge, complete with splintering (hitting the shield) that started this whole disgrace. The elongated holes in the door bear up the whole “spray and pray”, unaimed fire of these morons. I counted ten holes in the back wall of the house. The block wall behind the house stopped two, the house behind that stopped two, and rest went downrange. Those clowns are REALLY lucky they only killed Jose.

    I spoke with Jose’s widow, Vanessa. After I told her about TAH – she didn’t know what a Milblog was – and Jonn and Operator Dan’s efforts to tell the story, she confirmed that the young lady who set up the BoA account was in fact her cousin and that she and boys were getting the donations. She said to thank y’all for the help.

    There were about a dozen bikes there, I thought they might be PGR, but I didn’t think to ask. One of the riders saw the Airborne on my t-shirt and being as he had a 173rd patch on his ball cap, we got to talking. After asking him if he knew if Jose had a military funeral, he said no. I confirmed that with Vanessa, but she did get a flag. I asked around to try and find a reason why and got two explanations. One former Gunny said he was told that the USMC was waiting for things to clear up, Another guessed that it was because he was buried in Mexico, so your guess is as good as mine on this.

    I did ask Vanessa about the blood stain analysis issue that Beat and Release suggested. Unfortunately, she said family had already gone in and cleaned up.

    All in all, I can’t call this a murder, though I’d like to. Nothing that I have read or seen convinces me that this whole sad affair wasn’t anything other than the result of a handful of nervous in the service cops, backed and originating from, an incompetent Sheriff’s Office, exacerbated by little to no training, poor or non-existent intel and basic sloth.

    I need to stop, I’m getting angry again. May God have mercy on this young widow and her two little boys.

  8. OldSoldier54 says:

    Oh, and though some of his neighbors and at least two local camera crews (one was channel 4) were there, NOT ONE POLITICIAN WAS.

    Out of 100-120 total, about twenty were family members of his or hers.

  9. DaveO says:

    Good that Mrs. Guerena is getting aid.

    There’s murder, and then there’s murder. Lots of applied firepower against a a man wrongly targeted is murder.

    Yes, the cops were fortunate in only having murdered one man.

    Perhaps this new measure to recruit veterans into the many police forces will help, but it will still be another 20 years before the supervisors who planned and approved Guerena’s takedown and those equally incompetent themselves retire.

  10. Susan says:

    Actually, there is murder and there is manslaughter. I would not say these asshats are necessarily guilty of murder, but manslaughter (no premeditation) is a pretty good fit.

  11. DaveO says:

    10 Susan,

    I understand, but these assclowns intended to hit the Guerena home. Once there, they intended to shoot. If they had not had that original intent, they would not have done this in the first place.

  12. Stu says:

    Manslaughter is a felony, as is shooting someone, he may have died of the wounds because of the police keeping medical attention from him. When he was refused medical attention it goes to murder in my opinion.

    Prosecute them all, as police officers they are suppossed to have the guts to speak up even if they didn’t partake in the raid.

  13. Arrow says:

    I’m heart sick for this Marine, his widow and two little boys. Thanks to TAH for giving a flying flip and to Beat and Release for the detailed assessment of this classic Charlie Foxtrot. I learned all I needed to know about the heart of this Marine when reading the report that his weapon was on safety when the swat team came through the door. He held his fire, traded his life for theirs and gave them the opportunity to go home to their families at the end of their shift. Let them live with that.

  14. Kevin says:

    I like how the clowns in uniform were shooting through the door frame. “Officer, can you describe your sight picture and how you were able to verify your target”?

    The holes in the back are exit holes. There are matching holes in the fence and the neighbors house where those clowns sprayed the neighborhood.

  15. Doc Bailey says:

    I’m sorry but all I can get from it is the word “sloppy”.

  16. YatYas says:

    Here is the Search Warrant with what appears to be a redaction for the CI. Makes for interesting reading.

  17. CRaissi says:

    That warrant lost me at “Photographs or undeveloped film…” This is 2009. No one uses film. Especially drug dealers who don’t want the only business in town still developing film to know that they’re dealing drugs.

    That is a form fill, period.

  18. CRaissi says:

    2011. I don’t know why it says 2009.

  19. CRaissi says:

    F me, it gets worse. They think the guy has a server in his house, along with diskettes like zip and jazz drives. Yeah, drug dealers host ftp servers in their homes so their buddies can ftp ledgers on sales and stuff. Right. And those zip and jazz drives that no one has used since before Y2K? Those are the hip alternatives when the ftp server goes down.