Duckworth resigns. Meh, so what?

| June 14, 2011

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that double amputee veteran Tammy Duckworth has resigned;

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki told the Chicago Sun-Times in a statement, “Assistant Secretary Duckworth has submitted her resignation. She has served the Department of Veterans Affairs with distinction. Her unwavering dedication to Veterans and their families has strengthened VA’s ability to perform our mission–providing Veterans the healthcare and benefits they have earned.

“Tammy Duckworth uniquely understands the needs of today’s Veterans and their families, and her commitment to serving Veterans and increasing VA’s outreach has helped the department serve more Veterans and serve them well. We will miss her advocacy and leadership, but wish her the very best in the years to come.”

What a load of horseshit. Duckworth’s time at the Department of Veterans Affairs has been about Duckworth, not about veterans. Remember when she defended death panels for veterans? Remember when she “bravely” went back to school during the time she was supposed to be fixing the new GI Bill? Remember when she deflected blame for her own incompetence on veterans healthcare?

The DVA can only improve with her absence – but that boob Shinseki will screw that up, too.

The Sun Times speculates that Duckworth will run for Congress in Illinois and that sounds about right. She realizes that she’s a failure at the VA, so she’ll go to Congress where she doesn’t have to be accountable to taxpayers.

I hope there’s a veteran in Illinois who’ll challenge the brainless twit. I can think of one…hint, hint.

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  1. I think he’s too smart to do it, but it would be entertaining.

  2. Old Tanker says:

    Does Matt live in her district?

  3. Old Trooper says:

    That’s an interesting thought, Jonn. Maybe we can ply him with enough beer to get him to do it?

  4. DefendUSA says:

    Boy, that would be something, wouldn’t it? B5, what say you?