Update on phoney SEAL Salhem Dreasden/Dan L McGrew

| June 15, 2011

Since the story first came out there as been a collective effort to find who this guy is. Everyone seems to be pitching on on this on. Also this case of stolen valor is has gotten help from the racing community as well as the military one. I added additional information to the original post so I just talk about the newer info.

We know what his real name is Dan L McGrew. There is a interesting post about him from someone who know him. The more I read, the more it sounds like someone else we know.

You did the same thing to Marvin. Remember Marvin? You burglarized the local Masonic Temple here, and you stashed a bunch of your stolen property in his shed. Were you planning to recreate yourself a high ranking Mason? Perhaps the son of one?

Then there’s the issue of the hot checks you wrote. Two thousand. Ten thousand. Somewhere in between.In any case, my house was harrassed for over a year by people from Steve’s Git-n-Go, Carrow’s, Some bowling place (a hot check for a bowling ball, Dan?!), etc., etc., etc. All this because you used my address to open your bank account with Wells Fargo! Your probation officer finally gave me a stack of his business cards so that I could just start referring people to him (which I did).

Oh and it seems that he is claiming that he has won awards at the HIN Austin.A friend said that he would help out by asking around the to see if anyone has heard of him at any event he attended.

Also he is pretending to have a Afghanistan deployment on a youtube account that was linked back to him.

But the best part is this statement made from the post listed above.

I guess I should probably be indignant, even outraged at your insinuation that I had a hand in destroying your life there.But you know what, Dan (and your name is Dan – not Sahlem), I’m not. I’m only slightly irritated – really more amused than anything. Your current drama seems to be nothing more than one more episode of the same tired sitcom. Your life there was like your life here: a fragile house of cards (ie: lies) you created for yourself. And when it all falls down, Liar Dan the Pathological convinces himself it’s someone else’s fault (again). Take some responsibility, Dan.

But given your history, I don’t understand your upset. Hasn’t it always been easy for you to simply move on and create yourself a whole new backstory to con people with? It’s like a game to you. You kinda remind me of the character Leonardo DiCaprio played in that movie “Catch Me If You Can”.

Wow, I swear that sounds like someone we know, but who?

Oh and as a special treat I am offering a two for one phoney deal today. Saw this on the news last night.

After fleeing the Navy in 2006, 26-year-old Royce Allen Eagle lived in Alaska under a false identity until last year when authorities tracked down his fingerprints

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  2. Ladiesbeware says:

    This man is a career con artist. He has not held down a regular job in over six years. His full time job is scamming and lying to people/women. Here is list of the lies he has told to me and to others and some of his best cons:
    – I’m dieing of cancer
    – I’m a bounty hunter (fake badge and all) that is why I am out at all hours of the night and sometimes don’t come
    – I am a Physicians Assistant and work 24 hour shifts(fake scrubs and all)
    – I am a Navy Seal and have traveled the world (Fake Uniform and School Appearances)
    -My job in the Navy was so top secret that they now have to deny that I was ever in the Navy in order to protect me. Don’t you think if these allegations were true true that I was never in the Navy I would have been arrested and put in Federal Prison!
    – I have a huge inheritance coming to me and gold bars stored in a private vault in LA
    – I am a race care driver and people pay me 10,000 to drive in car rally’s
    -I am a Professional Video game player and I can make $500 to $800 a week playing video games
    – I am well known in the car industry and if you help me finance a car I can fix it up take it to car shows and make you $1000 of dollars in magazine appearances and for winning car shows (Will even show you emails of offers to appear in magazines).
    -I am in the middle of opening a Internet Cafe and have several partners who have given me money already
    -I am part owner in the internet cafe Cybercafe on Topanga
    -My name is Sahlem Draesden/Salem Draesden his real name is Danny McGrew Jr.
    -I work for Activision
    -I am a Porn Star
    -I’ll change for you
    – I love you
    – I’ll be faithful to you all these other girls are just my friends.
    -I owned a house in Porter Ranch but had to sell it because my x-girlfriend ran up my credit cards while I was on deployment
    -I had 40k in the bank but had to bail out my roommate Anthony for a drug charge I am waiting for him to pay me back.
    -I have a storage unit of very expensive furniture and paintings.

    If this man has lied to you post below.

  3. truthbetold says:

    This guy has an STD. Do get tested.

  4. get a life says:

    I know this person very well……..all. these post are nothing but lies… This bitter girl needs t oo get a life… And leave him.alone! he does have. Cancer. No STD…. And was very part of the military until this crazy pearson lost it completely!

  5. Green Thumb says:


  6. Boy, this guy is a pretty big piece of shit on the shoe of society. He has no bankable skills and needs to use manipulation. He seems to always end up alone. For a practiced liar, he is not a very good one.

  7. Miken says:

    I don’t care if salhem has stds. I don’t care if he is embezzling money from my ex. I don’t care if he tries to con investors and pretends to be a seal/ porn star/ game designer/ racing specialist/ cop/ or even just a normal human being. However, now that he is living at XXX Norwich ave, Thousand Oaks ca, and my girls are telling me that he hit them and don’t feel comfortable around him, that does not sit well with me. I don’t know what goes on in his head but, as long as the biological father is still in the picture you don’t hit his kids.

  8. me says:

    You need to get this poor excuse of a man away from your kids. Get a restraining order against him if he is hitting them it should be easy.

  9. real says:

    did anyone go to a swinger party with him for new years 2012. a girl that was there that was a stripper at rouge and blue zebra named kitty claims he took advantage of her when drunk and then pushed him off her. Anyone there ?

  10. Green Thumb says:

    Fucking scum.

    Cold steel beatdown needed.


  11. Looking for my brother says:

    I dont know what is all true or not. I have not known him very long in my life but i can tell you one thing you cant blame everything on him if you want someone to give the blame blame the man who made both of us. Im glad to be who i am today for not growing up with that man but Danny did and the way he is the way he is becouse of him. If my Brother Can see or hear me I do want to be there for you if you think you can change your crazy ways and make a better life for you and the people you know.

  12. Jason says:

    I knew Dan McGrew when he was claiming to be an Irish political refugee on the run from the IRA, back in 1998. He had a lot of people fooled there, too. Reading through all of these, I suspect that and # 52, # 56 and #64 are Dan/Salhem using a fake identities (he doesn’t have a brother, #64. Sorry.). I can tell you he’s gay for pay, too. I have names from back then. Marvin…Amos…David…there are others, too. I don’t think he’d be physically dangerous unless he was absolutely backed into a corner, but he’ll steal you blind and drive wedges between you and everyone you love with his lies.

  13. Green Thumb says:

    Turd of the First Order, here.

    “gay for pay” says it all.

  14. Got off lucky says:

    Actually shocked only in part that I hadn’t come across all this sooner. I knew Dan around 2002 and we dated for some time. This was in Salt Lake City, Utah. He had even given me an engagement ring, which was legit – had a jeweller clean it for me once. He was using the name Salem Dreasden and the list of lies was lengthy then as well.
    He said his mom was a playmate and lived in the Playboy mansion but she died and it was her ring I was wearing.
    He claimed to work for the government, CIA, and that his job was so secret that he was deep undercover and that was why he needed money from me.
    He was living with two drag queens at the time we first met, and was definitely gay for pay or play, if you ask me.
    Claimed he had his own racing company in California.
    He always was spending a lot (which I’m sure he got from other girls) or asking for a lot.
    He claimed to be a super model. He actually did show me pictures (he was thinner then, in my own defence) but they were mysteriously never published anywhere….
    He borrowed the engagement ring back later on to ‘have it cleaned’- never saw it again.
    He came to a party at my house and he instigated a lot of group sex, later just watching, after making sure everyone was really fucked up.
    Would beg for food, rides, a place to live, etc….
    Claimed he had to sell his car, truck, jeep, etc.
    Actually conned me into paying $100 downpayment on a leather riding jacket that he told me he’d be paying the balance for and getting it for me as a gift. Wonder what chick ended up with that!
    Scammed me out of a lot of money and that is nothing to say of the incredible shame I felt later for allowing him into my home, standing up for him to my parents and YES – getting an SDT. Still, after reading all this I appear to be the fortunate one. I wish I had more current info and could be of help. This guy needs to be stopped. I am an actual military spouse now and what he’s done in the name of the SEALS makes me sick!

  15. get a life says:

    I posted before that these were all lies….. but now I know the truth… everything posted on here about him is the truth…. trust me when I say its in your best interest to stay far away as you can… he doesn’t have cancer… but spreads it as if he does…… STAY AWAY

  16. Green Thumb says:

    Another potential candidate for the All Points Logistics (APL) Executive Training / Internship Program.

  17. rose negro says:

    I am seeing recent posts re vctar article – how can I take this further and get more of the background story and provide current updates on this slimy character.

  18. rose negro says:

    Miken – would love to hear more about kids issues. Is he still at Norwich

  19. Green Thumb says:

    Call me crazy, but I believe I saw something on Mary’s old POW Network site about this maggot being into gay porn.

    I could be wrong, but the name seems to ring a bell.

    Any verification from dissed lovers or victims?

  20. OldSargeUSAR says:


    Maybe Zippy the Pinhead, aka William Blake, can answer that.

  21. Green Thumb says:


    Gay Blake is hot air and threats.

    A real clown.

    Typical poser.

    And getting paid by the VA…..

  22. OWB says:

    Again with the poser hanging around school children. Makes my skin crawl.

    What happened to the pics above?

  23. Ex-PH2 says:

    The only consolation in shutting off funding temporarily (should that happen) is that Zippy the Pinhead Blake will lose his monthly check, along with far more deserving individuals.

  24. rose negro says:

    Someone needs to start a fund to rid the planet of this scum. Perhaps we should contact the Ventura County Star for a follow up story.

  25. rose negro says:

    Outstanding warrent in LA county for some traffic incident(s). Upcoming day in Ventura court on the 10th – he’ll be a no show and then another warrent for assault. If you have more info please share….

  26. Found Him says:

    If anyone who has been wronged by this guy is still looking for him, I know where he is. He has leased an office unit above Lee’s 4 Coctails in Northridge, California. The address is 17042 Devonshire Street, Suite #200, Northridge, California 91325. He is under the name Salem Dresden, and claiming to be CEO of Dresden Entertainment and Deja-New Productions. I’m a bouncer at the bar in the same complex where he frequents every weekend. His number is (818) 644-0407. I’ve met fakes like this guy claiming to be in the industry quite a few times, and I’ve heard quite a few of the stories mentioned above; so if there are any authorities searching for him…glad I could help!

  27. Anonymous22 says:

    I dated him in 2009-10 and have a child by him that he has never expressed interest in, he conned me into believing what most of you are talking about and took a good amount of money from me. Just found this website, nice to know I’m not the only one.

    • Emma says:

      Really, you had a kid with someone you had never looked up on Google before or since?

      • ArmyATC says:

        Emma, Reading comprehension a problem for you? I believe Anonymous said the turd didn’t express any interest in his child. See the difference?

        • Emma says:

          My point being she got knocked up by someone who’s real name she didn’t even know or even look up–in this day and age you should know better. Cute, and fantastic for the kid.