Citadel still running pansies out of the Corps of Cadets

| June 16, 2011

Oh, boo-fricken-hoo.

Christopher Kibbee expected The Citadel to be tough.

He didn’t expect abuse, harassment and hazing from older cadets who held leadership positions, or the other knobs who were trying to emulate them. That’s what the 20-year-old from Saegertown, Pa., said he got when he enrolled at the state’s military college in 2009.

Kibbee, who left The Citadel after one semester, said upperclass cadets told him to jump off the top floor of the barracks (which he didn’t do), denied him meals, threatened to cut him, trashed his room and glued the pages of his Bible together.

Former Citadel cadet Christopher Kibbee said this photograph was taken in the fall of 2009 soon after an upperclass cadet repeatedly drove an unsharpened pencil into his forehead, a move that sent him to the infirmary.

Physical hazing of first-year students, known as knobs for their extremely short haircuts, has been entrenched at The Citadel for decades. The school has made strong efforts to stop hazing among the Corps in recent years, requiring all cadets to take classes on proper behavior.

Lest I be accused of beating around the bush, Christopher Kibbee is a total pussy, and I am glad his punk ass left my school.

Look, when I was a senior in High School, my dad told me that I had to have a college lined up by Christmas, or I was not wrestling that year. I went to the guidance office, tossed a bunch of info into a computer and it spit out “The Citadel” which I had never heard of. Content, I told my dad that that was where I was going.

No, I had no fricken clue it was a military school. When I found out, I thought it would be like Enders Game type shit. Then I went down for pre-knob weekend, where you stay with a knob and see what it is like. My pre-knob was Beau Turner, son of Ted Turner, and he got the shit beat out of him every night I was there. Rather than deter me from attending, I knew then I had to go. Because the place scared the every love crap out of me, and if I didn’t go, I knew I would always find myself wanting as a man. Wasn’t fun, but I finished.

Now look, I’m no advocate FOR hazing. It is what it is. However, this little panty waste at ANY POINT could have gone to his TAC officer and said, “hey, dudes are doing psychotic shit to me.” He didn’t. And that is the reason I am glad he is out, not that he should have submitted to the hazing.

Every now and again I remember James Darren Byers. I can barely remember my own name most the time, but from the day I got to the Citadel, I had a VERY healthy fear of that man. Mind you, the facts probably don’t match my recollection, but he had to have been 6-3, about 105 lbs, with no blood, except what he drank from the neck of knobs he killed. The day I got there some dude said about me “Oh man, Byers is going to be pissed at this kid, this one may be the only person uglier on campus.” Hard to argue, I had coke bottle glasses, a scar from ear to ear, and a plastic nose. One time I had to report to Byers’ room. I was so scared I forgot to announce myself and request permission to enter, and just ran in. It was the scariest thing I ever saw. Dude was brushing his teeth in his underwear and his head slowly pivotted to me, and in his Carolina accent he just quietly noted “wow did you just fuck up.”

I wanted to quit that night.

But I didn’t. And not later when they kicked the shit out of me either. Nor when I had to exist on grits for about a week. Nor the next year, when I again walked over 100 tours. Nor the next 100 I walked. Not even my last year when I was arrested riding the Coburg Milk Cow butt ass naked on ring night. (And Harvey Dick, Col, 1 ea, called my dad and forgot my name and just kept calling me Delbert Dumbass.) Not even when I walked tours for the 24 hours leading up to graduation, as my grandmother on her first foray out of Maine stood at the portcullis and cried.

Anyway, all that crap I put up with is what made me what I am today, albeit a deeply flawed and mental person. Ask my wife, or anyone else that knows me, I don’t even speed, because every time I so much as veered over the line at The Citadel, there was Col Dick calling me Dumbass again.

I can’t say I am glad that this kid got hazed. But I am real glad he left before he got a chance to get a mans ring. Let him go to Clemson, he’s not cut out to be a whole man.

UPDATE: I googled him, and turns out he also is a lawyer now.

I think I may have peed a little just watching his commercial:

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  1. Great beat ! I wish to apprentice while you amend your web site, how can i subscribe for a blog site? The account aided me a acceptable deal. I had been tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided bright clear idea

  2. McKenzie A. M. Pepper says:

    If You honestly think you would survive a Pledge/Frat exp… and not survive The Citadel you are in-denial of life and you need to commit suicide.

  3. Romans12:1-2 says:

    There is SO MUCH MORE TO LIFE!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You Pre knobed with Beau Turner? my cousin was his roommate all four years!

  5. USMC says:

    Graduated from El Cid in 2008 – I am a Captain now in the United States Marine Corps. Every day I have to deal with stress that normal civilians do not have to deal with, and every day I thank The Citadel for building my character to withstand any and all stresses. The MILITARY COLLEGE OF SOUTH CAROLINA …. if you can’t handle it, don’t go.

  6. Ukodus says:

    I remember Beau Turner. I also remember Mr. Byers. Was a knob his senior year. Scared me too.

  7. Gnar Rule says:

    As a Citadel grad (undergrad) and Clemson grad (graduate), tell that bitch neither school wants him. go to coastal

  8. Brandon says:

    I’m sure Byers doesn’t remember me, because i made every effort to not be noticed. First time Romeo 92 was introduced to Byers was Knob Showers. The build up to Byers didn’t reach the fear of just seeing him. His eyes were red as fire, and everything about him was in slow motion. Did anyone else notice the Cadre Corporals wouldn’t approach him?

    After 20 years, there’s much I have forgotten, but I have never forgotten the first time I saw Byers.

  9. TSO says:

    Scariest human being ever.

  10. Jojo says:

    I understand that this is the way to prepare men and women for the military and war. However, it’s sad that the way to do it is to turn them into killing machines with lack of compassion for all humans. What’s even sadder is that the majority of these people end up staying that way even when they are not in the military or at war anymore. Also, as a woman who has survived horrific challenges throughout my life, including natural childbirth three times, I highly resent that men use female references to imply weakness. Also, using words such as “douche bag, pussy,” etc., referring to women’s body parts and natural bodily processes is ridiculous to force men to be stronger is so archaic! Hmmmm…I wonder what they say to the women…? “You limp dick?” “You sorry ass whose balls hang in the toilet?”

    • Knob Gaudy says:

      Please. less than a third of the corps commissions. being an upperclassmans bitch and tormenting freshmen does not prepare you for war any more than shining shoes and brass and ironing clothes. that prepares you to be a house wife or a butler.

      What prepares you for war is, you know, shooting, maneuvers, FIGHTING. which you can’t do as a knob, is fight back. If I could go back I would get myself a lot more lacerations and broken bones and bruises fighting those fucks.

      • Hondo says:

        English, dipstick. That includes punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and capitalization.

        Learn and use it.

      • nbcguy54 says:

        Funny that you should mention shining shoes and brass and ironing clothes. Apparently you have received nothing from your education as those “housewife” chores teach discipline and attention to detail, both critical to success on the battlefield and life in general.

  11. Twist says:

    “it’s sad that the way to do it is to turn them into killing machines with lack of compassion for all humans. What’s even sadder is that the majority of these people end up staying that way even when they are not in the military or at war anymore.”

    You have absolutly no idea what the hell you are talking about. You are one of the reasons I wish that Starbucks didn’t have free WiFi.

    Please don’t hurt yourself when you fall off of your high horse.

  12. Hondo says:

    Bingo, Twist. She obviously never hear MacArthur’s observation on how soldiers view war and peace:

    “The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.”

  13. Sam Havelock says:

    I didnt think the hazing was all that bad, but then again, in 198 ii was over in 1st bn where life was good and the livin’ was easy.

    Shit, dont send this to chris miller or jim lechner, i dont want their memories to be distorted when they eventually convalesce together on an assisted living porch in mt pleasant. God love em.



    • Charlie 92 says:

      Oh Sam, LOL you kidder. 1st BN was hardly easy. Jim Lechner and Dan Dennis had me nearly peeing my pants every day.

      But you….oh man. “Hey Knob, why don’t you go ask Mr. Havelock if you can take his sister to the dance?”

      I thought you were going to murder me.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t graduate from either VMI or Citadel, just think its funny that the grads can’t tell the difference in the picture.

  15. TSO says:

    Those are Summerall Guards of El Cid, are they not? The Shako certainly looks like our own.

  16. Kerrigan C., 17 says:

    I’m starting at The Citadel this August for electrical engineering! Couldn’t be any more psyched, even with knob year looming over my head. If it’ll turn me into a better man at the end, then it’s completely worth it in my book. I’m not leaving without that ring!

    • Shon McClure says:

      The ring amounts to nothing besides it’s price tag. Go to a college where you are actually allowed to function and maintain your grades.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        You mean someplace like HAHHHvahd or Yale, finishing schools for no-nuts snotnosed silver spoon preppies?

        • Mustang1LT says:

          Yeah, and Proud, did you notice that this shitstick is responding to a post that’s about a year and a half old? Just fucking brilliant! Thunderbird for everyone!

          • Knob Gaudy says:

            And look at you looking at old posts. nostalgic much as you drink yourself to death, marine?

            • Hondo says:

              Obviously, your ability to recognize sarcastic insults is lacking.

              Observation isn’t your strong point, either. Mustang1LT isn’t in the USMC. You’d know that if you had actually comprehended those past comments from Mustang1LT you claim to have “looked at”.

              • Knob Gaudy says:

                Read my post again. Did I actually say I had READ any of his older posts? Is your reading comprehension that dense?

                • Hondo says:

                  Assumption on my part, based on giving you the benefit of the doubt. Mentioning a particular service implies you have a reason to do so. The only logical reason you’d have to do so would be to have reviewed his previous comments and come to the conclusion he was USMC.

                  If you hadn’t read some of his prior posts, you’d have no reason to assume anything other than he was not USN. Each of the other 3 services (USA/USMC/USAF) have a rank called “First Lieutenant”. Ergo, logically you either read some of his past posts and came to the wrong conclusion – or you were pulling things out of your azz. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you’d done your homework. I see now I gave you far more credit than you merit.

                  Further: if you were perceptive, you’d have noticed the rank abbreviation Mustang1LT used for “First Lieutenant”. That’s the Army abbreviation. You missed that as well. That’s further evidence you’re not terribly observant.

                  • Knob Gaudy says:

                    each of the other 3 services (USA/USMC/USAF) have a rank called “First Lieutenant”.

                    “the rank abbreviation Mustang1LT used for “First Lieutenant”. That’s the Army abbreviation”

                    You’re telling me the other branches don’t call it 1LT. I have met a few mustang first lieutenants who were all marines. Made an assumption. Just as all of you do about people who leave your shitty corps.

                  • Mustang1LT says:

                    Thanks for the assist there Hondo. Was a little busy today and just checked in. Obviously, my reference to another thread was not picked up by this pendejo (the Thunderbird remark). I’m not a teetotaler by any means, but Thunderbird is a little below my standards. Well, somebody did a Victor Frankenstein on this thread and dragged it back into the realm of the living. I’m just going to sit back and watch this one unfold. It has the potential to get very interesting….

                    • Mustang1LT says:

                      Oh, an apropos of nothing, just going to post this video again because it’s just too damn funny!

                • Hondo says:

                  You also appear not to understand how “dead threads” work. People generally only respond to them when they’re resurrected by a fresh comment – like yours above that started this exchange. Otherwise, dead threads generally stay dead.

                  I’d think even someone of your limited ability would be able to figure that out.

        • Knob Gaudy says:

          How about a regular state college, since most cadets are unremarkable academically and can’t hack this thing called “freedom”. You need a system to make sure you don’t stay drunk and stoned all week from partying. That shows negatively on you. But if it gets you through, I guess it serves its purpose, other wise you would be enlisted or blue collar.

  17. Smoke says:

    Kerrigan, i am proud of you…Get your ring!!! The Long Grey lLne awaits you…

  18. O'Sullivan B Co says:

    “Lest I be accused of beating around the bush, Christopher Kibbee is a total pussy, and I am glad his punk ass left my school.” haha. it is what it is and if you aint anyway apart of it…(the random ppl on here boo hoo-in) get it in and mind your own business. its a choice and a brotherhood

  19. Jdf says:

    That picture is most certainly not VMI, and The Citadel fired the first shots of the war between the states. Idk what in the world that idiot is talking about. It’s the Summerall Guards, you can tell by the Prussian high step and Springfield rifles. You think VMI is some bulwark of academics? Granted, VMI has had more Rhode Scholars per capita, but their corps is half the size. The guy who wrote the article went to wake forest law. Anyway, what a moron.

  20. Beast says:

    Attrition is the mission.

    • Knob Gaudy says:

      SO why do we have to go through so much shit to leave?

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        So why are you here, gaudy, other than to be a whiny, butthurt troll who — oh, wait!

        You got kicked out, didn’t you?????

        Couldn’t cut the mustard. Couldn’t, in fact, cut anything but farts. But since you have shit for brains, there is no surprise in that.

        • Knob Gaudy says:

          Ha that’s a funny joke. I was a shit out who cared about my grades and transferred schools. Best decision of my life brah.

          • TSO says:

            Not one employer my entire life has asked for my GPA. And yet when I applied to law school with my 2.7, I got accepted at every Tier 1 school I applied for. When I asked why, given my low GPA, they said, “The Citadel. If you can handle the academics there, you can handle them anywhere.”

            For that matter, no one has ever asked for my law school transcripts either. That’s a pass/fail sort of thing, which I passed.

            • Knob Gaudy says:

              Had a 4.0 at el cid while I was there, I got a lot of shit for putting the work in that instead of into my shoe shine and my hazing. Were these all SC schools? Because you know whats funny, outside the deep south, I have a hard time finding anyone thats heard of the place.

  21. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    All I can say is having my ass chewed alive by my Ranger Drill in ROTC was perhaps the best motivator ever. we all have someone we live in terror of and Ranger Drill McCarthy is mine. I NEVER lost my weapons again after having it super glued and tied to my hands. In fact I never lost anything ever again…20 years later.

    better still when i became Ranger Drill and my newbies finally got to eat but realizing the Silica Packets in the MRE bread was not in fact frosting nor butter. They didn’t eat it. they tried, fortunaly the swift acting Ranger Drill stopped them and taught them a valuble lesson in attention to detail. That class was the most attentive members of the group ever.

  22. Sorry to disappoint. Having attended El Cid, and having served with USASF, can’t figure it out google it, the Citadel was a completely worthless amount of time. First, your commission is the same as any other college, except you have to pay more if you’re an out of state student. It taught me all about leadership, and what a leader isn’t. Those hardcore upperclassmen… typically get drummed out of the service after their first stint. Secondly, if you’re looking for an education, look elsewhere. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, the average Knob will have less than a 1.5 GPA. Build that character by shining your shoes and brass and you can worry about your grades the next 3 years. If I had to do it over, I’d have gone to a normal college and then joined. Unless you plan on living in or around Charleston your ring doesn’t get you anywhere. Sorry but it’s the truth. Get your panties in a wad all you ring knockers.

  23. Sorry to disappoint. Having attended El Cid, and having served with USASFC, can’t figure it out google it, the Citadel was a completely worthless amount of time. First, your commission is the same as any other college, except you have to pay more if you’re an out of state student. It taught me all about leadership, and what a leader isn’t. Those hardcore upperclassmen… typically get drummed out of the service after their first stint. Secondly, if you’re looking for an education, look elsewhere. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, the average Knob will have less than a 1.5 GPA. Build that character by shining your shoes and brass and you can worry about your grades the next 3 years. If I had to do it over, I’d have gone to a normal college and then joined. Unless you plan on living in or around Charleston your ring doesn’t get you anywhere. Sorry but it’s the truth. Get your panties in a wad all you ring knockers.

  24. TSO says:

    When I started applying for law school, I got in at every school I applied to. When I asked why, given my previous lackluster educational achievements, I was told because the Citadel had clout, and they let Citadel grads in pretty much regardless. I have yet to see any of my compatriots in ’92 “drummed out”. In fact, of my roommates, one is a colonel (and Chaplain of Camp David) and the other is also a colonel, and now a military judge.

    My panties aren’t in any wad that you didn’t appreciate it. Hell, I really don’t care if others do or don’t. And I didn’t take a commission, so I didn’t give two shits about that side of it either.

    • judy says:

      Is it possible to graduate from the Citadel and then not be accepted into the Marines due to a very insignificant medical issue?

      • O-4E says:

        Yes. Simply graduating from the Citadel (or VMI or Norwhich, etc) doesn’t guarantee you a commission in any branch. You still have to meet the academic, moral and medical requirements for a commission in whatever branch of service you choose to serve.

        A significant portion of the graduates never serve a day in the military

        • Jason says:

          4 years after graduation, I tried to get into Air Force OTS. It was tough AND VERY competitive. Didn’t get any credit for The Citadel or their ROTC program. Grades and Qualifying test scores were key. Ended up enlisting in the AF and tried again. Even with recommendation of three Bird Cols and my squadron Cmdr, still didn;t make it.

  25. A_Proud_Infidel says:

    #73, it’s time for you to simply admit that you were simply too inferior to make it there, after reading your snivel streak, I suggest that you get into writing fiction, your comment is nothing but that!

    You lose.

  26. Ptolemy in Egypt says:

    Ah, thanks for the memories, TSO.

    I was a Boston-area yankee who was originally slated to go to Boston University, but got a Army ROTC scholarship and thought- “Golly gee willikers, Wally- maybe I should go to a military college instead of one of those civilian universities so I can be doubly-prepared for the Army!”

    My biggest mistake- visiting Charleston, South Carolina in December- I believe it was 80 degrees F, after getting on a plane in sub-zero temps at Logan Airport. That’s really what cinched it for me- as embarrassed as I am to admit it. That and the thought of spending 4 years outside of New England- where I had grown up. But I knew little about what I was getting myself into in terms of the fourth class system.

    So yeah- there were some douchers who went to that school. I got embroiled in a hazing scandal when someone else reported I was in a room where several of us had some sophomoric shit done to us. But, I learned an important lesson in moral courage when some upper classmen wanted us to sign a petition to keep the worthless sack of crap sadistic hazer who was out of control. I refused to sign because I thought he was a lousy leader who had no business being a lieutenant of Marines. Those upperclassmen (juniors) yelled at me, and some of my classmates tried to intimidate me into signing, but in not doing so, I earned far more respect from everyone in the long run.

    I guess what I’m saying is- I learned a lot more about the kind of leader I did *not* want to be by going there. But hey- if you went to El Cid thinking it was going to be a picnic, then shame on ya. You’re a tool.

    The day he dropped me off, my dad told me I’d be back home within 30 days with my tail between my legs. After that, quitting was not an option, no matter how miserable I was whenever I’d get a letter from my buds at UNH, BU, BC, Keene State and other colleges telling me how much they were getting laid and so on. I would usually read those letters late at night and get all weepy, the salty tears mingling with the Brasso and Kiwi shoe polish on my fingers and under my fingernails.

    But seriously- I didn’t quit, stuck it out. And now, as Pat Conroy likes to say “I wear the ring.” I’m an Army lieutenant colonel with 19 years in- I’ve enjoyed it- certainly not for everyone, but hey- that’s life. I couldn’t care less what the petty little people of the world have to say about it.

    Even hung out in TSO’s alcove room watching Jethro Tull concert videos a time or two, and ran into him a few years later in Taszar, Hungary when my tank company was coming out of Bosnia and he was in the 29th ID (iirc) as an infantry E5 going in. Small world.

    Woo hoo.

  27. Ptolemy in Egypt says:

    Those are most certainly Summerall Guards. They’re the only ones with bayonets on their rifles and those are clearly the Palmetto devices of the SCCC on their shakos.

    @66- Kerrigan- good luck. E.E. is a tough major to slog through especially during knob year, but if you make it through that, you can make it through anything.

    You get out of it what you put into it. Don’t romanticize the Corps of Cadets because you will be confronted with the ugliness of jackholes and losers in leadership positions who don’t have the first clue & couldn’t lead mice to cheese. But, the experiences and camaraderie are fun. Charleston is a great town to go to school in, and we get a lot more time off on the weekends than the West Pointers and VMI guys, so there’s always that.

    Good luck.

  28. Kelvin White says:

    The Definition of Discipline:

    The discipline which makes the soldiers of a free country reliable in battle is not to be gained by harsh or tyrannical treatment. On the contrary, Such treatment is far more likely to destroy than to make an army. It is possible to impart instruction and to give commands in such a manner and such a tone of voice to inspire in the soldier no feeling but an intense desire to obey, while the opposite manner and tone of voice cannot fail to excite strong resentment and a desire to disobey. The one mode or the other of dealing with subordinates springs from a corresponding spirit in the breast of the commander. He who feels the respect which is due to others cannot fail to inspire in them regard for himself, while he who feels, and hence manifests, disrespect towards others, ESPECIALLY his inferiors, cannot fail to cannot fail to inspire hatred against himself.
    -Major General John Schofield, 1879

  29. Anonymous says:

    Are you people psychotic. That’s not character building that’s sociopathic. And if you think it’s okay to do that, then you’re just brainwashed. I went to the Citadel, and I was a proud member of the Corps, but it’s wrong.

  30. PintoNag says:

    @79 You’re calling US psychotic? Please go back and read what you just wrote. “I was a proud member of the Corps, but it’s wrong?” THAT is psychotic.

  31. been through worse says:

    I am not a Citadel alumni nor have I ever been a member of the Corps of Cadets. I am the father of one. I like the change the Citadel produced in my son.

    And just so no one forgets…there are worse things than hazing.

  32. dfgdsfgsd says:

    “Now look, I’m no advocate FOR hazing. It is what it is. However, this little panty waste at ANY POINT could have gone to his TAC officer and said, “hey, dudes are doing psychotic shit to me.” He didn’t. And that is the reason I am glad he is out, not that he should have submitted to the hazing.”

    You didn’t make this very apparent in your article. I don’t feel that hazing should be so prominent in military colleges, either, because the primary goal at a military college is for the cadets to learn.

  33. Anonymous says:


    Our women are better at being men than you are. If you dont wear the ring then close your filthy suck. You are not worthy to comment. C co 11

  34. A Proud Infidel & Patriot says:

    @84, SHUT UP and go buy some ad Space, CHEAPSKATE!!

  35. Cit Mom says:

    Pat Conroy:
    And the lions descend on the lambs and tear them limb from limb and blood shall flow forth like a river and drown the weak and injured, and those who survive the slaughter will be raised above the flood, their bones hardened and muscles refined, for superiority lies in he who is tempered in the severest of schools. Lambs then become the lions and the process is begun again, class after class.

    In Seven Days, the process starts again.

  36. Old Corp Man says:

    The Citadel is at it again….letting the KNOBS run the corp!
    12 MIKE Company cadets are accused of hazing right now! I am an Alumni… my son was hazed and did not fold! The KNOBS call home, cry to mom and then mom calls the president! Chain of command is broken… You should see the White slip or now called PR (performance report)! Weak allegations…. nothing like the article refers to.
    I am embarrassed to even wear my ring! Especially if upcoming grads are weak! A few push ups are good for the body….not sucking on tootsie pops all day! Commandant’s office and school admin is weak. Go to USC or Clemson….
    A disgrace to all Citadel grads!

  37. Guess Who! says:

    Ah The Citadel…home of the all male group shower hours, the worst Division 1 college basketball in the nation, and 16 straight football losses to Wofford College. More young men leave this shithole scarred for life than leave it as more productive citizens.

  38. John Zawnovich says:

    The Citadel: home of the dickless wonders.An all-male tradition of eunuchs kissing eunuchs and pretending that’s manhood…have fun!

  39. 91 Bond Volunteer says:

    “Stalwart universities—Harvard, Princeton, Yale—most certainly offer status. The Citadel offers character. “

  40. Bob Gawler says:

    LOL. Was Googling for something else related to Citadel hazing and stumbled across your site and post.

    Laughed my ass off. My pre-knob experience wasn’t much better, I stuck it out, and even knocked out 13 tours the night before graduation courtesy of 1 ea. Col Dick (God bless him). My only tours in 4 years. (I got out of 250+ my sophomore year).

    I could not agree with you more. Its not an experience for everyone and I weep that the school is a former shell of itself.

    Bob Gawler ’91

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Yeah, kinda like the cases of “Wussitis” forced down the US Military’s throat year after year…

  41. Matt Shotwell says:

    Sadly, I did not attend the Citadel but my first son did and graduated as a Guardsmen and 61 minute man. Piss on the intellectual midgets unable to differentiate between programmed discipline and tradition versus hazing. The process is designed to tear and strip the young man to basic template, void of his flawed parental influence, then imprint and rebuild him into a man of character and purpose.

    Some men enter The Citadel with the fundamental character already instilled while other are in need of it’s purpose like the feeble suckling neonate yearning for mother’s milk. Regardless of which child enters, it appears nearly all exit as strong disciplined men. Unless an adversarial bullet is surging for your dome piece, everything in life is make believe. The men at the Citadel are and never were in danger of their lives. They may have been hazed, but it was more psychological then physical. Men must differentiate between what’s real and what’s make believe. Those who think the Citadel hazing is real are in for a future ride on the short bus of life.

    I thank the sacrificed veterans’ soul who paved my sidewalk of freedom with their blood and nectar. No man wants to make the sacrifice as did so many before me, but it’s the sacrifice, discipline, structure of The Citadel and other Military Academies, and ultimately the United States Armed Forces which keeps our USA free from the enslavement of the radical clowns rooming the earth promoting anarchy and bedlam.

    Thank you Citadel for producing the men who garnish our freedom.

    • Knob Gaudy says:

      People actually believe this stuff wow. Wars are fought for greed and ego of a few. Patriotism, country, duty, its all a phony religion to sucker you into it. We all kill,rape and die for nothing in war, unless its the pure evil joy of it.

      • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

        People actually believe this stuff wow.
        What in impressive retort, expressing your childlike disbelief in the naivete of others, no doubt we are all awed with your intellectual prowess as you demonstrate the depth and breadth of your experience.

        Patriotism, country, duty, its all a phony religion to sucker you into it.
        Some of us join militaries of foreign countries for the money…not everyone is a patriot, some of us were only looking for adventure.

        Then again some are like you who pretend you are somehow superior to the rest when the reality is you’re just a sucker for the religion you chose with the exception you’ve done nothing to earn your place except be born in a free land.

        Good for you!

        Keep on educating the masses no doubt the world awaits the experience and knowledge you offer with anxious desire. I’m certain we’ll all read about your exploits in diplomacy as you solve the world’s most pressing issues.

        Be sure to drop back in from time to time to update us on your progress, we’ll be waiting to hear all about it……or not.

        • Knob Gaudy says:

          My blog gives abused knobs and disillusioned cadets a a place to vent and know they aren’t alone in opposing the BS of the corps. I am making a difference. I counter recruit and help people not lose their limbs in dumb wars and become alcoholics bitter with hate. You cheer people on as they Damn themselves to misery and brainwashing. Real talk.

          • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

            Where did you see cheering in my response? I suspect I’m far more cynical than you are, and I don’t give a rat’s ass about the citadel.

            You made a very non-impressive retort, expressing your supposed jaded cynicism about people who believe the propaganda about god and country.

            I accept there is no actual morality, there is only winning or losing, living or dying in this world we’ve created and offered a counter view of that reality that said some of us liked the adventure and weren’t bound to this country or any other when seeking adventure of a militaristic nature.

            That adventure has more to do with the adrenaline rush than any sense of moral superiority. Anything that produces that rush risks life and limb or you might as well sit on your sofa waiting for death.

            We live for a short time and we die, some choose to die while they live by placing themselves in a box of their own choosing and never under any circumstance do they leave that box. Then when they are older, they look back and realize they’ve never risked anything, anywhere, at any time and have lived a quiet comfortable life of no consequence that was about as exciting as the fucking merry go round.

            Seems the citadel might prep folks for more of a thrill ride, thrill rides aren’t for everyone and if it’s not for you, so be it. It doesn’t make you right, it just makes you different.

            Big deal.

            • Knob Gaudy says:

              Fair enough response. And thats basically what I meant by the pure evil joy of it. Some people just want to blow some shit up, be a dick, and kill people. I thought I was one of those and was totally off the mark. But at least these kinds of personal reasons for doing things are more honest than country, valor, amurrica BS

              • Hondo says:

                Apparently you have a problem with someone wanting to defend this nation, and maybe with the nation itself. I’ll remind you that there is no prohibition on emigration, Knob. If you find America and those who wish to defend it so abhorrent as to be intolerable, you’re free to leave any time.

                Hell, I’ll even kick in some $$$ to help defray the expense of your leaving – after you’ve (1) provided documented proof of departing the country, (2) provided documented proof of renunciation of US citizenship, and (3) both of the above have been authenticated by a disinterested 3rd party or confirmed by official records/publicly available sources.

                You only sleep peacefully at night due to the efforts of far better men than yourself, Knob. Those same efforts of men better than yourself are also the reason you have the right publicly to say what you say, pray as you wish to pray, or enjoy any one of a number of other freedoms you take for granted.

                Neither security nor freedom is universally the case elsewhere in this world.

                • Knob Gaudy says:

                  Let me explain a little more clearly. I don’t so much as believe in the concept of nations, or the state. It’s an organized crime outfit with the largest street gang in the land, which are its armed forces. So no, its not just america I have an issue with. Its any group of people who feel entitled to tell others how to live and make them fight their battles.

                  I don’t need your military to defend me, because it hasn’t defended me from any credible threat in 70 years. Washington didn’t believe in standing armies anyway, said they were a threat to republican liberty (not that I believe in a republic either). I am more than willing to defend my freedom with my own two hands and whatever is at my disposal.

                  • TSo says:

                    Thank god you left my school or I would be shoving a red hot poker in my ass until I forgot this post existed.

                  • Green Thumb says:

                    “I don’t need your military to defend me, because it hasn’t defended me from any credible threat in 70 years”

                    Until you and your brethren came along.

                    I was always a student of the Roman internal collapse theory.

                  • HS Junior says:

                    Knob, you’re the latest installment in a long line of people who suffer from a basic inability to see the big picture. The wars that the US fights abroad are often (though sometimes not always) fought so they aren’t being fought on our borders. Korea, Vietnam, and our other wars against Communism were fought to contain the influence of the Soviets/Chinese (i.e., to keep it as far away from us as possible). Afghanistan was to destroy the base radical Islam had created to attack us here at home (Hey, there’s a threat to you personally that troops have defended you against in the past seventy years!). Iraq, the Balkans crap, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on that. But still, they were for a good cause. We achieved our mission in the Balkans of stopping the genocide of the Muslims, and we overthrew a brutal dictator in Iraq (even if we didn’t go in for the right reasons, less people were dying of violence in Iraq during our sojourn than under Saddam’s reign of terror). The military does good work throughout the world. Recognize.

                    • Knob Gaudy says:

                      The most expensive, overhyped military of the past century has been humiliated on and off for the past 50 years by men living in huts and wearing pajamas, with small arms and cobbled together explosives. Considering all the advantages I have compared to them in the first world, I think the need for this expensive war machine is practically nil. The thing keeping us safe is the nuclear arsenal. The wet dreams of glorious battle ala world war 2 are over. no need for the standing army.

                      oh and bobo, my ideas are mostly from first hand experience contemplating my useless death during FTX, and watching my classmates pummel knobs from other companies during knobby wars, when we should have been attacking the upperclassmen enjoying our suffering up our stairs. That, and a whole lot of punk rock lyrics made all the sense in the world.

                  • Bobo says:

                    Ah, yes. The faux intellect Zinn and Chomsky blather to show us just how astute you are as opposed to us semi-evolved warrior heathens. I used to run into it a lot at my alma mater in Massachusetts. Usually those who verbalized the ideas didn’t have them, they were just repeated from what ever the professor du jour was preaching at the time. Thanks for the memories. I’m sure that mine are far better than yours.

                    • Hondo says:

                      I’m thinking Paulbot vice Chomsky fan, Bobo. Both are idiots, but this guy strikes me as more Libertarian than Communist.

                      I could be wrong, though. And both Paulbots and Chomsky fans are so disconnected from reality as to be beneath contempt. Our Knob’s “no credible threat” statement above proves he shares that characteristic with both.

                    • Jacobite says:

                      No Hondo, not truly Libertarian either.

                      There are a lot of young skulls full of mush out there today that have begun hanging the ‘Libertarian’ label on true ‘Anarchist’ principles.

                      I believe what we’re listening to here is a true blue died in the wool Anarchist. In other words, a blind, completely lost, self involved, narcissistic, Idiot.

                    • Hondo says:

                      Jacobite: doesn’t your description fit most Paulbots to a T? (smile)

                      Besides, he invoked Washington as an example earlier. I kinda doubt Anarchists would do that, as Washington rather decisively endorsed the validity of the concept of a national government via his actions during the Whiskey Rebellion.

                    • Jacobite says:

                      Naaa, from what little I’ve paid attention even Paul-bots advocate for some form of social structure, true anarchists somehow believe it’s not only un-necessary, but destructive.

                      And the vapid little shit only invoked Washington’s name because he thought it would somehow score him some debate points against us, not because he honestly believes in anything George might have stood for. 🙂

                  • TSO says:

                    You really are an assclown. I don’t think this is the blog for you. Seriously.

                    • Hondo says:

                      I think you’re giving Knob here far more credit than he deserves when you call him an “assclown”, TSO.

          • Redacted1775 says:

            ” I counter recruit “. After reading your incessant whining I’ve finally figured out why you “counter recruiting” pussies are losing that particular fight. Not to be redundant, but PUSSY.

  42. Shon McClure says:

    Is it any wonder so few people graduate from there compared to other institutions? You go to college under the impression it’ll set up future possibilities. You don’t go to be harassed or dealt with by getting assaulted, hazed, or have character developed. God forbid you point out anything wrong there without being alumni.

    • Just an Old Dog says:

      “Is it any wonder so few people graduate from there compared to other institutions?”

      Ummmm no,,,,, It’s a military institute not a regular college.

      Thats like asking why more people fail out od Ranger School than get dropped from the summer camp counseling program at Camp Lackawanna.

    • Hondo says:

      McClure: your argument is nonsensical. The Citadel’s undergraduate population appears to be approx 1/2 the size of Harvard’s (or most of the other Ivy League universities, for that matter). By your logic above, the Ivy League universities must be similarly flawed since they also have small class sizes.

      Not endorsing the Ivy League universities here. Just making a point that selective universities are often rather small compared to Ginormus State University that by law often must take all qualified applicants (or all applicants, depending on the state).

      Also not a Citadel grad here. I just dislike illogical and pointless whining.

    • Eric says:

      “You go to college under the impression it’ll set up future possibilities.”

      Since it wasn’t mentioned already, anyone who goes to a military college to “set up future possibilities” isn’t going to last long.

      Granted, you have plenty of people hoping to get into “certain” schools thinking that will pave the way for them, forever. Is that possible? Sure, but there’s a massive difference between a military college and civilian college in that respect.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      What the hell is mcclueless talking about?

      You get the same thing – hazing – in college fraternities.

      Sometimes, it’s worse and people get killed by it because it involves the idiotic consumption of mass quantities of alcohol, or doing really stupid things.

      mcclueless has obviously never been to any educational institution that didn’t include liberal arts as a major.

      For the uninformed, liberal arts is a catch-all phrase for people who want a college degree, but don’t know what they should study to get a job that pays $60,000/yr to start, or just don’t want to do the hard work required for a STEM or financial degree.

      • OWB says:

        Hey! Not everyone with liberal arts degrees are dummies, lazy, or otherwise unsuccessful. Sometimes it is just a stepping stone to other endeavors. 😉

  43. SJ says:

    Me thinks ole Shon here went and failed and is still butt hurt.

    I didn’t go to “set up future possibilities”. Hell, I was 18. I went because a girlfriend thought it would be cool and I was trying to get in her pants. It worked out though because I had a great career and even an MBA from Florida.

    • Knob Gaudy says:

      You kiss your mother with that mouth?

      • Hondo says:

        Put down the bong, “Knob”. Apparently it’s affecting your ability to think logically, as your remark here makes no sense whatsoever.

        • Knob Gaudy says:

          You lack intuition. I am noting his lack of conservative moral fiber, something I thought you tools supposedly care about. We both know it’s all about boys being boys though.

          • Hondo says:

            No, your comment shows you lack either perspective or ability to reason logically. This comment, though it has a sexual theme, is quite tame in terms of language. The comment you used is generally considered apropos only in cases where foul language was used, and is thus inappropriate here. There are far more coarse comments above for which your reply would have been apropos.

            Comments that use an inappropriate reference show either lack of proper perspective or the inability to reason logically.

          • SJ says:

            Mr/Miss Gaudy: I guess you didn’t have interest in the opposite sex when you were (or still are) 18? Get back to me on moral fiber when you are 70 and have been married to the same woman for decades and have had successful careers.

            You asked: “SO why do we have to go through so much shit to leave?” Simply exit through the Sallyport and walk out the main gate. It really is that simple. Your parents must be so proud.

            Here endeth troll feeding.

            • Knob Gaudy says:

              If only it were that simple. They give you a laundry list of people to sign off to when you leave.

              • Green Thumb says:

                Get lost, cream puff.

                There is a reason they boot clowns like you: to keep the standard.


                • Knob Gaudy says:

                  Are you retarded? They all but beg you to stay.

                  • Green Thumb says:

                    Then check of the CoC across the street.

                  • Dennis - not chevy says:

                    Knob Gaudy:
                    “Are you retarded?” Here I am foolishly thinking you have some education. Using retarded in your manner shows a lack of class and a severe lack of any ability to express yourself intelligently.
                    For what it’s worth, I have a neighbor who is what society once referred to as mentally retarded. I have seen him on the job, and based on his desire to do each assignment successfully, I would readily recommend him for employment. You, on the other hand, bother me.

                    • Knob Gaudy says:

                      Are you the one citadel grad with an ounce of tolerance for the weak, gentle, and feminine? I’m surprised no one else commenting here has bashed you yet, when I was at el Cid I was sickened by the misogyny, homophobia, sexism and racism, Much less the able-ism. If my comments have generally been trollish, its to keep with the common spirit in which alums and cadets generally respond to criticism on the internet.

                      Generally goes like this : Someone, ex cadet or outsider, criticizes the school or expresses negative experiences. Everyone else gets butthurt and proceeds to flame them with ad hominem, use a lot of words offensive to gays and female genitalia. They refuse to argue the merits of what was said. So me, I skip that part and get right to the fun part.

                    • Hondo says:

                      So . . . it’s OK for you to use a “slur” to make a point, but the use of “slurs” by others bothers you? Hypocritical, Knob. And it smacks of the “I’m a special little snowflake who is never wrong” mentality.

                      Well, that last bit is actually damned obvious in everything you’ve said here. I thought I’d just state it plainly.

                      For once, how about you try being truthful with yourself and others. You left the Citadel because you weren’t strong enough to make it, didn’t you?

              • SJ says:

                They can’t make you do anything. You can walk out the gate. Its been done before. But, it does take guts to do it and give proof to family and friends that you didn’t have what it takes. Easier to whine that you can’t leave because of sign offs. But, is getting sign off’s an insurmountable challenge? Really?

                You cause me to reassess my thinking on the 4th Class System. I have never been a huge proponent but now, in your case, I see the system works. Man/Girl up and leave, sign offs be damned.

              • rb325th says:

                You are a moron. Plain and simple… you washed out, and now carry that chip around on your shoulder because you know that you failed, but cannot admit it. You wish to be a better man, but choose the easy route instead of blaming others for your failings.

                • Knob Gaudy says:

                  The way you phrased that makes it sounds like the opposite of what you probably meant. But anyway, the easiest thing in the world would have been for me to stay, like my tac, the administration, and some cadets wanted me to. I just had to keep chugging along, putting up with it. But not for me, friend.I made it a point to go do something else with my life. And thats great, because had I stayed I would have gotten in quite a few fistfights.

                  • Hondo says:

                    And yet, you’re bitter about the experience, and want to tell anyone and everyone that you got “screwed by a broken system”. Sounds to me more like you realized you just couldn’t hack it, and are now trying to cover up that inconvenient truth.

                    There’s no shame in giving something your best shot and failing. However, there is indeed shame in lying about that truth afterwards – as well as in denying inconvenient reality.

                    • Knob Gaudy says:

                      I left the Citadel because I hated every damned minute I spent there with its people. I left because you claim it to be a place of leadership and character, but its a place of depressed drunken post adolescents on a power binge who get off on bullying people and call it leadership. You violate the LAW and regulations to enforce your arbitrary leadership styles, and crucify anyone who does something about it by bringing it up, much less reporting it up chain of command.

                      Am I strong enough to put up with that?sure. Am I stupid enough? No.

                      A place that abides by the rules and regulations it establishes. Is that TOO MUCH to ask for, Hondo?

                    • Hondo says:

                      So, you left because theory was different from reality? Welcome to the real world, sunshine.

                      Here’s a tissue. Dry your eyes, and go find someone who will show you sympathy.

                      Hell, here’s a hint: you can find it in the dictionary. It’s found between “manure” and “venereal disease”. I could give you a smaller search area, but I’m afraid that might offend your tender, easily bruised sensibilities.

                      And as I’ve said before: not a Citadel grad. Served with some. Like any other source of commissioned officers, some were stellar, most were average, and some sucked.

                  • Ex-PH2 says:

                    So what our knobless wonder here is saying is that he/she/it got picked on and didn’t like it, but instead of facing it, he runned away from it.

                    I really don’t think this girlie-man could have made it through the first 10 days of RTC(W) in 1967.

                • Ex-PH2 says:

                  Wanted you to stay? Oh, seriously! Get over yourself. As obnoxious as you are, it’s more believable that they were glad to see you heading out the front gate.

  44. nbcguy54 says:

    C’mon everyone, give Knob Polisher a break. He’s just on the blog to pick up another guy to replace the one he had the hots for before he got booted from school. Show some compassion…

  45. SJ says:

    We’re frustrated with Mr/Miss Gaudy who may or may not be a member of the Corps and most/all of us us could not care less.

    I feel sorry for his/her parents that are shoveling out $ for this genius. As I said earlier, I’m not a huge alumni guy. I graduated in ’63 and this year was the first that I’ve been back. I’m comforted by the fact that the “system” made Mr/Miss Gaudy leave. I hope it was for an Honor violation.

    Tango Sierra Mr and Mrs Gaudy. Many parents have had loser kids no matter what they did. Sadly, you drew the short straw. Condolences.

    • Knob Gaudy says:

      Look out everybody, its the old corps. So tell me, was it just like spetsnaz training back then. Don’t answer, of course it was! our lord and savior mark clark said so in the guide-on

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      If there was a point to the knobless wonder’s acerbic look-at-me twaddle, it’s mostly invisible. There is, however, that whole whiny bit of sneering at those who actually did make it through, as if their persistence and durability makes them into some sort of low caste garbage collectors… or some such analogy.

      The truth of knobless wonder’s need to cast aspersions on those who stuck out the whole four years vs. running away from it, because it was so hard, is that he/she/it is a lazy fuck and a slacker, and not much else.

      It’s that old thing about ‘he sneers at scars that never felt a wound’, which I paraphrased, in addition to being a drama queen and an attention whore. Must not have a job, either, or he/she/it wouldn’t be returning to amuse itself by attempting to insult total strangers.

      Stay out of dark alleys, knobless. You never know who’s waiting for you there.

      • Just an Old Dog says:

        Knobby is like one of the little boys who gets cut from the football team for being a weakling then joins the pep squad and talksshit behind the players backs.
        You quit.
        If you are a bitch just say you are a bitch.
        Go get that degree in women’s studies or conflict resolution.

        • Knob Gaudy says:

          What you got against bitches and studying women?

          You’re a dick, I’d call you a jock or something but you went to the Citadel, so you must have sucked at playing, and couldn’t get into a real school.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Careful, there, knobless.

          I’m a bitch. Ask anyone here.

          You leave my buddy Old Dog alone, you slagheap sweeping little bitchy-boi.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        I see ‘lil knobbless as one of those out there demanding $15 an hour for making burgers and fries, a perpetual underachiever that just envies those who succeed.

        • nbcguy54 says:

          Agreed. Just another pathetic little man who has failed at everything and thinks he is owed something. He blames others for his misfortunes, hates his country, but is probably the first in line for government handouts. He sounds a lot like our little Occupy Reverend doesn’t he?

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Damn, forgot to put ‘which I paraphrased’ into parentheses like this: (which I paraphrased).

        Proofread before clicking, dingbat!!

        Oh, well, I got work done in other quarters and was tired and fuzzy from pursuing the incubi. From now on, if it’s that late, I’ll compose and proof in Word and then copy/paste (pulling a psulie-o the uncoolie-o there, except he doesn’t proofread his drivel) and not take things quite so seriously.

      • Knob Gaudy says:

        The funny thing is, I’m sure none of you could have stuck out four years at a normal college where you don’t have someone up your ass 24/7. You couldn’t handle time management, priorities on your own, and you didn’t trust enough in your own masculinity, so you stuck out four years at a school that treats you like the insecure boy child you are.

        Had you gone to a regular college, you probably thought you wouldn’t get anything done because you’d be going to parties and getting fucked up every night. Truth is, you were probably too awkward to be that popular at a normal college, you would’ve spent your days drinking alone and playing league of legends, not going to class and flunking out.

        I can play this game too. # you can’t hack regular college

        • Hondo says:

          Sure, Mr. Quitter. Keep telling yourself that.

          Maybe one day you’ll actually have said it enough times that you actually believe it.

          As I said previously: there’s no shame in giving something your best shot and coming up short. There is, however, shame in lying about that fact – even to yourself. And there is even more shame in lying publicly about what happened.

          Oh, and I have no “dog in this fight”, so to speak. I’m not a Citadel grad.

          I just hate whiners – especially those who lie about who they are and what they did.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Oh, really? We’re such imbeciles that not one of us could possibly have picked up a baccalaureate degree or a master’s, ’cause we’re all just dissolute slugs???

          That’s interesting.

          Okay, I’ll start. I left COLLEGE after 3 semesters at a 4-year university to spend some of my life in the Navy. I left the Navy after 3 yrs 5 months (extension for promotion) to finish my degree, which I did in TWO years by carrying extra hours and taking summer school classes, somehow maintained a 3.75 average and made the Dean’s List each semester, then went back into the Navy full-time AD for another 2+ years, and returned school to do post-BA work, getting 26 additional hours, with a 3.75 average (again! OOPS!).

          And somehow, the only actual consumption I did of adult beverages was when I was in the Navy, and had to live on base.

          Oh, and while I was in the Navy, I also competed against professional trainers in show jumping and hunt seat events at horse shows.

          So much for knobless’s theory.

          And I think that GT is working on his doctorate, but I’m nost sure about that. I know he finished his graduate degree last year.


          • Hondo says:

            I guess I shouldn’t bother to tell Knobby here that your story (in terms of educational achievement) is reasonably common here at TAH, Ex-PH2? Or that a load of folks who comment here have advanced degrees as well as baccalaureates?

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            I’ll leave that decision in your good hands, Hondo.

            And it isn’t just ‘a load’, is it?

            No, it’s a shipload of people, many of whom can run rings around the little butthurt whiner academically and every other way.

          • nbcguy54 says:

            I’ll mess with the curve here just a little. Quit HS and joined the Army NG in 1980. Active from 84 to 98 (still a HS dropout). Got out because of a big dollar civvie job that liked my military skills (still HS dropout). Went back to NG and later IRR, finally ETS’d in 2004. Same good civvie job and they paid 100% for me to go to college. Degreed this year.
            Point of all the yammering is that it was my Army acquired skills vs college (or HS) education that got me able to sit here fat, dumb and happy.
            An exception to the rule? Yep. But don’t ever discount the value of military training and experience.

        • NHSparky says:

          You can play that game, but you’d lose.


  46. OWB says:

    What was that? Another hypocrite demanding things of others s/he is unwilling to do?

    • Hondo says:

      As well as whining like a spoiled 5-year old throwing a temper tantrum when the world isn’t what they think it should be and inconveniences him/her, OWB.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Uh, yeah. If he/she/it returns to the scene, we can have some real fun.

  47. ChipNASA says:

    Jebus Christ on a cracker.
    This idiot is still here?

    Your first clue is this guy’s choice of a handle…Yes, you’re a total know and Yes you’re Gaudy. (…” extravagantly bright or showy, typically so as to be tasteless.” )

    Dude, Protip for you….
    Go to the drugstore and get some Massengill and wash that sand outta your vagina.

    And then afterwards you can go visit your nearest Toys R’ Us and get yourself a new My Little Pony.

    You’ll feel much better.

    • ChipNASA says:

      I meant total KNOB….Damn fat fingers.

      • Knob Gaudy says:

        This was fun. I look forward to more citadel related posts anywhere on the internet where I can be the Colmes with more chest hair, to your Hannity.

        • Hondo says:

          Hmm. Sounds to me like Knobby is about to leave us.

          Wonder if that’s yet another example of Knobby-boi here quitting when the going gets tough. That would be my guess, but I suppose I could be wrong . . . .

          • SJ says:

            I’m just as happy to see him fade away back into obscurity. The old saying about arguing with pigs etc.

            But then, if he keeps posting, it helps the odds that a classmate that knows him will come forward and tell us more about little snowflake. Regardless, the system worked and he failed, and probably not his only one.

          • Knob Gaudy says:

            Oh, no worries Hondo Civic , my beef with motards is a never ending verbal crusade. See you on the next toolbaggy article. The verbal intercourse never ends.

            • Green Thumb says:

              Why are you still here?

            • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

              Knobby-BOY, face the facts:

              1. You couldn’t hack it.
              2. You QUIT and ran off with your tail between your legs.
              3. You can’t live with the truth that where you’re at is your fault, thus you hide behind your juvenile bloviation.

              You’re NO different than the posers and embellishers featured here on TAH, I’m sure we’ll see you featured here in the future bragging about a fictional Military Career!

          • Delilah T. says:

            Well, here you go. Here’s widdle knobless’s website on tumblr.


            Let’s see if it works. S/he/it is such a whiny bitch, you’d think s/he/it’d find better things to do than come here and piss on someone else’s front lawn, when s/he/it has its own. Maybe it wasn’t getting enough attention.

            • nbcguy54 says:

              One whole semester and he says all of this crap? No wonder his parents shipped him off. He’s barely old enough to buy beer and he’s already this dicked up. He’s in for a very shitty life with the attitude he has.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Most likely, yes, Hondo, and he can’t spell, either.

          It’s Hannity and COMBS, NOT COLMES, knobless, you dickless twit.

          • Hondo says:

            Actually, Ex-PH2 – in this case, the twit is correct. It was indeed “Hannity and Colmes”.

            Simply another example of the “stopped clock principle” in action.

  48. Pinto Nag says:

    KG: One question. If you were so unhappy with the Citadel, but still wanted to be a soldier, why didn’t you enlist? Or go ROTC?

    • ChipNASA says:

      Because, Giant Pussy….

      Or maybe I’m reading knob gobbler wrong.

      /I hear that there’s a job opening at APL in Florida.

      • Pinto Nag says:

        At first reading, he sounds like a disaffected, very spoiled child of privileged parents. Possibly they are the reason he was at the Citadel in the first place. He doesn’t seem to believe in much of anything, and he was put out of the Citadel, for what reason he doesn’t say. He is, however, extremely bitter about that experience — that comes through in every line he wrote above.

        • SJ says:

          And he doesn’t say what he did afterwards. One would think that he’d say that once he quit/was thrown out of Cid he flourished and became a brain surgeon or something like that. Probably in mom’s basement.

  49. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I’ve stayed away from this thread until now. One comment and I’ll not return. It occurs to me that in the bail-out by Knobby from The Citadel, the value of the hazing is both proved and self-evident.

  50. SJ says:

    Wedge: you should understand the title if you were a cadet. Tell us about your life since you failed.