Meet Master Sergeant Soup Sandwich

| June 16, 2011

UPDATE: Nicholas Androsky died on Saturday February 22, 2014.

Someone at the RTB sent me these pictures with a story about how this guy showed up for his son’s stepfather’s graduation from basic training at Fort Benning dressed like this. According to our source, the MPs escorted his monkey ass off post;

Notice that on the desk in the last picture, the nose picker even had a Green Beret to round out the ensemble. I’m surprised the MPs didn’t shoot him on sight out of fear.

“He’s coming right at us!!”

Added: His real name is Nick Androsky according to someone who found his Facebook profile . Check his photos “Routine Patrol” and the one of him jumping at 30,000 feet from the Space Shuttle, I suppose.

Second Add Sporkmaster: Just to remove any questions about the Combat Badges crossing over from Army to Air Force that the regulations do not allow it. This is on page 149.

Permanent assignment denotes non TDY status. This rule also applies to other badges or patches i.e., Army Combat Patches earned or awarded by sister service components. Upon Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to an Air Force unit the member will remove them.

Also anyone who has received the CIB, CMB, CAB, or CAR can have it converted to the new Combat Action Medal. (Which our resident POS is wearing on the top row next to the Silver Star.)

Scott sends these screenshots of his Facebook Wall before he tore it down;

ADDED 6-21-2011: The guy at “Copy All” has uncovered Androsky’s appeal for his court martial, apparently for drug use back in 2004. Thanks to Chris for the link.

ADDED July 20, 2011: We have Androsky’s actual military records, now.

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  1. Elvis TCB says:

    If you look at his FB friends list you will find a woman with the same last name (as a madien name) who I think is his mother. If you look at her FB page there are pics of her 11B Infnatry husband and other family. I think our hero is in some of the family pics now sporting a Navy uniform.

  2. HS Sophomore says:

    @470-Yeah, I’ve found a couple of phonies in his friend list. Unless AF CCT’s really do take photos of themselves in full air soft combat gear in their mom’s house, and go on commando missions with Nick Androsky (they pulled some photos of all manner of SOF operators in the field, and Nick Androsky is tagged in several of them). Pretty much says it all.

  3. A Proud Infidel says:

    Does he have a Tattooine Occupation Medal somewhere in all that bling?

  4. gggg says:

    Given that the Air Force hands out ribbons like candy, he could be the real deal.

  5. CaptGene says:

    My war was Vietnam and I was both enlisted and commissioned Army). I don’t remember seeing even a RVN general or some third world “generalissimo” with that much tossed salad on his chest. The “senior master sergeant” pictured (lower case intentional) is not his actual rank: It’s “POS”! Too bad they did away with the Stolen Valor Act. He is a candidate for it BIG time.

    • John Chambers says:

      He is sporting 45 ribbons and 7 Medals. I don’t think there is anyone in the History of the United States Armed Forces who has come that close, plus many of his ribbons have stars, oak leaf clusters, or other devices so he has even MORE. What a clown.

      • Austin says:

        Look up CMSgt Mazzone. He is the new Command Chief at Barksdale. I think you would retract that statement. 😉

  6. Tobius says:

    That isn’t senior master sergeant rank, its is master sergeant, but all that aside, he was a disturbed individual whom has taken his own life not too long ago. please if there is anyway, can this be taken down in some sort of respect for the departed?

    • Pinto Nag says:

      Respect should be rendered only to those who are respectable. What he did remains; the fact that he is dead is irrelevant. He was a poser, and even though this truth hurts, it is still the TRUTH.

      If you are a friend or family member, Tobius, I am sorry for your loss. However, I feel nothing for him at all.

  7. Chrys Foster says:

    So…..I don’t find this “fake” any more offensive than I do the real military. And I find you military types to be VERY offensive. There should be a special island where all of you war-mongers and “wannabees” should be kept….Far, FAR away from people who work and create, and not destroy and hate. You people make me sick with your macho, bellicose ranting.

    • C2Show says:

      What did you do, post under two stupid names?

      Way to tell vets off, shitbag.

    • Pinto Nag says:

      Chrys, do yourself a favor. Leave the echo chamber and go learn about the world you live in. There are people out there who will destroy you for no other reason that you don’t speak the same language or worship the same god they do. When those people show up at your door, that precious little soapbubble you live in isn’t going to protect you. Rough men with guns will. You better get a better grasp of reality fast, before it simply runs you over.

    • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      Hey scuttlefucht … Go live in North Korea, Iran and or Cuba … Write me a letter after a month or so about your work and all you create …

      Till then … KMRIA & GFY!

    • bob says:

      sure if it wasn’t for us fighting for your rights you wouldn’t be able to spew that propaganda dribble you typed thank a vet that u able to breath

    • bob says:

      you fuvking loser talk shit about service members who sacrifice every thing for what they believe in I hope you rot in hell there Chris cause u are a pussy ill meet up with you & teach you some respect many gave some and a lot gave their lifes so as shit bags like you can speak their retarded opinions

    • Amn. Michael Copple says:

      What did you do for your country? Did you risk your life to see that your family and friends had a safe home? We don’t just go throught basic training to get the GI Bill, or get some VA benefits! I was injured making sure your country was safe durring Desert Storm, now get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ackid59 11b says:

      Oh Chrys….kindly take a flying Fuck through a rolling doughnut….I fought for your right to say what you want, but I also fought for my brothers and sisters rights to tell you to go fuck yourself.

    • cpl dug says:

      Wooooow……………………. really? You are the Non-American………………………. how do you think that you get your wages………………… Freedom! And oh ,a Revoultion……………………………………… sad and proves that Humanity is its own demise! Sadly! :-(

  8. sam hobson says:

    Well maybe we should all just stop defending the country. I hope you enjoy speaking Russian and being told what you can and cannot do.

  9. Kevin says:

    I don’t find it insulting. I see a mentally ill kid. He should be treated as such. I don’t find it insulting. I see illness. So, treat him as such. My service isn’t to be compared to his stealing valor. People will see it for what it is. It doesn’t tarnish my record or any other soldiers record. That is because we have nothing to prove. So let him wear his uniform all he wants. Eventually people will see him as mental and leave him alone. He wont get the attention he wants and stop wearing it.

    • OIF '06-'07-'08 says:

      Okay Kevin first thing first. Mr Androsky is deceased by an apparent drug overdose. Second, he had a life long drug addiction problem, not a mental health problem.

      Now then, the reason for all the ridicule is if you have not read the entire article above is because he showed up for his step father’s graduation from basic/ait at Ft Benning dressed up in his salad bowl. Which in turn, earned him an MP escort off post, post haste.

  10. Green Thumb says:

    Even in death this maggot is still generating posts.

  11. Jeff says:

    I was stationed with Duane D. Hackney for 15 months. Duane was the most decorated enlisted person in the Air Force for quite a few years.

    A1C William H. Pitsenbarger is another real life hero that this guy is dishonoring.

    I hope this POS died a sad, slow, miserable death. I hope someone yanked a knot in his nuts for his behavior before he died. Wish he was alive so I could personally go look him up.

    • C2Show says:

      Pitsenbarger has buildings all over AFBs named after him. Don’t worry, this turd never got to see Pitsenbarger ALS building during his time due to being knocked back in rank so many times.

  12. RIP Soup says:

    I miss soup and sandwich and his tales of valor.

  13. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    I heard, through the grapevine, he is walking around in HELL dressed up like Mousollini trying to impress OBL, Hitler, Damer and Michael Jackson.

    • Just an Old Dog says:

      “he is walking around in HELL dressed up like Mousollini”

      Then the real Mussolini caught him and busted him out for being a poser there too.

  14. O-4E says:

    They don’t make em like this anymore. RIP Soup. Or something.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Androsky was deeply troubled and delusional while he was alive.

      I see absolutely no value and no point in reviving a dead thread on a deceased, troubled person.

  15. John Chambers says:

    I’ve noticed a few things about the posers out there. 1) In some way shape or form they have all “seen” combat i.e. CIB, CAB, or CMB with multiple stars. Also they usually have Silver or Bronze stars and oodles of Purple Hearts.

    2) Regardless of the branch they are impersonating they are Special Forces, Rangers, SEALs, or Force Recon.

    3) They are all very highly ranked usually E7-E9 although a few have tried passing themselves for LTC-GEN.

    4) They have more medals, badges, ribbons, and foreign awards than most infantry regiments put together.

    Those are just some of the most common things I’ve noticed, oh and always messing the uniform up that one gets me every time.

  16. cpl dug says:

    Hello Everyone…………. other than posers! Indeed sad be the days, too bad there is no ribbon for too many Honorables! Mayhaps dousche/others forget about National Archives?!!?

  17. Big Steve says:

    To me, this guy wins the prize as the most obscene, ridiculous array of ribbons and badges of anyone outed here on TAH.

    Please don’t tell me there is someone more absurd than this butt nugget.