Meet Master Sergeant Soup Sandwich

| June 16, 2011

UPDATE: Nicholas Androsky died on Saturday February 22, 2014.

Someone at the RTB sent me these pictures with a story about how this guy showed up for his son’s stepfather’s graduation from basic training at Fort Benning dressed like this. According to our source, the MPs escorted his monkey ass off post;

Notice that on the desk in the last picture, the nose picker even had a Green Beret to round out the ensemble. I’m surprised the MPs didn’t shoot him on sight out of fear.

“He’s coming right at us!!”

Added: His real name is Nick Androsky according to someone who found his Facebook profile . Check his photos “Routine Patrol” and the one of him jumping at 30,000 feet from the Space Shuttle, I suppose.

Second Add Sporkmaster: Just to remove any questions about the Combat Badges crossing over from Army to Air Force that the regulations do not allow it. This is on page 149.

Permanent assignment denotes non TDY status. This rule also applies to other badges or patches i.e., Army Combat Patches earned or awarded by sister service components. Upon Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to an Air Force unit the member will remove them.

Also anyone who has received the CIB, CMB, CAB, or CAR can have it converted to the new Combat Action Medal. (Which our resident POS is wearing on the top row next to the Silver Star.)

Scott sends these screenshots of his Facebook Wall before he tore it down;

ADDED 6-21-2011: The guy at “Copy All” has uncovered Androsky’s appeal for his court martial, apparently for drug use back in 2004. Thanks to Chris for the link.

ADDED July 20, 2011: We have Androsky’s actual military records, now.

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  1. Adrian Olah says:

    I saw thsis on his profile…

    “Wounded Veteran and you Sir have my support Sir!! USAF brat & Flyer, RANGER, SF MEDIC, HALO JUMP MAster!! The VA claims that my PTSD is not a combat injury but a mental disorder; so I enlisted and have a TANGO SEIRA CLEARANCE AND I HAVE A MENTAL DISORDER?!! So I get my disability from social security!! I hate it Sir!!!
    Nick ” SKI ” ANDROSKY

    Flyer, ranger, SF medic and halo jump master? Why does that just sound tricky. Lol, what a joke.

  2. Wrenchmonkey says:

    My favorite is the DCU combat boots that were NEVER authorized in any service uniform, only with DCUs, DFDUs, and, until October of last year, ABUs

  3. DocGay-For Christ sakes this clown has more awards than any 5 people.He has got Army awards on his so called chest.CIB with 2 stars,he don’t look old enough to have just the CIB.Also he has a CMB,HALO Jump Badge,and is wearing a Air Force uniform.He should be hung up by his nuts and beat till the cows come home.He also has a Green Beret and I was in SF and I wonder why he didn’t get hold of the Metal Of Honor and wear it too.What a piece of shit this durt bag is.I guess shit comes in all colors.De Oppresso Liber

  4. armygrunt says:

    Haha this dude is messed up I love how he has meritorious ribbons in with service/award ribbons lol

  5. Airman says:

    Damn! According to all the awards & stripes he’s been around since Christ was a corporal!

  6. Brandon says:

    This stupid sorry sack of shit, so damn disrespectful. The sad part is, it’s not even hard to impersonate us, but lets be a little realistic, not even the most decorated men in history have that much chest candy. I mean somebody please tell me how THE FUCK you can serve as a combat medic in 2 campaigns and an Infantryman in 3 in the same fucking lifetime. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE HORSESHITTING me. You stupid fuck, only certain schools are authorized on USAF uniforms (SKILLS badges) and you have to be the dumbest fuck to wear Combat boots with a dress uniform. I’m far beyond disgusted with this sack of shit. I’m so sorry his son has to claim that piece of shit as a dad. God damn shame.

  7. Hondo says:

    Brandon: you might want to read this link (it can be found above, but it’s a bit hard to locate):

    Seems Androsky was thrown out of the USAF as an A1C for being a druggie (courts-martial, 5 mo confinement, BCD). One of the things he apparently admitted was huffing shoe cleaner. I understand abusing inhalants can give you brain damage. I submit that Androsky’s walking proof it indeed does.

  8. Anonymous says:

    he clearly has a clip on tie. pathetic.

  9. O-4E says:

    My favorite poser ever

  10. A Proud Infidel says:

    If there was a DOUCHEBAG HALL OF FAME, I would be the first to nominate him!!!

  11. Green Thumb says:

    A very weak individual.

    He looks like a greeting card or party favor.

    I am sure he is, though.


  12. Anonymous says:

    This guy is an idiot.

  13. Loadmaster In Training says:

    So, I am going through loadmaster school here at Little Rock. My instructor was a load down at Pope about the vintage that this assclown was there.

    Turns out, they were not only in the same unit, but my instructor was also Soupy’s supervisor (Soupervisor?). “I swear, my leadership hated me!” in regards to being given him as her troop.

    Scary, it’s a small world!

  14. Bob says:

    This is THE single most hilarious thing I’ve EVER seen!!! Why can’t I ever run into these dudes?? Just once, that’s all I’m asking, just one time. Has anyone even been awarded a CMB with 2 stars?? I mean is it even possible??

  15. Hondo says:

    Bob: yes. Some World War II vets also served in Korea and Vietnam as infantrymen.

    As a practical matter, it’s been pretty much impossible for anyone to qualify for 3 CIBs since Vietnam or shortly thereafter due to the extreme length of the Vietnam CIB era. One would have to serve during three of the specified qualifying periods for the CIB to rate one with 2 stars. Here are the qualifying periods (from AR 600-8-22, Dec 2006, para 8-6f):

    (1) World War II (7 December 1941 to 3 September 1945)
    (2) The Korean Conflict (27 June 1950 to 27 July 1953)
    (3) The Republic of Vietnam Conflict. Service in the Republic of Vietnam conflict (2 March 1961 to 28 March 1973) combined with qualifying service in Laos; Dominican Republic; Korea on the DMZ; El Salvador; Grenada; Joint Security Area, Panmunjom, Korea; Panama; Southwest Asia Conflict; and Somalia, regardless of whether a Soldier has served one or multiple tours in any or all of these areas. The Republic of Vietnam Conflict Era officially terminated on 10 March 1995.
    (4) War on Terrorism (Afghanistan, Operation ENDURING FREEDOM) and (Iraq, Operation IRAQI FREEDOM).

    A soldier can only qualify for one CIB during a qualifying period, regardless of the number of times under fire during the period in a qualifying area or operation. Since the Vietnam CIB era spanned a bit over 44 years – from 2 Mar 1961 to 10 Mar 1995 – and the GWOT CIB era started in 2001, having a CIB with one star is indeed possible. However, two stars would require qualifying for the CIB in the Korea CIB era also, which ended on 27 Jul 1953.

    That might be theoretically possible (enlisted and WOs in the reserves can serve past age 60 under some circumstances), but I am reasonably certain that no Korea vets with CIBs served in OIF or early OEF as infantrymen. Anyone who served in Korea would have been at least in their mid-60s by 2001, and I think we’d have heard about that (a 60+ year old infantryman qualifying for a CIB) if it had actually happened. And even that might not be possible – for some reason, I want to say that the statutory upper age limit for enlisted service is 64, but I’m not sure where I’m getting the number 64 or that it’s correct. Someone who was 17 in July 1953 would have been at least 64 in Oct 2001, and either 66 or 67 in March 2003.

  16. Evan says:

    Haha he’s at the 1/50 battalion at Benning where I went to basic training I’m surprised he made it out alive. I like where his unit citation is pinned and a CIB what the fuck ever.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I did not know him but guys I was stationed with did.

    “Fellow Black Cats, was this kid a loadmaster in the 41st? I remember flying with him and 3 other loads who got kicked out for doing drugs back in 2002-2003 timeframe.

  18. 11BScottie says:

    Wow, this motherfucker is wearing both afghan and iraw campaign medals with arrowhead device – denoting combat jump or amphibious assualt, silver star on afgan campaign denoting 5 deployments a d gold star on iraq campaign LOL. Dont know if anyone else caught that

  19. Pourboy says:

    Too funny!!! Remindes me of my older brother (who was14 and I was 12). I had been caught skipping school so the authorities stuck me in juvinile hall for a day. Iooked out the window and to my horrer saw my brother wheel up on a bicycle with one of our fathers very large suits on. WITH TENNIS SHOES ON, and tucked in, bloused pants LOL!! And he had partialy shaved his head so it appeared he hah a receeding hairline! The staff knew him and let us visit….He wispered and said “Shh…they think I’m dad. Gonna get you outta here! Needless to say it didn’t work but a reminder of a great memory anyway!

  20. Pourboy says:

    By the way, my bro was Lance Corp Jay William Poullion. U.S.M.C. Early seventies. RIP Bro…

  21. Marines' Son says:

    While it disgusts me that someone would do something as low as this, I have to believe this is someone that is unstable. Look at his eyes in the first photo. The lights are on but no one appears to be home. Anyone with any sense, not to mention training, would know not to wear the tan boots with the blues. Same with all of the decorations and combining of Air Force and Army. If the reports of possible court martial for drugs, maybe the wiring is fired upsatirs. this guy definitely needs help one way or another.

  22. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @437. Yeah, he does look psychotic in the photo. And that boot business does bespeak an ignorance of fashion coordination, that’s certain. But help? Perhaps, but the majority here tend to think that the best help for him is a size 11D dead in his ass.

  23. A Proud Infidel says:

    Psychotic? Not as I see it, it looks like he’s getting his ass chewed all the way to next week in the first pic. In the second and third, he has the look of some punk who’s only sorry he got caught! The thought of him receiving a size 11D in his fourth point of contact is a great idea for the start of a Wall-to-Wall Counseling session for a turd like that!

  24. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Over 7,000 folks discovered Soup for the first time today. I love this guy.

  25. BK says:

    Duffel Blog made this guy relevant again! I love it.

    Poor dude. Sounds like he just wanted to see a lady naked in 3 dimensions at some point or another. His neglected epididymis, which has never been traversed by his always-in-suspense life-giving nectar, cries out for relief from the onslaught of your merciless truth-telling!

  26. Twist says:

    This guy is part of the way that I found the joy of visiting TAH. We were in the proccess of busting a phoney here in Indiana that had given a 17 year old girl a forged ERB in order to get into her pants. We started looking for other posers and found Soup here at TAH.

  27. Glenn says:

    When I went to my friend’s graduation at Ft. Benning from Sniper School I bought a full uniform at the local store with all of the cool patches and badges. I made myself a colonel but I did not have the balls to wear it out in public.

  28. C2/2000AF says:

    #443 This guy was the first reason why I came to TAH awhile ago. After that I got hooked. Actually knew someone out in Kuwait that knew of him at Pope.

  29. William Blake's Penis says:

    A true classic

    Never ceases to amaze. Unless this guy is just completely crazy where in his mind did he think this would work? At what point, when pinning all the stuff on, did he go…”Ok…THAT’s enough…anymore and it will make people suspicious”

    That would be like me putting black face on and walking into central Detroit and trying to hang out on the corner

  30. NHSparky says:

    Especially considering as many steroids as you take and how cold it gets in Detroit in the wintertime, Billy has to shove a finger up his ass to see you.

  31. Jumpin Jesus, this dip shit should be strung up. I spent the AF and flew on C-130s. Have nothing close to what this fraud is wearing. Sadly, after a supreme court decision, someone can do this without being punished. I read the book “Stolen Valor” and was shocked at the number of frauds out there. One guy was wearing two MoH’s. It’s his kind and, apparently too many more. Damn this pisses me off. I’m 68, the old heart can’t take mush of this.

    I think taking this simple shit out would be excelent training for a USMC scout sniper team.

    One more item, the last two time MoH recipient was USMC SgtMaj Daniel Daly, who passed in the 1930s

    Blue skies to all vets who commeted on this ass hole.

    Salute, MSgt Bill USAF ret.

  32. William Blake's Penis says:

    @MSgt Bill

    He is one ribbon shy of a South American dictator.

    The wannabe USAF version of David Patraeus

  33. Yeah, William Blake’s Penis, your right. What this piss ant did is a disgrace to all services, not just the Air Force.
    I hope he’s givin a lesson on being a fake.

    Blue Skies to all, MSgt Bill

  34. Hondo says:

    MSgt Bill USAF ret.: “Soup” here is a real piece of work. His redacted DD214 and courts-martial orders are found here:

  35. Hey Hondo, If he’s sent to Levanworth(Sp) he shoud be put in with the general population. Silent farts forever.

    Blue Skies, Bill

  36. Dave says:

    The funniest thing has got to be that he decided to make himself a pilot but only gave himself senior enlisted rank. We don’t have enlisted pilots any more. Haven’s since WWII. Maybe this troubled guy just thought it would be fun to dress up and express himself in an artistic way? You know, what would be the coolest possible representation of everything high-speed about our military? The only thing he’s missing: a class ring from the United States Marine Corps Academy.

  37. Meme says:

    The reason his coat looks off is not because it is a women’s service coat, but because he’s wearing 3.5″ stripes on a men’s service coat. They’re supposed to be 4″ stripes.

    He may have mixed them up and put the 4″ strips on the shirt, and 3.5″ stripes on the coat. But I dare say this would be a moot issue in light of…the rest…Boots with the Blues??? PLEASE Don’t give the Air Force these ideas, we have enough of them already!!!

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. jonp says:

    Every few months when I need a laugh I come back to this thread and take a look at the walking shitstorm himself.
    Who needs John F’ing Kerry? Just send this guy in and everyone would surrender

  40. Anonymous says:

    so when does he go to prison?

  41. Frank says:

    I guess It’s true that the “Chair Force” issues all the ribbons medals and badges up front.

  42. HS Sophomore says:

    Air Combat Medal in front of Bronze Star? Check. Ribbons crooked as all hell? Check. Unit awards (framed ones) in middle of individual ribbons? Check. I don’t know what you guys are talking about! We go us a real live genuine air force master sergeant-army infantryman-paratrooper-air assaulter-late twenties/early thirties three-war infantry veteran senior parachutist pilot here!

  43. Mark F says:

    @461 HS Sophomore

    First off, I want to say, I’ve read what I think are most of your posts. I’m fairly young too, been in the military for about 4 years now, joined out of High School at 17. I know you were a Sea Cadet for 6 months- I was in NJROTC for four years- imagine how much THAT made me think I knew about the military! You remind me ALOT of myself at 15. In fact, you seem even more mature than I was, and I got compliments all the time. You seem like a good guy, and I’m sure you’re gunna do great things.

    I’m fairly new to this blog, too. Reading for about two year, started posting maybe 6 months ago, more seriously for the past 2-3. I don’t make perfect posts, by any means. I know you’re excited to be apart of a community that supports things you do, the Armed Forces, SV hunting, and Conservatism.

    However, you know how you were advised to think and or research before you type? First off, what is an Air Combat Medal? I see him wearing an Air Force Combat Action medal above his BSM. Pretty sure that’s what you meant. Secondly, us Airmen do in fact wear unit awards amongst our personal awards, including “bordered” ones. Lastly, and most importantly, I serve in a battlefield Airman AFSC, which simply means that I support Army Combat Arms troops, to include Infantry units. In such a unit, it is very possible to find an Airman such as you described – a later twenties (maybe not E-7, but E-6 with a line for E-7? Definitely.) who is Air Assault, Airborne, Infantry (yes, Airmen certain Airmen are authorized go through Army Infantry training) qualified, and, obviously, a combat vet. Even more so if he is prior- Army.

    Basically, point is, the guy you described isn’t ridiculous. It’s actually the description of some of my friends.

    So- be a little more careful. Thanks for reading, and good luck with everything. Don’t let anyone here dissuade you from continuing posting. I’m sure everyone likes to see young blood added to the cause.


  44. HS Sophomore says:

    @462—sorry, I did screw that up, it is the Air Force Combat Action Medal. I’m still learning, I freely admit it. Sorry, I didn’t know about the AF regs. I know some of the services require you to wear unit and personal medals on separate sides of the chest. The rest though—yeah, I get that it’s possible for someone of one branch to have those titles. The thing that’s so ridiculous about this guy, though, is just that he has all of them TOGETHER. I mean, sure, you could find an airman who went through Infantry training—but that, HALO, Air Assault, CIB w/ 2 stars, senior jump wings, etc.—the odds of anyone having that are infinitesimal. That’s my point. Thanks for the corrections, though. I appreciate the new knowledge, and I’ll keep it in mind.

  45. Mark F says:

    @463 I know what you were saying. Obviously this guy is beyond ridiculous. However, I’ve seen TACP and Combat WX/SOWT (the two AFSCs with the most contact with Army units) Airmen rocking HALO/HAHO, Jump, Air Assault, a CAB (while attached to the unit), badges, with Infantry and/or Ranger school under their belts, in addition to the pipeline the USAF puts them through.

    I guess my point is that this guy shames the Airmen who have truly earned those shinies. It’s just, when some Soldiers or even other Airmen see you rocking an Army badge, their eyebrows automatically go up. Yeah, it might be a little bit of badge envy, but guys like this don’t help.


  46. Mark F says:

    Commenting on this thread, made me look at the picture again. Hadn’t noticed before that he’s rocking the new(ish) ‘Shark Hunter’ badge- the Army SF Dive badge- in Supervisor grade, no less. Jesus. I think I discover a new award/dec Every time I come back to this page.


  47. HS Sophomore says:

    @465—Point taken. Thanks, a tip from a genuine vet is worth a million google searches. And yeah, I too manage to find a new and asinine decoration every time I come here. That ribbon rack looks like a kaleidoscope after an evening of meth and psychedelic mushrooms. Bet if we look hard enough, we can find a commendation from the star fleet for valor in the battle against the rebels on hoth and an AT-AT armor crewman badge. :) What’s the most ridiculous medal you can find in that finger painting?

  48. HS Sophomore says:

    Sorry, that should be “ribbon”.

  49. Mark F says:

    @466- Give me a little bit to review his rack. I’ll follow up this post with my choice.

    What I will say right now, is that I laughed pretty fuckin’ hard over your proposal of a “Hoth Service Medal” and an “AT-AT Crewman Badge”. Although, he is rocking the ribbon of the ‘Antarctica Service Medal- see: 7th row down, far right (from our POV)…beneath one of the aforementioned “bordered” unit awards. You have a very sharp wit, Kid. Make sure you stick around this blog, I like your posts.

    Your post in 467- let me explain something to you. All official medals that are awarded to the Uniformed Services and authorized for wear, have a corresponding ribbon. So, in the case of a ribbon that is representing a medal (i.e. the Bronze Star), it is appropriate to refer to the ribbon itself as a medal. For example, you could correctly state “MSgt. Soup Sandwich is rocking a Bronze Star Medal in the photo on this page”. Referring to said medal as a ribbon (as long as it is indeed in it’s ribbon form) is also appropriate. Obviously, it is not appropriate to refer to an award/decoration as a “medal” if it is awarded solely as a ribbon- for example- the Air Force Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon cannot be referred to as the AF Small Arms Expert Marksmanship medal.

    You were correct, then, in the correction of yourself. Not all of the ribbons MSgt. Soup is rocking represent medals- although, some do. So, in this case, only when referring to an ENTIRE rack, only refer to them as ribbons.

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt an assume you already knew all that, since you knew to correct yourself.

    Now; Lets see what I think his most ridiculous ribbon is…


  50. HS Sophomore says:

    Think I can see a Green Lantern badge badge in there. Possibly a Death Star Destruction Medal with a V for valor, too. Possibly a gold “Equis”-awarded to all X men first class upon completion of training. Truth is I know him in person. He’s actually quite a modest man. He wouldn’t put his Dolphin Fish Net Infiltration Badge on, even after I told how much people would be in awe of him when they found out he went to the same traing as living legend Navy Lieutenant petty officer seventh class Nikko “Kaha” De’lozada. He said wearing too much bling would make people doubt his authenticity.