On the periphery of the Convention

| August 26, 2008

There’s an awful lot of stuff on this convention that’s not showing up on the news, so I thought I’d troll around around a bit and bring back some of the news you might have missed.

Here’s the IVAW misfits in their class photo (yes, I see you, AS);

Ace of Spades has AliceH on the job getting video and still of the event. You can go to her YouTube channel (and see fake waterboarding demonstrations) or to her photo blog to see the latest. Photos like this (that make parents so proud);

The Funk the War protest conducted by IVAW among the Code Pinks and assorted anarchists was videoed by a freelancer in Denver. You can watch this video about the horrible police state in which we’re living narrated by a bunch of spoiled brats who aren’t being arrested and tossed in jail.

The Weekly Standard‘s Jonathan V. Last tells us about the police state inside the Convention. From the American Prospect’s blog TAPPED, we find out not all of the delegates are pleased about Obama getting the nomination;

You have a Hillary shirt and a John McCain button.

Karen Brown: She was my first choice. Now I’m going to vote for McCain.


KB: I don’t like Senator Obama. His choices are all wrong. I feel secure with John McCain.

Where do you feel McCain and Hillary have overlap that Obama doesn’t?

KB: I feel that Hillary would make me also feel safe as far as terrorism goes while I think Obama would be thinking about it. As he said in an interview, I’ll “confront evil.” John McCain said I’ll “defeat” evil. I feel Hillary would’ve said the same thing. I want to feel safe here in America.

And a photo to go along with the transcript;

My mentor, Zombie, is still on the job, of course, sending out photos that will be the hallmarks of this cluster in Denver;

UPDATED: Zombie got in too deep last night.

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  1. Who littered by laying the scarecrow on the ground? Good Gawd Amighty that is one skinny body. And the pants,,,,,,pure class.
    Could it be Wardy boy Churchill with the shit kicked out of him? I heard that with his indian, artist, warrior claims debunked that he was now going for rock star.
    nuf sed

  2. Kath says:

    Is this a picture from 19 — what, 1960, 1970? And why is this guy even there? Does he, himself, even know?

    Realizing that the MOST crazy stuff is what is getting put on the Internet, does anybody else think that the Democratic convention has just gone nuts? Totally out of control of what it’s supposed to be?

  3. Airforce_5_O says:

    I love the looney left. By the way if that boy turned sideways and stuck out his tounge he would be a zipper.

  4. Airforce_5_O says:

    I would also like to get a look at most of those IVAW service records and see how many had problems in the service and are just doing to get back at the military.

  5. mychal e.g... says:

    PUMAs are the worst. I could go on and on, but I’m late to getting to this post. Maybe next time ya’ll get a story up here on them I’ll slam their stupid ’cause’ again.

    I posted arguments against their stance on 3 PUMA blogs. No foul language or insults. Guess how many were left standing. 0. They deleted them.