Mexico wants to try Fast and Furious officials

| July 5, 2011

Fox News reports that the mexican government thinks it has jurisdiction over US officials who presided over the policy known as Fast and Furious;

“I obviously feel violated. I feel my country’s sovereignty was violated,” Mexico Sen. Rene Arce Islas told Fox News. “They should be tried in the United States and the Mexican government should also demand that they also be tried in Mexico since the incidents took place here. There should be trials in both places.”

While my first reaction was that, yes they should, if that were to happen, then Mexico should turn over the Mexican officials who’ve violated my country’s sovereignty by aiding and abetting the millions who have invaded this country – but then it would become too expensive as we’d probably jail almost every Mexican in government service. Not to mention the Mexican government officials who have been pocketing money from the cartels over the last few decades.

They should feel lucky it was only a few thousand guns that crossed the border and not a few million weapons of mass destruction in human form.

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  1. NSOM says:

    They have the legal standing to request/demand extradition but it’s never going to happen and for good reason.

  2. harp1034 says:

    Yeah, let the Mexicans keep them so we don’t have to take care of them. However, I agree with NSOM it ain’t going to happen.

  3. Andy FMF says:

    With the idea of open borders, NAFTA, and handing over of Duane Chapman (Dog the Bounty Hunter)….I think that they have a legitimate shot.

  4. DaveO says:

    Why do I think George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are going to be the two men handed over?

  5. B Woodman says:

    I would ALMOST agree except that the Mexican Gubbment won’t turn over murderous Mexican serfs that the US Gubbment wants to put on trial when there is a chance that the death penalty will be put into effect.
    What’s good for one. . . . . .