Sputtering “Rock” Harris

| July 7, 2011

The story about faux-Ranger Harris continues today in the Eastern North Carolina Today. Despite the fact that most of the Rangers who were in Mogadishu say that Harris was never a member of the unit, Harris mitigates his dishonesty by claiming the journalist wasn’t listening to him;

Harris said he had 316 confirmed sniper kills, all of which were in the last three years of his service. “I think you had the number of confirmed kills wrong. … I must have been talking about my overall unit,” Harris told the reporter Tuesday. A review of the interview, recorded on a voice recorder, showed he did, in fact, say 316. [Actual Ranger Raleigh] Cash and [actual Ranger Matt] Eversmann said there’s no truth in the unit having 316 confirmed kills, either. Cash said he believed the record for confirmed sniper kills was about 90 for an individual, and that happened during the Vietnam War.

And Harris’ current job is now in jeopardy;

A supervisor at Down East Protection Services said he reviewed Harris’ DD214 before he was hired and did not suspect it could have been false.

The journalist got schooled in spotting phonies;

“What I did was what they call black ops, and there’s not a lot said about it,” Harris said then. “None of that is ever made public record.”

[Actual Ranger Raleigh] Cash said he has heard of about 10 people falsely claiming to have been in Mogadishu and many use “black ops” as a cover.

“That’s poser 101 — black ops, secret missions, there’s no record of it,” Cash said. “If you ever hear that, that person is completely full of poop. That kind of stuff doesn’t happen. There’s a record. There’s always a record.”

Another flag is the “my records were burned in the National Archives fire”.

Our buddy, Doug Sterner chimes in;

Harris claimed his DD214 stated he had won two Silver Stars, which cannot be true, according to Sterner. “There have only been two people since the Vietnam War who have received two Silver Stars,” Sterner said. “Only one was in the Army … and he was killed in action.”

So, unless Harris is now claiming he was killed in combat, it ain’t him.

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  1. Sporkmaster says:

    That is odd about the Silver Star since HRC is tracking that over 500 have been given for OIF and OEF in the past decade.

  2. AW1 Tim says:

    Harris might not have been killed in combat, but he certainly seems brain dead.

  3. Over at his FB fan page, Jeff “the Rock” Harris fan page., there is a post that claims an e-mail reply from “Down East Protection Systems”, that says he does not work for them. Didn’t go into whether he was recently fired, quit, or never worked there.

  4. Dan says:

    I was the one that posted the email. They claim Harris no longer works there.

  5. streetsweeper says:

    If anybody reports or spots a big cloud of dust over Kinston, NC it’ll probably be the “Rock” power drilling all the way down in his hiding hole. Hey! A new acronym…”PDATW” just for “Rock”. Dammit, boy!

  6. streetsweeper says:

    I bet that email shook that office real good, Dan. lol!

  7. Thanks Dan. I called yesterday and got a receptionist, and was chuckling so hard, I didn’t dare ask for a stupidvisor.
    I did however, tell friends that are moving into the DEPS area of operation, to use other than them for their home security.

  8. streetsweeper says:

    Iformaziah. Everybody wants informaziah….Hidey hole found! hehe!
    1901 Westwood Drive West
    Wilson, NC 27893
    Office- 252-234-9113
    Cell- 336-207-2455

  9. AverageNCO says:

    Remember Angel Ocasio-Reyes? He was the guy who showed up at Tampa area veteran’s halls dressed as a USMC E9 with a bunch of fake medals. He scored a bunch of free drinks and actually bummed cash of the vets before he was exposed. But when he was exposed he pled guilty(not freedom of speech) and went on camera with the local news to apologize for being an ass.
    Well the Rock is making that guy look like a literal Angel. How can a person get called out as a fraud by the very people he tried to serve with…..and still try and claim he wasn’t lying?! What a friggin sociopath!

  10. Cedo Alteram says:

    Man, stop digging ass! It really is like rubbernecking after a bad crash, you know you shouldn’t watch, but you just can’t turn away. Humiliation is the only way they’ll learn and others deterred.

    #1 Spork, curious to know who the two silver star individuals post Vietnam are. I know before then it was not uncommon, with three major conflicts spanning just over 25 years. Colonel David Hackworth had nine.

  11. nona says:

    The National Archives fire was in 1973. I am always amazed by these narcissistic idiots that make these outrageous claims.

  12. I just talked to “Mike” at the Fit4Life number that Streetsweeper furnished. Mike sez that they were aware of his phoniness awhile back and he has not been with them for over a month, and never ever had any sort of ownership there.
    Told him I would pass that tidbit along to y’all.

  13. El Marco says:

    The only sniper record I’ve heard of is GySgt Carlos Hathcock in Vietnam with 93 confirmed kills. I heard him speak about it at a USMC Sniper School briefing in 1978 at Quantico MC Base. he said he wanted to be in the next war to make it an even 100, but he was probably too old.

  14. Green Thumb says:

    316 kills…

    Roger that.

    One shot/one kill for all of the rounds dropped into various two-holes in far away, forgotten places…