Mosby and the Day Care, a Customer Service Review

| July 8, 2011

Seldom do I take forays into the realm of reviewing goods or services I have received. In fact, I know only of my one, wherein I told Ronald McDonald how his eatery on 38th street was the culinary equivalent of poop on a stick in the rain:

I bring the frozen drink to Caro, who immediately notes that she has no straw. So, I go inside, hereby defeating the original purpose of the drive thru. I get the straw, I return outside. I wait 2 mins and Manager comes out again, bearing a coffee, and 2 bags of food. Now, I know at this point we have a problem, unless for some inexplicable reason it takes 2 bags to carry 1 hash-brown. But Jesus is waiting, so I take what is offered, thank her, and move off.

Bag 1 contents: 3 hash-browns.

Bag 2 contents: 2 creamers and……7 bags of tea. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps she though that the young lady and I were all dressed up to reenact the Boston Tea Party? Perhaps she thought this was a prelude to dressing like an Indian, and dumping the contents of our McDonalds Bag into Eagle Creek? Perhaps she just looked at me and the cool and erudite Jean Luc Picard leaped to mind? Tea, Earl Grey, hot.

Anyway, I wanted to level out the field, by praising a local business.

Last week, while in West Texas (wow, what boring geography) my wife and I were awakened by a phone call at 6am informing us that our troublesome Boston Terrier (“Fenway”) had been bitten on the ear, and required medical attention. When I got home (the wife stayed in Texas) I found him missing a pretty decent sized chunk of his ear, and was told by the Vet that if he didn’t behave and let it heal, he might have to have more amputated. Well, this is a Boston Terrier, lethargy is not a character trait. So, I drugged the dog up to where he couldn’t stand, and have kept him similarly medicated for 3 days, but what to do about our Puggle (“Mosby” for the civil war Colonel, not Ted Mosby of How I met your Mother) while the other one recuperated.

A friend at work suggested Doggy Day Care, provided by “Tender Loving Pets” which is near work. So, I took Mosby down there yesterday. The place is pretty damn cool. It is like a big warehouse with offices, and the dogs just run helter skelter through the place doing whatever they want. Anyway, they take Mosby, tell me the first day is free, and proceed into this meeting room that has all the dogs, and allows for introduction. So, I walk to this window, and see my puggle let in.

As I said on my Facebook page yesterday:

It looked for all the world like the scene in Shawshank where Andy Defresne is led into the yard. Actually, I am pretty sure the Dachsund that went to meet him at the door told him that he would either shank him or make him his bitch. I’m fine with him doing the taxes for the girl working there, but if he tunnels out through the sewer, I will have a dog that needs adoption.

Now, not only did they give me the first day free, they called me at 10am to let me know who he was playing with, and then emailed 2 pictures during the day. When I went to pick his tired ass up last night, dude was so tired he slept in the car, which is something he never does. I also got a “Report Card” on him (see below.)

The very nice young lady there said he acted great, and played with everyone. The lady today told me that he “made a boyfriend right off.” Look, my dog is not a GAY (not that there is anything wrong with that), but he may be a bit bi. I’ve never come home to him watching Bette Midler movies, or listening to Cher, and not once has he ever snuck out at night wearing only chaps (Sniper tells me they are ALL assless) and a Kaiser helmet to see a BeeGees cover band in drag….but, he may have a little of that Spartan Hoplite “look bro, we’ve been in the field a while” sort of thing going on. He’s actually gotten better. When I first got him he humped everything from my pillow to the door knobs. First time I got him at the Bark Park he tried to do it “his” style with a 150lbs male Mastiff. But, I’m not buying the “he behaved thing.” I’m just glad he didn’t come home wearing a feather boa with a tattoo that read “I [heart] Spike!”

But, either way, I know I have only between 0-2 readers in Indianapolis, especially since my wife is away, but sometimes you just have to praise good service. For the cost of 0$ (subsequent days are a bit pricey for me at $25) I got a dog well cared for, a phone call, a report card, and two emails with pictures. I wish that the customer service side of Tender Loving Pets Doggy Daycare was picked up by other businesses. Mosby will be going there everyday this week and next, and I get the peace (piece?) of mind knowing he won’t get stomped, and will be tired out when I pick him up.

Meanwhile, Fenway is at home, locked in his cage, wondering why Daddy left the TV on Sportscenter. Look little dude, I already have one fruity dog, there may be hope for you, and I’m not leaving you to watch Buffy reruns on the LOGO channel. And remember, bitches dig scars.

BTW- For the small minority of you that read this and don’t get it, the gay stuff is all a joke. Couldn’t care less if my dog is gay. Don’t care if anyone is gay. Except my wife, that might sting a little. So please don’t get all worked up, this is a humor post.

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  1. Claymore says:

    The faggotry! It burns!

  2. Super Fan says:

    A great first day so it would seem for Mosby, but then again it would seem any day hanging with the “boys” would be a great day for Mosby. Too darned funny.

  3. Brown Neck Gaitor says:

    What do you expect for the poor dog? The only male influence he gets in his life is from Claymore on the other end of Skype while playing WoW.

    (I was going to say “Jamie when she comes to visit” but she scares me almost as much as Mrs. BNG)

    DDC is great for the dogs, they do burn energy all day then need to nap when they get home. Maybe you should send Mrs. TSO to DDC instead of letting her take naps during the day….

  4. Claymore says:

    …it’s day care…for dogs. You know, animals that lick their balls and eat bugs and dig holes in the yard. Day care. Why?

  5. NHSparky says:

    Many years ago, when I lived in CA, there was a similar doggie day care/kennel facility (I think it’s Doggietown USA in Huntington Beach.) Unfortunately, the ex got the dogs. Now that I live in Cow Hampshire with a standard poodle my father left to me, on the rare occasions I head out of town I have to kennel him in a place that only lets him out during the day.

    No comparison. And yes, the poodle is straight. And large.

  6. TSO says:

    I’ve been told that the Army almost used Poodles instead of German Shepards. Any truth to that?

    The poodles I have seen here in Indy have all been big bastards. They seem to run with the Boxers and such, not the little dogs.

  7. Old Trooper says:

    Boxers ARE little dogs. I’ll let you take my dog for a walk when you’re here next month, TSO (he’s just a little fella, all 170lbs of him).

  8. TSO says:

    I wanted a Rottweiler, wife won that fight. She’s actually undefeated in those fights, I think she’s like 36-0. Vast majority by TKO.

    But, I want a Boxer now.

  9. The Sniper says:

    Of course all chaps are assless; otherwise they would just be leather pants. As for keeping ESPN on all day for Fenway: did you you ever see A Clockwork Orange? Your tactic may backfire and he’ll get a red rocket every time Queer Eye For The Straight Guy comes on tv or every time someone mentions Sigfried and Roy or whenever he hears the Navy Hymn.

  10. The Sniper says:

    Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course.

  11. Mrs TSO says:

    1. We are not getting another dog unless Fenny succumbs to his ear wound.

    2. A+ at Day Care, I think that is a reflection of the good parenting he receives.

    3. I’m surprised you didn’t say I made him gay by putting sweaters on him.

    4. He’s going to hate me when I get home and he doesn’t go to day care anymore. Thanks A Lot!!!!

  12. NHSparky says:

    I don’t know about that, TSO, but given Laddie’s disposition, intelligence (wicked smaaaahhhht), and loyalty (especially with Kris’ kids), it wouldn’t surprise me. Damn dog is almost 6 now and still hops over 6-foot high retaining walls like they weren’t even there.

  13. Adirondack Patriot says:

    “Don’t care if anyone is gay. Except my wife, that might sting a little.”

    Spew alert required. And a new keyboard.

  14. Old Trooper says:

    I didn’t want to say anything, TSO, but in that first picture at the top, Mosby looks like he’s about to be mounted like the new prison b*tch.

  15. NHSparky says:

    Judging by the comments here so far, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that it’s Friday afternoon with the corresponding groupthought of, “Oh, shit–how the hell do I piss away the next three hours?”

  16. Brown Neck Gaitor says:

    Blackfive, that made me laugh out loud.

    Well played.

  17. Parachute Cutie says:

    Speaking of gay…..where are the pics of your “Brokeback Mountain” goodie package? Mosby would be PROUD!

  18. TSO says:

    Ha, my brokeback mountain stuff is awaiting going to spend time with my nieces, minus the food items. I ate my Ramon Pride Noodles last night with choriso spaghetti sauce.

  19. Amber says:

    OMG – ROFLMAO – thank you for my Friday Funny

  20. Mrs TSO says:

    ewww I knew I should have went grocery shopping before I left. Shame on me I knew you were going to give yourself heartburn or spend $100 on a block of cream cheese from Marsh!

  21. MarAnn Pie says:

    Great! I think I’ll take my dog Cookie, there. She’ll fit right in, she spent way too much time behind bars before she was rescued, if you know what I mean, (Wink, wink). She always feels like the oddman, (girl, sort of) out.

  22. headhuntersix says:

    For the love of good god would somebody get this man some real dogs. Besides that name….a puggle come on. I’m going to rescue you a Great Pyrnese or the greatest of all dogs the Bernese mountain dog. If you can’t saddle it, its not a dog.

  23. TSO says:

    MarAnn, if you go, tell them TSO sent you, I get a day free!

    Honestly, best place in the world.

    (And headhunter six, PLEASE, send one, Wife has outlawed it until we get a house, but she couldn’t send away a Mastiff or some other cutie. )

  24. AW1 Tim says:

    Roman noodles are good broken up and eaten dry in a bowl. I learned this by forgetting to buy snackage one weekend prior to the game. Another good trick is to break up a couple packages, and when the water starts to boil, toss them in and then crack a couple eggs into the middle of the pot. The water will poach them, and after draining the liquid off, pour some Teriyaki sauce over them and serve with a couple cold beers. 🙂

    Oh, and your dogs are both probably gay. NTTAWWT. They are being raised in the land of Sayton Manning and the Dolts, so it’s to be expected.

  25. TSO: You win! I think I hurt myself.

    BTW, Just what would you really do with a full sized Rot?

    He would walk YOU. When he wanted, where he wanted,etc.

    Oh wait… I answered my own question. Never mind,

  26. DirtDartBill says:

    We have a place kinda like that over in Vass called Sand Hills Pet Resort that we take our boxer to. He loves it over there. I’ve had three boxers. They’re great with kids. Mine gets along great with my fire team at home.

    P.S. – Just tell everyone it’s his dueling scar, they’ll think he looks distinguished.

  27. Headhunter is right on. My Great Pyrenees Girl will press her chin on other dogs shoulders, making them kneel in subission. Last week she squatted on a little Yorky type and peed. Won’t bite em, but she sure as hell is into domination.
    A Puggle?, TSO I thought you were more manly than that. Do you rest him on your forearm as you walk/sashay? LOL

  28. Mrs. TSO says:

    headhuntersix if you do your world will hurt!!

    Ponsdorf- HE would not have the problem walking it I would have the problem walking it and since I do most of the walking and caring for the doggies I get veto power

    FO- Our Puggle is a bit huskey, everyone says it’s the biggest puggle they’ve ever seen, he’s almost 30 pounds!

  29. Great post, just the thing to bring a chuckle to those of us who tend to take life seriously. Off to Pensacola to see the Blue Angels, and to visit the War Memorial Park, including a 3/4 scale Vietnam Wall exhibit that is truly impressive. Thank a military person today, active or former.

  30. headhuntersix says:

    Dear Mrs TSO,

    How could u say no to any of these dogs. We rescued ours from BARC. I’d even deliver.