On the tarmac at Dover

| August 11, 2011

SSG Medzyk sends a link to an article from SanLuisObispo.com about how, even though 19 of the 30 families of the fallen from that helicopter crash last week denied their permission for the media to create an event out of the return of the earthly remains to Dover Air Force Base, the White House photographer was still on the scene, snapping photos. The above photo was the White House “Photo of the Day” Tuesday.

Doug Wilson, head of public affairs at the Pentagon, said the department did not know the White House photographer was present and had no idea a photo of the event was being released until it became public. He said the photographers who routinely travel with the defense secretary and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were not allowed to go to the event, and no official Pentagon photos were taken or released.

So the White House doesn’t follow it’s own rules and doesn’t see a need to comply with the wishes of the family…especially when a great photo opportunity presents itself. When was the last time that the President went to Dover, anyway? I think it was when they first allowed photographers to snap pictures of the returning victims of war, wasn’t it?

I see the President still doesn’t know how to salute properly, either.

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  1. Dave Thul says:

    He got the salute right on inauguration day and it has been downhill ever since.

    This photo is an insult.

  2. NHSparky says:

    Different pres__ent, different rules, at least in the eyes of the MSM.

  3. StrikeFO says:

    Remember all the media reports of President Bush going to Walter Reed and/or visiting with families of the fallen? Oh yeah, there aren’t any because he was adamant about keeping it between him and the families.

    Here we have President Obama making another campaign stop at Dover so he can get a his picture taken for the newspaper. It’s simply a shame.

  4. Whitey_Wingnut says:

    He’s been campaigning since he was elected and this is just more proof of it.

  5. Claymore says:

    He’s been campaigning since he was elected and this is just more proof of it.

    It’s the only thing he’s good at…a man has to play to his strengths, you know.

  6. Pat C says:

    He is such a collosal, selfish, ass.

    May he rot in hell.

  7. Whitey_Wingnut says:

    #5 That and thumbing his nose at us every time he talks, just like any good dictator would do I guess.

  8. Sid says:

    And folks still can’t see through this transparent ass.

  9. Old Trooper says:

    I don’t care what you say; Obama is awesome!!

  10. Bocacheech says:

    I’m sure he’s been to Dover. They have a golf course right?

  11. PintoNag says:

    Gee, I wish I owned a country all my own like our president does.

  12. UpNorth says:

    Well, Sony is making a movie about how Obie did Bin Laden. This is probably just the photo that’ll be turned in to the movie poster.

  13. SSG Medzyk says:

    I was so fucking pissed off when I read the article, that it took another 1/2 hour to see straight enough to send this to Jonn.

    I seriously thought about quitting during Clinton’s crap. Now, I am adamently searching for other employment.

  14. headhuntersix says:

    SSG Medzyk,

    Don’t let this bastard win. I melted down as well but I’m going to outlast this disgrace and hopefully we’ll somebody this country deserves. It would have been awsome if the famlies had invited Bush.

  15. DaveO says:

    LOL @ PintoNag’s comment

    I don’t mind the photographer snapping photos. There’s history to record. Shopping the photos after being expressly denied permission is a breaking of the rules and the photographer should be fired.

  16. Sum dern Librul says:

    Have you rabid partisans considered that perhaps the picture was taken as the President was rendering his salute, with his arm still in motion? No, no, of course not. Why would you consider that. Hannity would have told you, right?

  17. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Sum dern Librul: I thought that at first, but even if he’s lowering or raising his salute, he’s doing it wrong. Who’s Hannity?

  18. NHSparky says:

    Yo, douchebag–I used to think John F’n Kerry’s salute looked like hammered dog fuck. Obumbles just kicked it up a few notches, so to speak. And if the “released” pic was while his arm was in motion, it sure is a shitty pic to choose for a press release, ain’t it?

    Now pretty please, go play hide and go fuck yourself.

  19. Janaburg says:

    The remains of the SEALS, AF and Avn personnel from this week’s CH47 shoot-down where returned to Andrews AFB today without in-country processing by Graves Registration (no identification of individual remains). Why? Normally that is done in-country by very competent individuals. I believe the news reported that the Afghani Commando remains would be returned after being identified.

  20. PintoNag says:

    What really surprises me about that photo is that a halo wasn’t added before it was distributed.

  21. DaveO says:

    Looks to be the out-going CJCS on the far left. He’s not saluting. Panetta, hand over heart. Everyone’s doing their own thing. Obama’s salute… well, wow – I suppose he’s British now.

    DOD provides military aides to all of these clowns. Are the aides so incompetent they can’t get everyone on the same sheet of music?

  22. Cedo Alteram says:

    17# I agree. It is history and there is nothing illegal or wrong with this, except that it makes POTUS look extremely weak. We just lost another five Americans today in an IED explosion, will he meet them at Dover too? Why not? What about the soldiers we have lost mostly individually? What about those families? If he made an appearance each time, he would rarely leave, as though he and his nation were groveling or were crime victims.

    Bush, like Lincoln understood this, attended national holidays and events publicly. To represent the entire nation’s remembrance and pay homage to its fallen. He met privately with the wounded and families so as not to cast aspersions of a politcal nature or favoritism.

    Obama seems to make decisions on raw emotion and expedency. If it feels good, might as well do it. Free healthcare for everyone? Sure. We’ll fight in Afghanistan till we’ve finished! By the way here’s a timeline and half the troops needed… etc etc. Blah, sick of his stupidity.