Can you imagine?

| August 18, 2011

An Austin, TX Ron Paul supporter, Rob Morrow, paid for this ad in the local “alternative newspaper”. the phrase “more money than brains” comes to mind. (From Salon). Can you imagine the outcry if someone ran this ad about any Democrat candidate?

Robert Morrow describes himself as a “self-employed investor and political activist” as well as a three-time delegate to the Texas state GOP convention.

CASH is the Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy, of which Morrow is president. “Is it a real group? No. It’s just me,” he told Salon earlier this week.

It’s nice to see that the Paulians are staying civil like always. Perry must have everyone scared. I’m not a big Perry supporter, but between the White House and the Paulians, I’m beginning to lean that way. The Ron Paul supporters are at least not bombarding blogs with their incessant advice to “read a book” this election season.

If there are any underage trannies out there who’ve had sex with Rob Morrow, TAH is willing to pay you cash for your story. I’m not saying Morrow had sex wih underage trannies, I’m just askin’.

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  1. DaveO says:

    Who’s funding Morrow? I don’t recall seeing him on the Forbes list.

  2. Miss Ladybug says:

    He doesn’t actually say he’ll pay anyone anything. He just says he’ll facilitate whoring them out to the media…

  3. 2-17AirCav says:

    The single-member committee must make for some interesting meetings. How are motions seconded? Who keeps the minutes? How is the seating order established? Is discussion time on the agenda? If so, when the discussion gets heated, who keeps order? It must be tough to chair a single-member committee.

  4. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    George Lucas called, he wants his Star Wars font back.

  5. GABlueStarMom says:

    I think the Ron Paul bots are too funny! If Ron Paul had his way, I would say that 99.99% of them would NEVER be able to survive Libertarian policies, lol!

  6. Jonn Lilyea says:

    #3 2-17AirCav: I wonder if they have orgies, too. I’m pretty sure they do.

  7. Pretty funny, but what’s up with the Star Wars font?

  8. Old Tanker says:


    If the money’s right I can be an underage tranny that had sex with Rob Morrow….I’m not cheap though…

  9. “They” are making him a more valid candidate with every utterance. If they liked him, I would be worried. If they ignored him, I would know that he is insignificant, but to want to know if anyone has had sex with him, proves that he is a sure threat to their positions.
    I like that. Just gave me more inspiration for my 2012 designs.
    Thanks, Robert Morrow, for propping up “our” candidate.

  10. NHSparky says:

    If the money’s right I can be an underage tranny that had sex with Rob Morrow….I’m not cheap though…

    Figures an Army doggie would volunteer to be an underage tranny. Just sayin…

  11. Old Tanker:
    That wouldn’t work. Rob Morrow only has sex with himself. Committee of one, and all that………

  12. AW1 Tim says:

    Well, if he still has both hands, that could mean he sometimes double-dated.

    I’ll bet you, though, that he knows folks from “Under The Hood”. He has the same level of genetic ignorance that they seem to possess.

  13. Sgt. D says:

    That’s horseshit you’re labeling RP supporters with this clown.

  14. USMC0311 says:

    “The Ron Paul supporters are at least not bombarding blogs with their incessant advice to “read a book” this election season.”

    Shucks, I didn’t realize it was a faux pas to encourage the voting public to educate themselves. I should have realized – my apologies to anyone in the world I suggested making avail of the paper and ink version of the font of knowledge and wisdom that is Ron Paul.

  15. NHSparky says:

    Yo, Sarge–ruck the fuck up and get a grip of the fact this dipshit IS in fact a Paultard:

    And let’s go a bit deeper, shall we? Ron Paul supporters have been truthers, white supremacists, anti-Semites, and other assorted moonbats. Paul has done NOTHING to distance himself from these folks–in fact, he EMBRACES them, one prime piece of evidence being his near clockwork guest appearances on Alex Jones’ show. Then there’s that little issue with his newsletters–that’s right, HIS newsletters. His name, his opinions, and he can’t blame Mises or anyone else for it. Finally, how about his appearance at Stormfront gatherings and how they STILL support him–support with which Paul apparently doesn’t have a problem.

    Couple that with his batshit crazy and blatant hypocrisy, the better he goes away and takes his fucking mouth-breathing, booger-eating, “read-a-book” driveling idiots with him, the better off we’ll all be.

  16. Ben says:

    Ron Paul’s people are an intractible mob. They are angry, insulting, vicious, and vitriolic.

    Then they complain that everybody’s always picking on them. The whole world is trying to keep a good man down–Ron Paul. Boo hoo. Poor Paulbots.


    I recently read Ann Coulter recent book “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Endangers America”. Her thesis is that liberals are a frothing, irrational, group-thinking mob that simply attacks anyone standing in its way. I agree that this description fits liberals. But it also fits Ron Paul supporters.

  17. Ben says:

    You’re so witty, USMC0311.

    The reason it’s so obnoxious when Paultards like yourself tell others to go read a book is beacause:

    1) It assumes that the other person never reads because they don’t share the same beliefs

    2) it insinuates that all people who read come to the same enlightened conclusion

    3) It’s basically an ad hominem attacks intended to belittle rather than win a debate on solid argument.

    Don’t you think your hero worship of this lying fool is a bit much?

  18. Ben says:

    If you really want to make Ron Paul supporters lose their minds, just go to and mention on any of the threads that Paul voted to give the president broad powers to execute a war anywhere in the world against whoever he (the president) deemed was behind the September 11th attacks, as well as anyone who harbored the perpetrators or provided them material support.

    They pop a fuze trying to make that fact go away.

  19. AW1 Tim says:

    I could be persuaded that Ron Paul & Lyndon Larouche are long-lost brothers.

  20. nucsnipe says:

    USMC: As someone who read a Pulitzer Novel at the age of 8, and when really bored perused the set of World Book Encyclopedias my parents bought, I believe that gives me the moral authority to say Paulbots should STFU.

  21. 2-17AirCav says:

    Larouche? He was right about one thing. He was wrong about everything else. Those who focused on the one thing he was right about called him a genius. Those who focused on everything else called him a lunatic. Somebody needs to examine his and Paul’s birth certificates, AW1 Tim!

  22. DaveO says:

    Here’s the funny thing.

    The DNC isn’t running an ad, but is searching for the same information, whether true or not. Anything, anything that will get Perry in trouble with his base, and conservatives at large. And after Perry?

    Morrow should have saved his money. Hustler’s Larry Flynt has a standing offer (of some significant funds, in case OT wants that gender reassignment procedure he so craves) for exactly the same information.

    2-17CAV: on what was LaRouche correct?

  23. JustPlainJason says:

    I just keep thinking, “ITS A TRAP!!!!!!!”

  24. TSO Paulbot says:

    Read a Book haterz!!11!!!!11!!

  25. 2-17AirCav says:

    He fairly predicted the global economic sewer we are entering. That said, I am cutting and running on this one. I have neither the stomach nor the spine to traverse this dangerous ground. Out.

  26. Just A Grunt says:

    I read books all the time. I don’t get it. What does reading books have to do with calling Paultards, well Paultards?

  27. Texas Liz says:

    Has Morrow EVER had sex with a HUMAN?

  28. @#27 Texas Liz:
    And if he has, shall we get his/her name and charge the person with bestiality?

  29. Chuck W says:

    I think there are only 500 or so Paulbots. They are however the most annoying people on the face of the earth. I heard that Alex Jones lets them live in his compound somewhere in the deserts of Nevada. If you really want to rile them up, just show them some contrails.

  30. streetsweeper says:

    The majority of Ron Paul’s loony tune supporters are liberal’s that can be classed as left then far-left. And it needs to be noted that he has the support of the anti-war crews CODEPink/VVAW/VFP/IVAW and Kok3sh using his show to conduct RP’s ‘money bombs’ on RTTV. Your 500 or so number is off Chuck, a better number is up around 2500 going by what I’m seeing in RP loony tune forum memberships.

  31. Chuck W says:

    Street, my comment was in jest. I cannot take them serious. I am surprised they have not hit this site yet. The mere mention of his name usually sends them into a frenzy.

  32. Cedo Alteram says:

    “I’m not a big Perry supporter, but between the White House and the Paulians, I’m beginning to lean that way.” Neither am I, but I’ll take hime over Paul.

    “The Ron Paul supporters are at least not bombarding blogs with their incessant advice to “read a book” this election season.” I say give’em time. They like so many of the libertarines they claim to have sprung from, see themselves as a type of gnostic order, who have some sort of secret knowledge. They can’t accept that most of the right rejects them or their movement. Anyone who disagrees if not a liberal must be a Neocon!

  33. melony says:

    @18 – ANY thing about his record in Congress will send them in
    a frenzy! here lately i feel like I have been thrown out in the ocean and all the sharks are surrounding me. ~~~ ^ ^ ^~~~^^^~~~~

    @32 – “The Ron Paul supporters are at least not bombarding blogs with their incessant advice to “read a book” this election season.” – no, but it’s a continual READ the CONSTITUTION, he votes for the Constitution every time…I hear it all day every day.. 🙁

    I hereby declare myself a “Neocon”! just sayin….