Gordon Duff, the drooling moron

| September 12, 2011

In what may be construed as insulting to drooling morons, I have to say that Gordon Duff has crossed over from crackpot to drooling moron this week as he tries to tie Ronald Reagan’s assassination attempt to Reagan’s Vice president in “JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) Threat: Obama, Biden and Family to be Killed” First notice that the article had another title before Duff edited it. The URL reads Chatter; Obama Sought Arrest Of Bush and Cheney for 9/11 Treason. But his article reads;

Two elections had been rigged to get Bush into office. 9/11, years in the planning, complex demolitions, radio controlled aircraft, SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) weapons developments, our biggest weapons secrets, were used on to flatten the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

This could all have happened years before if the removal of Clinton had been allowed to succeed, attempts to tie him to CIA drug running and then the “Lewinsiki affair.” As early as 1981, the elder Bush tried it too, 69 days into the Reagan presidency, John Hinckley, a mind control (MK Ultra) asset of the Bush CIA had tried to murder Reagan.

I suppose the Mossad was controlling the CIA at that time, too.

I guess the reason Bush, Sr. wanted to assassinate Reagan because of the president’s war against drugs because Duff goes off on a tear of how Wall Street and the CIA were in the drug business together – the real reason for invading Afghanistan, so we could get the poppy business restarted. I suppose this makes sense, especially when you look at how much drug addiction costs our government in direct payments for rehabilitation of addicts and how much of the national productivity is lost to drug use. And everyone knows that Wall Street is always more interested in how much they can make today rather than how much they’ll make down the road…well, it’s that way if you’re a drooling moron and don’t understand Wall Street.

Thanks to TSO for the link.

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  1. Old Trooper says:

    I see Duff has been reading too much of Alex Jones’ stuff, again.

  2. Flagwaver says:

    Should this guy be in the laughing academy happily drooling to himself with a thorazine drip? Wow, this gives a new level to the term “drooling moron.” Just wow.

  3. Claymore says:

    What, no mention of the Bilderburg Group? Priory of Sion? The Masons? Not even a shout out to the Illuminati? Fail.

  4. Doc Bailey says:

    holy cow. He must really be dipping into the Acid. I mean he’s brought up almost every dingbat theory that has the Left has screeched about.

    Seriously he ought to be tested for paranoid schizophrenia. Not really joking there, this guy really needs help.

  5. Susan says:

    OK, so this country can’t keep things we deem to be classified and top secret quiet. How does this nimrod think the government could possibly keep all this other stuff quiet?

  6. 2-17AirCav says:

    Holy cow is right, Doc. He is truly next in line for a self-induced dirt nap. Freefalling sans chute. I wonder if he has begun giving away personal stuff yet. Whoever is going to pen his obit can start writing now. Jeez.

  7. Squidthoughts says:

    You know, everyone at all the alphabet agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI, etc) must watch Duff like my kid watches Spongebob. Pure comedy gold.

  8. Flagwaver says:

    Squid, they might give him a call with a piece of cryptic BS and laugh at him running around like a monkey on a leash.

  9. Squidthoughts says:

    Flag–exactly what I was thinking! “Hey Gordo–Orange Midnight. Repeat, Orange Midnight. The turkey is on the lawn!”

    LOL, he reminds me so much of the dad in So I Married An Axe Murderer. Doesn’t he know its the Rockefellers, the Rothchilds, and the Colonel…with his wee beady eyes??

  10. malclave says:

    I suppose the Mossad was controlling the CIA at that time, too.

    I thought it was the NID, using mind control technology brought back through the Stargate? Or maybe the Tal’Shiar, using Romulan mystic techniques.

  11. Susan says:

    For reasons I do not fully comprehend, I clicked through and scanned the train of consciousness writings of what appears to be a drug addled schizophrenic. I am dumber for that act.

  12. 2-17AirCav says:

    It’s the bad accident syndome, Susan. No good will come of our looking but we look anyway.

  13. TSO says:

    @10, was that Col Maybourne running that op?

  14. PintoNag says:

    Could someone have used hypnosis on him to make him this way?

    Could someone use hypnosis on him and make him STOP???

    Where are the Men Who Stare at Editors when you need them?!

  15. malclave says:


    Well, it would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?

  16. Doc Bailey says:

    Ok so Jews are bad according to this guy, which seriously sounds like he’s been reading Mien Kampf. It really amazes me that he thinks the CIA is like the Men in Black (which was a bit of a hoax btw) and the NSA are the people that listen to EVERY WORD said (which is kind of impossible with over 300 million Americans, they’d have to have half listening in on one group, then 12 hours later the other half would linten in on the first group) The FBI seems to be the Gastapo. I don’t want to guess what he thinks the Border patrol actually does. and they’re all controlled by the Jews. cuz really Israel has been SO influential throughout world history.

    now have I got this re re about right? oh damn I forgot somehow that the Republicans secret plan to turn everyone into zombies or vampire wherewolves or some such bullshit.

    seriously someone needs to call a 4140 in on this guy.

  17. You’re all using textbook arguments designed decades ago to be used by media operatives and recently by the growing army of sock-puppets to cause any dissenters to be viewed as crackpots. Can you argue that you’re immune to picking up patterns of communication and rhetoric? Of course not.

    I hear this, “no secrets can be kept, someone would tell” argument non-stop, 24/7. But, when I spread word of the missing or the clearly “dealt with”, I get yawns. Just the 9/11 whistleblower list alone is in the thousands.

    I learned recently of a phenomenon called “Authority-based Reality” which is an offshoot of the former “Authority-based Culture” that America was immersed in until the 1970s.

    I suspect that the CIA in particular is partly overrun by compromised teams of individuals who’ve all been treated to a gore-fest as a clear sign that they are weak and the hidden hand is strong. Have YOU ever been scared to death? It appears that you assume a break-away from their assignments would be possible, in order to expose these crimes. That may be true, but is irrelevant. We’re talking, overnight Schizophrenia my friends. Want a taste? No you don’t. Plus, their conscious mind isn’t allowed to think in disagreeable ways. Their numbers are small. But ALL know not to stand in their way.

    I wish I could laugh at reading this total crap. But I can’t. You wouldn’t either. Not knowing is why you’re free and happy to giggle and snicker at people who can’t stand by and do nothing. Of course, all of my comments only apply if you’re not spreading opinion for a living.

    Here’s a quick story to HELP YOU UNDERSTAND. I learned of many high-level investors getting into the gold mining business. My gut wretched, as my first thought was it was a horrible risk and overly complicated. But, that was when I was an idiot and hadn’t yet been shown how to flip my world view and face the truth head-on.

    Now, I understand how important these mining operations are to people who cross into the underground economy and its UNLIMITED WEALTH. When the goose lays the golden egg, you can’t just exchange your gold egg for a case of steaks. Get it, there is no mining taking place. It’s just an excuse to launder the MASSIVE supply of gold that still tops the public estimate of total gold mined by at least 10 to 1.

    Now you’re on trolly. I could lecture on the hidden truth of everything around you and why it’s difficult to see without learning the bizarre history of its stupid-simple origins.

  18. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @17: sippy is that you???

  19. UpNorth says:

    Yat, apparently, the inmates got the weekend off from the asylum, and access to computers.

  20. OWB says:

    Only got one question. If I have access to both steaks and gold, what is to stop me from sharing either or both or using one to stockpile more of the other? (That’s actually more than one question but with the judicious use of a run on sentance it can still be counted as a single question in the greater scheme of things above and beyond the usual interchange of silliness and/or the convergience of unusual strangeness and inaudible pragmatism. Or something.)

  21. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @ 19: UpNorth…you’re bustin’ my boys!?:) LOL.
    Tell me that wasn’t “Sippyish” drivel???

  22. Ex-PH2 says:

    I think that’s a really bad sippy clone. sippy is arrogant but not quite that paranoid.